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Fun Family Activities in Calgary

9 Fun Family Activities in Calgary That Build Closeness

Nowadays we’re all getting busier and busier. It’s important to have breaks and take some time for some quality family bonding. 

Are you looking for family-friendly activities to do in Calgary? We got you covered!  

In this article, we listed our top activities and places for your next fun adventure with your family within the city. We hope that you find time to do these activities and enjoy them with your family! 

1. Enjoy a day of physical activity and sports together.

1. Enjoy a day of physical activity and sports together.
Photo by Jannes Glas on Unsplash

If your family is into sports, enjoy a fun day under the sun together. You can go to the local recreation centers and enjoy activities such as swimming, badminton, tennis, and volleyball. 

You can also do some team building activities together. This can build your bond as you work together toward a common goal. 

Feeling adventurous? You can also try rock climbing as a family and cheer each other on to reach the top of the climbing course. 

During the winter you can also try your hand at winter sports at the various ski resorts. Take up skiing lessons and sit by the fire after the lesson. 

2. Volunteer for an initiative. 

Do something meaningful as a family by volunteering for charities. Aside from it being a unique bonding experience, you also get to give back to the community together. 

The different charities in Calgary always need a helping hand, so they’re always open to volunteers. 

3. Get your pictures taken by a professional photographer.

3. Get your pictures taken by a professional photographer.
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Update the family pictures on your mantel with some shots from a family photographer. There are so many nice spots in Calgary where you can have your professional photoshoot. 

Take it up a notch by wearing matching clothes or even dressing up in costumes with a theme. 

4. Enjoy culture as a family. 

Calgary has such a rich culture that you and your family can soak in and enjoy. You can enjoy strolling around in art galleries, listening to live music, and checking out records in music stores

You can also go sightseeing and check out the various attractions Calgary has to offer. The city is very tourist-friendly. 

5. Have an arts and crafts day.

5. Have an arts and crafts day.
Photo by Andrew Valdivia on Unsplash

Hit the nearest art supplies store and go crazy with arts and crafts together. You can start a family art project like a keychain or a keepsake. 

This is perfect if you have young kids. Explore and express your creativity as a family through different art forms and mediums. 

6. Go to an amusement park. 

Enjoy a fun day at the amusement park together. You can even wear costumes to make it even more enjoyable. 

Just make sure to go on a time that’s not too busy to avoid long lines. Aside from amusement parks, you can also try indoor playgrounds around Calgary. 

7. Have high tea together.

7. Have high tea together.
Photo by Sebastian Coman Photography on Unsplash

If you’re feeling fancy and want to try something totally new, why not have high tea together after a good brunch? You can even dress up in fancy dresses, pearls, bow ties, and cute hats. 

8. Have a movie marathon. 

If you’re a family of movie buffs, you’ll enjoy a good old fashioned movie marathon. You can rent a movie theater all to yourselves to make it a more memorable experience. 

Also what’s a movie marathon without food like popcorn and pizza? You can even have it delivered right where you are so there’s no hassle. 

9. Go camping together.

9. Go camping together.
Photo by Tegan Mierle on Unsplash

If your family is looking to have a time away from cellphones and the hustle and bustle of the city, you might enjoy a weekend camping out. 

It’s a good thing Calgary has different beautiful camp sites you can check out. You can have nature walks, go swimming and boating, and even watch wildlife. 

Enjoy the fresh air and your time together as a family. It’s a great way to get to see each other in a different light. 

Those are our suggestions for family-friendly activities in Calgary. We hope we were able to give you ideas for your next family getaway. 

Are there other activities we missed? Make sure to leave a comment about your experiences! 

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