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The 5 Best Calgary Elementary Schools

The 5 Best Calgary Elementary Schools

They say high school is forever and that university prepares you for the world, but there aren’t nearly enough memorable quotes about elementary school.

The stretch spent in elementary school marks an important time in any student’s life, so you’ll want to send your child to only the best institutions even at this stage of development. Ahead, we round up the best Calgary elementary schools for your consideration.

How Much Do Elementary School Fees Cost in Calgary?

Like the rest of Canada’s provinces, public schooling in Alberta is covered by the government as soon as the child turns five years old. However, public schools may still require families to shell out for certain fees that government funding cannot cover.

For private schools, yearly tuition fees can fall anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000. On top of tuition, schools typically charge for student facilities, books, uniforms and field trips—all of which could add up to roughly $3,000 per year.

The Best Elementary Schools in Calgary

Now that you’re aware of the general fees that elementary schooling entails, let’s get right into our list. Discover the best Calgary elementary schools below!

1.   Master’s Academy & College

Master’s Academy & College's Banner
PRODUCTSK-12 education
ADDRESS4414 Crowchild Trail SW Calgary, AB, T2T 5J4
[email protected]

Master’s Academy is a private school best known for its Profound Learning approach. This unique system, which was designed in 1997 to close learning gaps and fuel academic excellence, has since been adopted by different schools across the globe.

Profound Learning is more than just a snazzy buzzword. This learner-centric school system, which allows students to take control of their own learning experience, equips them with the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.

Students provide feedback, are given choices and set their own goals—a set-up which has proven effective in motivating young learners.

True to their claims about Profound Learning’s success, over 90% of Master’s Academy’s graduates get accepted into their dream schools after graduating.

Beyond by-the-book learning, development of a child’s hobbies, skills and spirituality are all priorities at Master’s.

School clubs and daily physical activity are key parts of their curriculum, while French is taught from the fourth grade onwards. As Master’s is a Christian private school, religious studies are also integrated into their day-to-day learning plans.

Parents must note that this multifaceted approach comes with its fair share of dues. The annual school fees are made up of a Society PL Fee (a non-refundable cost that goes into improving Profound Learning) and a Palliser School Fee, as Master’s is a member of the Palliser Regional School Division’s Alternative Program.

All enrolled students are also required to participate in a mandatory family bond program. Families must either purchase bonds or donate the following amounts to the school: $7,000 for one child, $8,500 for two children, and $10,000 for three or more children.


  • Unique Profound Learning system
  • Gives importance to arts, athleticism and spirituality
  • Offers student care before and after school
  • Over 90% of graduates accepted into their school of choice


  • Mandatory family bond program

Customer Reviews

Read up on these reviews about Master’s Academy & College below.

“An amazing school; has a strong curriculum and the teachers make sure students understand what they are being taught. I would definitely recommend this school!” —Kaitlyn Koei

“Exceptional and dedicated teachers and a paradigm-changing pedagogical approach. My children are thriving there. No wonder they are #1 in Fraser Institute rankings.” —Ross Marsh

2.   Rundle College

Rundle College's Banner
PRODUCTSRundle College: K-12 education Rundle Academy: Grades 4 to 12
ADDRESSRundle College W.J. Collett School 7615 17 Avenue SW Calgary, AB, T3H 3W5  

Rundle Academy 4330 16 Street SW Calgary, AB, T2T 4H9
CONTACT DETAILSRundle College: 403 282 8411
Rundle Academy: 403 250 2965  

[email protected]

Rundle is the only independent school in the city that has two separate campuses running parallel programs.

Rundle College houses the institution’s traditional K-12 program. The curriculum is top-notch, and they have a 100% university placement rate to show for it.

From kindergarten until graduation, students are made to interact in small classes to ensure that each one is well-connected with their teacher and classmates. Students are given ample opportunities to lead, explore their passions and partake in extracurricular activities to develop necessary life skills.

They also stand by the idea that some of these skills must be learned beyond the four walls of the classroom. Beyond exposure to fine arts, character building and service, students at Rundle are also given the chance to do external research and immersions.

Separate from Rundle College is Rundle Academy. Here, students from grades 4 to 12 with diagnosed learning disabilities are able to learn in a safe and motivating community.

In exchange for the environment they provide your children, Rundle falls on the higher spectrum of tuition fees in Alberta. The Academy charges between $15,990 to $16,550 for grades 4 to 6, while kindergarten to grade 6 fees fall between $14,250 to $17,400 at Rundle College.


  • Multiple campuses to accommodate targeted learning programs
  • Perfect university placement rate
  • Well-rounded curriculum
  • Allows students to learn beyond the four walls of the classroom


  • Mandatory family membership and student facility fees priced at $2,000 each
  • Fees not inclusive of uniforms (estimated at $700 per year)

Customer Reviews

Need more reasons to believe Rundle is one of Calgary’s best elementary schools? Check out these reviews.

“I love the attention to respect and caring as well as the wonderful dress code. The staff is very professional and can teach with a small class load compared to many other schools. Students achieve goals and success on a daily basis.” —Barry Rogers

“Rundle is an excellent school for many reasons. Small class sizes, good communication with teachers, excellent clubs and sports teams.  My daughter loves it. My only concern is a lack of spots in some honours courses compared to other schools, but a 100% university placement in top schools speaks for itself. It is disappointing, however, when your child has a 91% average in Math and can’t get into the Math honours class.  They should use more objective ways to assess students at times.  But overall a quality school.” —Tony Giantomaso

3.   Webber Academy

Webber Academy's Banner
PRODUCTSK-12 education
ADDRESS1515 – 93rd Street, SW, Calgary, AB, T3H 4A8

At Webber Academy, creating a safe space where all students feel equal is of utmost importance. This includes students of other cultures and faiths.

Unlike most private schools in Calgary, Webber does not embed specific spiritual beliefs into their curriculum. Instead, their programs are designed to bring out the best in students, cultivating values that are deemed important across all religions.

In terms of academics, Webber considers elementary school as a time to expose students to various media platforms. They are trained to seek out information—be it through print materials, online resources and more—and process it in order to keep up with the fast-paced world.

Beyond their core curriculum, Webber Academy also instills the importance of computing, language, music, art and physical education throughout grades 1 to 6. Among their facilities are an athletic park and a performing arts centre.

However, parents and guardians may be surprised by the yearly tuition fees. Pricing higher than Rundle, Webber Academy’s junior kindergarten fees equate to $18,000, while senior kindergarten to the sixth grade costs $18,400 per year.


  • Focuses on values considered significant across all religions and cultures
  • Far-reaching curriculum mixes traditional academics with athletics, arts and other key skills
  • Multiple scholarships available for academic, extracurricular and service-oriented achievers


  • Highest tuition fees among the schools on this list

Customer Reviews

Here’s what some families whose children are enrolled in Webber have to say about the school.

“I’ve had three children attend Webber from JK to Gr. 12 and all of them have had amazing teachers! Each child had ups and downs throughout their schooling; however, their teachers all worked very hard to build confidence and keep them on track, and this taught them how to deal with life’s ups and downs. Of course, there were better years than others but they definitely were taught advanced curriculum and learned how to work through concepts that they found challenging. The resilience and perseverance they were taught is key to their recent success at university!” —Dianne Lever

“Our experience at Webber far surpasses the rest. The teachers are amazing and the kids are so kind and polite. Expectations are high but the kids rise up to it. My youngest just started his fourth year at the school and every day we feel blessed to be there.” —Jennifer Shaigec

4.   Renert School

Renert School's Banner
PRODUCTSK-12 education
ADDRESS14 Royal Vista Link NW Calgary, AB, T3R 0K4
[email protected]

Renert School’s elementary program puts a heavy focus on reading, writing, science and math. In doing so, they ensure that their students are prepared for most high school subjects and real world tasks.

It should also be noted that Renert School is one of Calgary’s top math schools. However, they don’t stop at providing students with these foundational subjects.

At Renert, students are taught about the power of choice early on. With a self-paced system, students are empowered to put their own goals and progress at the top of their priority list.

One such example of this system is their tradition of Choice Fridays. On Fridays, students are given the freedom to select from a diverse array of subjects: from debate and philosophy to architectural illustration and frisbee.

Beyond academics and extracurriculars, Renert sees to it that students are also trained to care for the community around them. This consciousness—built up through appreciation exercises, school-wide activities and specialized programs—can help bring up children as good citizens.


  • Self-paced study system
  • Calgary’s top mathematics school
  • Focuses on students’ ability to make decisions
  • Heavy focus on community care and EQ development


  • Tuition fees not disclosed online

Customer Reviews

Take a look at these reviews about Renert School.

“The Renert School is amazing! Our kids are thriving here and we are so happy with our decision to enroll them here. We believe the whole curriculum is great. What our kids needed was a challenge and an opportunity to show their abilities.” —Lenka A Lubo Plaskon

“Serious fun, academic rigour and a ton of love. We are grateful every day to get to go along on the marvellous starship adventure that is the Renert School. It’s going to be a great year.” —Brigitte Schnell

5.   Sunalta School

Sunalta School's Banner
PRODUCTSK-6 education
ADDRESS536 Sonora Ave SW Calgary, AB, T3C 2J9
[email protected]

If it’s a time-tested institution you’re looking for, you can end your search with Sunalta School. Established in 1912, the school has been growing in size and scope since.

Today, Sunalta is recognized as one of the top public schools in Calgary.

Students at Sunalta are taught to prioritize and nurture a spirit of collaboration. Beyond just getting along with their schoolmates, the curriculum is designed so that students can train to be responsive to change and be in tune with their own unique learning style.

Four key elements make up Sunalta School’s balanced approach to teaching: academic excellence, daily physical education, a creativity-focused fine arts program and social responsibility. In addition to this, students are exposed to the boundlessness of technology, outdoor education and foreign languages from a young age.

Sunalta School is a member of the Calgary Board of Education. It is also the only public Calgarian school in Fraser Institute’s list of top ten elementary schools.

However, despite being part of the public schooling system, Sunalta still charges certain fees to make up for the gap between government-provided funding and the cost to keep the system running.


  • The only Calgary public institution in Fraser Institute’s list of top elementary schools
  • Four-pillar program allows students to develop a balanced lifestyle at an early age
  • Offers student care before and after school


  • Undisclosed fees are still charged, despite being a public school
  • Complaints about unresponsive admin staff

How to Select an Elementary School in Calgary

As a parent or guardian, you want your child to grow up in a supportive environment that can help them thrive. However, there are also a number of practicalities to consider.

Below, we’ve listed factors to consider when narrowing down your search for your child’s elementary school.

Private vs. Public

Canadian parents have the option to send their children to public school for free. However, two-thirds of this population would send their children to private schools if they could afford the fees, according to a 2012 poll conducted by Ipsos-Reid.

While many private schools promise a superior learning experience and a higher chance of university acceptance, public schools are still able to deliver a great provincially standardised curriculum. Ultimately, the choice between private and public would depend largely on what you can and are willing to spend on.


Many private schools incorporate religious studies into their study programs. Depending on your family’s religious beliefs, this can be one of the factors that affect your selection.


No one hopes to send their child to school for just a few years, then take them out of the system. Paying for a child’s education is a commitment that spans over a decade long, so you’ll want to ensure you take yearly tuition—as well as uniforms, field trips, supplies and other mandatory fees—into account.


Apart from the yearly fees, consider the location of your child’s school.

If you’re looking to save on transportation or bussing fees, it would be a good idea to choose a school that isn’t too far from your residence. A shorter trip back and forth would also be less stressful on a child and allow them to enjoy more time at home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Calgary Elementary Schools

That concludes our list of the best elementary schools in Calgary! The search for your child’s elementary school may be long and arduous, but finding a nurturing environment for their formative years is bound to pay off in the long run.

If your child is younger than five years old, you may be on the hunt for a nursery school to send them to. If so, check out our list of the best nursery schools in Calgary!

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