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5 Exciting Activities for High Schoolers in Calgary

5 Exciting Activities for High Schoolers in Calgary

If you have a kid in high school or you’re a high schooler yourself, keep reading. There are a lot of great places for high schoolers in Calgary if you know where to look. 

In this article, we listed some fun weekend activities fit for this particular age group. 

1. Try your luck at escape rooms.   

Your high schoolers will have fun being challenged to think outside of the box with escape rooms. In particular, Escape 60 in Calgary has so many fun types of themed escape rooms with different difficulty levels. 

We were particularly impressed by the Harry Potter themed quests perfect for a team of high schoolers. This will teach them to communicate, strategize, and think quickly. 

They now even have options for virtual escape rooms that they can play with their friends online. It’s a wonderful opportunity to bond. 

2. Enjoy kart racing.  

For kids aged 12 and above, Speeders Racing is a great option for them. Bring out their competitive spirit with indoor karting alongside friends. 

If you’re a worried parent, rest assured that it’s very safe. Their tracks, barrier system, and karts are all designed to ensure the safety of the drivers. 

They also have strict racing rules that they’ll teach your kids when they go there. As for pricing, check out the cost of races below: 

1 Race$21.00
3 Races$53.00 (save $10)
5 Races$80.00 (save $25)
10 Races$149.00 (save $61)

3. Try climbing.  

If you’ve never climbed before, the Calgary Climbing Centre is a great place to try it for the first time. They have different programs depending on the age bracket, group size, and level of experience. 

They also have great facilities with walls up to 65 feet high, speedwall, ClimbPark, and working area. This will be a tiring but worth it activity that teaches you perseverance and determination. 

4. Spend a day at the trampoline park. 

Flying Squirrel is an example of a good indoor trampoline park that you can enjoy with friends. They have trampolines, climbing walls, and even a cafe

You can even spend your birthday here and avail of their fun birthday packages. For their regular rates, check the table below. 

60 minutes$23.00
90 minutes$30.00
120 minutes$40.00

5. Hang out with friends at a board game cafe

You can try to bring your high schools to Hexagon Board Game Cafe for an enjoyable game night. You just need to shell out $3 per person, you can check out any board game you can think of. 

They have over 600 games you can choose from. When you get snacky, they also have an array of drinks and snacks you can order. 

Of course after a fun day at these activities, high schoolers are always hungry. Make sure to bring them to the best restaurants Calgary has to offer.

Check out your options here: 

That concludes our article on exciting activities in Calgary for high schoolers. We hope we were able to help you plan your next weekend adventure! 

Do you have other ideas in mind? Let us know in the comments! 

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