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What’s in TELUS Spark Science Centre

What’s in TELUS Spark Science Centre? 

Calling all lovers of science at any age! The TELUS Spark Science Centre in Calgary is a wonderful place for inquisitive minds and budding young scientists to explore and learn new things. 

The museum is home to a lot of interesting exhibits that aim to teach topics about human physiology, geology, meteorology, astronomy using technology. 

It’s the perfect place to bring kids of any age because there’s something for everyone. Kids from nursery, preschool to elementary school will benefit from the exhibits and enjoy the various activities available. 

Not only that but they also offer spring camps and day camps for age groups (5-7) and (8-10) where they get to partake in a lot of engaging activities based on scientific programming. 

They’ll get to learn about different topics such as robotics, biology, and physics. This goes beyond mere textbook learning and makes learning about science cool, fun, and interesting. 

We also believe that going here is also a great educational experience for students from private schooling or homeschooling because it will be a wonderful way for them to socialize and get to know other people through the interactive exhibits and camps. 

We think even high school and college students will enjoy what TELUS Spark Science Centre has to offer. They have activities such as the rescue exhibition where they get to see how they respond to crises and a beautiful Quantum sandbox, which is a pixel playground that’s a feast on the eyes. 

These are just some of the fun activities the older kids and adults can enjoy. The different exhibits will definitely be entertaining and thought-provoking for them as well. 

What other exhibits are in the museum? Let us walk you through some of them to give you a taste of the adventure that’s up ahead! 

Sound Effects Exhibit

First, experience what Hollywood foley artists do with the Sound Effects exhibit. Find out how your favorite shows and movies get their sound design through this fun and interactive exhibit. 

You get to add sound effects to clips with the touch interface and use tin cans, combs, and other items to make sounds. There are also some cool animation stations that you can check out as well. 

Movement Overlay

Next, they also have Movement Overlay that uses a high-speed camera to record yourself jumping and performing other movements. You can even compare your moves with famous athletes in slow motion, making for quite an interesting experience. 

They also have an application where you get to design your own calling cards, a galvanic skin response application that measures fear, and an energy and innovation gallery that gives you insight on electricity consumption in Alberta and so much more. 

Spark after Dark

For adults, there are also some fun activities like Spark after Dark that has a full bar, activities, food, and music. You can even try astronaut ice cream here. 

Spark Learning Lab

You can also get ahead at work by getting trained at the Spark Learning Lab, an online program for those who love learning. 

This museum truly has something for everyone in the family. After a fun day here, treat yourself and your family to some good food like burgers, pizza, and good old fashioned BBQ. 

That will be a fantastic way to cap off a good day at the TELUS Spark Science Centre. 

The TELUS Spark Science Centre is a great place for the whole family. We hope we were able to encourage you to go here. 

Are there any other fun activities in this museum that you want to try? Let us know in the comments! 

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