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5 Quick Tips to a Spotless Dining Room

5 Quick Tips to a Spotless Dining Room

The dining room is a special room in the house where we share meals, stories, and precious bonding time. This is why it’s crucial that we give it the care and maintenance it needs to always look its best. 

In this article, we listed some quick tips in making sure our dining rooms are nothing but spotless. 

1. Declutter. 

There are probably a lot of objects scattered on the table and chairs right now. It’s time to put the different things back in their respective homes. 

If they don’t have a home, it might be best to invest in some storage or organizers to store them. Pick up different items like pins, paper, takeout menus, and other things and put it back in the office or in drawers. 

If it all seems overwhelming, there are organizers and cleaning services in Calgary you can hire to help you out. 

2. Stow away things you don’t use daily. 

When you sort the clutter, sort them into two piles: things you seldomly use and things you use frequently. Things like party and events items are best kept in the drawers and cabinets for safekeeping.  

On the other hand, plates, utensils, placemats, and other everyday items should be kept easily accessible to everyone. 

Create an organizational system if you have one that works best for your family and situation. 

3. Make it a habit to dust and wipe surfaces quickly. 

After eating, make sure to maintain cleanliness by taking a clean cloth and wiping everything thoroughly to ensure there are no marks or icky food stains left. This will preserve the quality of your table and chairs and make your dining room look a lot cleaner. 

When you wipe the table, ensure that no food particles end up on the floor or chairs. You need to make this a habit. 

If you have kids in nursery, preschool, and elementary school, it might be best to start teaching them chores and responsibilities. You can easily ask them to take care of wiping surfaces. 

Just make sure to double check when they’re done. Older kids in  high school and college can help you enforce cleanliness rules and do tougher chores. 

Maintenance of your home doesn’t have to fall on just the adult’s shoulders. 

4. Clean your windows and change the curtains regularly. 

This is often neglected but can make a huge difference. Make sure to clean your windows regularly. 

Remove stains and smears by wiping down with a gentle glass cleaner. If you need professional help, window washing and cleaning services are available to offer an extra hand especially if your windows are hard to reach. 

Make sure to change the curtains at least every two weeks to lessen the accumulation of dust. 

5. Keep your cleaning materials all in one place. 

To keep everything organized, keep all cleaning materials in one place where everybody can see them. Group them according to use. 

Having a container where you put all products and items will save a lot of time and effort finding things when you need them. 

6 Final tips

At the end of the day, the key to keeping your dining room clean is maintenance. Try to involve the whole family in this responsibility. 

Cleaning the dining room is an arduous but important task. We hope we were able to assist you through this article. 

Do you have some cleaning hacks you can share? Our comments are always open for you! 

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