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Best Endocrinologist in Calgary

5 Clinics with the Best Endocrinologist in Calgary

Diabetes, infertility, and thyroid issues affect different areas of our life. But they’re all caused by problems with hormones, which the best endocrinologist in Calgary can address.

In this article, you’ll find the clinics housing the best internists specializing in the endocrine system. We also gathered other information such as costs and the common conditions associated with endocrinologists.

How much do endocrinologists charge in Calgary?

A visit to an endocrinologist can cost around $200–$500, depending on whether it’s an initial or follow-up consultation. Your specialist’s level of expertise and experience can also vary the costs.

Where to Find the Best Endocrinologists in Calgary

As promised, here’s the list of the top clinics for endocrine checkups. Should you have trouble choosing one, you can consider these factors:

Specialization. While all listed doctors have the credibility and license to practice, they also have different areas of specialty and interest.
Range of services. If you need further treatment, you may benefit from a holistic practice.
Location. These clinics also have different locations, so you can opt for the nearest or most accessible clinic.
Availability. Clinics have different operating hours which may or may not fit your schedule. We chose the ones that offer flexible schedules and longer operating hours.
Patient reviews. These can tell you much about the doctor’s attitude and quality of patient care.

1. Diabetes and Endocrinology Clinic of Alberta – Dr. Aashna Gill

Diabetes and Endocrinology homepage
CONDITIONS TREATEDDiabetes, thyroid disorders, hormone disorders, parathyroid disease, adrenal gland disorders, pituary gland disorders, osteoporosis, obesity
ADDRESS2675 36 St NE #410, Calgary, AB T1Y 6H6
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 454-3276 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Diabetes and Endocrinology Clinic of Alberta, also known as DECA, provides diagnosis and treatment for thyroid disorders, diabetes, hormone disorders, osteoporosis, obesity, and other endocrine-related conditions. 

When it comes to diabetes, it can handle type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. DECA’s main specialist, Dr. Aashna Gill also works to prevent chronic illnesses and offer healthy lifestyle interventions.

You should also know that Dr. Aashna Gill can speak English, Punjabi, and Hindi.

While its Calgary endocrinologist is top-notch, DECA has still received several complaints, particularly when it comes to the length of visit and attention given to clients. Some patients talked about feeling rushed, although this may be because the clinic only has one specialist.

The clinic is also open only on weekdays until 4 PM, so make you at least make time for your checkup. Should you still want to visit DECA, you can simply call its office or answer its online contact forms.


  • Multilingual services
  • Accepts a wide range of endocrine issues
  • Covers all types of diabetic conditions


  • Some complaints about rushed appointments
  • Only one endocrinologist in team

Customer Reviews

Friendly staff, excellent doctor, properly informs patients

“The services that I receive from DECA clinic is excellent. Dr. Aashna Gill and the staff are friendly and ensure that I am properly informed about my health and care. I would have no doubt in recommending them to friendly and friends.”—Parminder Bawa

Great service from doctor and front desk, thorough consultations

“Enjoyed my visit here (as much as anyone can enjoy a doctor appt that is lol). I met with Dr. Tabussum, the internal medicine specialist, both her and the front desk staff offered great service, plus I was seen within 5 minutes of my appointment time which I was not expecting (normally medical offices seem to run behind). Dr. Tabussum was incredibly thorough and gentle and I did not feel rushed through the appointment at all. The only suggestion I have is to maybe post where the building entrance is as it is not clearly/largely marked. Would definitely recommend this place.”—Rebecca Lynn

2. LMC Calgary – Dr. Akshay Jain Dr. Buki Ajala

LMC Calgary homepage
CONDITIONS TREATEDDiabetes, thyroid issues, male and female hormone issues, osteoporosis
ADDRESS5940 Macleod Trail SW #102, Calgary, AB T2H 2G4
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 288-3224
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

If you need the best endocrinologist in Calgary to help you manage diabetes, LMC Calgary may be the best clinic of choice. 

We say this because this clinic doesn’t just have endocrinologists and nurses but also chiropodists and educators to give you holistic diabetes management. While it has a large team of specialists, its Calgary location only has one endocrinologist.

It even has weight management, diabetes prevention, and diabetes education programs to help not only patients but also their families and friends.

Despite its focus on diabetes, LMC Calgary still accepts patients who have or may have thyroid issues, osteoporosis, male hypogonadism, and menstrual disorders like PCOS. 

For convenience, LMC also allows online payments. It also has an online referral form, which your family doctor can conveniently fill out for you.

Like many clinics, LMC is only open on weekdays, but it still opens relatively early and closes relatively late. It also guarantees flexible scheduling and easy booking that won’t exceed 4 weeks of waiting time.


  • Holistic diabetes treatment
  • Accepts a wide range of endocrine issues
  • Relatively extended operating hours
  • Considerable wait times


  • Only one endocrinologist in Calgary location
  • Closed on weekends

Customer Reviews

Pleasant and supportive staff, considerable wait times

“I have been a patient of Dr. AJALA for 3 years. As I am unable to work, she has provided sample injections of medications which is very helpful. She also provided a free Freestyle Libre monitoring system. I find the office staff to be pleasant and supportive. Wait times in the office are usually around 20 minutes, even first thing in the morning. She has been supportive of me trying alternative methods of controlling my blood sugar such as intermittent fasting.”

Knowledgeable and amazing doctor who explains details clearly

“Dr. Buki Ajala did a great job with my first health exam. She explained everything to me very clearly, she’s very knowledgeable, very amazing doctor I’ve ever had. She booked me for CT Scan for only one day. Dr. Ajala I appreciate for taking time to go over the diagnosis clearly. Thank you so much Dr. Ajala greatly appreciated. Staff of LMC was great and helpful. Thank you so much Nurse Kristen you did an amazing job. I feel comfortable when we talked.”

3. Associate Clinic – Dr. Caitlin Sinclair 

Associate Clinic homepage
CONDITIONS TREATEDDiabete, pituitary, adrenal, ovarian, and testicular disorders, thyroid and parathyroid condition, osteoporosis, pituary gland conditions, adrenal disease, thyroid cancer
ADDRESS401 9 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3C5
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 221-4476
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Now, if you want to have lots of options for endocrinologists, Associate Clinic’s got your back. This clinic has five specialists in its team, each with a wide range of conditions diagnosed and treated.

Among these five, we find Dr. Caitlin Sinclair to have the most positive reviews. She has a special interest in parathyroid and thyroid issues, pituitary, adrenal, ovarian, and testicular disorders, and all types of diabetes, including gestational diabetes.

Dr. Sinclair also extends her services to indigenous peoples by conducting consultations in local indigenous communities.

While the clinic doesn’t have online forms, thus requiring patients to call the clinic for appointments, Associate Clinic still has an online portal for existing clients. Additionally, each department has its own phone line for direct communication with specialists.

However, you should know that this clinic has also received a few complaints pertaining to doctors from other departments and its front desk staff. Nonetheless, its endocrinologists continue to receive positive reviews.


  • A large team of endocrinologists
  • Extends services to indigenous communities
  • Each department has its own phone line
  • Relatively extended operating hours


  • Closed on weekends
  • Some complaints about front desk and other departments

Customer Reviews

Knowledgeable, caring, and empathetic doctor

“Strong knowledge and caring, empathetic person, an excellent combination for a doctor. I feel really safe in her hands. I would strongly recommend her to anyone.”

Caring, supportive, and personable doctor

“She is extremely personable, and very caring to both my concerns and needs. I feel like she genuinely is involved with fighting my Type 1 Diabetes , and is intensely supportive. She is excellent!”

4. C Endo Calgary – Dr. Munish Khosla

C Endo Calgary homepage
CONDITIONS TREATEDGrowth hormone issues, diabetes, adrenal and pituitary gland disorders, thyroid and parathyroid conditions, obesity, PCOS, osteoporosis
ADDRESSRockyview Health Centre II Suite 240, 1016 – 68 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2V 4J2
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 705-3636 / (403) 705-2636 (fax)
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

C-Endo is yet another holistic diabetic clinic as it has the best endocrinologists, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, and diabetes educators. So, those looking for holistic diabetic treatment can visit this clinic for help.

While most of its patients are diabetic, this clinic also accepts patients with other endocrine disorders such as acromegaly, Addison’s disease, Cushing’s Syndrome, osteoporosis, PCOS, obesity, and thyroid issues.

All these conditions are diagnosed and treated by its resident endocrinologist, Dr. Munish Khosla. 

We also like that C-Endo allows convenient booking as it has online booking forms and online referral forms. After booking, C-Endo then sends appointment schedules and necessary forms via fax.

But before booking an appointment, you should know that some previous clients have complained about the front desk staff. Luckily, more customers continue to praise Dr. Khosla’s clinic and medical services.


  • A large and holistic team for diabetes treatment
  • Convenient online booking and referral forms
  • Accepts a wide range of endocrine issues
  • Relatively extended operating hours


  • Some complaints about front desk staff
  • Only one doctor in the clinic

Customer Reviews

Stays on top of everything, wonderful doctor

“He has been my doctor for many may years and he is the only doctor that has gotten my diabetes so under control and he stays on top of everything with me he does everything in his power to help me sorry people but I fully disagree with your bad opinions about the wonderful doctor and his staff I have never had those problems at all and I wouldn’t ever go see any other doctor BUT DR KHOSLA”—Penny Woods

Responsive doctor who monitors and consults accordingly

“I would highly recommend Dr. Khosla. I had been treated by him for several years for thyroid and pituitary pathology, which has a unique presentation and is not readily diagnosable in bloodwork. During/following my recent pregnancy, he monitored my levels carefully, consulted with my high risk Internist, increased my appointments to ensure that any needed changes in meds were caught and returned calls when I couldn’t attend the office in person. On the day our child was born, we had a concern about one of my medications, left him a voicemail after hours, and he returned the call within 2 hours (late on a Friday night mid-summer). If there is any suggestion for improvement, it would be around challenges in communicating live messages to/from him, but that appears to be owing to new front end staff who are trying their best in a busy clinic.”

5. Regional Fertility Program –  Dr. Jason Min  

Regional Fertility Program homepage
ADDRESS2000 Veterans Pl NW #400, Calgary, AB T3B 4N2
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 284-5444
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 7:30 AM – 3:15 PM

Saturday – Sunday: 7:30AM – 3:00 PM

As mentioned earlier, endocrine issues also encompass infertility issues. And if that’s your main issue, the Regional Fertility Program may have the best endocrinologist in Calgary for you.

It has five endocrinologists onsite. All have great patient reviews but you should know that Dr. Jason Min is one of the most well-received specialists in the city.

As a fertility clinic, Regional Fertility Program offers fertility consultations as well as treatments like IVF, intrauterine insemination, diagnostic semen testing.

The best thing about this clinic is that it’s open all week, complete with early opening hours. Do know that it closes as early as 3 PM.

Still, Regional Fertility Program has its limits. We say this because we’ve found that a few previous clients have raised points about poor front desk communications and lack of support system for failed treatments. 

However, we still recommend this clinic, especially since it has a holistic and large team composed not only of embryologists and endocrinologists but also nurses, pharmacists, and most especially, counsellors.


  • All week availability
  • A large and holistic team of specialists and counsellors
  • Expertise in infertility and other related issues
  • Numerous fertility treatments


  • Early closing hours
  • Some complaints about front desk and support system

Customer Reviews

Amazing, respectful, and personable doctor who never loses hope

“Dr Min is an amazing doctor. He never lost hope and kept us hopeful at the same time. Many think once you are referred to a fertility specialist the infertility journey is fast after that. But that is not true. It takes time and lost of testing and in some cases corrective surgeries.

Because of Doctor Min we will be welcoming out rainbow baby in June 2021. I would recommend him to anyone . He is very personable and treats his patients with respect and good vibes.”

Explains things in detail and takes time to answer questions

“After researching other clinics and speaking with friends, Dr. Min was recommended to us. We called and requested to transfer Doctors which we were told we could do once. It was night and day the difference- for the first time he showed us test results and explained everything in detail, taking the time to answer our questions and didn’t make us feel stupid for asking. We knew fertility wasn’t something any Doctor could guarantee us, we were “unexplained”, but the care he provided is was made us invest and attempt IVF. While our first transfer resulted in a miscarriage, Dr. Min had his staff set up a one-on-one meeting with him to follow-up and set and appointment with the clinic psychologist to check in. We took about 6 months then returned for a 2nd transfer and I’m happy to say that we were fortunate to get pregnant again.”

What do endocrinologists do?

Just like their name suggests, endocrinologists are doctors that deal with the endocrine system. They are internists with further specialization in hormonal imbalances and everything to do with the endocrine system.

Since this bodily system controls hormones, endocrinologists can thus diagnose and treat:

  • Adiposity-based chronic disease (ABCD) or obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Endocrine tumours
  • Growth disorders
  • Lipid disorders 
  • Metabolic abnormalities
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Osteoporosis 
  • PCOS and other menstrual disorders
  • Infertility
  • Male or female hormone imbalances

FAQs about Endocrinologists and the Endocrine System

Do you think we missed any other clinics? If so, feel free to send us your suggestions so we can improve this list!

One of the things an endocrinologist handles is infertility. If this is your main issue, then you may also benefit from our other list, the best fertility clinics in Calgary.

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