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Get cozy during “Block Heater” this February

Get cozy during “Block Heater” this February

Winters in Calgary can be dark and lonely, but not if you know where to spend them. If you want to make your winter a livelier one, go to the Calgary Folk Music Festival! The event always gets the city’s musical engines revving.

Yearly, the organizers are presenting “Block Heater,” a winter festival that highlights incredible Canadian and international artists. This year’s installment will once again provide everyone with a musical escape, with various musical shows running from February 9 to 12.

Block Heater is available for entertainment at various venues in Calgary. It will feature a total of 32 artists and 13 separate events across the said dates.

AddressDowntown Calgary, Inglewood & The East Village
DateFebruary 9 - February 12, 2023
Time7:00 PM - 12:30 AM
Pricing$20 - $45

What to Expect

In this year’s Block Heater, Calgary residents can expect to see featured artists such as Abigail Lapell, CELL7, K-Riz, and many more who will headline various venues for performances and jam sessions. 

But the best part about this event is that everyone can choose their own musical adventure, with it being held at various locations.

You can wave your hands in the air at The Palace Theatre or sip a glass of wine while dancing to the music with your friends at The Ironwood.

If you’re feeling frisky, you can dress up at Jack Singer Concert Hall or let the lyrics envelop the entire family at Central United Church.

The Horizon Heating Stage, on the other hand, is ideal for hanging out with your significant other, while their free stage at Olympic Plaza is perfect for dancing while skating.

There is also merchandise for sale to give you something to remember about the fun event which is Block Heater. They can be purchased from their roaming volunteer sellers during the event – but it’s in limited quantities, so you better act fast when you see it.

This annual Calgary winter ritual is very family-friendly, as their events are open to people of all ages. The only exceptions are the Friday and Saturday evening performances at The Palace Theatre.

However, it’s not a low-cost event, with tickets ranging from $20 to $45.

Nonetheless, Block Heater is a winter tradition in the city for a reason, to soothe every soul and warm every heart through music. It’s a show for every taste and vibe!

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