The 6 Best Financial Planners in Calgary

Best Financial Planners in Calgary

(Source: Focus Financial)

By Julia Leblanc

Unsure of how to manage your assets? Don’t worry– if you hire the best financial planners in Calgary, you won’t have any problems with your money.

Financial planners help you keep track of your financial goals. They will help you explore alternatives when it comes to investments by analysing the risks and rewards each investment carries.

Fortunately, we’ve saved you the hassle of finding the right agencies to employ. Read on to know which companies have the best financial planners in Calgary.

1.  Calgary Financial Planner

Calgary Financial Planner Homepage

Best ForComprehensive Financial Plans
ServicesFinancial Planning
Contact Details[email protected]
Hours of OperationContact company for more information

The Calgary Financial Planner is an independent financial planner whose goal is to provide unbiased financial plans that will serve you well. They create the best investment solutions thanks to their objective approach to portfolio management.

It is primarily run by David Miller, a financial planner with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. He is a Certified Financial Planner and Registered Financial Planner, which speaks volumes about his skill.

If you decide to hire his services, you can count on receiving advanced financial advice that is not only effective, but also simple and easy to understand. This transparent approach to financial planning helps even beginners understand and track their finances more easily.

The Calgary Financial Planner also works with an expert wealth management team called RT Mosaic. With their combined expertise, they can assist any client with portfolio management and financial planning while delivering reliable and honest results.


-2019 and 2021 Finalist for Multi-Service Advisory Team of the Year

-Certified Financial Planner and Registered Financial Planner

-Fee-Only/Fee-for-Service Financial Planner

-Provides unbiased solutions

-Transparent and unbiased work

Customer Reviews

“They have literally evaluated every single aspect of our financial lives, including advice on our existing wills, our insurance needs, our cash flow, my corporate arrangements, retirement planning, education planning, etc.  They’ve spent hours and hours helping me so far and have provided me with advice far beyond expectations.”

“We had the opportunity to sit down and review the plan that was developed specifically for us, not just investors like us or the group we might fit into. This gave us a better understanding than we ever had about where we are invested and why we are invested there.  We wish we had made this decision earlier and recommend taking the time to sit down and talk to David about what they can do for you.” 

2.  MLD Wealth Management Group

MLD Wealth Management Group's Homepage

Best ForExperienced Financial Advice
ServicesInvestment Management, Tax Planning, Insurance Planning, Retirement Planning, Business Planning, Wills and Estates
AddressSuite 2400, 520 – 3rd Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 0R3
Contact DetailsPhone: 403-691-7815

Toll free: 888-691-7915


General Inquiries: [email protected]

Trading: [email protected]

Partners: [email protected]

RSVP for events: [email protected]

Hours of OperationMonday-Friday: 7:30 AM-4 PM

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

MLD Wealth Management is considered by many to be one of the best financial planners in Calgary. Their team of expert wealth advisors will help you secure both your and your family’s financial future.

They have a comprehensive approach when it comes to financial planning, where they use all the resources and partnerships that they possess to build, manage, and protect your finances.

The many accolades they’ve earned serve as proof of their excellent services throughout the years. They ranked first among the Top 50 Advisors of 2018 and were chosen as one of the Most Influential People in Canadian Investments in the same year.

Contact them now if you need help with your finances. With their extensive suite of financial products and services, your financial future will be in safe hands.


-Voted #1 Advisor of 2018 by the Wealth Professional Magazine

-Part of the Top 50 Most Influential People in Canadian Investments 2018

-Free guide available on their website

-Other resources are also provided upon request

Customer Reviews

The MLD Wealth Management Group is trusted by many of their clients when it comes to financial planning. One review says:

“The cornerstone of a great advisor relationship is built upon trust. The MLD team has earned my trust time and again by delivering on their promises and putting my mind at ease when it comes to my financial future.

MLD advises and focuses on the financial aspect of my family, while also taking into account all of the other facets that are important in our lives. MLD looks at the whole person, their goals, and their ambitions while helping them build and secure their wealth to help meet their financial, and personal goals.

I would not hesitate to recommend the entire MLD team, they are thoughtful, professional, and expert in their craft.”

3.  Kindle Financial

Kindle Financial's Homepage

Best ForCustomised Services
ServicesLife Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Disability Insurance, Employer Group Benefits, Medical and Dental Insurance, Mortgage Insurance Canada, Long Term Care Insurance, Travel Insurance, Super Visa, Segregated Investment Funds, Financial Planning
Address2750 3 Ave NE #202

Calgary, Alberta T2A 2L5

Contact DetailsCall: 403-695-1060

Toll Free: 1-866-695-1060

Hours of OperationN/A

Kindle Financial Planner is certified as one of the best financial planners in Calgary. They pride themselves on being a leading provider of unbiased financial advice and customised services.

Their 2 decades in the industry have honed their skill and proficiency in finance well, giving them many opportunities to partner with various insurance partners.

They also offer a wide variety of services to accommodate their customers’ needs better. You can even modify these services to create a plan that suits you.

Kindle Financial Planner understands that everyone wants to live a life free from financial struggles or worries. Contact them now and take the first step towards financial stability.


-Free quote available

-Numerous insurance options provided

-Partnered with many trustworthy insurance companies

4.  Tom Feigs

Tom Feigs' Homepage

Best ForBusiness Cash Flow Planning
ServicesBusiness Cash Flow Planning, Financial Planning, Pre-Retirement Planning
Address#720 – 999 West Broadway Vancouver, BC V5Z 1K5
Contact Details(403) 401-1094

[email protected]

Hours of OperationN/A

Tom Feigs is one of the best financial planners in Calgary when it comes to business cash flow planning. His dedication to providing excellent customer service helps him maintain long-term relationships with his clients.

After working in the financial planning industry for over 8 years, he has become well-versed in many areas– some of which include retirement planning, money coaching, and other business situations.

Tom is certified as a Financial Planner by the Financial Planning Standards Council. He has contributed to numerous Canadian money magazines and holds workshops and speaking arrangements around Calgary.

With his experience and skill in financial planning, you can rest assured that Tom Feigs will provide the best advice tailored to your situation. Contact him now for a free consultation!


-Free consultation

-Eight years of experience

-Certified financial planner

Customer Reviews

Tom Feig is recommended by many when it comes to financial planning. Here’s what one satisfied client had to say:

“Tom has excellent financial knowledge. He was able to respond to all our questions and concerns very quickly. Tom’s ability to patiently coach us through this process was superb and the retirement projections and planning are extremely useful. We would not hesitate to recommend the Money Coaches Canada program and our Coach Tom to others.”

5.  Charmaine Ho

Charmaine Ho's Homepage

Best ForInvestment Strategies and Solutions
ServicesInvestment Strategies, Banking and Credit Management, Retirement Planning, Protecting Your Assets, Tax Management, Passing on Your Wealth, Education Funding, Business Succession Planning, Planning for Major Purchases, Charitable Giving
Address305 Centre Street Calgary, AB T2G2B9
Contact DetailsFax: (403) 292-1143
Hours of OperationAppointment Basis

Charmaine Ho is one of the best financial planners in Calgary, particularly when it comes to investing. She will stop at nothing to help her clients achieve their personal financial goals.

She is recognised by the Financial Planning Standards Council as a Certified Financial Planner. Charmaine also makes it a priority to get to know her clients.

Charmaine Ho is a partner that you can rely on when it comes to financial planning and investment strategies. If you call her, you can rest assured that your finances will be in safe and capable hands.


-More than 15 years of experience

-Certified financial planner by the Financial Planning Standards Council

-Offers finance related newsletters

6.  The Beacon Group

The Beacon Group's Homepage

Best ForComprehensive Financial Plans
ServicesComplete Plan, Retirement, Estates, Business, Taxation, Investment Advice, Insurance, Life Changes
AddressSUITE 519, 10333 SOUTHPORT ROAD S.W.


T2W 3X6

Contact DetailsTel: (403) 232-8378

Fax: (403) 236-2685

Email: [email protected]

Hours of OperationMonday-Friday: 8:30AM-4:30PM

Many consider The Beacon Group one of the best financial planners in Calgary. They work together with other financial experts to provide the best plans for the management of your wealth.

A variety of financial plans are available for you to choose from — all of which possess their respective advantages and disadvantages. Fortunately, The Beacon Group team will assist you in deciding which option suits your financial needs best.

Investments are among their specialities. They can protect your assets and reduce the risk of suffering significant losses in the market.

No matter what challenges The Beacon Group encounters, they guarantee that they will provide the best recommendations for you to follow. Contact them now to prepare your finances properly.


-Uses the Asset Risk Management System for investments

-Constant benchmarking updates from the company

-Tailored financial plans

Customer Reviews

The Beacon Group is recommended by many due to their excellent work ethic. Here’s what one review said:

“The level of professionalism and expertise Cory Gagnon provided was a refreshing change from what I had experienced anywhere else in the past. I would recommend that everyone meet and explore his enlightened approach to financial stability and planning.”

With the help of the companies we’ve mentioned, you’ll be able to secure a stable financial future.

Is there a company you think should be part of this list? Let us know so that we can add it.

On another note, you might want to consider hiring the best financial advisors in Calgary to work together with your financial planner. Financial advisors can advise you on even more ways to use your assets.