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Our goal is and has always been simple: to make being a Calgarian consumer as easy as possible.

We started out small and focused mainly on home services, but as our team grew through the years, we branched out to making reviews even for things like B2B services. 

Today, we cover just about every service you can get in our beloved city, sifting through them to find the cream of the crop.


Our staff have several things in common with each other. The most important of these common denominators would be that we’re all local and believe in getting our money’s worth.

Here are some of our reviewers

Portrait of Bianca Trembley

Bianca Tremblay

Contributing Editor

Bianca is a web designer who switched to editing as one of the founding members of our team. As someone who grew up in a low-income household, she has a frugal mindset that has served us well over the years, especially in terms of value-to-cost assessments in our reviews.

Lilia Carone's Photo

Lilia Carone

Staff Writer

Lilia Carone speaks and writes proficiently in both English and Italian and has worked on a lot of translation and localisation projects. She’s also one of our most dedicated reviewers, often tipping the team off whenever she finds a new business or service worth assessing.

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Nic Sharkey Photo

Nic Sharkey

Staff Writer

A writer, poet, photographer, and explorer, Nic Sharkey moved to our city from Australia after he fell in love with the area and its photogenic beauty. When he’s not investigating businesses for us, he’s usually in his photography studio.

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Ozair Khan's Photo

Ozair Khan

Staff Writer

An Electrical and Computer Engineering major, Ozair Khan is also a creative writer who has been mentored by no less than David Adams Richards. He combines skills learned in both fields when producing his detailed and carefully considered reviews for us.

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How do our reviewers work?

Mainly, with a lot of research, both on the ground and on paper. We visit the businesses themselves, try out the services, conduct polls with other consumers, and drown ourselves in spreadsheets when comparing service providers. 

We also apply a strict set of standards to ensure we find the top choices each time.

How do we make money?

The Best Calgary is reader-supported as we may sometimes earn commissions if you avail of a service provider’s offerings by clicking a link from our site.

That being said, we do not sell reviews. We maintain our integrity by recommending only products we genuinely judge worthwhile and criticising those we think to be bad-value.

Want to ask or tell us something?

It doesn’t matter if it’s criticism, disagreement, or a query—we always welcome notes from our fellow Calgarians. You can contact us through the form here or through [email protected].

Welcome to TheBestCalgary!

My name is Bianca Trembley and I’m a web designer turned full-time writer and owner of TheBestCalgary.

And it all started with a leaky pipe.

Growing up in a low-income household, I grew up with a frugal mindset, thinking that you should only spend money on the best-value products and services you can find. Otherwise, you’d just be wasting money. That kind of mentality stuck with me through adulthood.

Now, I know NOTHING about plumbing, so I quickly hopped on my laptop to look for the best plumbing service I could find near me.

Like any normal person, I wanted to find a plumbing service that has great service and rates. And while I did find some reviews, I found them a bit lacking and not very helpful.

Suddenly, I had an idea—why not make my own review site and write reviews that could pass my meticulous standards and potentially help thousands of Calgarians? After a few months of prep and recruiting, TheBestCalgary was born!

Portrait of Bianca Trembley

Our main goal: to make being a Calgarian consumer as easy as possible for you.

We started out small and focused on reviews for services, but as our team grew through the years, we branched out to making reviews for the best services, products, and activities in Calgary. If you wanna know more about how we make our reviews, you can check out our review guide on the site!

We want to keep improving the quality of our reviews and services and so we highly encourage our readers to share any kind of feedback they may have with us. If you want to reach us, feel free to send us an email or answer our contact form.

We’re so grateful for all the support that we’ve received from our readers through the years. We hope that you’ll continue to support us in more years to come.

Yours truly,

Bianca and the TheBestCalgary Gang

Our Core Values

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