The 6 Best Land Surveyors in Calgary

By Lucas Hebert

Land surveying is one of the most fundamental parts of land development and real estate. You should only hire the best land surveyors in Calgary if you want the job done right.

Land surveyors are responsible for your project’s foundation, after all. They measure and map the environment through the use of advanced technology—these measurements are then relayed to engineers and architects for further planning.

These measurements are vital for the architects and engineers. It tells them what they can do within the space and budget that they have.

So, to provide your architects and engineers with the most reliable data, use the following surveyors:

1.  Lamarche Land Surveyors Ltd.

Lamarche Land Surveyors Ltd.'s Logo

SERVICES Land survey, property boundary survey
WEBSITE Lamarche Land Surveyors LTD
ADDRESS 3175 68 St NW, Calgary, AB T3B 2J4, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: 403-719-0272

Fax: 403-770-8175

OPERATING HOURS Mon – Fri        8am–4:30pm

Lamarche Land Surveyors Limited is committed to delivering accurate and reliable measurements to their clients quickly! Equipped with a mastery of survey related problems and technicalities, they strive be the best land surveyors in Calgary.

They are fully licensed and insured in accordance with the Alberta Land Surveyors Association. They have technicians who are prepared and trained in the latest developments in the surveying industry.


  • Provides all kinds of residential and commercial land surveying requirements
  • Has 30 years of experience in the land surveying industry
  • They can secure all the paperwork needed for your project


2. Axiom Geomatics

Axiom Geomatics logo

WEBSITE Axiom Geomatics
CONTACT DETAILS 403-472-7777 |
OPERATING HOURS Mon to Sat, 9a – 6p

Axiom Geomatics specializes in providing fast, efficient surveying solutions, they believe in their clients the same way they believe in the service they can offer, while also forming the deepest commitment to an exceptional customer experience.

While our customers remark on the level of our service, communication, pricing and speed, here at Axiom, we look forward to developing strong relationships with our clients and communities based on integrity, reliability and professionalism.


  • Believes in the satisfaction and service they can give for the customer.
  • Provides accurate and cost effective services.
  • Offers multiple land survey services for homeowners, realtors and legal teams.


3.  Lovse Surveys Ltd

Lovse Surveys Ltd's Logo

WEBSITE Lovse Surveys Ltd
ADDRESS #2, 4750 106 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB, T2C 3G5
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: 1.403.254.2010

Fax: 1.403.254.1723

OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday 8:30am-noon, 1pm-4:30pm

Lovse Surveys Ltd. is one of the best land surveyors in Calgary because of its experience working with large projects, like the multistory tower, the Guardian.  They have also worked on single lot and multi-phase subdivisions.

They have licensed Alberta land surveyors, engineers and technologists on hand. They’re all ready to give excellent customer service and deliver top-quality plots and condominium plans to their clients!


  • Provides full builder services with creative ideas for any kind of land development
  • Works within deadlines
  • Processes all the paperwork needed


4.  W. Pang Surveys Inc.

W. Pang Surveys Inc.'s Logo

WEBSITE Pang Surveys
ADDRESS 5940 Macleod Trail SW #610, Calgary, AB T2H 2G4, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: 403-242-8040

Fax: 403-242-8017

OPERATING HOURS Mon – Fri   8am–5pm

Pang Surveys specialises in Real Property Reports, subdivision, condominium, and construction surveys.

They have been working in the city of Calgary since 1993. They’ve also developed mastery in scouting the best areas for land development and construction.

Today, W. Pang Surveys has teams of project managers that have more than 20 years of tenure in the survey and construction industry.

They’re one of the best land surveyors in Calgary, and they provide consultation, design, and supervision services to all their clients!


  • Provides a competitive pricing system that nets you a comprehensive property line survey
  • Provides a top-notch grading system for site stakeouts and development permits

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of W. Pang Surveys’ clients:

“I work for a realtor who helps clients get their RPR updated or ordered, and W Pang is our go-to company to do it.  They have the fastest service, and are always ready to answer my questions.  I cannot recommend them enough!”

Here’s another one:

“We hired W. Pang to do some ongoing survey work for a project of ours on a site with challenging terrain.  Once the job scope was explained, W.Pang accomplished the staged work with no fuss and reported their finding both accurately and quickly.

I would hire them again!”


5.  Vista Geomatics Ltd.

Vista Geomatics Ltd.'s Logo


WEBSITE Vista Geomatics Ltd.
ADDRESS Bay 1, 2135 – 32nd Ave. N.E., Calgary, AB T2E 6Z3
CONTACT DETAILS Phone 403-270-4048

Fax 403-270-8283

OPERATING HOURS Mon – Fri        8am–5pm

Vista Geomatics Ltd. is unique because of its multidisciplinary nature. They offer oilfield, municipal, and construction surveys. This gives them an exceptional edge over their competitors with oilfield experience.

They are also working with heavy industrial and commercial industries to accurately calculate and measure the dimension needed for their sites. They’re one of the best land surveyors in Calgary when it comes to oilfields.


  • They have certified survey technologists, geomatics engineering technologists, and CAD technicians that can deliver quality work
  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, with a rating of A+

Customer Reviews

General reviews from their clients say that they’re easy to deal with and they quickly update reports. Virtually all clients also claim to be happy with Vista’s services.


6.  Jones Geomatics Ltd.

Jones Geomatics Ltd.'s Logo

WEBSITE Jones Geomatics Ltd.
ADDRESS 20-1323 44 Ave. NE, Calgary, ABT2E 6L5
CONTACT DETAILS 403-230-0778 | 1-888-536-9414

fax: 403-230-0714

OPERATING HOURS Mon – Fri 8am–4pm

Jones Geomatics Ltd. enables Calgarians to experience confident and accurate land development with efficient and fair pricing. They give full-service and straightforward plans for urban planners and realtors.

Although they were established back in 1999, they still have their dynamic and competitive nature, not giving in to current competition.

They have dedicated their firm to giving you the best land surveyors in Calgary, and with their thorough land development services, they’ve succeeded.


  • Has professional connections with Alberta Construction Safety Organisation, Canadian Home Builders Association, Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association and lots more to secure quality service

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Jones Geomatics’ clients:

“I called Jones Geomatics and was pleasantly greeted by their receptionist who promptly booked me in for my real property report. They sent a team of trained professionals who handled the report with no complications or added stress to my already stressful relocation.  Being a business owner I appreciate when I receive amazing service and Jones Geomatics was top notch. I highly recommend them!”


It is important to note that accurately understanding the dimension and topography of any building site is vital to planning your venture. You should be able to know how much you can do while complying with the guidelines and the budget, so you’ll be satisfied with the end goal of your project.

That’s why the land surveyors we listed above could be of help. Try one of them if you have any surveying needs.

By the way, after getting your land surveyed, the next step is hiring a contractor to build your home. Take a look at our list of the best general contractors in Calgary for your project!

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