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What Makes Heritage Park Special?

What Makes Heritage Park Special? 

Any history buffs here? If so, you’ll definitely enjoy Heritage Park in Calgary. Heritage Park’s mission statement is to connect people with the settlement of Western Canada and to preserve culture and heritage. 

Heritage Park has grown into one of Calgary’s best tourist destinations because of its unique chance to “see, touch, smell, and talk to” history. Heritage Park has different exhibits that span from the 1860’s to the 1950’s that you can enjoy with your family. 

Here you’ll see a steam train, antique midway rides, and heritage buildings and homes.

It’s different because it’s interacting with living history, it’s not like reading something from a textbook. In this instance, it’s like the textbook comes alive. 

So what can you do and see at this park that makes it so special? In this article, we’ll discuss the unique offerings of Heritage Park. 

1. See different kinds of trains. 

Heritage Park is the home of many antique trains. In the Railway Roundhouse, you’ll see how train engines work and the different stations used. 

As they say- it’s bringing the antique train experience to life. You can even ride the Standard Gauge Railway where you’ll see everything up close and hear the whistle of the train. 

It will be like being transported to the time these were used everyday. It’s a very cool experience. 

2. Check out old cars.

Check out old cars
Photo by Eric Marty on Unsplash

You can check out the Gasoline Alley Museum that shows you an exhibit of old automobiles, gas pumps, and other car related things used during the early 20th century. It’s a fascinating experience to see what cars in the past look like. 

It’s nothing like just seeing them in pictures; you get to examine them up close, making for a unique and fun experience. 

3. Ride antique midway rides.

Ride the caterpillar and the ferris wheel, which are very popular vintage carnival rides in the Conklin Lakeview Amusement Park. This was assembled in 1986 to show how the early amusement park looked like. 

A lot of these rides were bought by Jim Conklin and gifted to the Heritage Park in 1984. 

4. Have a fun ride on an authentic steamboat. 

You’ll get to experience riding on a steamship, the S.S. Moyie, which is an exhibit of how people in the past traveled through Canada’s waters. 

5. Eat at historical themed restaurants.

Eat at historical themed restaurants
Photo by Nicolas Hoizey on Unsplash

You can enjoy a nice meal with your family at the restaurants that pepper Heritage Park. Try restaurants like Club Cafe, Gunn’s Dairy Barn, Railway Cafe, and Wainwright Hotel. You can also try their year-round restaurant that gives you nostalgic fees, The Selkirk. 

These are the things you can see at Heritage Park that makes it such a unique and compelling experience. It’s really interacting with history and allowing yourself to be transported to an earlier period in time. 

It’s a great experience and place to be immersed in. Did we miss any more great things about Heritage Park? 

If so, make sure to send us a message or comment down below. By the way, here are some articles that may come in handy when thinking of activities to do with a date or with family: 

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