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Where to Get the Absolute Best Dessert in Calgary

Where to Get the Absolute Best Dessert in Calgary!

As a squad of enthusiastic foodies with a competitive spirit, we’ve made it our mission to find the best of the best before anyone else. 

Think of it like the Olympics, but instead of jumping over the bar in pole vaulting, we’re reaching for the pinnacle of Calgary’s culinary secrets and… er… probably gaining more than a few pounds in the process. 

Today, we’re going to take a look into Calgary’s dessert wonderland, where desserts aren’t just a special treat at the end of your meal – they’re the main event! 

1. D Spot Dessert Cafe


Address: 933 17 Ave SW #100, Calgary, AB T2T 5R6, Canada

Contact details: +1 403-284-4649

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Thursday, & Sunday – 1 PM to 12 AM
  • Friday & Saturday – 1 PM to 2 AM

With the tantalizing variety they offer, D Spot Dessert Cafe is a one-stop shop for all your sugary needs. They have cakes, parfaits, milkshakes, smoothies, and waffles – you name it!

And here’s the best part: What we just mentioned? That’s just the tip of the delicious iceberg. A visit here will make you feel like a kid in a candy store because of the overwhelming number of choices they have. 

Surprisingly, it didn’t take us long to find our favorite – the thank you berry much crepe. It’s made with a delicious strawberry ice cream with even more strawberries on top! 

2. Tasse Bakery 


Address: 3220 5 Ave NE #14, Calgary, AB T2A 5N1, Canada

Contact details: +1 403-452-5035

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 8 PM 

Ditch the boring cheesecake and plain waffle and let your taste buds explore a different world of flavors at Tasse Bakery, a delightful joint serving Middle Eastern sweets and baked goods. 

There aren’t many of these in the city, so it’s definitely an exciting thing to try. 

They specialize in knafeh, a popular Middle Eastern gem that tastes cheesy and sweet at the same time. The baba rhum cake and znoud el sitt are also outstanding choices. 

3. Pie Junkie


Address: 1081 2 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 5B7, Canada

Contact details: +1 403-287-8544

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 7 PM 

For hearty, comforting desserts, Pie Junkie is usually the first thing to come to mind. They serve an assortment of delightful treats including pies, brownies, cookies, and such. 

What we love the most about them is they offer a right balance of sweet and savory flavors. After all, desserts don’t always have to be sweet!

4. La Boulangerie Bakery Cafe 


Address: 2435 4 St SW, Calgary, AB T2S 2T4, Canada

Contact details: +1 403-984-9294

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 6:30 AM to 6 PM 

Located in a small yet exciting neighborhood of Mission, La Boulangerie Bakery Cafe is a vibrant gem with a homey feel. 

Their crepes, with both savory and sweet flavors, are the most raved about. Among the wide array of savory options, we have this current fixation on their goat cheese, roasted peppers, tomato, and spinach combo. 

Meanwhile, the nutella strawberry also remains a top-notch choice.  

5. Pablo Cheese Tart


Address: 602B 16 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2M 0J7, Canada

Contact details: +1 587-834-1538

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 11 AM to 8 PM 

Pablo Cheese Tart is a lovely world-renowned Japanese bakery one should try at least once in their lives. 

Their freshly baked cheese tart is the obvious standout choice with its creamy flavor and delightful balance between sweet and slightly tangy. 

6. Black Sheep Patisserie 


Address: 815 17 Ave SW #140, Calgary, AB T2T 0A1, Canada

Contact details: +1 587-210-5063

Operating hours:

  • Monday – 9 AM to 7 PM 
  • Tuesday – closed
  • Wednesday to Saturday – 7:30 AM to 7 PM 
  • Sunday – 7:30 AM to 5 PM 

For irresistible baked treats, Black Sheep Patisserie remains an obvious choice in the Beltline neighborhood. Many of their adoring customers go crazy over their delicious croissants – a delicious pastry that blurs the lines between a meal and dessert. 

We’re one of the many devoted customers lining up to get our hands on these. It’s perfectly flakey and soft on the inside.  

By the way, since you’re already in Beltline, check out the other exciting things to do there in our article! It’s a great way to make a kickass day of it!

7. Patisserie du Soleil Bakery Cafe


Address: 2525 Woodview Dr SW, Calgary, AB T2W 4N4, Canada

Contact details: +1 403-452-8833

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Wednesday, & Saturday – 8 AM to 6 PM 
  • Thursday & Friday – 8 AM to 8 PM 

For authentic French Bakes, Patisserie du Soleil Bakery Cafe is a must-try. For your first visit, definitely get your hands on their cronuts. 

Funny story: One time, we were in line to get our hands on these, and the person in front of us drove all their way from out of town just for it! And they’ve been doing it every Friday for the past three months. 

Sounds crazy? Try one of the cronuts here and you’ll see why it isn’t.

8. Abbey’s Creations


Address: 4703 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0B5, Canada

Contact details: +1 403-454-0072

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Wednesday, Friday & Saturday – 12 PM to 9 PM 
  • Thursday – closed 

Abbey’s Creations offers exciting ice cream and cake flavors – and even a combination of both! Yes, you read that right. 

They have irresistible ice cream cakes that combine the best of both worlds. Our top recommendation? Without a doubt, it’s the strawberry shortcake

9. Amato Gelato Kensington


Address: 7-2104 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3R7, Canada

Contact details: +1 403-270-9733

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Thursday – 11 AM to 11 PM 
  • Friday to Sunday – 10 AM to 11 PM 

For Italian-style ice cream, Amato Gelato in Kensington stands as one of the best in the city because of their diverse flavors. From classic delights and experimental innovations, they’ve got it all.

The tiramisu is hands-down our favorite because of the interesting blend of flavors. 

By the way, they also have coffee options if you want to skip the sweet stuff. Consider this crazy idea: Why not order coffee and add gelato on top? 

10. Made by Marcus


Address: 1013 17 Ave SW #121, Calgary, AB T2T 0A7, Canada

Contact details: +1 403-452-1692

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 12 PM to 10 PM 

Made by Marcus has some of the freshest ice creams in the city because every flavor is made from scratch, with the base made out of milk from grass-fed cows, ensuring a deluxe experience. 

Among their wide assortment of flavors, double cookies & cream and lemon curd blueberry remain a crowd favorite. 

11. La Diperie


Address: 500 Country Hills Blvd NE #519, Calgary, AB T3K 4Y7, Canada

Contact details: +1 403-452-4005

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Thursday – 3 PM to 10 PM
  • Friday to Sunday – 1 PM to 10 PM 

Elevate your ice cream experience with La Diperie’s dipped ice cream goodness. You can choose from many of their creations or you can even make your own!

For a classic touch, we recommend getting the flavor called the breakfast club, an interesting concoction made with their ice cream, dipped in peanut butter with strawberry jelly. 

Aside from ice cream, they also have other delightful desserts including milkshakes, cookies, cakes, and more!

12. My Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe 


Address: 2048 42 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 2M7, Canada

Contact details: +1 403-287-3838

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Thursday, & Sunday – 12 PM to 9 PM 
  • Friday & Saturday – 12 PM to 10 PM 

My Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe’s wide array of flavors (72, to be exact!) would have you tempted to try everything. Although we have yet to get a taste of everything, we’ve tried plenty, and we’re excited to share our top recommendations with you. 

The flavors that completely stood out were pink grapefruit sorbet and orange float! For those looking for more unique taste, try the radical root beer and rum n raisin.

13. LICS Ice Cream Shop


Address: 3410 3 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 0M2, Canada

Contact details: +1 403-283-3578

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Thursday, & Sunday – 12 PM to 9 PM 
  • Friday & Saturday – 12 PM to 10 PM 

Since the early 80s, LICS Ice Cream Shop has been satisfying any sweet tooth’s craving with their delicious array of sweets. They’ve also maintained the vintage allure in their interiors, providing their customers with a classic-style ice cream store experience. 

The blueberry cheesecake is a crowd favorite, but their cereal milk ice cream flavors are also bound to entice anyone looking for an elevated experience. 

If you’re one of those people, definitely give the cinnamon toast crunch a try!  

14. Village Ice Cream


Address: 431 10 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0W3, Canada

Contact details: +1 403-261-7950

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Thursday, & Sunday – 11 AM to 10 PM 
  • Friday & Saturday – 11 AM to 11 PM 

We can never get enough of ice cream here at The Best Calgary so naturally, we’re adding one more spot to this list that offers frozen delights!

Enter Village Ice Cream – a popular chain serving plenty of exciting flavors. Among their thrilling assortment, we highly recommend salted caramel and guide’s mint. 

15. Yann Haute Patisserie 


Address: 329 23 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0J3, Canada

Contact details: +1 403-244-8091

Operating hours:

  • Monday – closed
  • Tuesday to Sunday – 11 AM to 5 PM 

When it comes to staple French desserts, Yann Haute Patisserie has all your favorite treats to indulge in. This includes macarons, croissants, and cakes. 

As you would expect, they’re quite well-known for their macarons that come in various permanent and seasonal flavors. The salted caramel remains our top choice over the years. 

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