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The Most Exciting Guide to Southeast Calgary

The Most Exciting Guide to Southeast Calgary

Welcome to one of the most exciting parts of the city – Southeast Calgary! It offers numerous recreational opportunities along with charming cafes and unique eateries. 

Bursting with endless possibilities, this part of the city is a must-visit for any traveller seeking thrilling adventures. In this guide, we’ll let you know all the best spots to stay or dine and the most invigorating activities so you can experience this lovely destination to the fullest. 

How to Get Around

Taxis: You can effortlessly get a taxi in Southeast Calgary by going to one of many taxi stands you’ll see around the neighbourhood. Alternatively, you can always flag down the one you see on the street or call the dispatch company (403-777-1111). 

Bus: Taking the bus in Southeast Calgary is easy peasy. Visitors would have no problem finding their way around here with the bus. You can always check the bus routes in the area by consulting this website. Additionally, you can always have the MyFare app onhand, which helps you pay for the bus ride much easier. That said, you can always pay via cash or with the monthly pass card. 

The C-train: In Calgary, there’s also the C-train option, which is pretty cheap to ride. With just  CA$3.50, you can go to plenty of places. We suggest checking out the moovit app to be updated on the train schedules. 

Cycle: If you’re an outdoorsy type of traveller, you’d really enjoy cycling around Southeast Calgary. 

Where to Stay in Southeast Calgary

Deerfoot Inn & Casino

Address: 11500 35 St SE #1000, Calgary, AB T2Z 3W4, Canada
Phone: +1 403-236-7529
Pricing: $$
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Deerfoot Inn & Casino is the perfect accommodation for those looking for some entertainment during their stay without going far from their lodgings. 

They have numerous guest rooms available, all varying in sizes and amenities available. However, all offer the same thing – a comfortable stay. 

There’s a casino right in the same building where guests can play slot machines, table games, poker, and more. They also offer different kinds of entertainment from time to time like drag shows, MMA matches, dance parties, and more. 

Delta Hotels by Marriott

Address: 135 Southland Dr SE, Calgary, AB T2J 5X5, Canada
Phone: +1 403-278-5050
Pricing: $$
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Delta Hotels by Marriott in Southeast Calgary sits on a fairly convenient spot. Being just 15 minutes away from Downtown Calgary, guests have easy access to numerous shops, restaurants, pubs, and other finer things in the city. 

The rooms they have available are quite comfortable, which are perfect even for longer stays. Amenities available on-site are a game room, indoor pool, casino, fitness center, and more. 

Oh, and they’re pet friendly, but you have to pay an extra $35 each night. 

Wingate by Wyndham 

Address: 400 Midpark Way SE, Calgary, AB T2X 3S4, Canada
Phone: +1 403-514-0099
Pricing: $
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Wingate by Wyndham is another pet-friendly option in Southeast Calgary. Aside from this, they also have interesting amenities like a pool with a built-in slide, a gym, a meeting room, and more. 

They have various kinds of rooms available, all of which offer a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Staying at this place usually helps you feel much more at home than in most other accommodations. 

Where to Eat in Southeast Calgary

Triple O’s Chevron Dufferin

Address: 5315 Dufferin Blvd SE, Calgary, AB T2C 5R9, Canada
Phone: +1 403-271-1107
Pricing: $$

The city of Calgary is quite known for delicious beef and what’s a better way to try it out than ordering a local burger? Try the ones at Triple O’s, which are made out of 100% Canadian beef. Order them with cajun fries for the full Triple O’s experience! 

If beef isn’t your thing, that’s totally fine too. They also have chicken, fish, and plant-based burger options that are all made with local ingredients. 

Chairman’s Steakhouse

Address: 2251 Mahogany Blvd SE, Calgary, AB T3M 2V6, Canada
Phone: +1 587-291-9898
Pricing: $$$$

Chairman’s Steakhouse is a must-try for those looking for a fine dining experience in Calgary. There are numerous steakhouses in the city, but this one is one of the finest. 

If you want to be assured of the best, try one of their plates from their signature dishes. Bison tenderloin is our favorite through and through, but the others from that list are just as good. 

You can also order from their extensive selections of wine to pair with your steak for the best experience. 

TiNi Vietnamese Restaurant

Address: 1000-19587 Seton Crescent SE, Calgary, AB T3M 2W9, Canada
Phone: +1 587-620-7166
Pricing: $$

TiNi offers a lot of Vietnamese classics that will make you want to try their dishes over and over again. 

A few examples of the food items on their menu are pork spring roll, stir fried beef & vegetable, and satay seafood noodle soup. Their grilled chicken peanut satay noodle soup is the most highly recommended by our staff, so make sure to try that out. 

By the way, they also have vegetarian and gluten-free options. 

Bow Valley Ranche

Address: 15979 Bow Bottom Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2J 5E8, Canada
Phone: +1 403-476-1310
Pricing: $$$

You can eat like royalty at the beautiful Bow Valley Ranche. The location is beautiful and the food is the same. This includes the yellowfin tuna crudo, Alberta beef tenderloin, and lamb sirloin. 

While everything we’ve tried from Bow Valley Ranche is worth ordering for the second (or third… or fourth) time, their crispy roasted chicken is our ultimate favorite. 

Deagla Restaurant Legacy

Address: 47 Legacy View SE #2110, Calgary, AB T0L 0X0, Canada
Phone: +1 587-232-9778
Pricing: $$

The Deagla Restaurant in Legacy is one of the top-rated restaurants in southeast Calgary. This is why if you find yourself in the neighborhood and willing to try hearty Mediterranean food, it’s best to make your way to this family-owned eatery. 

Their wraps are definitely the best things on their menu – try the beef donair wrap, lamb kebab wrap, and chicken shawarma. They serve their meals in hefty portions, so there’s no need to order two wraps to feel full!  

Starbelly Open Kitchen & Lounge

Address: 19489 Seton Crescent SE #220, Calgary, AB T3M 1T4, Canada
Phone: +1 403-570-0133
Pricing: $$$

Starbelly Open Kitchen & Lounge provides a lovely fine dining experience in which you can watch how your food is made by their talented chefs. We’re a sucker for an open kitchen setup, which was what initially made us feel inclined to try this one out. 

However, what makes us come back again and again is the cozy ambiance and the quality dishes. Their cajun crusted steak is highly recommended. 

Where to Get Coffee in Southeast Calgary

Cafe Jindo

Address: 8330 Macleod Trail Unit F7, Calgary, AB T2H 2V2, Canada
Phone: +1 587-353-4728
Pricing: $

Our favorite thing about Cafe Jindo is the creativity in their drinks. Not only is the presentation inventive and clever, but the flavor is great. We particularly like the affogato, steven smith teas, and a simple brewed coffee. 

Their waffles and sandwiches are also worth mentioning. Order a korean street waffle with your coffee for the best combination. 

Greedy Donut

Address: 6008 Macleod Trail SW #106, Calgary, AB T2H 0K1, Canada
Phone: +1 825-561-7974
Pricing: $

This donut shop has blown up on Tiktok a couple of times these past few months. If it ever graced your “for you” page, we’re pretty sure you’ve already added it to your list of must-try’s. 

Anyway, if you have yet to taste their donuts for yourself, we’re here to tell you that they’re truly worth the hype.

While the bread for their doughnuts is extremely delicious on their own, what truly makes them popular is their rich cream filling. It comes in various flavors such as blueberry cream cheese and strawberry cream. 

Where to Drink in Southeast Calgary

The Banquet

Address: 80 Mahogany Rd SE #1000, Calgary, AB T3M 2K2, Canada
Phone: +1 587-943-6844
Pricing: $$

The Banquet is a great location for a Friday night out, especially if you’re going in large groups. They have a lot of delicious plates for sharing and extensive drink choices that anyone can enjoy. 

They even have numerous signature cocktails, but our favorite is the strawberry mule. It’s a drink with vodka and strawberry puree. Sounds interesting, right? 

That said, people love them not only for their food and drinks, but also for their gorgeous patio seating and exciting activities like bowling and billiards. 

Windsor Rose Pub

Address: 151 Walden Gate S.E, Calgary, AB T2X 0R2, Canada
Phone: +1 403-256-5156
Pricing: $$

If you’re a big sports fan, you’d like it here at Windsor Rose Pub. They have 24 HD TVs, which make watching big games extra exhilarating. 

Like most Calgarian pubs, this is perfect for big groups of people because of the spacious setting. That said, one can also drink here alone. Calgarians are known to be a welcoming bunch, so don’t be scared to go and meet some strangers! 

What to Do in Southeast Calgary

See cute animals at Calgary Zoo

Address: 210 St. George’s Drive NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7V6, Canada
Phone:  +1 403-232-9300

We know that there are some zoos that put animals at harm or in unfavorable conditions. You can trust that Calgary Zoo is the entire opposite because they also participate in conservation efforts and animal care in their facilities. 

Anyway, there are 8 different habitats at Calgary Zoo to explore. This includes the Asian exhibit (includes Amur Tigers!), conservatory garden & butterflies, and Canadian wilds where you can spot bears and whooping cranes.  

Enjoy jazz music at Alvin’s Jazz Club

Address: 176 Mahogany Centre SE, Calgary, AB T3M 2X8, Canada
Phone: +1 403-313-1051

Alvin’s Jazz Club is a restaurant that offers an exciting opportunity to enjoy enthralling performances of jazz musicians while eating delicious meals. You’ll feel like you’re being transported to 40s to 50s in New York with this nostalgic experience.

Note that they keep a schedule of their upcoming performances on their site, so just check that out to see if anyone interests you!

Paddle through the Bow River


There are different activities you can indulge in if you find yourself at the Bow River – one of Calgary’s top destinations for outdoor activities. 

That said, our favorite one would be kayaking, which is something we recommend to anyone looking for a scenic adventure. You’ll get to see the famous Rocky Mountains from an entirely different perspective! 

Of course, one doesn’t need to bring their own kayaks or canoes while they’re here. There are numerous kayak rentals such as Bow River Rafting Rentals or The Banff Canoe Club

Additionally, there are also several companies offering kayaking tours at Bow River like Banff & Lake Louise, which is specifically handy if you want a professional with you. 

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