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Best Malpractice Lawyers in Calgary

The 5 Best Malpractice Lawyers in Calgary

Your health is your own personal responsibility. But in times of sickness, it is the duty of doctors, nurses, and other health workers to guide and assist you throughout your ordeal.

But what happens if these medical professionals are the ones hurting you or neglecting your care? Then you should hold these practitioners accountable by hiring the best medical malpractice lawyer in Calgary.

In this article, we’ve listed the firms with the best malpractice lawyer in Calgary to help you through your ordeal. You will also find FAQs about the topic and a brief but detailed description to help you understand just what medical malpractice is.

What Is Medical Malpractice

By definition, medical malpractice is the negligence of patient care.

This situation happens when a doctor intentionally performs under medical standards, and their actions directly cause injury, harm, or even death.

Here are the most common medical malpractice claims:

  • Wrong or delayed diagnosis
  • Surgical or procedural errors
  • Treatment or medication errors
  • Failure in their duty of informed consent
  • Anaesthesia errors

However, you should know that getting unexpected results is not grounds for medical malpractice. And if you plan on suing for medical malpractice, make sure you file your claims within two years after the encounter for it to be valid.

Price Range for Medical Malpractice Lawsuits in Calgary

Should you decide to go through with your medical malpractice lawsuit, you should know that there are many costs for consideration.

Some lawyers may only charge a flat rate or a contingency fee and handle all other expenses. Some may leave you to pay for other costs such as witnesses and filing.

And the actual lawyer’s fee can vary wildly across firms, lawyers, and cases.

So we can only provide estimates of the other expenses involved. Here are some estimates of the usual fees:

Malpractice ExpensesCost
Filing claims$120-$650
Non-medical witnesses (hourly rate)$310-$250
Medical expert witnesses (hourly rate)$450-$635
Contingency fee10-40%

The Best Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Calgary

Now that you have a better sense of what you’re in for when you hire a medical malpractice lawyer, we can show you our recommendations.

We found the best Calgary malpractice lawyers according to expertise, reputation, and service scope to help you with your case. Here they are:

1.   Craig Gillespie – Cuming & Gillespie

Craig Gillespie's Photo
BEST FOR   Multi-awarded
SERVICESMedical malpractice, personal injury, insurance claims
ADDRESS525 8 Ave SW #4050, Calgary, AB T2P 1G1
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 571-0555 [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

For 25 years, Cuming & Gillespie has helped Albertans seek compensation and accountability after severe injuries and accidents. Its lawyers are straightforward, even when honesty means telling you your case is unlikely to succeed.

Of the two senior partners, Craig Gillespie specializes in medical malpractice cases. He has a background in insurance claims and supporting trial proceedings.

Craig has also won the Calgary Medical Negligence Lawyer of the Year before. These accolades and a sterling background are what Craig Gillespie brings for each of his malpractice and personal injury cases.


  • Straightforward and transparent communication
  • Multi-awarded lawyer
  • Experience in various types of medical malpractice cases
  • Team of lawyers with scientific backgrounds


  • The relatively small team of lawyers may bottleneck them when there’s a high caseload

Customer Reviews

Medical malpractice cases can take years, but Craig Gillespie and his team can help you get through it, just as these clients have experienced:

“I have had the pleasure of working with this firm for several years.  They are thorough, professional, and go out of their way to assist their clients. It is a pleasure to see their names on any file I am working on.  Great group of lawyers highly regarded in their fields of law.  Highly recommended!”

“Who you going to call-Craig Gillespie!! He walked me through a medical malpractice law suit giving me no doubt that he had my best interests in mind. With patience he explained every aspect of the suit and what I could expect at every turn.”

2.   Trevor Ford – Trevor Ford Law Office

Trevor Ford's Photo
BEST FOR   Personalized services
SERVICESMedical malpractice, personal injury, motor/vehicle insurance claims
ADDRESS505 8 Ave SW #510, Calgary, AB T2P 1G2
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 719-0799
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Trevor Ford is a private lawyer with over 30 years of experience in malpractice, personal injury, and accident claims cases. He follows the No Fee Promise so that you’ll only have to pay for expert witness fees and a contingency fee after your win.

This Calgary malpractice lawyer has experienced going to all levels of court and has faced dental and medical practitioners during trials.

His clients also receive the utmost care and sole attention because Trevor Ford handles cases all by himself. Trevor Ford also guarantees smooth communication without any information lost in translation.


  • Reputation for smooth and transparent communication
  • Expertise in dental and medical malpractice cases
  • Covers all disbursements with exceptions in some cases (depending on a number of factors)


  • Mostly unavailable on weekends

Customer Reviews

Read these reviews to know more about why some clients feel Trevor Ford is the best malpractice lawyer in Calgary:

“I would highly recommend Trevor Ford and his team for anyone looking for legal support. Highly professional, attentive and answered all of my questions while going through the process. Thank you Trevor for your excellent service!”

“Trevor Ford, not only did a meticulous job with the legal aspects of my case, leaving nothing to chance he also practices all the wonderful  aspects of top notch customer service and empathy.  These attributes of Mr. Ford got me through an extremely difficult situation with grace and compassion.  I was very lucky and extremely fortunate to have been able to have such an awesome lawyer.”

3.   Tara Pipella – Pipella Law

Tara Pipella's Photo
BEST FOR   Friendly services
SERVICESPersonal injury, medical malpractice
ADDRESS1333 8 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1M6
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 265-8733 [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Pipella Law has been providing its legal services to personal injury victims and people with disabilities in Calgary. Award-winning lawyer Tara D. Pipella now runs this family-business.

The best thing about Tara’s services is that she offers free consultations wherever you may be. Thus, Pipella Law’s clients can schedule appointments in their home, office, or even at the hospital.

Aside from her expertise, Tara and her team also provide customers with unmatched customer care. As a family business, Pipella Law strives hard to take care of its clients like its very own kin.


  • Free consultations that can be scheduled for a wide variety of locations
  • Reputation for offering warm and understanding services
  • 24-hour service calls


  • Some complaints about the lack of follow-up on occasion

Customer Reviews

Expertise and customer service are the features that clients love most about Tara and her Pipella Law team. Here are the customer reviews that’ll tell you the same thing:

“In 2012, I had a fall on my left arm. I ended up with a broken wrist, a frozen shoulder, and broken ribs. Five (5) months later, I was diagnosed with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, (CRPS) and was told that I could never work again. I then hired Pipella Law. Overtime, nerve damage spread throughout my whole body. It is very, very rare for CRPS to spread like this. Pipella Law was very compassionate and professional. They brought in nerve damage specialists and therapists to evaluate.  Subsequently, 5 years later, my file settled. I was amazed at the professionalism of Pipella Law”

“They are very professional, organized,  well informed and very down to earth. They are very sympathetic, understanding and caring towards you and your case which is very great. Very welcoming. Someone is always at the receptionist to greet you upon arrival and with a very warm smile”

4.   Kimberley (Kim) A. Bufton – McLeod Law LLP

Kimberley (Kim) A. Bufton's Photo
BEST FOR   Diverse team
SERVICESMedical malpractice, personal injury, accidents, disability insurance claims
ADDRESS14505 Bannister Rd SE #300, Calgary, AB T2X 3J3
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 278-9411 / (403) 873-3727 [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Kimberley Bufton is one of the many lawyers in the prestigious McLeod Law practice. Her notable works include insurance claims and personal injury cases.

Since McLeod Law is a relatively large firm, its malpractice lawyers have strong connections with lawyers from other fields. With this advantage, Kimberley can deliver well-rounded services for clients to get through a long malpractice suit.

Aside from these degrees, Kimberley also has experience as an insurance lawyer. Thus, she’s one of the best Calgary malpractice lawyers with a deep insight into how defendants think.


  • Holistic law services
  • Team of 6 malpractice lawyers
  • Experience dealing with insurance companies from inside


  • Occasionally difficult to get hold of

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews to tell you more about what to expect from Kimberley and McLeod Law’s services:

“Great company. Whenever I needed help, they’ve always took time to help me. The people who work here actually care!”

“Great Lawyers, awesome support staff, professional in all areas, with a kind, healthy environment within their organization. Highly appreciate all they have done for me and would highly recommend them for all you legal needs.”

5.   Grover Law Firm

BEST FOR   Injury related cases
ADDRESSSE Sovereign Centre, 6700 Macleod Trail Suite 390, Calgary, AB T2H 0L3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (403) 253-1029
OPERATING HOURSMonday: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Grover Law Firm is a firm focused on giving you your deserved compensation for any serious personal injury. By humanizing your case and deeply understanding how your injury has affected your life, they ensure to find a way to make companies realize your case’s importance.

Motorcycle/automobile incidents, brain injuries, and slip and falls are just a few of their injury  law services that they could handle. Get an aid for these confusing and stressful times, and they will definitely get the compensation you deserve as you heal.


  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Have no loyalties with other companies
  • They have free consultation, along with no other fees until the case is resolved


  • They only focus on serious personal injury and traumatic brain injury cases

Customer Reviews

Here’s what people are saying about Grover Law Firm:

Steven and his team did an amazing job with my personal injury case. They were not only patient, kind and helpful but we’re also extremely welcoming as I was nervous going in. They answered every question I had and were always there when I felt worried or scared. I would recommend Grover Law Firm to anyone wanting a professional yet kind and caring service! 5/5 stars.

“Steven and Vlado are highly professional, honest and will go to great lengths to ensure that you receive the best care possible. They are always available to answer your questions and address your concerns until you are completely satisfied. My settlement was over and above what I thought I would receive and I recommend that Grover Law firm is the first place you go when you need representation.

Frequently Answered Questions

And that’s it for our list of the best malpractice lawyers in Calgary! With these legal professionals, you can be sure that your health, safety, and finances are prioritized, even when it feels like the world is against you.

We hope you never get to use these lawyers again for the same purposes, but should the moment come to that, it’s best that you’ve prepared. If you’re looking for other law-related lists, by the way, we also have a list on Calgary’s best family lawyers.

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