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What is Expo Latino?

What is Expo Latino? 

If you’re curious about festivals you ought to check out in Calgary, Expo Latino is definitely one of them. 

Expo Latino is the largest outdoor Latin festival held by the Hispanic Arts Society since its inception in 1987. The goal of the Hispanic Arts Society is to promote cultural exchange among different talents performing Hispanic dance, music, and visual arts. 

One of their ways to introduce the Hispanic art community to the world is through their festivals like Expo Latino. 

Going to the festival is a great and educational way to immerse yourself and celebrate everything Latino: people, culture, music, food, and booths – you name it. 

The Expo Latino Festival, which happens every year, celebrates the beautiful culture and heritage of Calgary’s Latino population. It’s a three day event that happens at the end of August that’s open for everyone. 

You’ll get to see traditional and contemporary dance performances, song numbers by Latino artists, and witness all kinds of talent on stage. Witness performances by famous Latino artists such as Alberto Mauco, Mauricio Salazar, Alex Macías, Cristina Mora Blanco, Carla Díaz Silva, and Antares Ramírez.  

You’ll also be amazed by the delicious food offered by the community. Taste the wonderful empanadas, arepa, tajadas, tacos, paella, and more that will be served there.

You can even go the extra mile and ask the food vendors there for recipes you can incorporate at home.  

It’s also an amazing opportunity to soak in the art created by Hispanic artists if you’re a fan of going to art galleries. You’ll see how talented these people are and how rich their culture is. 

For the dance enthusiasts out there, you’ll also love all the amazing dance performances that will happen. Groove along to them as they celebrate by expressing themselves through traditional dances such as salsa, rumba, cha-cha, samba, and tango. 

Who knows? It might reveal an interest and talent to learn these dances yourself. 

It’s a feast for the eyes, ears, stomach, and soul. You’ll really see the passion of these people radiating through their various art forms. 

It’s also a great place to bring your kids, no matter what age. It will be a great experience for them to learn about Hispanic culture and enjoy learning outside of the classroom.  

It’s also a great way for them to socialize and immerse themselves in another person’s culture. It’s a wonderful way to teach them how to respect others and value diversity. 

There’s something there for kids in nursery, preschool, elementary school, to young adults in high school and even college.

Another great thing about Expo Latino is it’s completely free. So come and don’t miss this great festival! 

We hope we were able to share with you how wonderful Expo Latino is! You can buy your tickets already at the website. 

Have you ever been to Expo Latino? Let us know about your experiences by commenting down below. 

We would absolutely love to hear from you. 

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