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Where to Say “I Do” Calgary’s Premiere Wedding Venues (For EVERY Couple)

Where to Say “I Do”: Calgary’s Premiere Wedding Venues (For EVERY Couple) 

Scoring a fantastic venue to say “I do” in is one of the achievements every engaged couple wants in the planning phases of their big day. As it happens, our city happens to be one of the most popular in the country when it comes to spots for tying the knot.

Let us take you on a trip through our fave wedding venues here. Whether your dream wedding involves feeling like Disney royalty or being in the mysterious ambiance of a speakeasy, here are the most stunning wedding venues in Calgary that would make you say “I do” in style!

1. The Baron

Address: 4216A 12 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6K9, Canada
Contact details: +1 403-230-0670
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 5 PM 
Maximum capacity: 150 people 

While The Baron is a versatile event space, catering to all types of memorable occasions, plenty of people rent this to host their wedding ceremony or reception. The reason behind this popularity is that it offers an elegant space ideal for a stylish wedding. 

Among their comprehensive menu offerings are a full service bar, on-site catering, and banquet style chairs and tables.  

2. Magnolia Banquet Hall

Address: 5075 Falconridge Blvd NE unit 900, Calgary, AB T3J 3K9, Canada
Contact details: +1 403-605-1904
Operating hours:

  • Monday – 12 PM to 5 PM
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday – 11 AM to 7 PM 
  • Thursday – 11 AM to 5 PM 

Maximum capacity: 

  • Jasmine Hall – 150 people
  • Magnolia Hall – 480 people (dinner) and 800 people (concert seating)

For almost 20 years now, Magnolia Banquet Hall has provided a home for plenty of partners looking for an enchanting venue that would herald the start of their forever. 

With the venu’s recent renovations, they’re even more equipped to give anyone the wedding of their dreams. Their exciting amenities include all-around event planning, in-house projection and audiovisual system, on-site catering, and more of that good stuff. 

3. Shawnessy Barn

Address: 224 Shawmeadows Rd SW, Calgary, AB T2Y 1B3, Canada
Contact details: +1 403-254-1012
Operating hours:

  • Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday – closed 

Maximum capacity: 115 people

For a more intimate setting for your wedding, you might want to consider Shawnessy Barn. The rustic charm of their barn that has been around since the early 1900s is sure to invoke a sense of intimacy and nostalgia. 

They offer convenient services any couple will desire like catering, helping you have an easier time planning your big day. 

4. Bow Valley Ranch Restaurant

Address: 15979 Bow Bottom Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2J 5E8, Canada
Contact details:  +1 403-476-1310
Operating hours:

  • Monday – closed
  • Tuesday to Friday – 11 AM to 9 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday – 10 AM to 9 PM 

Maximum capacity: 

  • Grand Salon – 120 people (banquet style), 150 people (cocktail style), 136 people (ceremony style – chairs only) 
  • William Roper Hull Room – 32 people (banquet style), 18 people (boardroom style), 35 people (cocktail style/stand-up receptions)
  • Senator Patrick Burns Room – 30 people (banquet style), 18 people(boardroom style), 35 people (cocktail style/stand-up receptions)
  • Meadow Muse Pavilion – 175 people (reception), 120 people (buffet style meal), 135 people (banquet style plated meal) 

Doubling as a wedding venue, Bow Valley Ranch Restaurant is the perfect location for couples dreaming of a fairytale-like wedding. 

Stepping into their rooms feels like entering a Disney movie about royalty – and if you’re part of the happy couple, you can be the royal pair yourself! 

If you choose this spot, we recommend planning your wedding here during the summer where the outdoor scenery is nothing short of perfect. 

5. The Lake House

Address:  747 Lake Bonavista Dr SE, Calgary, AB T2J 2M2, Canada
Contact details:  +1 403-225-3939
Operating hours:

  • Monday – closed 
  • Tuesday to Friday – 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM, 5 PM to 8:30 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday – 5 PM to 8:30 PM 

Maximum capacity: 200 people 

The Lake House is a restaurant in the city that offers a sophisticated ambiance and striking water views, making anyone’s visit truly impeccable. 

Of course, the same goes for those who choose this as the venue for their wedding. With its vintage charm and expansive windows, it offers a perfect setting for a day filled with love and celebration. 

6. Deane House

Address: 806 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0S2, Canada
Contact details: : +1 403-264-0595
Operating hours:

  • Monday & Tuesday – closed
  • Wednesday to Friday – 11:30 AM to 10 PM 
  • Saturday – 10 AM to 10 PM
  • Sunday – 10 AM to 9 PM 

Maximum capacity:

  • The patio – 200 people
  • The verandah – 40 people
  • The library – 12 to 24 people 

Deane House is an upscale restaurant famous for its garden extension ideal for a dreamy summer wedding. Aside from this enchanting location, they also offer plenty of spots for private events, each with its own distinctive charm. 

The patio is an ideal setting during the summer months. With the enthralling combination of lush greenery, blooming gardens, and overall charming ambiance, your wedding is sure to be one for the books. 

For those who want a more intimate vibe, the verandah is much more ideal for a small-scale wedding reception. It offers indoor seating with access to the beautiful garden views. 

Finally, the library is the smallest one out of all our recommendations. If you have an extremely small wedding filled with close friends and family, you’ll enjoy this exciting room filled with unique vintage collectibles. 

7. River Cafe

Address: 25 Prince’s Island Park, SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0R1, Canada
Contact details: +1 403-261-7670
Operating hours:

  • Monday to Friday – 11 AM to 11 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday – 10 AM to 11 PM 

Maximum capacity:

  • Seated – 100 people 
  • Cocktail party – 150 to 250 guests
  • Semi-private – 12 to 50 guests

The River Cafe gives off a similar vibe to a cabin in the woods – only in this case, the cabin is much more sophisticated and slightly more lavish. 

It’s a popular brunch spot any day of the year, but it also doubles as a wedding venue to any adoring couple. Our favorite spot at River Cafe is the gorgeous patio that offers a view of the Prince’s Island Park where it’s located as well as the city skyline. 

The best part is that it’s a dreamy location no matter what time of year it is. 

8. Hotel Arts Kensington

Address: 1126 Memorial Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3E3, Canada
Contact details: +1 403-228-4442
Maximum capacity:

  • Dining room – 40 people (reception)
  • Full property buyout – 90 people (reception)

Hotel Arts Kensington offers a stylish and comfortable stay along the Bow River. Because of its stunning facilities and charming location, it’s become an ideal spot for weddings. The sleek furnishings certainly do a lot to improve most wedding photos

By the way, you have the option to rent out their oxbow dining room, boardroom (not really recommended for weddings), or opt for a full property buyout. 

9. The Commons

Contact details: +1 403-452-7938
Maximum capacity:

  • The Orchard – 90 people
  • The Parlour Room – 120 people

Here’s something jam-packed with different kinds of venue offerings – The Commons, helping you with all your wedding planning woes. In fact, they have 9 different kinds of venues, so you’re bound to find something that aligns with your fantastic vision. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more contemporary with plants as exciting accents, you’d like the Orchard. 

If you’re looking for something chic and artistic with a speakeasy vibe, the parlour room might be more up your alley. Booking this venue includes a ceremony, reception, and cocktails. 

10. Fairmont Palliser

Address: 133 9 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2M3, Canada
Contact details: +1 403-262-1234
Maximum capacity:

  • The Banff Room – available upon request  
  • The Oak Room – 90 people (seated), 150 people (standing)

Also called the city’s castle, Fairmont Palliser offers four different kinds of event rooms that would make your wedding rival a royal one. 

If you want something that exudes extravagance, you’d might prefer the Banff Room and its vibrant jewel hues. But for those who desire a more classic setting that’s bright and airy, The Oak Room is the perfect choice. It would be especially fitting if your wedding color motif includes the timeless combination of blue and gold. 

11. Valley Ridge Golf Club

Address: 11618 Valley Ridge Park NW, Calgary, AB T3B 5L4, Canada
Contact details: +1 403-221-9682
Maximum capacity: 

  • River Room – 100 people (cocktail reception)
  • Valley Hall – 190 people (buffet dinner)

If what you desire is the seamless combination of natural wonders and modern ambiance, Valley Ridge Golf Club offers versatile event spaces that can accommodate intimate celebrations and larger gatherings. 

The beauty of this venue is incomparable, offering newly weds as well as guests memories they can treasure for a long time. 

12. Heritage Park

Address:  1900 Heritage Dr SW, Calgary, AB T2V 2X3, Canada
Contact details: +1 403-268-8500
Operating hours:

  • Monday – closed
  • Tuesday to Sunday – 10 AM to 4 PM 

Maximum capacity: 

  • Calgary Town Hall – 20 people
  • Canmore Opera House – 118 people
  • Millarville Rancher’s Hall – 80 people

Heritage Park is a cool local museum offering a glimpse of the city’s history. It’s also a unique venue to choose to hold your wedding in. 

They offer a variety of venues including our personal favorite, the Prince House that looks like it was plucked straight from the late 1800s. It’s certainly a spot that can make your wedding instantly elegant. 

13. SAIT 

Address: 1301 16 Avenue NW, Calgary, AB T2M 0L4, Canada
Contact details:  +1 403-284-8046
Operating hours:

  • Monday to Friday – 8:30 AM to 4 PM 
  • Saturday & Sunday – closed 

Maximum capacity: 

  • Lounge 22 – ceremony (50 people), banquet style (40 people), stand-up reception (40 people)
  • Irene Lewis Atrium – ceremony (800 people), banquet-style (500 people), stand-up reception (1,000 people)

Surprisingly, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology also offers desirable wedding venues any couple would be delighted to choose for their “I do” moment. 

Don’t worry, you won’t get married in the hallways or in the classrooms. In fact, they offer a variety of venues, with one even capable of accommodating up to 800 people!

Call up your relatives and even your great grandmother’s childhood friend’s best friend because SAIT has plenty of room to fit everyone you know! 

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