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The Top Five Calgary Neighbourhoods to Live In

The Top Five Calgary Neighbourhoods to Live In 

Calgary is noted as having the second lowest cost of living in Canada and the most affordable housing market in North America. The city is a great place to live, but there are a few standouts among its 212 neighbourhoods.

If you’re planning to move to Calgary, check out Altadore, Beltline, Edgemont, Inglewood, and Bridgeland. Below, we break down what makes each neighbourhood a highlight and the most important considerations to make when moving there. 

Once you’re more or less set on the neighbourhood of your choice, you can start seeking out one of Calgary’s best real estate agents to help you find your dream home.

1. Altadore 


Altadore is most known for its proximity to shopping and recreational spaces. If you like to have great options near you, then this neighbourhood is your best bet. 

There are tons of great restaurants that span a variety of cuisines in the area. A popular choice is Katsuten, which is considered one of the best Japanese restaurants in Calgary.   

Their best offerings are donburi, noodles, and cutlets. They’re also very mindful when it comes to food allergies, so you should have no trouble enjoying their delectable dishes. 

Altadore currently has a population of 6,831 that is rather evenly spread between males and females. Census data reveals that about 15% of Altadore residents are immigrants, with diversity steadily growing in the community. 

The neighbourhood is generally rather walkable. Although different errands may require you to bike or take some form of transport, you can easily walk around the place and get things done.

The air quality index is also excellent, with very few pollutants in the air. Outdoor activity should be a breeze here. 

If you’re planning to purchase a home in Altadore, the asking price for a property ranges from $249,900 to $1,949,900. Meanwhile, rental prices for one-bedroom apartments are at $1,599.

Quick Figures to Remember
Crimes Per Month13.5
Air Quality Index11 (Excellent)
Walk Score (Walkability)53 (Somewhat Walkable)
Average Rent$1,599
Average Real Estate Listing$864,000

*All data based on screened data resources: Walk Score, Remax, Accuweather, and MyCalgary

2. Beltline


Beltline is great for career-driven individuals and those who want to be within walking distance of commercial spaces. Although it also offers a lot for families, the area is truly suited for the market of young professionals.

There’s a lot to see in Beltline, as it is full of culture, good food, and vibrant city haunts. It is best known for its art spaces, hipster venues, and many amazing art galleries.

If you’re into the fine art scene, then make sure you stop at Gibson Fine Art. They have a stunning collection of canvas art and greatly support local artists. 

If you’re seeking out more contemporary art, you can visit the Paul Kuhn Gallery. They curate their exhibitions very well and are even known as a venue for experimental art. 

Although the crime rate in Calgary is slightly higher than the national average, it is still generally a safe space to live in. The cost of living, housing, and resources in the area balance things out in terms of livability. 

Among its crimes, there are fewer instances of violent crimes committed. 

The air quality in Beltline is also excellent, providing ideal grounds for running and cycling. The only things to consider are a few allergens that circulate in the air.

The best thing about Beltline, though, is how walkable it is. It is extremely high on the walkability scale, so you can safely get around the neighbourhood on foot.

You won’t have problems getting what you need as amenities are right within your reach. Whether you need entertainment, food, shops, or professional services, Beltline is easily traversable and has many offerings that are near residential spots.

The population of Beltline is 24,887, with males taking up 54% of the demographics. It is also one of the most diverse neighbourhoods, with more than a fourth of the population being immigrants.

The average rental price for a one-bedroom unit is $1,575. If you’re looking to buy real estate, you’ll be looking at properties ranging from $2,099 to $2,250,000.

Quick Figures to Remember
Crimes Per Month111.2
Air Quality Index15 (Excellent)
Walk Score (Walkability)93 (Walker’s Paradise)
Average Rent$1,599
Average Real Estate Listing$420,076

3. Edgemont


Edgemont ranks high as one of the safest neighbourhoods you can live in, with a low crime rate and solid government investments in fire, police, and emergency services. 

Its total yearly crimes are 36% lower than the national average, with violent crimes being even lower. This combined with its solid cost of living and housing options make it great for families. 

Because of its proximity to the central districts of Calgary, you aren’t far from the various fun things worth doing in the city

There are many great sights to see, most notably the iconic Calgary Tower. Standing at 190.8 meters, it’s a grand vision to behold. It’s even better when you go in, as it gives you an amazing view of the city and has a really great restaurant.

Edgemont is a good space for outdoor activity, with ideal air quality and very few pollutants. Even its fine particulates are impressively low, especially considering its location.

Unfortunately, Edgemont is not a very walkable neighbourhood. Because it is a hilltop neighbourhood with a lot of greenery around it, you’ll need some form of transport to reach essential spaces and do errands.

Of course, the environment is wonderful to take in. It’s quiet, has a great view of the more urban areas of the city, and has many nice trails and parks you can enjoy. 

In general, it’s really more of a family-centric area. There are also schools in the area that add to that appeal. 

The population of Edgemont is 16,000, quite evenly balanced between males and females. Edgemont is very diverse, with 42% of its residents being immigrants. 

Although geared toward families, one-bedroom apartments are actually more affordable on average at $1,081. If you’re looking to buy real estate, prices go from $164,000 to $1,885,000.

Quick Figures to Remember
Crimes Per Month11.5
Air Quality Index13 (Excellent)
Walk Score (Walkability)25 (Car-Dependent)
Average Rent$1,081
Average Real Estate Listing$665,045

4. Inglewood


Calgary is generally considered a great city for healthcare, especially since medical care is free. A quality neighbourhood with access to those resources is Inglewood.

Whether you are an individual going it alone or you are moving with your family, you’re likely to find a great place here. 

Whether you need a cosmetic dentist, emergency care, or fertility assistance, there’s a reliable place in the area. 

A great example of this is The Holistic Institute of Health & Fertility, just fifteen minutes away from the heart of the neighbourhood. They not only provide fertility-boosting services but also provide prenatal and postnatal care. 

Aside from this, Inglewood also has tons of local venues for amazing events, music, festivals, and installations. There are also many boutique shops that add life and heart to the community. 

Inglewood is also pretty safe, in terms of crime. Property crime and vehicle theft are the main concerns to think about here.

In terms of air quality, the place is generally okay for the average person. That said, sensitive individuals and those that may already have throat irritation may find it less agreeable. 

Although the area is still great in terms of particulates and pollutants, its ground-level ozone is only fair. With a Walk Score of 44, you’ll want to have a car to get around the neighbourhood comfortably. 

It does have a solid bike score, so you can feasibly cycle around to get your errands done. 

With a population of 3,845, you don’t have to worry about congestion. This is evenly distributed between males and females. 

The majority of its residents are non-immigrants, though it notably has a higher percentage of Aboriginal identity than Calgary as a whole. 

Expect an average of $1,415 rent for a one-bedroom apartment. If you’re planning to buy real estate, the prices range from $174,900 to $539,900.

Quick Figures to Remember
Crimes Per Month16.2
Air Quality Index21 (Fair)
Walk Score (Walkability)44 (Car-Dependent)
Average Rent$1,415
Average Real Estate Listing$311,342

5. Bridgeland 


One of the best spots purely for its real estate and views is Bridgeland. Just North-East of Downtown Calgary, this neighbourhood’s amenities and environment make it very livable and worth the price.

It’s practically a stone’s throw away from Downtown Calgary, which you’ll find is a hub with basically everything you need. If you’re looking for something to do, you can’t miss out on the Calgary Zoo.

The zoo is located in Bridgeland itself and is home to over 1,000 animals without even counting fish and insects. The place also takes great measures to ensure that its animal residents are taken care of and have humane living conditions. 

It’s pretty safe to live here, although it does experience more property crime than average. This is likely due to the nature of the properties in contrast to adjacent neighbourhoods. 

Bridgeland’s air quality is fair, so most people should be fine with outdoor exposure. That said, dust and dander are pretty high, so those with sensitivities will likely be affected. 

All of these factors are dampened due to its proximity to busy sectors with lots of movement. That said, the reason it still stands as one of the best is that everything is so accessible. 

You can comfortably walk around as a pedestrian in Bridgeland, and you can even manage some daily activities on foot. While certain errands will still require a form of transport, you’ll find that transit options are actually very bountiful.

It’s even better in the Riverside section of the neighbourhood, which has even higher walk and bike scores. This area tends to be what is considered a “biker’s paradise” because of lanes, space, and proximity of relevant locations.

The population is a modest 5,485, with females slightly taking up more of the community at 52 percent. 

Renting a one-bedroom apartment will cost you $1,593 on average. On the other hand, you can buy real estate from $2,350 to $1,488,000. 

Quick Figures to Remember
Crimes Per Month27.7
Air Quality Index24 (Fair)
Walk Score (Walkability)67 (Somewhat Walkable)
Average Rent$1,593
Average Real Estate Listing$499,984

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