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Best Financial Advisors in Calgary

The 6 Best Financial Advisors in Calgary 

It’s no secret that everybody wants to live a financially-stable lifestyle. It’s also no secret that achieving that takes time and work – even involving financial experts along the way.

Let’s make that easier for you with today’s article about the best financial advisors in our city. See which firms made our cut so you can achieve your financial goals and make smart money choices. 

How We Chose the Best Financial Advisors in Calgary

Here are the factors we used to evaluate the entries:

Experience – We chose firms that have extensive experience and a solid professional background to deal with a wide range of financial aspects. This includes having a formal education degree, diploma, or the most recent financial planning certifications.
Specialization – We chose firms that provide financial solutions to a specific area of specialization. It’s also preferable if they can be flexible in various cases.
Communication skills – We chose firms that can be a truss bridge, able to communicate in a language that explains things simply, with specific actions and steps provided.
Professional fee – We chose firms that have excellent service at an affordable price. Clients should be paying a fair price that is in line with their financial objectives.

1. Cardinal Point Wealth Management

Cardinal Point Wealth Management
  • Cross-Border Tax and Financial Planning
  • Tax Preparation and Planning
  • Investment management
  • Wealth planning
  • WEBSITEhttps://cardinalpointwealth.com/
    ADDRESS300 5 Ave SW #2160, Calgary, AB T2P 3C4, Canada
    CONTACT DETAILS403-257-448

    [email protected]

    Online booking: Available
    Provides initial consultation: Yes
    System of meeting: Virtual and face-to-face
    Pricing: Sliding scale pricing structure
    Communication skills4/5
    Professional fee5/5

    Cardinal Point is a cross-border financial advisor, making them ideal for clients in either Canada or the United States, or both. Their expert team is mostly composed of certified financial planners and portfolio managers. 

    They specifically have expertise in the areas of capital preservation and tax planning, as well as in providing personalized investment advice. So, they’re pretty much a one-stop shop for major financial goals in life.

    Clients can expect to work with a team of experienced professionals to develop a comprehensive plan tailored to their needs. They place a high value on their clients’ input, making certain to always communicate with them about all financial updates.

    We find it commendable that they don’t sell proprietary investment products, and that they are all about providing solutions, plans, and advice. This also gave us confidence – when a company is not tied to certain financial instrument providers, it’s less likely to push those providers’ products onto clients.

    On top of its top-notch services, Cardinal Point follows a sliding scale pricing structure, which allows clients with more assets to pay lower fees. This means that the higher the value of a client, the lower the fee.

    With everything we’ve said, it’s easy to see why Cardinal Point is recognized by various portfolio and financial organizations. What concerns us is that the company hasn’t generated much buzz in the online world, which is a crucial factor nowadays.


    • Focuses on providing personalized investment and financial solutions
    • Specializes in tax planning and capital preservation 
    • Solid team of experienced and certified financial advisors
    • Comprehensive wealth plans
    • Doesn’t sell investment products
    • Sliding scale pricing structure


    • Can be difficult to reach online

    2. Hemisphere Capital Management Inc.

    Hemisphere Capital Management Inc
  • Investment Management
  • Risk Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • WEBSITEhttps://hemisphere.ca/
    ADDRESSSuite 603, 734 7th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 3P8
    CONTACT DETAILS403-205-3533

    [email protected]

    Online booking: Available
    Provides initial consultation: Yes, free consultation.
    System of meeting: Face-to-face or online
    Pricing: Varies
    Accreditations/awards: Member of Canadian Investor Protection Fund
    Communication skills5/5
    Professional fee4/5

    When it comes to financial advisory services, we’ve discovered a hidden gem in Hemisphere Capital Management Inc. With an impressive track record spanning 30 years, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

    They offer tailored investment services and specialize in portfolio management. They make sure our investments align with our risk tolerance and that we are best positioned for financial success. 

    As an independent firm, they provide unbiased financial advice. They back this up by investing alongside their clients, reflecting their commitment to establishing collaborative partnerships that drive mutual success. 

    Reputation matters, and Hemisphere Capital Management Inc. has it in spades. They’ve been navigating the financial landscape like seasoned pros, leaving a trail of satisfied clients in their wake. 

    Hemisphere knows we want the most bang for our buck. Their transparent fee structure ensures we know exactly what we’re paying for, without any hidden surprises. We like getting a financial advisor who respects our hard-earned cash as much as we do.

    Whether you’re planning for retirement, enjoying retirement, or simply looking to optimize your financial portfolio, their expertise shines through.

    However, they don’t offer promos at the present. We recommend checking in with them from time to time to find new deals.


    • Over 30 years experience
    • Independent firm
    • Convenient online platform
    • Stellar reputation
    • Transparent fee structure
    • Expert financial advice


    • No promos or discounts yet

    Best financial advisory

    Hemisphere Capital Management Inc. is hands down the best financial advisory firm I’ve ever worked with. Their online platform is incredibly user-friendly, allowing me to access my financial information whenever and wherever I need it. The team is knowledgeable, professional, and has a stellar reputation in the industry. Plus, their transparent fee structure gives me peace of mind knowing exactly what I’m paying for. I highly recommend Hemisphere Capital for anyone looking for expert financial advice!

    Excellent service

    “I’ve been a client of Hemisphere Capital Management Inc. for several years now, and I couldn’t be happier with their services. Their team has an impressive reputation for delivering excellent financial advice. What sets them apart is their commitment to convenience – their online platform makes managing my investments a breeze. The transparent fee structure ensures that I’m always aware of the costs involved. Whether I need help with retirement planning or investment strategies, Hemisphere Capital is always there to guide me. They truly are the best in the business!

    3. Bilyk Financial

    Bilyk Financial
  • Investment management
  • Insurance
  • Legacy planning
  • Risk management
  • Tax planning
  • WEBSITEhttps://bilykfinancial.com/
    ADDRESS706 9 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2B4, Canada
    CONTACT DETAILS780-632-6770

    [email protected]

    OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Online booking: Available
    Provides initial consultation: Yes, free 30-minute consultation
    System of meeting: Face-to-face
    Pricing: Varies
    Accreditations/awards: Member of Canadian Investor Protection Fund
    Communication skills4/5
    Professional fee4/5

    We considered Bilyk Financial because of its process-oriented approach to providing financial advice and solutions. They’ve been doing it for over 50 years, and it appears to work, as they have a 99% client retention rate.

    The best thing we liked is that they bring their clients along in every step for a comprehensive structural plan. They take the time to listen to their clients so the communication level is transparent and mutual on all levels.

    They can assist clients with insurance, tax planning, and legacy planning, but they excel at investment management. In particular, they specialize in monitoring, reviewing, and adjusting your portfolio to make sure it doesn’t fall victim to industry problems.

    Bilyk Financial’s investment team can also deliver investment alternatives and keep clients up to date on emerging trends. We appreciate that they use a hybrid approach for this rather than traditional investment management.

    What they do is move beyond the traditional stocks-bonds paradigm and into modern strategies. For example, they’ll analyze their resources on a specific basis rather than directly allocating them to different assets and then see where this leads them.

    To make going with Bilyk Financial even more compelling, you should know that they offer a free consultation, which you can arrange conveniently on their website. Just a reminder – they’re not available during the weekends.


    • More than 50 years in the industry
    • 99% client retention rate
    • Process-oriented approach
    • Specializes in investment management
    • Free consultation available


    • Closed on weekends

    Always answer questions

    These guys know the meaning of service. Always answer your questions, and get you the information you need. Appreciate all they do. – Mark Corkery

    Positive approach, impressive customer service

    We have dealt with Adam and Joe for several years and have always been impressed with their customer service, responsiveness, and positive approach to managing our investments.  They definitely stand out amongst financial advisors in our view. – Raylene Palichuk

    4. Edward Jones

    Edward Jones
  • Insurance investment
  • Portfolio management
  • Investment plans and products
  • Wealth strategies
  • WEBSITEhttps://www.edwardjones.ca/index.html
    ADDRESS7750 Ranchview Drive N.W. Unit 16 Calgary, AB T3G 1Y9
    CONTACT DETAILS(403) 208 4987
    OPERATING HOURSMonday – Thursday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

    Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

    Online booking: Available
    Provides initial consultation: Complimentary initial consultation
    System of meeting: Virtual and face-to-face
    Pricing: Varies on most of the services, commission-based for plans and products
    • 2022 Wealth Professional’s 5 -Star Brokerage Award
    • Member of Canadian Investor Protection Fund
    Communication skills5/5
    Professional fee3/5

    It’s easy to connect with Edward Jones, wherever you are in Calgary. It’s because this Canadian financial firm has a large number of financial advisors scattered throughout the town.

    Many of their current clients actually praised their commitment to working one-on-one with them, supported by a branch office administrator who helped every step of the way. Their team includes economists and market experts, as well as portfolio managers.

    Looking at their profile, it’s safe to say that their strongest suit is helping clients invest with the insurance they require, which helps in their personal goals in life. They can even advise on complex insurance solutions with the support of their senior insurance specialists.

    However, in order to qualify as a client for portfolio management, you must have a minimum of $25,000 on your account. So, it goes without saying that they typically cater to clients and businesses with strong finances. 

    Well, it just makes sense, as the company is clearly intended to hook large clients onto them. For instance, the investment products they sell are based on a commission-fee basis, which means that the more clients who try to invest with them, the more they’re likely to pay. 

    Fortunately, Edward Jones provides a cost-free initial consultation, allowing clients to determine whether the firm is a good fit for them. You can secure a meet-up or set up a virtual meeting with the financial advisor of your choice through their website.


    • Has a large number of financial advisors
    • Works one-on-one with the clients
    • Specializes in insurance investments
    • Complimentary initial meeting
    • Investment products and plans available


    • Not available on weekends
    • Large minimum required for portfolio management

    Quick to recommend changes, very professional

    Eric has been managing my portfolio for over two years and is always quick to recommend changes that will improve returns. He is very professional and willing to spend extra time to answer all of my questions. I’m very happy with his management of my accounts and I would not hesitate to recommend his services. – Jocelyn Klyne

    5. Up Financial Inc.

    Up Financial Inc
  • Investment Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • WEBSITEhttps://upfinancial.ca/
    ADDRESS396 11th Ave SW Ave (Suite 1020) Calgary, AB T2R-0C5
    CONTACT DETAILS+ 1 587-316-4070

    [email protected]

    OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    Online booking: Available
    Provides initial consultation: Yes
    System of meeting: Virtual and personal
    Pricing: Fixed rate
    Accreditations/awards: None
    Communication skills4/5
    Professional fee5/5

    Up Financial specializes in providing investment advice and comprehensive financial planning. They’re the kind of wealth management firm that doesn’t offer products and plans but rather focus on advice-based planning.

    They provide clients with access to various investment opportunities without burdening them with expensive professional fees. For that, they implement fee-based practices, where they charge a set rate.

    Now that we’re talking about money, we appreciate that Up Financial does not have asset minimums as a requirement to accommodate clients. This allows those who are just starting to build their portfolio to benefit from the company’s investment decision-making expertise.

    Talking about customer service, this company won us over with their excellent communication with each of their clients. They always make it a point to provide monthly updates and meet with their regular clients on a weekly basis.

    Up Financial has only two financial advisors on their team, which is quite a downfall when compared to other firms on our list.  Although, based on their portfolio, this has no bearing on their ability to provide high-quality financial advice.

    In fact, they’re well-liked by the majority of their customers, as evidenced by a solid five-star rating on the most reputable review sites. It’s simply disappointing to learn that they’re not available to operate on a daily basis.


    • Expert in various investment opportunities
    • No asset minimum for portfolio management
    • Charges at a set rate
    • Good communication skills
    • Online scheduling of appointments available


    • Closed on weekends
    • Limited financial services

    Great advice, wonderful to work with

    Up Financial is simply outstanding. Great customer service, advice and a wonderful team to work with. We feel extremely confident placing our trust in Up Financial and have been very pleased with the services received to date from their team. – Morgan H

    Committed, outstanding service

    The advisors are knowledgeable, independent and are committed to meeting their clients’ investment needs. The service is outstanding. We have confidently referred family and friends to Up Financial. – Catherine BEAL

    6. Langford Financial Inc.

    Langford Financial Inc.
  • Retirement income planning
  • All-inclusive service for income, investment management, and tax planning
  • WEBSITEhttps://langfordfinancial.ca/
    ADDRESS700 2 St SW 19th Floor, Calgary, AB T2P 2W2, Canada
    CONTACT DETAILS+1 587-755-0159
    OPERATING HOURSMonday - Thursday: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

    Friday: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

    Online booking: Available
    Provides initial consultation: Complimentary initial meeting
    System of meeting: Virtual and personal
    Pricing: Fixed rate for financial planning, percent-based fee pricing for investments
    Accreditations/awards: Top 3 Financial Services in Calgary by Three Best Rated
    Communication skills4/5
    Professional fee4/5

    Langford Financial specializes in working with Calgary residents approaching retirement age. They provide solutions for issues such as retirement income, investment, and tax planning.

    They have curated a planning process that will tell their clients exactly how much income they will have in retirement. This includes the kind of investment structure they should have as they are entering the decumulation phase. 

    For a flat fee, they can create an ideal retirement roadmap specifically designed for each client’s needs and situation. As if this isn’t enough, they can even construct a plan that will transition their clients into the ideal, financially stable lifestyle.

    However, you should be aware that when it comes to client accommodations, Langford Financial can be quite disappointing, at least in our opinion. It had only two financial advisors on its team, and it only served customers on weekdays, even closing earlier on Fridays.

    If you ever choose them, you can schedule a meeting by simply filling out their online forms. It’s a free initial consultation, so there is no need to be concerned about the cost – simply be prepared for the price structure they’ll provide you.

    Just a quick reminder that Langford Financial charges a 1% fee on all invested assets for its services. All that said, we find them great for retirement-oriented financial plans. 


    • Specializes in retirement planning strategy
    • Provides ideal retirement roadmap
    • Complimentary initial meeting
    • Convenient online forms
    • Charges a flat-rate fee


    • Only works with 55+ clients
    • Doesn’t accommodate on weekends
    • Focused solely on retirement planning

    Always up to date, readily available

    We met through an in person seminar. Willis and Nancy are extremely knowledgeable and keep up todate on the ever changing markets. They are always readily available for all our questions and concerns. We highly recommend Langford for your financial needs! – Cindy Doerksen

    Listens and recommends accordingly

    I was unsure of how I wanted proceed with my retirement from a financial perspective. I had contacted a number of folks/organizations but was not happy with their suggestions or condescending manner of approach. Then I met with Willis. Wow. It was great. He listened to me, reviewed my current financial situation and my future plans. He came back with several courses of action, outlining advantages and disadvantages to each. I am confident I am now financially ready for the next 25 years. – Deirdre Peet

    Quick Comparison of the Best Financial Advisors in Calgary

    Overall Rating Specialty/Best For Working Hours
    Cardinal Point Wealth ManagementB+Cross-border financial planning solutions, tax planning, investment managementN/A
    Hemisphere Capital Management Inc.B+Investment Management, Portfolio ManagementMonday - Friday 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
    Bilyk FinancialBInvestment managementMonday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Edward Jones B Insurance, portfolio management, investment products and plans Monday – Thursday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM | Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Up Financial Inc.BInvestment decision-making even for starting businessesMonday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    Langford Financial Inc.C+Planning of retirement income, tax, and investmentsMonday - Thursday: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM | Friday: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

    FAQs About Financial Advisors in Calgary

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