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Calgary’s Cultural Treasures The Best Museums in the City!

Calgary’s Cultural Treasures: The Best Museums in the City! 

Art and history buffs, it’s time to don those thinking berets because we have an interesting treat in store for you today! We’re going on an exciting voyage of discovering Calgary’s local treasures through the best museums in the city. 

Better polish those magnifying glasses because you’ll want an unhindered view of the magnificent collections in store for you in these. They’ll whisk you away on a whimsical journey through time!

1. Gasoline Alley Museum 

Address: 1900 Heritage Dr SW, Calgary, AB T2V 2X3, Canada
Contact details: +1 403-268-8500
Operating hours:

  • Monday – closed
  • Tuesday to Sunday – 10 AM to 4 PM 

Located on the historical grounds of Heritage Park, the Gasoline Alley Museum offers its visitors a peek into local history. As you step inside this space filled with classic gems, you’ll find yourself transported to the dazzling city life of the 1950s while surrounded by a sensational collection of vintage cars. 

Additionally, they also have oil and gas-related relics visitors can freely observe. 

Needless to say, aficionados of vintage cars will find themselves captivated by the timeless pieces that await within the Gasoline Alley Museum. That said, even those who know nothing about cars would enjoy their visit here because of the interactive displays. 

2. TELUS Spark Science Centre 

Address: 220 Saint George’s Drive Northeast, Calgary, AB T2E 5T2, Canada
Contact details:  +1 403-817-6800
Operating hours:

  • Monday to Wednesday, Sunday – 9 AM to 4 PM 
  • Friday – 9 AM to 5 PM 
  • Saturday – 8:30 AM to 5 PM 

Filled with interactive exhibits, the TELUS Science Centre is a must-see destination for anyone looking for an exciting blend of entertainment and education. After all, who says learning can’t be fun? 

With a multitude of activities to explore, the standout attraction for us at The Best Calgary has got to be the Infinity Dome. This interesting feature boasts an immersive visual experience that will transport you to another realm with its massive screen spanning three stories in height! 

Everyone is sure to leave feeling mesmerized. Spark’s all about getting people excited by making science fun by “sparking” their curiosity during their visit. 

3. Glenbow Museum

Address: 130 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0P3, Canada
Contact details: +1 403-268-4100

Glenbow Museum offers a colorful tapestry of modern art where people can get a glimpse of Canada’s fascinating history. From the stories of Indigenous people to the present-day Canada all in one roof, it tells a story of the beauty of an ever-changing world. 

Aside from their delightful collection of exhibits, they take the experience a step further by having their own Discovery Room where people of all ages can make their own art. 

How great it is to be inspired by the rows of art at the museum and have the opportunity to make your own afterward? It goes without saying that you might see us honing our art skills at the Discovery Room!

4. Studio Bell, Home of the National Music Centre

Address: 850 4 St. SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1R1, Canada
Contact details: +1 403-543-5115
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 5 PM 

Studio Bell is a unique museum that explores Canada’s music history throughout the ages. 

A few of their permanent exhibits include Making Music where all music-enthusiasts are called to participate. Here, you’ll get to dive into the creative process of making tunes from instruments made out of everyday objects. 

Of course, you don’t need to be Beethoven hoping to create the next Für Elise to participate. All you need is curiosity and the desire to have fun! 

5. The Hangar Flight Museum

Address: 4629 McCall Way NE, Calgary, AB T2E 8A5, Canada
Contact details: +1 403-250-3752
Operating hours:

  • Monday – closed
  • Tuesday to Sunday – 10 AM to 4 PM 

The Hangar Flight Museum invites people to dive into the rich aviation history of Western Canada with their exceptional collection of planes. Talk about a voyage to the past!

If you have children aged 5 to 11, you might want to help them develop a love for planes by signing them up for an exciting program that lets them have an unforgettable sleepover experience with the museum! 

They’ll have a unique opportunity to sleep inside one of the antique planes and even get cozy while watching an educational movie. 

6. The Military Museums

Address: 4520 Crowchild Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2T 5J4, Canada
Contact details: +1 403-410-2340
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday – 9 AM to 5 PM 

The Military Museums is a remarkable hub that aims to preserve the rich history of Canada’s Armed Forces with its delightful blend of art, education, and historical artifacts. 

By the way, they earned recognition for being the largest military museum in all of Western Canada, which means they offer a wealth of extraordinary exhibits that include antique vehicles and relics.

Beyond the exhibits, TMM also offers exciting events like the Veteran’s Writing Workshop, which offers veterans a chance to put their thoughts and experiences down on paper. 

7. Nickle Arts Museum

Address: 435 Campus Lane NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4, Canada
Contact details: +1 403-210-6201
Operating hours:

  • Monday to Wednesday, & Friday – 9 AM to 4 PM
  • Thursday – 9 AM to 8 PM
  • Saturday – 11 AM to 4 PM 

Nickle Museum, also known as Nickle Galleries, is considered the center of creativity for the University of Calgary, boasting an incredible collection of 739 exhibits ever since 1979. 

Their massive exhibit space is also certainly noteworthy, making it an ideal destination for any art enthusiasts. Their main section encompasses around 7,500 square feet, while the upper area covers approximately 4,500 square feet! 

Among their rich collections are rugs and textiles, coins, and an art collection that focuses on contemporary and modern works centered around Western Canada. However, they also have several notable pieces that can be from all over the country. 

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