The 7 Best Business Consulting Services in Calgary

Best Business Consulting in Calgary

By Aiden Collins

Anything can happen in the world of business. Whether you’re a new business owner or a member of an established company, sometimes we all need a little help figuring things out—and that’s okay.

Enter business consultants.

Whether you need a little help with developing a strategy for your goals or simply want to streamline processes, they can help your company improve. You only want to work with the best, so we’ve rounded up the best business consulting services in Calgary below!

How Much Does Business Consulting Cost in Calgary?

Each company has its own distinct needs and concerns, which translates into a variety of services needed from their business consultant. For this reason, business consulting services in Calgary do not publish rates publicly.

Instead, consultants invite potential clients to send a message, call or even arrange for a face-to-face consultation. Thereafter, they provide a quotation based on the services they believe the client needs.

The Best Business Consulting Services in Calgary

Ready to discover the best business consulting services in Calgary? Read on below.

1.   3ELM Consulting

3ELM Consulting's Homepage
PRODUCTSCloud solutions, managed IT services, IT project implementation and delivery, strategy analysis and recommendation, software redundancy reports, Office 365 setup and migration, Microsoft training sessions
ADDRESS1207 11 Ave SW #4000, Calgary, AB, T3C 0M5, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 587 434 5550
Contact form

With a total of six locations across North America, 3ELM is a well-known business consulting firm. A team of young professionals, the 3ELM team is well-versed in novel, tech-based solutions for age-old workplace issues.

Let’s say your company is looking to improve the customer experience or improve the back-end processes. You can count on 3ELM to not only address the issue at hand, but map out improvements in the long-term.

3ELM’s tech-heavy approach is becoming increasingly relevant, what with the continuous shift to digital. You can be certain that their strategies will not only keep up with today’s landscape, but stand the test of time.

3ELM’s previous clients appreciate the quiet guidance that they provide too. Instead of taking the reins, they empower business owners to make the right decisions for their people.

Furthermore, the company’s structure ensures that consultants are assigned to projects best suited for them. Different consultants can pitch in and take on projects that truly interest them or align with their experience so that they can give valuable insight.


  • Technologically advanced approach to workplace problems
  • Empowering approach
  • Frequently works with smaller start-ups to reach a wider audience
  • In relation to their tech-based approach, offers Microsoft software training


  • No operating hours listed online
  • Does not offer free assessments

Customer Reviews

Check out what 3ELM’s satisfied clients have to say about their business consultancy services:

“We had 3ELM build a custom CRM to improve our customer interaction, reduce ticket wait times, and create marketing leads based on our core demographics. For the past year we have been a satisfied customer of 3ELM and enjoy working with Farrah and her very talented team. Farrah and her team helped revamp our operations with additional software implementations of Office 365 products and structure my firm for the future. 3ELM was reasonably priced and provided incredible value for my firm. Their employees were incredibly professional, efficient, and punctual. 3ELM was more than flexible in meeting our constantly changing requirements as a start-up firm.” —BitNational Inc.

“Working with the talented people at 3ELM, I was able to work on diverse project plans, learn and improve knowledge with multiple Microsoft software, apply and strengthen project management skills with exposure to projects in retail, oil and gas, and finance.” —Elena Kosareva

2.   GBCS Group

GBCS Group's Homepage
PRODUCTSFleet management consulting
ADDRESS330 5 Ave SW, 18th Floor, Calgary AB T2P 0L4
[email protected]
Contact form
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

If you work in fleet services, Global Business Consulting Services (GBCS) Group is your best bet. From fleet selection to risk management, their services are specifically geared towards making fleet companies perform at their very best.

At GBCS, efficiency is the name of the game. Their process is simple and straightforward: they assess the effectiveness of the status quo, measure achievements, identify risks and cost saving opportunities, and recommend changes that can lead to improvement.

To deliver on their promises, they make use of their monitoring software.

The GBCS-Aukai software is used in the global marine market to monitor and mitigate environmental impact. Loko Motive, on the other hand, is used to assess the performance of trains.

Their strengths lie not only in optimizing performance of oil and gas, power, marine and aviation services. They are also able to whittle down costs (and stay within their promised budgets!), according to a lot of clients.


  • Has worked with established clients like Westjet Airlines, FMT, Schlumberger and ATCO Group
  • Large team made up of specialists with backgrounds in the fleet and transport industry
  • Utilizes unique monitoring softwares
  • Pushes for environmentally friendly solutions


  • Services are specifically created only for fleet companies
  • Does not offer free assessments

Customer Reviews

Check out some of the reviews that helped us identify GBCS Group as one of the best business consulting services in Calgary.

“Very professional. Projects [are] always on time and on budget.” —George Lensen

“Smart people who like to work smart and have fun. Everyone’s connected to GBCS’s mission to help people get business efficient and it feels great, genuine, a team that’s easy to work with. You’ll always get looked after well.” —Woody Woo


MACINK's Homepage
PRODUCTSBusiness consulting, leadership training, strategic training, feature seminars
ADDRESS1811 4 Street SW, Suite 467 Calgary, AB, T2S 1W2
[email protected]
Contact form

MACINK has been offering business consulting, coaching and training services for three decades. They owe their longevity not only to their in-house consultant Rick MacLennan, but to their timeless business solutions.

MACINK pays heavy attention to the fundamentals of running a business. The day-to-day hustle can be so fast-paced that we forget the basics at times, but this is where MACINK’s consultancy sinks its teeth.

The company offers a variety of programs that address common business pain points. Some of these include leadership training, strategy training and a Lunch & Learn workshop that allows teams to forge stronger connections with each other.

However, this is not to say that MACINK believes in one-size-fits-all solutions. Each program has a list of objectives that can be customized to suit what the company and its staff requires.


  • 30 years of consulting and coaching experience
  • Offers pre-existing programs to companies looking to optimize leadership, strategy and other pain points
  • Offers free business assessments


  • Team has only one business consultant
  • No operating hours listed online

Customer Reviews

Here’s what MACINK’s clients have to say about their services.

“Thanks very much for your commitment to building better leaders in this world. We are so pleased that you were able to work with our people and I am excited to see what is next.” —Chris

“Rick consulted to Alberta Business Exchange for three months to assist in refining our business development program.  Working with our Business Development Manager and myself, Rick provided value that was fundamental in creating a plan for sustainable business development that has yielded tremendous results, far in excess of any expectations.” —Randy Koroluk

4.   Provision Business Advisors

Provision Business AdvisorsProvision Business Advisors' Homepage
PRODUCTSBusiness development services, financial advising, operational efficiency, process development, lifecycle planning, business education
ADDRESS#200, 1112 40 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 5T8
[email protected]
Contact form
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

If you’re looking for a business consultancy firm to do it all—from education to financial advising to long-term planning—consider giving Provision Business Advisors a call.

Unlike some other consultants who zero in on one facet of business or a single industry, Provision offers far-ranging services that can be applied to every enterprise. At Provision Business Advisors, they see the big picture—and work to make it a beautiful one.

Beyond assessments, planning and advising, the Provision team ensures that businesses have the tools they need to facilitate positive change. To do this, they offer programs and online webinars.

Another reason clients return to provision is their genuine approach and the good energy they bring to the table. They trust their clients and hold them accountable, conducting check-ins to align on progress.

If you’re curious about how Provision can help your business, pay their website a visit. There, they have a library of business consultancy success stories detailing how they were able to improve the camaraderie, functionality and efficiency of their client companies.


  • Offers informative webinars to drive business education
  • Diverse services that can be applied to all business types
  • Conducts progress check-ins
  • Library of successful cases is available online


  • Does not offer free assessments

Customer Reviews

What makes Provision one of the best business consulting services in Calgary? Let these reviews tell you more.

“Provision adds a touch to their services that’s hard to find anywhere else. They’re compassionate while keeping you moving in the right direction, giving you the respectful kick in the seat you need. No fluff, no beating around the bush and they’re willing to spend some time with you in between the sessions you pay for.  Highly, highly recommend.  Thank you Provision!” —Aarrand MD

“Laura does all of the things a great coach should do: holds me accountable for the goals I set, encourages me to find a path that will bring me not only business success but personal fulfillment, and guides me through the rough moments toward a solution. But unlike many coaches, her extensive knowledge, training and years of experience as a business owner herself means that she can provide *real, practical* guidance for planning the future success of my business.” —RIPEDA

5.   Overview Business Consulting Inc.

Overview Business Consulting Inc.'s Homepage
PRODUCTSAccountability, analysis & report writing, benchmarking, business planning, client interviewing, facilitation, governance, marketing plans, needs assessment, organization reviews, questionnaires, research, strategy, succession, training
ADDRESS628 11 Ave. SW, Calgary, AB, T2R 0E2
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 244-2008
[email protected]

One of the key factors that plays into choosing your business consultant is their experience. We aren’t just talking about years in business here—we mean actual on-the-job, in-the-thick-of-it entrepreneurial experience.

This is exactly what Overview Business Consulting Inc. serves up. Founded by Certified Management Consultant and Decentralised Energy Canada’s Program Manager, Bill Overend, the team at Overview is made up of seasoned professionals who have weathered the ups and downs of running a business.

In order to holistically address a business’ threats and challenges, Overview makes use of a specific model called SAM-I-AM.

SAM-I-AM stands for Strategic Assessment, Mobilization, Intervention, Action and Monitoring. This unique process enables the pros at Overview Business Consulting to get a clear grasp of the situation and the best way to solve it.

In particular, the Monitoring step allows both the business owner and Overview to be accountable.

During this step, the cards are laid out on the table to assess whether or not the business has met its goals, and if the Overview team was able to complete what was asked of them and stay within budget.

This makes Overview a good choice for any business looking to meet specific timelines—without exceeding prescribed costs.


  • Team made up of actual entrepreneurs and business professionals
  • Uses the SAM-I-AM approach


  • No operating hours listed online
  • Does not offer free assessments

Customer Reviews

Check out what Overview Business Consulting Inc.’s clients have to say about their experience:

“Thank you for the meeting reports, your excellent management of our meetings and your wonderful support over several years, but especially the last six months. Without you we’d be gone.”

“They have given us the tools to enable us to manage ourselves better and they’ve shown us how to use those tools. They analyzed our situation very well. Everyone on our management team has been quite pleased.”

6.   Advantage Management Consulting

Advantage Management
PRODUCTSLeadership Development programs
Coaching Suite
Team Workshops
CONTACT DETAILS+1 855-260-7477

Advantage Management Consulting was founded in 2002 with a mission to scale leaders’ capacity to create life giving, profitable, productive organizations.

The rare depth and breadth of expertise they bring to their tailored programs create lasting organizational shifts, which in turn leads to confidently high-performing organizations.

Whether executive coaching, team development, conflict, or strategy work, Advantage Management Consulting brings the value you’re looking for. Their experienced coaches create long-term behavioural shifts that unleash clients’ potential as impactful and adaptable leaders.

Work with them and secure your competitive edge one confident, agile leader at a time.


  • Professional team of coaches with diverse industry and educational experience
  • Tailor their services to your existing company culture
  • Coaches residing in cities across Canada


  • Pricing not listed for customisable offerings

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from their previous clients:

“I give the coaching experience a 9.5/10- I’ve been raving about how fantastic the experience has been”

“We’re in mid-process and I’ve already seen a number of positive developments, including the group’s willingness to challenge each other for the explicit purpose of achieving agreed upon goals”

7. Raven Bay Services

PRODUCTSRoadmapping and Governance services, Analytics and Modelling services, Data and Visualization services
ADDRESS140, 215 9th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 1K3
CONTACT DETAILSSales: 403 463 7105
Fax: 403 770 8145
Accounting: 403 615 4425
[email protected]

Raven Bay Services is a management consulting firm that specializes in areas such as Business Strategy & Operations, Data Management & Visualization, and Machine Learning & Analytics in order for them to provide timely solutions to each of their client’s business issues.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, the company boasts of a wide array of case studies which they have successfully done for their past clients such as Maintaining privacy and providing insight, Managing analytics demand effectively, Making data-driven decisions In downstream oil and gas, and Powerful insights lead to a safer workplace.

They are also in partnership with other companies such as Microsoft, Qlik Q, Cognos, and IBM. The company also offers integrated and innovative solutions for every business problem in each of its focus areas.

Aiming to tackle the client’s most critical business challenges, the company also offers a brief description for each of the services they offer in order that the client may be aware of their methodology and possible primary solutions that they might avail of.


  • Innovative solutions
  • Has partnerships with accredited companies


  • Website could use optimization

How to Select a Business Consulting Service in Calgary

With the abundance of consultants in the city, you’re going to want to narrow down your search to find the ideal match for your business. Here are some points to consider when selecting a business consulting service in Calgary.

Broad Skill Set

Think of a business as a puzzle made up of various pieces, or perhaps a watch that is made up of many small parts. While folks who are heavily specialized in a single area are great too, it’d be a good idea to work with somebody who understands—and has experience in—the different facets that make a business perform at its best.


You’re going to want to hire someone who has experienced the problems you’re dealing with and has overcome them—not someone who has just read about them. Conduct a thorough background check before biting the bullet!

Communication Skills

They say communication is a two-way street, and this stands especially true as far as consulting is involved.

When screening consultants, one of the most important factors is how well they are able to articulate their thoughts and explain points of action. However, more than this, we’d argue that their listening skills are even more important.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Consulting

That wraps up our list of the best business consulting services in Calgary. We hope that this guide steers you towards the consultant who can best address your company’s concerns.

If you find yourself thinking about buying or selling a business, we have another article that may come in handy. Check out our round-up of the best business brokers in Calgary to get a head start!

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