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Answered How safe is Calgary, Alberta

Answered: How safe is Calgary, Alberta? 

Based on a list of best places to retire in Canada by Global Citizens Solutions, Calgary ranked second because of its low taxes and thriving economy. However, when it comes to safety, would people still consider Calgary? 

Sure, Calgary being called The Stampede City doesn’t really make it sound that safe, does it? But this article might just surprise you, dear reader!

Below, we tackled everything you need to know about Calgary’s safety such as the city’s crime index and crime statistics. You might be astonished by what they reveal.

Is Calgary, Alberta a safe place to live? 

Yes, Calgary, Alberta is a relatively safe place to live in. Based on data from Statistique Canada, Calgary ranked 20th on the list of safest cities in the country.  

Though the ranking seems low at first because there are only 34 Canadian cities in the list, remember that these are the safest of the many cities in the country. Their crime rates are also very close to each other. 

What is the crime index of Calgary?

Based on the Canada Crime Index, Calgary has a total crime severity index (CSI) of 77.6, which is significantly better compared to other Canadian cities like Winnipeg, Edmonton, and St. Paul.  

To break it down, Calgary has a CSI of 79.7 when it comes to violent crimes and 77.5 for non-violent crimes. 

What are the crime rates/statistics in Calgary? 

Based on the most recent data from Calgary Police for the 2nd quarter of 2023, there were a total 3908 violent crimes, 12669 property crimes, 11167 other criminal code (vice, gaming, weapon related, and others), 168 criminal code traffic, and 319 drug related crimes. 

Obviously, the property crimes seem the most common in Calgary in the 2nd quarter of 2023 with theft in particular being the most common with a total number of 6916. 

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