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Best Tattoo Removal Services in Calgary

The 6 Best Tattoo Removal Services in Calgary

Sometimes we regret certain decisions long after we’ve made them… like getting a tattoo that just doesn’t work anymore. Whether you broke up with your partner whose name is on your chest, or you had an allergic reaction to your ink, we have the answer — we’ve found the best tattoo removal services in Calgary for you!

Tattoo removal is a delicate process. It can cause various complications, such as scarring and irritation if done carelessly.

That’s why you need true professionals to do it. Try the ones below, in particular.

1.  Flash Tattoo Removal

Flash Tattoo Removal's Banner

SERVICES Laser tattoo removals, coverups, etc.
ADDRESS 1530 9 AVE SE, Calgary, AB, T2G 0T7
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 978-5488 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Mon to Wed 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thu 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Sat 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Flash Tattoo Removal has one of the most advanced and best tattoo removal services in Calgary, courtesy of the PicoWay. The PicoWay provides accurate and fast laser treatment that can help remove your tattoo in a jiffy.

They prioritise your skin’s safety during the tattoo removal process, ensuring that nothing goes wrong and your skin goes back to a blank slate.


  • Utilises one of the latest developments in laser technology, called the PicoWay
  • Can provide 90-95% tattoo removal

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Flash Tattoo Removal’s clients:

“They know what they are doing and they do for sure have the best laser out there. I had multiple treatments before from a company advertising on Groupon and it was the worst mistake I made. Call Dave and he will take good care of you. I still have 4 sessions to go and it’s fading really well.”

Here’s another one:

“I had a great experience with Flash Tattoo Removal. I truly felt at ease and comfortable at the get go, despite the fact that I would be receiving laser treatment! They also are the first to have the latest state of the art laser in Calgary – and that’s what really sold me when I found them (as I’ve previously been hesitant to proceed with having my tattoos removed)!! They were super informative and knowledgable and walked through all the steps with me. They made sure that I had all of my questions answered without feeling rushed and I really appreciated that. The first procedure was successful and I will no doubt be back for the next few visits! I can’t wait for my embarrassing tattoo to be removed and I am so glad that I found Flash Tattoo Removal!!”

2.  Fresh Laser Skin Studio

Fresh Laser Skin Studio's Banner

SERVICES Fresh services
ADDRESS #327 Market Mall Professional, Centre 4935-40th Ave, NW Calgary
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 264-4494  | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 4pm
Sunday: Closed

Fresh Laser Skin Studio is a one-stop shop for laser skin services. They utilise the latest technologies, accompanied by specialised technicians who are trained in laser operation and dermatology.

They provide one of the best tattoo removal services in Calgary through their efficient laser usage and PicoSure tattoo removal provides pigment removal for all skin types.


  • Provides free consultations for their clients
  • Provides laser-related skin services like hair removal and tattoo removal.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a great review from one of Fresh Laser Skin Studio’s clients:

“I’m getting laser tattoo removal on my eyebrows and have now gone for two sessions.

Every single employee I have encountered at this studio is so pleasant and kind. Brittany has gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and at ease with this procedure. She is relatable, professional and so happy.

Although the room for removal has a very medical clinic feel, the staff make the entire process very comfortable.

I suggest anyone looking for tattoo removal consider this location.”

Here’s another one:

“Life changing is all I can say! I had chin hair and as a professional it was embarrassing. Waxing and threading irritated my skin and was time consuming since I had to do it every 3 weeks. After a few laser treatments the hair was gone for good. I wish I had done this years ago. I guess better late than never!”

3.  Storwick Dermatology & Laser Clinic

Storwick Dermatology & Laser Clinic's Banner

SERVICES Storwick servicesStorwick products
WEBSITE Storwick
ADDRESS Suite 300, 1222 11 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0M4
CONTACT DETAILS Phone number (403) 286-0086E-mail: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday- Friday 7:30 am-3:45 pm

Being one of the best tattoo removal services in Calgary, Storwick Dermatology and Laser Clinic is devoted to providing the best treatments for the fast recuperation of their patients.

They have six lasers in the clinic that serve different purposes. They cater to both medical and cosmetic issues—including tattoo removal.

In short, Storwick Dermatology has all your bases covered! You can even come here to get solutions for things like eczema.


  • They treat various skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema on top of the laser treatment packages
  • Has a dedicated team of medical and cosmetic specialists to treat all your issues

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review about Storwick Dermatology:

“This guy is awesome! I’ve been to 4 dermatologists in 10 years (cuz I can’t find one I like) but Dr. Storwick is great! He’s friendly, professional, did an extensive mole check (super thorough) and he has really high tech equipment.

His office is extremely clean and the staff were very professional. I’d highly recommend getting a referral to him! Lots of different services I noticed he offered: Botox, tattoo removal etc. he didn’t try to up sell me at all. This guy is the best I’ve seen by far.”

Here’s another one:

“I was referred here when I was living outside of Calgary about 15 years ago and THANK GOD.

Dr. Storwick is highly regarded (since he’s brilliant) and his clinic is amazing. The staff are incredibly helpful and friendly, although admittedly the phone recording can be a little annoying at first.

You need a referral for dermatology but if you’re considering laser hair removal GO HERE. Latest equipment and a highly trained nurse does it. Isn’t that more reassuring than a recent high school graduate in a hair salon who took a course on the weekend and is now shooting lasers at your crotch?! Thought so.”

4.  Tiki Town Tattoo

Tiki Town Tattoo's Banner

SERVICES Tiki Town services
ADDRESS 101, 1026 – 16th Avenue N.W., T2M-0K6, Calgary, AB, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS 403-269-8454 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Mon – Sun 11:00AM to 7:00PM

Tiki Town Tattoo has been providing tattoo removal and fading services to Calgarians for 5 years. They serve with their knowledge in everything tattoo-related, from applying tattoos to removing them.

By knowing the pigments and the tools used in applying a tattoo, Tiki Town Tattoo can adjust their lasers accordingly to adapt to the skin condition and tattoo that they’ll be removing. That’s why they’re so good at tattoo removal!


  • Specialises in custom tattoos and tattoo removals
  • Provides great customer service with free consultations and drawings

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review about Tiki Town Tattoo’s services:

“Im currently seeing Keith for tattoo removal at Tiki. The shop is super clean, the staff always friendly and accomodating. I’ve recommended Keith to other friends for piercings, and have seen him my self for piercings in different locations. He is so well trained and is adamant about being on top of the latest in the industry, as well as making sure they are always extra hygenic in the shop. Unfortunately, he no longer pierces, but they have the best prices for tattoo removal that Ive seen (yes, its still an expensive procedure). Keith is very casual in manor, and easy to talk to when using the laser…he puts up with my nervous banter when Im being lasered (it hurts a LOT more than getting a tattoo) Cant wait for this sucker to be gone! (the tattoo)”

Here’s another one:

“Back in April I was looking for a neo traditional tattoo artist to do a scifi piece for me and came across Nicole May. She’s very talented and created exactly what I was hoping for, I couldn’t have asked for a better artist to do the piece for me and will definitely be going back to her for future pieces.”

5.  Skinpossible

Skinpossible's Banner

SERVICES Tattoo removal, pore cleansing treatments, wrinkle treatments, body treatments, etc.
WEBSITE Skinpossible
ADDRESS 2104-1800 194th Avenue SE, Calgary, AB T2X 0R3
CONTACT DETAILS 403.719.6523
OPERATING HOURS Mon 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Tue to Thur 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Fri to Sat 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

With Skinpossible, all your cosmetic dreams can become reality. From cosmetic services like facelifts to addressing your health-related issues like snoring, they can give you various treatments for a better you.

You would be surprised when you see how much a laser can do in their hands. They provide the most diverse services, and theirs is one of the best tattoo removal services in Calgary too!


  • Has a diverse set of services utilising laser and dermatological treatments
  • Offers affordable services, giving you financing options as well

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review about Skinpossible’s services:

“I am amazed by the customer service in this clinic! Everyone I’ve encountered is so pleasant to deal with that it’s almost like the owner who hires them makes them go through extensive customer service training. I have been coming here for my fillers, laser, Botox, cool sculpting and emsculpt. They are so Honest with what they can deliver and what they can’t. They tell me straight up if something will not work for me and not just try to con me of paying for a service I don’t need. They are always so descriptive and honest with the pain and what you will exactly feel for each procedure so I always know what I’m getting into and not surprised. My most recent visit was what made me have to write this review and it was because I took off my wedding and engagement ring left it on the table to get my emscult treatment done I had left without it because after a treatment you’re just all excited and happy for results you don’t think of anything else except how beautiful you’ll be after so I left and right away received a call from my esthetician and told me I left my ring there!!! I had a heart attack because this was a 3 carat ring and easily could have been stolen but the people here are so awesome!!!!”

Here’s another one:

“When I came to Skinpossible I was feeling insecure as I got microblading or scalp tattooing  that turned out pretty bad on my forhead to change my

Hair line.  The work was blotchy and a blue colour. So Stephanie at skinpossible did a fantastic job assuring me removing the ink was possible and comfortable.  I had 1 tattoo removal treatment so far and 2 more to go.  I’m so satisfied and happy with the service and quality control overall of Stephanie and the entire team.  They found me a package deal cost, the place was clean and beautiful and the business was fantastic.  Thank you and I’m looking forward to a lot more services from Stephanie.”

6. Vanityhouse by Tina Stephenson

Vanityhouse by Tina Stephenson's Banner

SERVICES Permanent eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip makeup, nipple restoration, eyebrow and eyeliner restoration, cleft lip treatment
WEBSITE Vanityhouse by Tina Stephenson
ADDRESS 908 17 Ave SW #115, Calgary, AB T2T 0A3
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 796-6245 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Vanity House is composed of PMU artists, skin specialists with a background in nursing, and correction specialists. This diversity allows the clinic to provide cosmetic tattoos, medical aesthetic procedures, and skincare treatments alike.

Its permanent makeup services include eyebrow shading and pigmentation, eyeliner, and lip blushing. On the other hand, Vanity House’s paramedical procedures span from simple eyebrow restorations to more complex cleft lip treatments and nipple restorations.

To maintain the results of cosmetic treatments, Vanity House also provides aftercare kits to its customers.

What really makes Vanity House special is that it’s very considerate. We say this because it offers special discounts for clients seeking aesthetic treatments due to alopecia, burns, cancer, and cleft lip palates.

Vanity House even offers free consultations, multiple-procedure discounts, and zero-interest financing options. But you should know, its multiple-procedure discounts are only applicable for a period of time after the original appointment.

You will also need its discounts because Vanity House’s services are relatively expensive.


  • Discounts for customers with illnesses or traumatic injuries
  • Zero-interest financing options
  • Free consultation
  • Offers nipple restoration
  • Provides aftercare kits

Customer Reviews

Vanity House has gained positive reviews thanks to its diverse options for eyebrow and eyeliner permanent makeup. Here are some of those reviews:

“I had my eyebrows done here and it was the most amazing experience! Tina was very thorough and made a science of shaping my eyebrows and making sure they were perfectly even and straight. The colour turned out perfect too! She was so friendly and personable. I would recommend Vanity House to anyone considering permanent makeup. Great experience!!” —Mel Mohan

“Love my semi-permanent makeup!  It really makes all the difference!  I now have both a beautifully gentle eyeliner and really really great eyebrows.  Had wanted a gentle effect and was concerned about the colour choice and the weight of the lines – the effect is absolutely perfect!  Tina is truly a very talented artist!  I very highly recommend Vanityhouse by Tina Stephenson!” —Vannette Keaste

Having your tattoo removed is a tough decision. However, the companies we’ve listed here can do a lot to make the task easier.

And remember, if you get a scar from the tattoo removal process, you can always try our list of the best dermatologists in Calgary if you want your skin back to its original glory. That way, you’ll look flawless again in no time!