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Calgary’s Latest Fire Ban Status

Is there a current fire ban in Calgary? (2023) 

As responsible citizens of Calgary, staying informed about our surroundings is crucial, especially when it comes to our safety. 

With that in mind, we’re here to provide you with insights regarding Calgary’s fire ban, answering the pressing question: Is there something you should be worried about? 

What is a fire ban?

What is a fire ban

Imposed by the local government, fire bans are temporary restrictions limiting outdoor fires. The goal is to avoid the possibility of wildfires, especially in instances of extreme heat and dry conditions. 

During this time, people in areas with fire bans are asked to refrain from setting up bonfires and campfires and using fireworks and fire pits.  

Is there a fire ban in Calgary?

Is there a fire ban in Calgary

As of writing, there is no fire ban in Calgary. 

What’s the likelihood that Calgary will get a fire ban soon? 

What’s the likelihood that Calgary will get a fire ban soon

As of the moment, it’s highly unlikely that Calgary authorities will issue a fire ban because weather in the city has been on the cool side. To stay informed, it’s best to call 311 for real-time updates about any possible fire ban

In case there’s a fire ban, what happens if I violate it?

In case there’s a fire ban, what happens if I violate it

If you ever violate a fire ban, you’ll usually be fined CA$500 to CA$5,000, depending on the situation and specific terms of the fire ban involved. As there’s no fire ban in Calgary as of writing, however, this is not really a concern. 

Are fireworks allowed in Calgary? 

Are fireworks allowed in Calgary

Fireworks are allowed in Calgary, but only if you have a permit from the Calgary Fire Department, even if there’s no current fire ban. 

Can you have a firepit in Calgary? 

Can you have a firepit in Calgary

Yes, you can have a firepit in Calgary, but keep in mind the following: Fire pits should be placed away from flammable materials. Additionally, a pit should be at least two meters from your property, house, fence, or garage. 

Moreover, the fire pit should not exceed 1 meter in both width and height. 

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