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5 Ways to Help Someone Struggling With Their Mental Health

5 Ways to Help Someone Struggling With Their Mental Health

Struggling with mental health is a rough uphill battle. This is the time when people really need support, care, and understanding. 

If you are worried about someone you care about, we listed some ways you can show empathy and help them through this tough season in their lives. 

1. Be a safe space.

Be a safe space

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Being open with no judgments can go a long way. Let them share as much as they want to. 

If they feel comfortable talking about how they’re feeling, you can listen to them and provide comfort. If they rather not share, you can also sit with them and reassure them that you’re there for them. 

The important thing is they know that you’re a safe space where they can be themselves with no pretense. They’ll feel that they are loved and accepted and that they can come as they are. 

2. Offer help in seeking professional support. 

They may feel overwhelmed and not know how to start getting help. You can assist them in any way they need. 

This can involve calling a psychotherapist to set an appointment or bringing them to their session with a psychologist. You can ask them what form of support will be most helpful for them. 

Try not to take too much control lest they be overwhelmed. Let them lead still and just be a steady source of support no matter what. 

3. Help them with self care.

Help them with self care

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One of the things people in this position struggle with the most is basic self care. You can talk about ways they can destress and ask if you can help with anything. 

You can encourage them to exercise with you. You can take yoga or Pilates classes together or go to the gym together. 

Exercising such as swimming and dancing can help clear the head and let out some steam. Eating healthy food is also important. 

You can go an extra mile and bring them some food from their favorite vegan, Thai, Vietnamese, or Korean restaurants. You can make sure that the food you bring is nutritious and filling. 

4. Help them set realistic goals. 

When having a hard time with mental health, it can get really overwhelming. You can help them go through their goals and plans and break them down into simple steps that they can achieve. 

Just be a steady source of encouragement and help them when they struggle with their tasks. Every person is different, so try to adjust accordingly. 

5. Never assume what they need.

Never assume what they need

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Lastly, one of the most crucial things to remember is to never go before them and assume what they need. Make sure to ask and hear what they have to say so you can be guided. 

Supporting someone going through mental health issues is difficult. We hope this list can help you out as you help your friend, loved one, or colleague. 

Did we miss out on any helpful tips? Let us know in the comments. 

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