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Top 7 Hot Springs Spots Near Calgary

Top 7 Hot Springs Spots Near Calgary

Feeling the need for some rest and relaxation but unable to venture far from home? Well, lucky you for being in Calgary! There’s a bunch of natural hot springs nearby that’ll whisk away your stress and treat you to stunning views (plus, perfect backdrops for those Insta-worthy photos!). 

It’s the perfect excuse to escape the city hustle. Keep reading below to create your go-to list of must-visit springs and get ready for a day of natural spa bliss.

Banff Upper Hot Springs

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Address: 1 Mountain Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1K2, Canada

Contact Details: +1 800-767-1611

Operating hours: Monday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

In just 1 hour and 46 minutes from Calgary, you can chill out in the mineral water at Banff Upper Hot Springs, situated right on Sulphur Mountain’s edge. Honestly, it’s the coolest hot spring near Calgary, and they take great care of it – we even like to say it’s the best-kept hot spring in Canada!

Remember, you have to buy your tickets there in person, so get there early before it gets crowded. And if you plan to visit often, you can grab a booklet with 10 adult tickets. 

Don’t forget to take photos of the killer views of the Rockies while you’re chilling in the water!

Radium Hot Springs

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Address: 5420 Highway 90, Radium Hot Springs, BC

Operating hours: Operating hours: Monday – Friday: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM | Saturday – Sunday: 10:30 AM – 9:00 PM

Next off, Radium Hot Springs, which is literally on the warm side of the Rockies, is just a short 1.5-hour drive from Banff and Lake Louise through Kootenay National Park. 

Nestled in Sinclair Canyon with its striking ochre-colored surroundings, there might not be a grand view but you might catch sight of bighorn sheep – pretty exciting if you haven’t seen one yet!

Besides the soaking pool, there’s also a 28°C pool perfect for some casual swimming. There are also towering rock walls that create a dramatic backdrop in the area. 

On another note, even though the springs are within Kootenay National Park, you won’t need a Parks Canada permit to visit. Keep it in mind if you’re planning a trip!

Mist Mountain Hot Springs

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Address: Mist Mountain, Kananaskis, AB T0L 1K0, Canada

Operating hours: Seasonal

This hot spring is right in the middle of the Rockies’ wild side, perfect for nature lovers who don’t mind a little sweat for a relaxing treat. There are two trails leading to Mist Mountain Hot Springs: Mist Mountain Trail and Eagle Ridge Trail, and both will get you there.

The hot springs themselves consist of two small pools that can fit a few folks each. The water’s not super hot, but it’s cozy, and the backdrop of the mountains is stunning. 

Keep in mind, though, that the trails leading here tend to close due to snow from December to June. The best time for the hike is between June and October, which also happens to be the best time to enjoy a dip in the natural pools.

Fairmont Hot Springs


Address: Fairmont Hot Springs, BC V0B 1L1, Canada

Contact Details: +1 888-870-8889

Fairmont Hot Springs is located on the east bench of the Columbia Valley (3 hours and 15 minutes from Calgary). It’s an area renowned for its sunny weather, even during the middle of winter!

Additionally, these are the largest developed hot springs in Canada and come with more man-made additions such diving boards, slides, and loungers. 

Nevertheless, while you’re soaking in the pools (they actually have a series of hot pools), you’ll still feel completely surrounded by the natural beauty of the Rockies. 

And if you’re not planning to spend the night at the resort, you can opt for a day pass. However, if you decide to stay, you’ll have free access to an exclusive pool!

Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort

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Address: 3609 Balfour-Kaslo-Galena Bay Hwy, Ainsworth, BC V0G 1A0, Canada

Contact Details: +1 800-668-1171

Operating hours: Wednesday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 7:30 PM

Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort, near Kootenay Lake, might be a bit of a journey for folks from Calgary, but it’s a must-visit if you’re hitting up Nelson’s Whitewater Ski Resort. 

The main attraction is a steamy, horseshoe-shaped cave that invites bathers to venture into what feels like the depths of the earth. However, if cave-soaking isn’t your thing, they also have regular hot pools available. 

Quick tip: If you want to enjoy both experiences, consider staying at the resort. It grants you complimentary access to both the Hot Springs pools and the cave. 

Lussier Hot Springs

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Address: East Kootenay E, BC V1C 7E2, Canada​

Contact Details: 250-422-3003

Operating hours: Open 24 hours

If you’re after a perfect hot springs experience combined with forest immersion, Lussier Hot Springs fits the bill. This family-friendly and free-to-access hot spring features three pools, all naturally walled with rocks and gravel bottoms.

While they might not be as remote as you’d imagine and can get crowded during peak times, the upside is that they never close. Who knows, at 3:00 AM., you might find yourself having the place all to yourself. 

Just a heads-up –  it’s a bathing suit zone, so no nudity is allowed here!

Miette Hot Springs

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Address: Miette Rd Jasper, Miette Hotsprings, AB T0E 1E0, Canada

Contact Details: +1 800-767-1611

These hot springs are a bit of a trek from Calgary compared to others, but they’re totally worth it if you’re into hotter temperatures. Miette Hot Springs proudly positions itself as one of the spiciest hot springs in the Canadian Rockies. 

Situated in stunning Jasper National Park, a soak here treats you to breathtaking views of pristine forests and snow-capped peaks along Fiddle Valley. Plus, there’s a delightful café to satisfy your cravings post-dip.

Keep in mind that due to winter road closures, these hot springs often shut down in early October, reopening around May, so plan your visit accordingly!

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