Whether you’re a foodie or just a person with a big appetite, you’ll enjoy the best restaurants that Calgary has to offer. Chinese buffets, Korean restaurants, BBQ, seafood, Japanese cuisine, Indian dishes, and more—we’ve listed down all the gastronomical options for you to try!


If you want to explore the flavours of the world, you’ll enjoy our recommendations for the best Indian, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese restaurants in the city. You have the freedom to enjoy dishes like bibimbap, sushi, ramen, Samosas, and dumplings or visit the best dim sum in Calgary for an all-out Chinese feast.


Are you a meat lover? As healthy as veggies are for you, some of us are just born to love the juicy flavours that you can only get from searing thick chunks of meat that the top steakhouses in Calgary have to offer.


If you prefer that taste of the sea, we’ve also visited the best seafood restaurants in Calgary that offer fresh batches of oysters, clams, crabs, lobsters, shrimps, squids, and more. We made sure to pick out the restaurants that have the freshest catch and delicious flavours for you to indulge in.


Is drinking and dining more of your thing? Our team spent sleepless nights searching for the best Calgary pubs where you can enjoy a pint of beer with your buddies after a hearty meal in the city.


If you prefer coffee over beer, Calgary also has a lot of delightful cafes for your caffeine fix. You can check our recommendations for the best cafes in Calgary where you can enjoy flavorful cold brews, creamy hot lattes, decadent pastries, and other tasty treats.

The 7 Best Japanese Restaurants in Calgary

The 7 Best Japanese Restaurants in Calgary

So, here’s one thing almost everyone in our team has in common: we’re huge Japanese cuisine fans. How huge? Like, we’ll-obsess-about-the-quality-of-our-sushi-rice huge.   With that said, we were more than happy to pig ou—er, we mean review the best Japanese restaurants in the city. It was a long but delicious process whose results we’ll share with …

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