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Why Visit the Military Museums Are Worth Visiting

Why Visit the Military Museums Are Worth Visiting

If you’re teaching your kids about history and want a fun yet educational Sunday plan, consider adding The Military Museums to your list. They’re a wonderful and insightful destination for tourists and locals alike. 

The Military Museums are actually the reorganization of the formerly known Museum of the Regiments that’s found in the city of Calgary. Now, they’re composed of the former Museum of Regiments, relocated Naval Museum of Alberta, and even an Air Force Wing. 

The Military Museums are the biggest tri-service museum in Western Canada and the second largest military museum in the country. Its primary focus is to remember, preserve, and educate.  

In their own words, it’s their mission to preserve “the memories and traditions of the countless Canadians who proudly served their country through numerous wars and conflicts by their selfless dedication, commitment and courage”. 

Going here is a great way to help kids value history and the sacrifices of the people who came before. It’s a wonderful chance for them to learn more about Alberta’s rich history through extensive galleries and archives that are full of information. 

It has always been the museums’ goal to preserve, catalog, and exhibit the history of the base, its garrison units, and the members of CFB Calgary, and they’ve done so pretty well. 

Through exploring the museum and participating in the museum-led programs, kids will get a clear picture of the three environmental commands of the Canadian Forces, Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Air Force, and the Royal Canadian Navy. 

They also have great education programs that’s specifically designed for young people in Calgary. Annually, around 7000 children are given theme tours in the facility for them to learn more about history in an interesting and fun way. 

The museums have actually been awarded for their programs by the Alberta Museums Association and the Canadian Museums Association. Their programs are well-planned and beautifully executed. 

If you want a unique birthday experience for your child surrounded by tanks and fighter jets, you can also rent their space for your event. These are usually held on Saturdays and Sundays, but you can request a specific date as well. 

You can book tickets, programs, and birthday parties at the museum’s website. There aren’t just programs for children, however. 

History buffs can also participate in the museums’ lecture series. Enjoy interesting and thought-provoking discourse about history and current issues over coffee and tea

It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn from qualified speakers on a wide range of military and historical topics. These lectures are usually held in the evenings between September and May. 

We think it’s a great entry point for people interested in pursuing history for further studies

As you can see, there’s something to learn for kids of all ages. You can bring children in nursery, preschool, elementary school, to young adults in high school and even college

If your kid is in a homeschool program, you can include a trip here as part of their curriculum when learning about history. 

Aside from all these, it’s also very convenient to schedule a visit to this museum because it’s open daily except for major holidays such as Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. 

The Military Museums are a definite must-see for locals and tourists. We hope we were able to help you in planning for your next Sunday adventure. 

Have you been to the Military Museums? Let us know about your experience in the comments below! 

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