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Calgary to Edmonton How to Get There + Travel Time Estimates!

Calgary to Edmonton: How to Get There + Travel Time Estimates! 

It was August, the month of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, when I found myself thinking “I’ve always wanted to experience that. I should definitely go!”

But then I encountered a problem: I had absolutely no idea how to get there! Obviously, I eventually figured it out, but since I guessed others would exist with the same problem, I thought I’d help them out with what I learned.   

And that’s why we’re here. Let’s go over how you can go from Calgary to Edmonton! 

What is the distance between Calgary to Edmonton?

According to Google Maps, the distance between Calgary to Edmonton is 300 kilometers. The approximate travel time by car is 2 hours and 56 minutes. 

How does one drive from Calgary to Edmonton?

DifficultyVery Easy ●○○○○
Number of steps3
Time required2 hours and 56 minutes
Things you needA car with a completely replenished fuel

You can drive from Calgary to Edmonton by starting at the Deerfoot Trail NE/AB-2 N. Continue along AB-2N until you find yourself in Gateway Blvd. By going forward on this path, you should eventually find yourself in Edmonton. 

Step 1: Drive towards Deerfoot Trail NE/AB-2 N

To kick off this adventure, you should first drive towards Deerfoot Trail NE/AB-2 N. This is a small fragment of Highway 2, a gateway to hundreds of exciting adventures outside Calgary. Do note this for future excursions! 

Step 2: Stick to AB-2N

Stick to that route until you reach Gateway Blvd. 

Step 3: Continue going forward along Gateway Blvd.

Once you’re on Gateway Blvd, you’re about 15 minutes away from your destination. Continue driving on that road and you’ll eventually reach Edmonton! 

Aside from driving, how else can you get to Edmonton from Calgary? 

Aside from driving, you can also get to Edmonton from Calgary by riding the bus or the plane. The former takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes, while the latter takes around 55 minutes.

1. Going to Edmonton from Calgary By Bus 

DifficultyVery Easy ●○○○○
Number of steps3
Time required3 hours and 45 minutes (travel time)
Things you needA phone or tablet with a stable internet connection and road trip entertainment of your choice

There are plenty of companies offering rides from Calgary to Edmonton. This includes Rider Express, Red Arrow, and The Canada Bus, all of which are reputable companies that we recommend. 

Step 1: Lock in the final travel schedule

It’s important to plan ahead before getting a bus ticket. If you’re traveling with a group of people, give them a call so you can all agree on a date. 

Even if you’re traveling by yourself, however, thorough preparation is still important. This includes arranging days off from work, finding the right pet hotel for your furbabies, etc.  

Step 2: Secure a spot on the bus 

After making important travel arrangements, you can now book your bus ride with the exact date of departure. Choose whichever bus company you like (try our recommendations earlier!).

Anyway, the bus company’s website should show you available trips along with the time and pick-up location. See what perfectly aligns with your travel plans. 

Step 3: Arrive at the agreed place of pickup 

Bus rides tend to be punctual. With that in mind, it’s important to be on the meeting spot ahead of time so that you don’t miss your ride. 

Some bus companies suggest being at the place of pickup at least 15 minutes before the time of departure. 

2. Going to Edmonton from Calgary by Plane

DifficultyVery Easy ●○○○○
Number of steps7
Time required55 minutes
Things you needA phone or a tablet with a stable internet connection

If you can’t sit for long in a vehicle, fortunately, there’s a quicker option for you – going to Edmonton from Calgary by plane. 

There are multiple airlines that offer rides for this route like Air Canada and WestJet.  Though certainly not cheap, you’ll ultimately pay for the convenience and the quick travel time. Whether it’s worth it or not depends on the passenger. 

Step 1: Confirm date of travel

Before you proceed to book a ticket, double check if everyone who signed up for the trip is good on the agreed-upon date. If you’re traveling alone – great, no need to check on others! You can easily proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Purchase an airline ticket

Now that the date of travel is all set, you can purchase an airline ticket with confidence. 

As mentioned, there are several airline companies offering rides from Calgary to Edmonton. However, if you want to check the cheapest flights available, here’s a fun tip: try Google Flights

This is how a lot of people from The Best Calgary get great plane ticket deals! The website will show you different options, each offering a variety of departure times, ticket costs, and such. 

Step 3: Equip your bags with complete travel essentials

This is the time to start packing your travel essentials. As procrastinators ourselves, we understand how tempting it is to do this a day before, but it’s recommended to do this in advance to avoid forgetting anything important. 

This is the perfect time to confirm your accommodation, do an advance check-in for your flight (if already applicable), take a leave from work, and other similar arrangements. 

Step 4: Make your way to the Calgary International Airport  

 A lot of transportation in the city can take you to Calgary International Airport. That said, we found that booking a ride on a ride hailing app is the wisest choice, especially if you’re taking heavy bags with you.  

Ridesharing apps in Calgary include Uber, Lyft, Didi, and Ola. By the way, Calgary Airport Security suggests being in the airport 2 hours in advance for domestic flights.

Step 5: Proceed to the check-in counters

Once you find yourself at the Calgary International Airport, proceed to the check-in counters if they’re already open. 

Step 6: Track down your flight’s departure gate

Before you start chilling at the airport and exploring the different shops around, it’s best to track down your flight’s departure gate beforehand. This way, you know exactly where to go once you hear an airport announcement saying your flight is ready for boarding. 

Step 7: Board your flight to Edmonton

Most flights usually open for boarding around 30 minutes before the time of departure. Make sure to be there on time or you might find yourself sitting on the wings of the plane – kidding, of course! 

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