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5 Things to Consider Before You Propose

5 Things to Consider Before You Propose

A wedding proposal is no doubt a momentous event in any couple’s lives. It marks the start of a new chapter in their relationship.

Before popping the question, though, here are some things we believe you have to consider: 

1. Think about where you’re both at in the relationship.

Think about where you’re both at in the relationship

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Although proposals are often spontaneous, the talk of marriage should already be discussed long before that. It’s important to get to know where your heads are at when it comes to life plans. 

Do you share the same vision for the future? What are your hopes and dreams? 

Before proposing, make sure that you are aligned and headed toward the same direction. 

2. Consider your budget. 

Of course, you have to buy a ring. You can also look ahead and think about other expenses that go into a wedding like catering, music, videography, photography, wedding planners, venue, flowers, and gown

Before you think of proposing, make sure that you are planning for these expenses. It’s best to be prepared so you don’t end up overspending. 

3. Think about how you’re going to pop the question.

Think about how you’re going to pop the question

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You have to think about what your partner likes to know how to propose the best way possible that’s uniquely for them. Is your partner the type who loves public proposals or would they appreciate a more private one among friends or alone? 

Do you have a special spot in your relationship like the restaurant where you had your first date or a favorite tree in the park? Wherever and whatever way you’re going to propose, it has to be personal for more impact. 

4. Consider talking with your significant other’s parents first. 

Although it isn’t obligatory to ask for the father’s permission, you might want to meet with your partner’s parents and discuss marriage before you propose. In this day and age, some people don’t really view this as a necessary step since some find it outdated. 

However, some prefer to be asked. We think it will really depend on you and your partner’s situation. 

Think about what your partner will want or better yet discuss it with them for clarity. 

5. Ask a friend or hire a photographer to capture the moment.

Ask a friend or hire a photographer to capture the moment

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Since this is such a memorable moment, you might want someone to get it on video or capture it in pictures. Speak to your friends or photographer to take photos when you propose. 

You’ll be grateful to catch such a fleeting moment in pictures that you’ll look at years later. 

That concludes our list of things to consider when proposing. We hope we were able to help you as you prepare for such a magical moment in your lives. 

Did we miss out on other tips? Let us know in the comments below. 

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