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Whether you’re a local or a tourist, with family or friends, or travelling solo, our selection of the best hotels in Calgary will give you the options you need for a comfortable stay in Calgary.


Do you want to be treated like royalty? If so, the best 5-star hotels in Calgary can make you feel like a king with their 24-hour services, valet parking, extravagant facilities, and everything you need for a luxurious stay in the city.


If you don’t want to break the bank, we’ve also spent nights trying out the best affordable hotels in the city. We made sure to pick out the ones with the best view of the city, the most accommodating staff, the best rooms, and the most value for your money.


Are you staying in the city for more than a week? We’ve prepared a list of the best room rentals in Calgary that offer the most affordable rates and accessible locations so you can have the most comfortable experience possible.


Booking a room with Airbnb is also a great idea when you’re visiting the city. We’ve picked out the most popular Airbnb in Calgary such as classy condominium rooms with amazing views of the city, minimalist downtown suits that are comfortable enough to live in, and budget-friendly suits that have picture-perfect interior designs.


If you want to go on a vacation and completely forget about work, you should check our recommendations for the best resorts around Calgary. If you drive a few miles outside the city, you’ll find a few amazing resorts for fun-filled winter sports, peaceful mountain lodges, relaxing hot spas, and more.