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How to Explore Northeast Calgary Like a Local

How to Explore Northeast Calgary Like a Local  

An area in Alberta one mustn’t miss is Northeast Calgary. It’s true that downtown constantly steals the spotlight because of the vibrant business district. However, this spot is also full of diverse treasures! 

At any rate, we locals think that to truly experience Calgary at its finest, one must learn how to venture outside tourist spots. The Northeast is the perfect place to go to for this sort of thing… and as it happens, we’ve put together a guide for you today! 

How to Get Around

Taxis: Taxis are everywhere in Northeast Calgary. You can find a few ones waiting for passengers in one of the taxistands. You can also contact any dispatch company (403-777-1111) to come pick you up. Moreover, if you see one on the street, just raise your arm and they’ll stop for you. 

Bus: Navigating the bus routes in Northeast Calgary is pretty easy especially with the help of this website. It tells you all the bus routes and schedules in real time! For added convenience, you can download the MyFare app beforehand, which helps you pay for the bus ride faster and more efficiently.  Otherwise, you can always pay with cash or with the monthly pass card.

The C-train: If you want to navigate Northeast Calgary much faster, you can always ride the C-train. It’s also fairly cheap too, costing only CA$3.50 for a single ride. If you want to know the train schedules, you can check out the moovit app on your phone. 

Cycle: Calgary is a pretty bike friendly city, which is why we also recommend cycling to the visitors. 

Where to Stay in Northeast Calgary

Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre 

Address: 6620 36 St NE, Calgary, AB T3J 4C8, Canada
Phone: +1 825-305-3631
Pricing: $
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Staying in the Northeast Calgary neighborhood appeals to a lot of visitors because of its proximity to the Calgary International Airport. 

Take the Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre, for example. It’s a quick and convenient 9-minute ride from the airport! It has plenty of amenities to make your stay enjoyable like the fitness centre and pool.

They also offer pet-friendly rooms, so no need to leave your fur babies at home.  

Hotel 11 by Sonesta

Address: 11 Freeport Cres NE, Calgary, AB T3J 0T4, Canada
Phone: +1 403-516-2266
Pricing: $
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Another exciting accommodation you can try when you’re in Northeast Calgary is Hotel 11 by Sonesta. 

The highlight of your stay would be the gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains from your lovely, spacious room. Additionally, each suite comes with a Nespresso coffee machine and 50-inch tvs

There’s also an available heated pool and hot tub in their fitness center. Plus, if you’re in the city for work, the hotel also has a convenient business centre where you can do your tasks uninterrupted. 

Acclaim Hotel by Clique Calgary Airport

Address: 123 Freeport Blvd NE, Calgary, AB T3N 0A3, Canada
Phone: +1 403-291-8000
Pricing: $
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Whether you’re in town for leisure or business, Acclaim Hotel by Clique Calgary Airport would be able to suit your needs. 

There are available spots in the hotel for meetings, a relaxing hot tub on the rooftop, and an Italian restaurant all in one location. 

They’re only 5 minutes away from the Calgary International Airport and to make your stay here even more convenient, they also offer a shuttle that will take you right to their doorstep. 

Where to Eat in Northwest Calgary

Kinjo Sushi & Grill District

Address: 11135 14 St NE, Calgary, AB T3K 5Y7, Canada
Phone: +1 587-755-5888
Pricing: $$

Kinjo Sushi & Grill District offers everyone’s favorite Japanese dishes. This includes ramen, donburi, sushi, sashimi, and plenty more. 

Their special rolls are extremely popular, so we suggest trying something from that list. We find that everything is a wise choice, though we particularly like the spicy crunch roll

Their delicious fried chicken is also worth mentioning. The ginger garlic flavor is the best! 

Righteous Gelato

Address: 221 19 St SE #110, Calgary, AB T2E 7M2, Canada
Phone: +1 403-452-3150
Pricing: $$

There are numerous gelato places in Calgary and Righteous Gelato has to be one of our favorites. We love how they have extensive flavors to choose from like mango pineapple, raspberry lime sorbet, and passion fruit lemonade. 

Not only are they healthy and delicious, but the flavors they have are also pretty unique! 

Shawarma Barlow

Address: 106 Meridian Rd NE, Calgary, AB T2A 2N6, Canada
Phone: +1 403-455-9606
Pricing: $

Shawarma Barlow is a one-stop shop for popular Mediterranean meals like kabobs, shawarma, donair, and poutine. 

Their beef donair wrap and traditional poutine are highly recommended. 

Raja Foods Marlborough

Address: 4100 Marlborough Dr NE #5, Calgary, AB T2A 2Z5, Canada
Phone: +1 403-455-0143
Pricing: $$

Raja Foods in Marlborough is one of the top spots to get your authentic Pakistani cuisine fix. 

This restaurant started in 1999 in Calgary and has become a lot of locals’ favorite since because of its special dishes made with a pinch of their unique culinary flavors and techniques. 

Their chicken chilli masala is definitely worth checking out. They also have delicious vegetarian dishes that would still give you the authentic Desi experience. 

Haveli Sweets & Restaurant 

Haveli Sweets & Restaurant
Image from Kevin Johnas

Address: 263 Falshire Dr NE, Calgary, AB T3J 1H9, Canada
Phone:  +1 403-285-7300
Pricing: $

Haveli Sweets & Restaurant’s cozy and welcoming atmosphere definitely puts them on the map. Of course, their delicious food served with an affordable price tag is also worth the attention.

They specialize in dishes such as butter chicken, chilli chicken, and chicken tikka. You can never go wrong with any of these. 

And aside from their main dishes, they also offer East Indian Sweets you should check out!

Barrio Fiesta

Address: 6800 Memorial Drive N.E., Calgary, Alberta T2A 6V3 Canada
Phone: +1 403-272-2970
Pricing: $$

The Filipino restaurant Barrio Fiesta joins the exciting and extensive culinary options in Northeast Calgary. 

Our ultimate favorites are crispy pata, kare-kare, and sinigang, which we also recommend you try, especially if you have yet to explore Filipino cuisine. 

We heard from our Filipino friends that this restaurant is rather popular in the Philippines for family gatherings. Since a lot of dishes are perfect to be shared, we can see why. 

Where to Drink in Northeast Calgary 

Mr. Schnapps Restaurant & Bar

Address: 1440 52 St NE #500, Calgary, AB T2A 4T8, Canada
Phone: +1 403-273-7444
Pricing: $$

Mr.Schnapps Restaurant & Bar has a lot of fun things to do – like the VLT slot machine, arcade, and you can even watch sports with the friendly locals! 

And as a bonus, this local pub is known not only for their delicious cooking, but also for the variety of drinks they have available. 

Railyard Brewing 

Address: 10301 19 St NE Unit 121, Calgary, AB T3J 0R1, Canada
Phone: +1 403-465-4831
Pricing: $$

Railyard Brewing’s taproom is one of the spots you should add to your itinerary if you want to try the local brews. 

They offer a unique experience to drinking because of their distinctly-designed taproom where you can enjoy not only delicious drinks, but also nice conversations. 

While they also have exceptionally delicious dishes to complement your drinking experience, you can bring in any outside food you might want. 

Where to Drink Coffee in Northeast Calgary

Stoop Cafe

Address: 1027 Russet Rd NE, Calgary, AB T2E 5L2, Canada
Phone: +1 825-408-0303
Pricing: $$

Stoop Cafe is a hidden gem in Northeast Calgary that not a lot of visitors and locals know about. We find this surprising because of their exceptional service and ridiculously good food and drinks. 

While we’d like to say at least there’s more for us, here at The Best Calgary, there’s strictly no gatekeeping! 

They serve a lot of good classics like flat white (the most popular one), turmeric latte, and long macchiato. And you should definitely give their food a try. They know how to make a very good sandwich!

Waves Coffee House

Address: 2685 36 St NE, Calgary, AB T1Y 5S3, Canada
Phone: +1 587-350-8838
Pricing: $$

Waves Coffee House is a great place to hangout. Their welcoming atmosphere and comforting drinks are proving to be a great combination. 

They have numerous drink options however, we find ourselves always ordering the waves au lait, which is basically their own approach to brewed coffee. Their pastries are also a must-try! 

What to Do in Northeast Calgary

Experience interactive exhibits at TELUS Spark Science Centre

Address: 220 Saint George’s Drive Northeast, Calgary, AB T2E 5T2, Canada
Phone: +1 403-817-6800

TELUS Spark Science Centre is a museum filled with interactive exhibits.

They have exhibits for adults that feature unique cocktails, ice cream, food, and of course, science. They also have an area for kids called the creative kids museum where those from ages 0 to 8 can explore the 10,000 square feet space filled with fun, interactive activities. 

They also hold special exhibits from time to time so make sure to check out their website to see what they have available. As of writing, they have a Barbie-themed exhibit one shouldn’t miss. 

Indulge in different activities at Village Square Leisure Centre

Address: 2623 56 St NE, Calgary, AB T1Y 5J1, Canada
Phone: +1 403-366-3900

The Village Square Leisure Centre is the perfect spot to try various activities especially if you’re coming with a large group of people. Here, you can try the wave pool and water slides in their very own indoor water park. 

Aside from that, the leisure centre also has a gym, an indoor pool, an ice rink, a weight room, and a jungle gym, making it enjoyable for all ages. 

Feel the adrenaline rush at Speeders Calgary

Address: 58 Aero Dr NE unit 109, Calgary, AB T2E 8Z9, Canada
Phone: +1 403-230-3009

Looking for another exciting activity to do in Northeast Calgary? Well, the Speeders Calgary would definitely quench your thirst for adrenaline with their offering of indoor prokart racing. They claim to be the fastest indoor go-kart spot in all of Calgary, so this isn’t for the faint hearted.  

That said, you don’t have to have any previous experience before you step inside Speeders because they can accommodate any driver no matter what skill they might have. 

Go bowling at Let’s Bowl 

Address: 2916 5 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2A 6K4, Canada
Phone: +1 403-569-2695

If you’re a visitor, you might be surprised that bowling hasn’t lost its popularity in Calgary. In fact, this sport is quite common in Canada! 

At Let’s Bowl, there are theme nights like all-you-can-bowl Wednesday or Thursday retro night when all music that will be played are all from ‘80s to early 2000s!

They also have a variety of food and drinks (including alcoholic drinks), so you don’t need to go far to catch a quick grub. 

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