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10 Road Trip Essentials

10 Road Trip Essentials 

Nothing beats a fun road trip with family or friends. It’s definitely something you have to consider checking off your bucket list. 

However, what does one have to prepare on road trips? In this article, we aim to give you a list of things you have to consider before your trip. 

1. Sufficient snacks 

Have you ever been on a road trip with a hungry and cranky passenger? Not the best thing. 

Make sure you have enough snacks ready to curb everyone’s hunger. If you can, it’s healthier to prepare food yourself. 

The good news is that it’s easier now with grocery delivery services. You can make sandwiches and burgers, cut up some fruits and put them in sealed containers, and even get ideas from other cuisines. 

You can make burritos or buy them from Mexican restaurants for an easy but filling meal on the road. You can also be inspired by Korean cuisine and make snacks like kimbap, which is easy to prepare and very nutritious. 

You can bring pizza, which is a universally liked treat. You can also experiment with vegan options if you like. 

The possibilities are endless. It’s really just up to you and your companions on what kinds of snacks you’ll most enjoy on the trip. 

Avoid too much junk food and make sure to pack filling and nutritious treats you can snack on. 

2.  Water bottle or thermos 

Don’t forget to bring water, coffee, tea and other drinks to keep hydrated! Store them in an insulated water bottle or thermos to keep it at a temperature you want for longer. 

3.First-aid kit

This is a necessity we hope we don’t use. Make sure to be stocked with all kinds of medicines for headaches, colds, cough, LBM, as well as band-aids, rubbing alcohol, and gauze. 

4. Car chargers 

We don’t want to run out of juice in the middle of the road. Get an adapter for your car and keep it there for emergencies. 

5. Spare money 

Although online payments are the norm, make sure to keep cash in your wallets for emergencies. 

6. Toilet paper 

You’re not sure if all the comfort rooms you’ll encounter are well-stocked. It’s best to be prepared. 

7. Pillow 

For those times when you’re not driving or need a quick nap, a neck pillow or any kind of pillow will come in handy. 

8. A bomb playlist and podcasts

To make sure you and your companions won’t be bored on the road, prepare a playlist you can all rock to. You can also prepare insightful podcasts that can be conversation starters in the car. 

9. Flashlights 

In case of camping, emergencies, or adventures, extra lighting can be really helpful. 

10. Maps or navigation apps 

Lastly, this can be really helpful in case you get lost. A good navigation app on your phone can help you get back on track. 

It’s best to be prepared on road trips. Did we miss out on any road trip essentials?

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