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Best Sleep Clinic in Calgary

The 5 Best Sleep Clinics in Calgary

Having sleeping problems is tough, especially if you’ve dealt with an exhausting day and all you want to do is get a good night’s rest. In order to help you with your problems, we’ve got the best sleep clinics in Calgary for you today!

Sleep apnea is a disorder that affects your breathing and sleeping patterns. In order to make things easier for you, we’ve come up with a list of clinics based on the services they provide, available treatments, and patient reviews.

To get you started, check out our list of the best sleep clinics in Calgary below.

1.  Aveiro Sleep

Aveiro Sleep's Logo
Source: Aveiro Sleep Facebook
PRODUCTS https://www.aveirosleep.com/services/
WEBSITE https://www.aveirosleep.com/
ADDRESS 814 68 St NE, Calgary, AB T2A 6K3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: +1 403-803-5640
OPERATING HOURS Thurs and Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm

Aveiro Sleep offers a range of sleep services that include home sleep apnea testing, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure treatment, and other support services for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

They also make sure their patients are educated about their lifestyle and sleeping habits, assisting them with all concerns and treatment options in OSA therapy.

Other than that, Aveiro Sleep is one of the best sleep clinics in Calgary thanks to their professional team of professionals who are certified physicians and sleep technologists.


  • Home sleep apnea test
  • CPAP therapy
  • Long term care

Customer Reviews

Aveiro Sleep is highly recommended by their patients for their friendly staff, excellent service, and helpful machines.

Some patients shared their reviews:

“I used my new unit for the first time and noticed a huge difference. The service was exceptional. Thank you Rebecca for your assistance and typed oit instructions. I found them very helpful and know I will refer to them again and again.”

“Very helpfull and took the time to explain everything very pleasant and very knowledgeable. Zahira is really nice. Just love taking to her”


2.  Dream Sleep Respiratory

Dream Sleep Respiratory's Logo
Source: Dream Sleep Respiratory Facebook
PRODUCTS http://dreamsleep.ca/cpap-therapy/
WEBSITE http://dreamsleep.ca/
ADDRESS 5149 Country Hills Blvd NW #202, Calgary, AB T3A 5K8, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: +1 403-457-1127
OPERATING HOURS Mon to Thurs: 8:30am-5:30pm

Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm

Dream Sleep Respiratory is one of the best sleep clinics in Calgary for assisting clients through the whole process of sleep apnea regarding testing, product personalisation, and continuous support.

These sleep experts provide home care, sleep, and respiratory services. They also put a focus on a good night’s sleep and how much it can affect your quality of life and health.

In addition, Dream Sleep Respiratory is dedicated to delivering quality CPAP therapy, sleep testing and function testing, and home oxygen machines.


  • Oxygen rentals
  • CPAP therapy
  • Online pre-screen tool

Customer Reviews

Amazing therapists, beyond-reasonable prices, and fantastic service are just some of the reasons customers recommend Dream Sleep Respiratory.

Some patients shared their reviews:

“The knowledgeable, friendly staff have been top notch since day 1. From explaining the sleep test, to telling me my results, to getting me equipped to try the sleep apnea machine, to taking care of me while waiting for my funding to come through. Couldn’t have had a better experience or now a better sleep. Thank You everyone!!!”

“Staff was very knowledgeable and have helped us through some minor issues with the CPAP machine. I would recommend them highly.”


3.  Healthy Heart Sleep Company

Healthy Heart Sleep Company's Logo
Source: Healthy Heart Sleep Company Facebook
PRODUCTS http://www.hhsleepco.ca/treatment/
WEBSITE http://www.hhsleepco.ca/
ADDRESS 1010 1 Ave NE #206B, Calgary, AB T2E 7W7, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: +1 403-313-5910
OPERATING HOURS Mon to Fri: 8:30am-5:00pm

Healthy Heart Sleep Company is one of the best sleep clinics in Calgary for providing professional, private, and tailor-made services for testing and treating OSA.

Through their medical expertise and use of treatment devices for sleep apnea, the clinic strives to guide their patients through the journey of acquiring relaxing and restorative sleep.

What’s more, Healthy Heart Sleep Company is dedicated to keeping their environment a safe place for their patients who are struggling in the battle of sleep apnea. You can feel calm and cared-for when consulting them, as a result.


  • Remmers recorder
  • CPAP therapy
  • Fisher & Paykel and Resmed products

Customer Reviews

According to patients of Healthy Heart Sleep Company, the clinic is best known for being a great company that provides excellent service and is very patient-focused.

Some patients shared their reviews:

“Everyone there is so nice and helpful. I just recently switched from another provider company and couldn’t be happier! Thanks to everyone at Healthy Heart Sleep Company!”

“this is the second cpap machine I have had to buy. George and Kristen are amazing. They went above and beyond to get me a new machine and set it up for me. They worked with my insurance and made sure I had every thing I needed. Thankyou so much I can’t wait to get to bed tonight and actually sleep again.”


4.  AvantSleep

AvantSleep's Logo
Source: AvantSleep website
PRODUCTS https://avantsleep.com/about-us/treatment/
WEBSITE https://avantsleep.com/
ADDRESS 203-5809 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0J9, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: +1 403-254-3585
OPERATING HOURS Mon to Fri: 9:00am-4:30pm

AvantSleep is a clinic that offers a huge array of treatments designed to target sleep apnea. This includes CPAP therapy, among other personalised treatments.

Their team of highly skilled sleep therapists is available to assist their patients through diagnosis, treatment, and long-term checkups for OSA. They also provide a patient support centre to guarantee success.

Moreover, AvantSleep is one of the best sleep clinics in Calgary because they make sure their patients receive quality portable home sleep testing kits to ensure a fast and reliable diagnosis.


  • Equipment trials and rentals
  • Extended warranties
  • Extensive follow-up care

Customer Reviews

AvantSleep is highly praised by their patients for their extremely satisfying services, knowledgeable therapists, and accommodating staff.

Some patients shared their reviews:

“Amazing been going there for a long time. Very helpful staff great if you need it they will Let you know and if you don’t need it I’ll they’ll let you know. Highly recommended by me”

“Absolutely top notch I staff and experience. Philippe was/is amazing and very knowledgeable in the product. He recommended the perfect CPAP machine and went above and beyond ensuring that I had the proper mask and fit for my best results. Highly recommend”

5.  Good Morning Snore Solution

Source: Good Morning Snore Solution

PRODUCTS Snoring Mouthpiece
WEBSITE https://goodmorningsnoresolution.com/
ADDRESS MPowrx Health & Wellness Products 2012 Inc. 11407 SW Amu St. Suite #M7904 Tualatin, OR USA 97062
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: 1-877-867-6979

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Contact for more information

Good Morning Snore Solution is an FDA cleared and clinically tested item to reduce snoring. Unlike complex, uncomfortable, and expensive snoring solutions in the market, Good Morning discovered a simple, innovative, and effective product to solve this. 

It works by gently moving the tongue forward to clear blocked airways. It is guaranteed to be comfortable with fewer side effects and affordable than other methods.


  • TUCK Comprehensive Sleep resource – 2020 Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece
  • Featured in HuffPost
  • Featured in American Health Journal

And that concludes our list of the best sleep clinics in Calgary. We hope you were able to find a clinic that will suit your needs and solve your sleep problems.

If you have any comments or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

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