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What are the best farmers’ markets in Calgary

What are the best farmers’ markets in Calgary?

If you’re looking for a great farmers’ market in Calgary, there are a variety of options you can pick from. 

Reliable ones that have cool selections are Fresh & Local Market & Kitchens, Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmers Market, Avenida Food Hall and Fresh Market, Calgary Farmers’ Market South, and DJ Market. 

What is the Calgary Farmers’ Market?

Calgary actually has multiple farmers’ markets in its territory. The most popular chain is called “Calgary Farmers’ Market”, which has two locations in the West and South of Calgary. 

The Calgary Farmers’ Market has over 75 vendors, but there are other amazing and well-populated farmers’ markets aside from that namesake brand. 

Are the farmer’s markets in Calgary open all year?

Calgary has both year-round and limited farmers’ markets you can visit. One of the most popular limited markets is the Banff Farmers Market, which holds its season from May to October annually. 

Vendors and local musicians can reach out in February if they want to be a part of the season’s lineup. 

Can you bring pets to the farmers’ market in Calgary?

Pets are generally not allowed in farmers’ markets that have enclosed spaces, and this applies to Calgary’s farmers’ markets. Even outdoor venues have designated areas that require a leash for dogs. 

Other animals are strictly prohibited. If you have a trained service animal, you will be able to bring them with you as long as they remain leashed or crated. 

The Best Farmers’ Markets to Visit in Calgary

Although seasonal changes will apply, the farmers’ markets in Calgary generally have specific operating hours. Below, we look at the unique things that make each space worth visiting. 

MarketGoogle RatingAddressOperating Hours
Fresh & Local Market & Kitchens4.8D426 12445 Lake Fraser Drive SE, Calgary, AB T2J 7A4Open year-round

Thursday - Saturday: 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Sunday: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmers Market4.61320 5 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 0S2Open year-round

Saturday: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Calgary Farmers’ Market South4.5510 77 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1C3Open year-round

Thursday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Granary Road - Farmer’s Market4.4226066 112 St West Foothills County, Calgary, AB T1S 5S5Open year-round

Friday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

DJ Market4.44645 12 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5P2Open during Spring, Summer, and Fall

Monday - Saturday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Sunday: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Fresh & Local Market & Kitchens

Fresh & Local Market & Kitchens' Homepage

Fresh & Local actually has two main stores you can buy from in Avenida village. While their farm store is also great for local produce at farm-direct pricing, their main farmers’ market is the one dubbed Market & Kitchens. 

When you visit this market, it also has an outlet for their farm offerings. They also have Calgary Bulk Foods, which is basically organic bulk food options like grains, lentils, raisins, pretzels, flours, and the like. 

They’re offered at reasonable prices, but the best thing is that they are more sustainable because of the reduced packaging. 

Because they have an online store, you can even get your goods dropped at your doorstep. This is really convenient if you prefer having your groceries delivered

Another cool thing about their space is that they have a lot of chefs in their vendor lineup which makes it a real treat to explore the place. They have an amazing variety of cuisines on offer that feels truly authentic and really delectable. 

When you visit, you can get a guidebook so you can check out the full list of vendors you can visit. A few standouts include Bangkok Kitchen, Krooked Lucy’s, Rendezvous Korean Cuisine, and Mestizo Mexican Street Food.

There are many more vendors you can try, but those options will really appeal to you if you’re seeking out Korean dishes or Mexican food in Calgary. 

You can check out their website to order online or visit them in Avenida Village. They run the market from Thursday to Sunday. 

Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmers Market

Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmers Market' Homepage

Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmers’ Market is all about locally-conscious shopping. There are many outdoor vendors that are local, so it really feels like a tight-knit community. 

If you like experiencing live music in Calgary, you’ll have a good time seeing the acts that play here. The indoor experience is also worth a visit, as you have a solid selection of local goods. 

Despite not being the biggest farmers’ market, it’s consistently voted as one of the best because the selection of fresh goods and farm products is always excellent. When shopping, you’re guaranteed that at least 80% of the goods are made in Alberta.

This is much more sustainable both environmentally and economically. You get to support local farmers and communities while minimizing the emissions produced in getting your food and items to you.

Make sure you check out Shirley’s Greenhouse for fresh produce, Isla’s Barkery for healthy dog treats, and Reem’s Kitchen for yummy pastries. 

You can volunteer, learn about events, and apply to be a vendor on their website

Calgary Farmers’ Market South

Calgary Farmers’ Market South' Homepage

Calgary Farmers’ Market has two branches in the city, but their South space is arguably the better one of the two. Even though their West space is also great, the South one edges it out purely on convenience. 

You’ll have an easier time finding parking here, and the area is more accommodating for crowds. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s the more established branch. 

The variety of goods you can find here is wide, but their artisan products are really worth looking into. D’Alpaca Peru creates hypoallergenic alpaca wool clothing and Puzzles & More offers lots of fun games for the family.

If you’re hankering for some food, you’ll want to check out Big T’s BBQ and Chilitos Taqueria. For produce and other home food items, Sunworks Farm and Tomato Man are nice options. 

If you are interested in being a vendor or checking out their events, you can visit their website. They also have a vendor portal so you can see details and social media links for all their vendors. 

Granary Road – Farmer’s Market

Granary Road - Farmer’s Market' Homepage

Although Granary Road also has seasons for its vendors, the whole space is actually open year-round. It’s a really fun place for both kids and adults as it is both a farmers’ market and an active learning park. 

You don’t need a band or pass to explore the farmers’ market, and it has a fascinating aquaponics centre where you’ll want to get fresh produce. 

The Burwood Distillery makes great locally-made spirits, which make for a great pair with the European meats and cheeses from the family-owned Luc’s . If you’re looking for delicious pizza in Calgary, then check out Soffritto’s oven-baked pizza.

They also have a Christmas market that is perfect for the holidays. What’s really appealing about Granary Road’s market is how much there is to do for people of all ages. 

The interactive park does close during some seasons, but you can always check their website to see if it’s running. The prime selection of food and drinks here is a big draw, and you’ll want to chill with your friends or family when you visit. 

DJ Market

DJ Market' Homepage

DJ Market may not be open year-round, but the seasons that they are open have them running all week. You can visit them from Monday to Sunday during Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

It’s family-owned and operated, and you can truly feel the homegrown vibe when you go here. It’s very welcoming and the fruits, meats, and vegetables are very affordable. 

You’ll likely find some of the cheapest offerings here without sacrificing the quality. Because they directly source their goods from local farmers, they have seasonal schedules for their outdoor production. 

What makes DJ Market stand out is how charming and simple it is compared to the other markets. You can tell that this is a place that focuses on community and creating homegrown products accessible for all. 

Whatever you’re looking for, you’re likely to get a great deal here. They even have frozen goods and different canned goods and jellies. 

Finally, their staff is always very personable. You can tell it’s family-owned and you are always treated in a friendly and inviting way. 

You can visit their website to check seasonal products and when they’re harvesting. 

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