The 24 Places for the Best Massage in Calgary

Best Massages in Calgary

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By Julia Leblanc Have you ever gone through such a strenuous day that it left you too sore to move afterwards? Well, with the help of the places for the best massage in Calgary, you’re just one step away from the solution, which is a good body massage. Getting a massage is good for people who want to develop their range of motion and flexibility. It also stimulates blood flow to your muscles, which helps them get the oxygen and nutrients they need to rebuild or recover. Below, we’ve gathered a list of places for the best massage in Calgary, to help you recover from a total body workout or a stressful day.

1. OrthoSports

(Photo Credit: OrthoSports)

BEST FOR  People with chronic pain or body pain
ADDRESS203, 5917 1 A. Street SW, Calgary, AB, T2H 0G4
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 399 6292 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSSun – Fri 10:00am – 8:30pm

Sergey Raiter has helped hundreds of people eliminate their chronic pain and regain their mobility through his advanced manual manipulation massage therapy treatment. A student of world-renowned Massage Hall of Fame Inductee James Waslaski, Sergey has also studied Orthopedic massage therapy and Advanced Cyriax Frictions under the tutelage of well-known Calgary therapist Dr. Lanre Salami.  Sergey’s greatest joy in life comes from helping his patients return to their normal pain-free lives, and it was his own battle with chronic pain that led to him becoming a therapist.   Highlights

  • Fewer treatments, faster relief
  • Trained by world-renowned massage therapists
  • Experienced massage therapist

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of OrthoSports’ clients: “I have had posture issues since I can remember, my shoulders were always so tight and had a hard time rolling them back. I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to find the right therapy to help with my upper back pain. Sergey blew my expectations out of the water with great service and a professional attitude. I left his clinic with no shoulder pain and that was something I haven’t experienced in a long time! I highly recommend if you have an old injury that is causing you discomfort.” Here’s another one: “Sergey is an excellent manual therapist. He is knowledgeable and attentive to the needs of the client. I was going through a great deal of low back pain, unable to perform basic tasks like rolling in bed and walking fully extended. Sergey went out of his way to accommodate, as well as eased off my pain substantially. I was able to roll over on my sore side as well as walk with less pain. The results were immediate. Thank you for helping me deal with pain in just one session.”

2.  Exige Medi Spa

Exige Medi Spa
Photo credit: Exige Medi Spa Facebook
BEST FOR  Clinic & spa services
ADDRESSUnit 6, 110 – 2nd Ave S.E. Calgary, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILSTel: 403-918-8936 Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon to Sun: 7:00am-8:00pm

Exige Medi Spa is a combination of clinic and spa services that originate from exotic oriental philosophies and the idea of healing through nature’s balance. They cater to providing services that renew your body, mind, and soul, which will further allow you to rediscover your health, youth, and vitality. As one of the places for the best massage in Calgary, Exige Medi Spa uses different methods like acupuncture, acupressure massage, reflexology, body massage, and craniosacral treatments. You’re sure to find the massage you need here.


  • Thai deep tissue massage
  • Laser acupuncture
  • Acupressure massage

Customer Reviews

Clients of Exige Medi Spa recommend them for their skilled and very attentive staff, who are knowledgeable about the location of pain and pressure points, and for their amazing place. Some customers made reviews and said: “Hands down, the best massage in Calgary. From booking the appointment to the end of the massage, every step of this experience is professional. The spa is simply beautiful, and the facilities are clean and welcoming. The staff always go above and beyond, every single appointment. Thanks for always making me feel special!” “Patricia is wonderful! She is so friendly and gives amazing massages. She really knows what she is doing. I have a lot of pain throughout all the muscles in my body and her massages help a lot.”  

3. Breathe Massage Therapy & Total Body Health

Header image for the site

(Photo Credit: Breathe Massage Therapy & Total Body Health)

BEST FOR  Massage Therapy
ADDRESS717 7 Avenue Southwest #120 Calgary, AB T2P 0Z3 Canada
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 457-3060 | (403) 617-8282
OPERATING HOURSMon to Sun: 10:00am-8:00pm

Breathe Massage Therapy & Total Body Health is dedicated to helping you reach your optimum health. Their team has many years of experience and is dedicated to providing a clean, professional environment. Your satisfaction is their priority, which is why they make sure to personalize their services based on the needs and preferences of each customer.


  • Registered Massage Therapists
  • Sterile Environment
  • Warm and Relaxing Environment

Customer Reviews 

Some customers made reviews and said: “I have been going to Breathe Spa for many years and find Cheryl to be the best massage therapist that I have ever worked with. Cheryl asks and listens to what skeletal problems I am experiencing and she has such a great knowledge on how to correct and help with mobility and any pain that I have. I have sent many of my friends and family to Cheryl and they continually thank me for introducing Cheryl and Breathe Spa to them. The spa is a very relaxing place and is extremely well located on 7th avenue SW and so handy to get to from my downtown office or any part of the city, as it is on an LRT station stop on 6th Street SW. I have also purchased corporate gifts in the form of massage certificates and beauty products for our secretaries in my office and they are impressed with everything Breathe Spa offers. Keep up the great work Cheryl and thanks to you and your associates for caring about your clients!” “I have been to this Spa twice and both times I have left feeling like new life is flowing through my muscles! I come in stressed and I leave rejuvenated and prepared to face the rest of the day mentally and emotionally. I highly recommend both Illy and Allerson; they listen attentively to what you say without ignoring the secrets your body silently reveals to them. You will not be disappointed!”

4. Intrinsi

(Photo Credit: Intrinsi)

BEST FOR  Massage and Physical Therapy Services
ADDRESSSuite 103, 1608 17th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2H 2L6
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 229-9214 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon     9:00am – 3:00pm Tue      9:00am – 8:00pm Wed     8:00am – 5:30pm Thu    10:00am – 8:00pm Fri        9:00am – 5:00pm Sat       9:00am – 2:00pm

Intrinsi is more than just a rehabilitation facility. Their clinic brings together a diverse team of osteopaths, physiotherapists, and massage therapists who work together in a model of care that centres their focus on you — their clients. They provide one-on-one sessions, which means their therapists serve only you for your appointment time. Intrinsi wants to ensure you get the most out of your time with them, which is why they take the time to help you understand their clinical reasoning for treatments and the home exercises that they prescribe. Intrinsi does not follow a rigid structure and their assessments and treatments intertwine. If your therapist believes you would benefit more from the particular treatment style of another therapist, they will team up to ensure you are receiving the most effective treatment.


  • Holistic service
  • Personable staff
  • Trained and experienced

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of Intrinsi’s clients: “I have been going to this clinic for two years and they have been the most kind, professional and holistic clinic I have been to. They have continued to provide care even with all the challenges of the pandemic and I never have to wait, they provide masks, hand sanitizer and clean everything making it feel safe and professional and so I don’t have any worries when I go in. I have seen Claire for various sports injuries and she is very knowledgeable, patient and kind. She takes the time to listen and has even had other practitioners help in my care. I have been to a lot of physiotherapists and Claire is the only one who has spent the whole visit every time treating me, setting a standard for care that is far above anyone else I have seen. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone!” Here’s another one: “Front staff was very friendly and welcoming. Intrinsi has a calming and peaceful atmosphere. I got a massage from Twyla. She is amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her!!”

5. Omega Massage & Wellness

(Photo Credit: Omega Massage & Wellness)

BEST FOR  People in need of relaxation
ADDRESS1424 19 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2M 1A6
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 289-1001  |  [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon-FriI   9:00am – 8:00pm  Sat           9:00am – 5:00pm Sun        10:00am – 5:00pm

Omega Massage and Wellness services and team are committed to offering a safe and sacred environment to allow for personal healing and awareness: physically, mentally and spiritually. They believe that your health is paramount to your total success in life.  Through knowledge-based therapies and professional services properly adapted to your needs, their immersive treatments allow clients to recalibrate their bodies in a healthy, continuous way, all while nurturing holistic lifestyle choices. Their services give one the opportunity to restore vibrancy in their daily lives. Highlights

  • Professional
  • Safe Space

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of Omega Massage & Wellness’ clients: “I followed Shauna Brausse from another clinic and love this one so much better!  Shauna is the only person who has been able to address the cause of my chronic pain, not just mask it for the time being.  Her massages are not a ‘typical’ massage but they actually heal you!  It’s really incredible.” Here’s another one: “Tristan at Omega Massage was amazing! Her knowledge and passion for her job was so awesome to see and experience.”

6.  South West Massage and Wellness Centre

South West Massage and Wellness Centre
Photo credit: South West Massage and Wellness Centre Facebook
BEST FOR  Massage and wellness provider
ADDRESS#650, 22 Midlake Blvd. SE Calgary, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILSTel: +1 403-931-4829 Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon to Fri: 9:00am-8:00pm Sat: 10:00am-6:00pm Sun: 11:00am-5:00pm

The mission of South West Massage and Wellness Centre is to help clients bring back their sense of well-being. This is achieved through decreasing stress, relieving pain, and developing the circulation and mobility of the body. They provide a holistic approach through a wide array of therapies that will help your body heal better and stronger. As one of the places for the best massage in Calgary, South West Massage and Wellness Centre customises their plans according to each individual’s goals and needs to further maximise a pain-free, step-by-step way of living.


  • Reiki therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Acupuncture

Customer Reviews

Having great customer service, different health & wellness products to choose from, and an amazing staff are just some of the reasons clients recommend South West Massage and Wellness Centre for. Some customers made reviews and said: “The massage therapy was very good. The staff are welcoming and the location is easy to access. Thank you.” “I have always had a great experience here, the atmosphere is lovely all throughout, the massage therapists are professional and very good at what they do, and they make you feel very comfortable. Thanks!”

7. Vitality Spa & Massage

(Photo Credit: Vitality Spa & Massage)

BEST FOR  People with chronic pain or body pain
ADDRESS259 Midpark Way SE #205, Calgary, AB T2X 1M2
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 999-6687 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Sun 10:00am – 8:00pm

Vitality Spa & Massage believes that the elimination of stress and tension is critical for the improvement and maintenance of overall well being. Vitality works to improve quality of life through physical and mental rejuvenation. Treatments, designed to satisfy the whole body, are provided by highly trained staff in the field of massage therapy, esthetics and skincare as well as a full range of body therapies. Highlights

  • Professional
  • Top of the line equipment
  • Direct billing

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of Vitality Spa & Massage’s clients: “I live in Vancouver and last week I came to Calgary to visit my friends and searched google map for Vitality Spa & Massage. Phoebe gives me a perfect facial experience, and I especially recommend Vmax for its effect on wrinkles and lifting and firming.  Thanks, Phoebe!” Here’s another one: “This clinic was recommended to me by a friend. I made an appointment and was treated by Phoebe. She is one of the best therapist I ever met, professional and very patient. Great relief on my shoulder pain. Definitely will make more appointments for treatment and a relaxing session. Highly recommend!”

8.  Health Land Wellness Centre

Health Land Wellness Centre
Photo credit: Health Land Wellness Centre Facebook
BEST FOR  Multi-disciplinary clinic
ADDRESS#216 500 Royal Oak Drive NW Calgary, Alberta T3G 0E8
CONTACT DETAILSTelephone: 403-454-8892 Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon to Sat: 10:00am-7:00pm

Health Land Wellness Centre is the right place for discovering your inner balance and wellness. This is where you’re able to rediscover your senses and clear your mind. They are run by a team of professional therapists who offer customised quality treatments to suit the needs of each client. As one of the places for the best massage in Calgary, Health Land Wellness Centre continues to provide moments of wellness, happiness, and relaxation for everyone.


  • Massage therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Physiotherapy

Customer Reviews 

Health Land Wellness Centre is recommended by their customers for offering good service, great treatments, excellent RMTs, and reasonable pricing. Some customers made reviews and said: “Never will I be going anywhere else. After my first appointment, I had to sit in my car for about 5 to 10 min. I have never felt so relaxed after a massage, even my brain felt like it had a massage. It felt so good to have the tension in my back and neck relieved. Justin is a great RMT!” “Justin is a fantastic RMT.  I was all knotted up walking in and walking out I felt so good I was debating doing yoga.   Ha.  Truly though, mobility improvement instantly without a painful massage.  I can’t wait to go back.  Pardon the pun.”  

9.  Why Knot

Why Knot's Massage
Photo credit: Why Knot website
BEST FOR  Therapeutic massage
ADDRESS1230A – 17th Ave SW Calgary, AB T2K3M7
CONTACT DETAILSTel: 403.270.0854 Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon to Sun: 9:00am-9:00pm

Why Knot is devoted to guiding each client to maximum health and well-being with the help of professional practitioners in massage. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, they focus highly on flexibility and create a personalised treatment plan with solutions to match each individual’s needs. And as one of the places for the best massage in Calgary, Why Knot provides solutions for pain relief, injury recovery, health support, and relaxation. That’s why they’re so popular with locals.


  • Therapeutic massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Acupuncture

Customer Reviews 

Why Knot is the place where you truly get what you pay for, because according to their customers, they have good therapists, thorough massages, and a relaxing clinic. Some customers made reviews and said: “Had a massage with Alicia on Saturday and she was fantastic – very professional and skilled. I had injured my neck last week and by the end of the session my neck felt much better and is getting better with each day. I would highly recommend Alicia.” “Thanks Sandeep for the great 1 full hour deep tissue massage. My neck and shoulders are feeling great! Probably one of the best massages I’ve had in a long time! It’s nice to know that you get a full hour when you pay for the hour too.”  

10.  Calgary Therapeutic Massage and Wellness

Calgary Therapeutic Massage and Wellness
Photo credit: Calgary Therapeutic Massage and Wellness
BEST FOR  Massages
ADDRESS50 Sunhaven Place SE Calgary A.B. T2X 2X6
CONTACT DETAILSTel: 403 695 9383 Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon to Thurs: 9:00am-8:00pm Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm

Calgary Therapeutic Massage and Wellness is one of the places for the best massage in Calgary. It’s known for offering quality deep-tissue therapeutic treatments. They also provide clients a variety of professional, clean, comfortable, and safe massage therapy solutions with the help of their certified massage therapists. Calgary Therapeutic Massage and Wellness is devoted to giving each individual the kind of treatment that will help relieve pain, enhance health, and promote relaxation.


  • Deep-tissue therapeutic massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Hot stone massage

Customer Reviews 

Calgary Therapeutic Massage and Wellness is deemed amazing by their customers, who even recommend them for the knowledge and commitment of their therapists, and the assurance of an overall great massage. Some customers made reviews and said: “Diane has been so helpful in the correction of my knee and IT band issues.  She has not only used excellent technique in massage therapy but has also provided me with additional resources and exercises to help me understand the “why” behind my pains.  Many thanks to Diane for getting me back on track to enjoying the activities I love (i.e. running)!”  “I can’t say enough good things about Diane. I was going to my chiropractor for what I thought was a pinched nerve. I went to my chiro 3 times and I didn’t get any relief. I saw Diane once for my neck and after seeing her once I immediately felt relief. If you need a massage. I highly recommend her.”  

11. Cadence Chiropractic, Sport & Health

BEST FORMultidisciplinary, evidence-based health care
SERVICESChiropractic Active Release Technique (ART®) Graston® Technique Massage Therapy Prolotherapy Acupuncture Traditional Chinese Medicine Motor Vehicle Accident Care Custom Orthotics Nutritional Supplements Functional Foam Rolling Traditional Chinese Medicine Concussion Management
ADDRESS2220 7th Ave NW, Unit C, Calgary, AB T2N0Z6
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: 403.521.2278 Fax: 888.613.1152 Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday 9am-7:30pm Tuesday 9am-7:30pm Wednesday 9am-7:30pm Thursday 9am-7:30pm Friday 9am-4pm Saturday 9am-1pm

Since 2007, Cadence Chiropractic, Sport & Health has been providing up to date, evidence-based musculoskeletal care to Calgarians. The Registered Massage Therapists at Cadence provide different treatment types including:

  • Deep tissue
  • Relaxation
  • Hot Stone
  • Pregnancy Specific
  • Injury Specific via ART® (Active Release Techniques)

Their Massage Therapists are surrounded by a wonderful team of Health Care Practitioners to provide you with everything you might need including Chiropractors, Naturopathic Physicians, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.


  • Extremely high success rate with resolving musculoskeletal injuries and pain
  • Multidisciplinary Health Care
  • Direct Billing to most insurance companies
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Care

Customer Reviews

People continuously give glowing reviews of the excellent and effective treatments that Cadence Chiropractic, Sport & Health provides. Here are some: My massage with Erin was nothing short of wonderful. You can tell she is an experienced Massage Therapist (20 years!). She listened to me intently, was very professional and the massage was EXACTLY what I needed. I will come back again and again. I would recommend her to everyone! -Linda, Calgary, AB When I booked with Paul for a rotator cuff injury I wasn’t sure what to expect. Even though he is an RMT, he was VERY specific with his treatment. Using active release, he was able to resolve my shoulder injury in two treatments. I highly recommend Paul for an injury specific treatment. He fixed me! -Tyler, Calgary, AB

12. Fitness Canada Physio & Massage Centre


BEST FORTherapy Services
SERVICESPhysiotheraphy Massage Therapy Yoga Therapy Ayurvedic Massage
ADDRESSCalgary South West |Westbrook Mall, 1200- 37 Street SW, Calgary AB T3C 1S2 Calgary North West Location, 4115 4th Street NW, Calgary AB T2K 1A3 Calgary South | Woodpark | Unit 12-523 Woodpark Blvd SW, Calgary AB T2W 4J3
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: 587-333-3566 E-mail: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSDepends on location

Fitness Canada Physio & Massage Centre takes pride in being a Canadian health care company that is owned by a Physiotherapist. They provide diversified Therapy services across the City of Calgary. At their clinics, their Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Yoga therapists, Acupuncturists, and Therapy Assistants work as a team to help patients understand their conditions and reach their therapeutic goals. Our unique specialty is our Holistic approach-by which we mean collaboration of Modern advanced Therapeutic Modalities with the Ancient Wisdom like Yoga and Ayurveda ( Indian -Herbal Therapy) to assist our patients achieve Long lasting Goals at a shortest period of time.


  • Their therapists have extensive training and experience
  • Treats a variety of conditions like Musculo Skeletal problems, Sports Injuries, Motor Vehicle Accidents, and more

13. enduraHEALTH Sports Therapy Clinic

(Photo Credit: enduraHEALTH Sports Therapy Clinic

BEST FOR  Athletes in need of consultation and/or medical attention
ADDRESS1333 8 St SW #333, ​Calgary, AB  T2R 1M6
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 356-3676 | [email protected]

enduraHEALTH is Calgary’s premier sports rehabilitation centre for sport injuries, aches and pains.  They work with a variety of types of athletes at the Olympic/professional level to collegiate and recreational.  ​When choosing a healthcare team it is important that you trust and respect them as practitioners, as athletes and as people. At enduraHEALTH, they pride themselves on the personal component that they add to their services.  It doesn’t matter what level you’re competing at, your body is the most important piece of equipment you own and you need to take care of it and enduraHEALTH is one of the best ways to ensure that you do!


  • Premium level customer service
  • Reasonably priced
  • Flexible appointment times

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of enduraHEALTH’s clients: “Shig was awesome! He’s very knowledgeable and made me feel completely comfortable.  You can tell he really enjoys his profession. He was really focused on targeting my problem areas and was able to solve my issue with my shin. He gave me tons of info during the massage and even showed me how to properly self massage at home. Definitely will be back!” Here’s another one: “I have been going to enduraHEALTH for years and find the staff fantastic. They are kind, educated, and work hard to support you in your health goals. Very affordable and respectful of your time with lots of exercises and stretching provided for homework. So grateful for this team!! Thank you for all that you do!”

14. Prema Wellness Centre

(Photo Credit: Prema Wellness Centre)

BEST FOR  People who want to partake in holistic wellness
ADDRESSPrema Wellness Centre, 1429 17 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta T2T 0C6
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 316 1647 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 9:00am – 8:00pm Sat 9:00am – 7:00pm Sun 9:00am – 7:00pm

Prema began as a vision fifteen (15) years ago to bring holistic wellness to the community in a professional non-intimidating environment. They quickly became known as a space where everyone would be accepted as they are and treated with the highest level of care by gifted massage therapists, acupuncturists and wellness practitioners. As with all growing visions, Prema experienced an evolution that resulted in an exciting new identity and a new heritage home on the corner of 14th Street and 17th Ave SW, in one of Calgary’s most vibrant communities. Prema Wellness Centre has evolved into Calgary’s all-inclusive wellness facility.  Your wellness needs are as unique as you are and whatever wellness means to you, we will do our best to have it available. Sometimes you may need a total relaxation experience to unplug from your daily stresses and other times a day of beauty may be on the list.


  • Great location
  • All-inclusive wellness facility
  • Long list of choices to choose from

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of Prema Wellness Centre’s clients: “I had a great therapist this evening to work on a shoulder issue I’ve been dealing with for months and strange back pain that has been bothering me for over a week now. He was able to relax my back through a deep tissue massage and I’m more comfortable now than I’ve been for a long time. He even relieved a neck stiffness headache I wasn’t aware I had. I nearly fell asleep as soon as I got home. Prices seem quite reasonable for the service provided. The memberships are a great value and offer decent savings. This place was recommended by two co-workers and I certainly see why. I think I’ll definitely be coming back.” Here’s another one: “Kind, welcoming, well dressed staff.  Professional treatment and clean rooms, with dim lighting and pleasant aromas create a relaxing ambiance in which to enjoy your massage.”

15. Calgary B C Acupuncture

(Photo Credit: Calgary B C Acupuncture)

BEST FOR  People interested in Eastern alternative medicine and therapies
ADDRESS#3, 4803 Centre St. NW Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 2Z6
CONTACT DETAILS403-455-8811 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 10:00am – 7:00pm Sat 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Located in Calgary North, Calgary B C Acupuncture Clinic has been servicing Calgary and surrounding areas for many years, helping its patients restore their health naturally through alternative medicine and therapy. Founded by Dr. Bill Chan and his wife Cindy, Dr. Chan is a registered acupuncturist in the province of Alberta and also a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor. Calgary B C Acupuncture Clinic specializes in acupuncture and Chinese medicine for the treatment of pain relief and management, stress, insomnia, migraines, headaches, obesity, weight loss, infertility and the general prevention of diseases through optimal health maintenance and natural healing.  By providing ear acupuncture, laser acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, cupping, gua sha (scraping therapy), Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition counselling, and tui na (Chinese massage), Calgary B C Acupuncture Clinic has developed a reputation of knowledge, friendliness and passion and treats patients one-on-one with the utmost respect and understanding. Highlights

  • Certified TCM staff
  • Alternative medicine and therapies
  • Reputable business

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of Calgary B C Acupuncture’s clients: “Dr. Chan is amazing. He really takes the time to listen to all your concerns and he is analyzing every single detail , making sure he doesn’t miss anything. Every time my family and/or me were using his services and expertise we got excellent results.” Here’s another one: “I have just completed a course of 10 acupuncture treatments with Dr. Chan for two health issues,  and have gained relief and improvements in both conditions.   What I like the most is that Dr. Chan is very prompt so  I rarely had to wait.  Dr. Chan also takes time to answer questions and is very responsive to any concerns I may have had.  My experience under his care was very positive.”14

16. National Spine Care and Sports Medicine

(Photo Credit: National Spine Care and Sports Medicine)

BEST FOR  People with spinal issues or in need of sports medicine
ADDRESS1815 10 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 270 7252
OPERATING HOURSMon – Thu    7:00am – 7:00pm Fri                7:00am – 5:00pm Sat               8:00am – 3:00pm

National Spine Care and Sports Medicine is a place where incredibly talented individuals collaborate in an integrated team environment to put their work into the hands of thousands of people. They specialize in Non-Surgical (Conservative) treatment of Spine and Extremity musculoskeletal pain and injury. At National Spine Care, all their Team Members provide you with individual, personalized one-on-one care during your appointment. Delivering quality care is their priority so with longer 30-minute appointments, they provide you with the one-on-one attention you deserve! Highlights

  • Wide variety of choices and program plans 
  • Experienced and professional staff
  • Custom treatment for you

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of National Spine Care and Sports Medicine’s clients: “Josip was referred to me by a friend after a rather unpleasant experience with a family doctor. The subject matter was my knee injury and Josip was fantastic!! Restored my faith in the fact that not every doctor is the same. He’s a highly intelligent doctor with a very welcoming demeanour. I highly  recommend his services!” Here’s another one: “Very experienced and very knowledgeable staff. Enthusiastic and upbeat. I would highly recommend National Spinal Care to anyone who has any type of injury or joint mobility challenges.”

17. JY Massage

(Photo Credit: JY Massage)

BEST FOR  Western and Eastern Massages
ADDRESS2407A Edmonton Trail N.E Calgary, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 250 8833 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSTue-Sat 10:00am – 7:00pm Sun 11:00am – 7:00pm

At JY Massage, they believe that massage is not just a luxury– it is a way to a happier and healthier life. With their specialists with over 20 years of experience, they strive to provide their customers with a personalized experience to ensure that they relax the body and mind– ensuring lasting wellness. Highlights

  • Traditional Chinese massage 
  • Trained and experienced staff
  • Personable staff

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of JY Massage’s clients: “The place isn’t fancy, but that isn’t what I am looking for with a message (a spa is another thing). I have been seeing Nancy for deep tissue massage over the past few years, and she is excellent at it. I have a hard time finding someone that can go deep into my muscles. The place is more suited to but not limited to a Chinese clientele. I keep coming back even though it is a commute for me.” Here’s another one: Been doing here for a while. Very mom and pop style Chinese massage. Great deep tissue and foot massages. [A] hidden gem for those that don’t need the fancier quieter massage experience (establishment is below a Chinese restaurant and there is no receptionist so be prepared to have your massage therapist answer the phone…). [I] would still highly recommend if you’re looking to work our your pains and aches.”

18. Lokahi Massage & Pregnancy Services

(Photo Credit: Lokahi Massage & Pregnancy Services)

BEST FOR  Pregnancy Massages
PRODUCTS Prenatal Massage, Labour Massage, Postnatal Massage
ADDRESSTuscany Ravine Mews NW, Calgary, Alberta T3L 2W3
CONTACT DETAILS7803702701 | [email protected]

For every step of your pregnancy and the pregnancy pains that come with it, Lokahi Massage makes sure to make a safe space for you to relax and relieve the pain and tension in your body. Lokahi firmly believes that pregnancy shouldn’t be as painful as it is and so they offer you different options for you to find what works best for you to. At Lokahi Massage and Pregnancy Services, you’re well taken care of with an experienced and accommodating staff and the best technology for your best experience. Highlights

  • Pregnancy friendly
  • Personable and experienced staff
  • Ambient setting

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of Lokahi Massage & Pregnancy Services’ clients: “Justine is amazing! She always takes the time to inquire about your concerns and really listens. I have been going to her for the past year, and [have] provided fantastic service consistently. Not only does she make sure to relieve your pain, she takes the time to get to know you personally. I highly recommend her services! Her vibrant personality and passion makes her a true gem.” Here’s another one: “I’m not even pregnant and I loved it! Justine is a fantastic masseuse. I’ve had stress in my upper back and shoulders for a long time, and she really worked out my knots and tension. The setting is very comfortable, and her booking system and use of technology is a definite plus!!”

19. Decodex Massage Therapy

(Photo Credit: Decodex Massage Therapy)

BEST FOR  Massage and wellness provider
ADDRESS180- 94 Ave SE (#44 MacLeod Plaza) Calgary AB T2J 3G8 (One Block North of Walmart & Lowis – inside MC Acupuncture Clinic)
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: 587-832-5188 Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday-Saturday: 9:00AM – 8:00PM

Decodex Massage Therapy is more than just a massage company. Their passion for customer service and improving their techniques help them stand out in their industry. Their team of licensed massage therapists cater to their customers needs by providing the ultimate therapeutic experience. Highlights

  • Tui-Na
  • Provides excellent customer service

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of Decodex Massage Therapy’s clients: “I have been receiving massages regularly nationally and when travelling for over 30 years,  and David ranks  BEST practitioner ever! I would recommend him for novice & professional athletes alike!  He views the body holistically, and approaches his work professionally & compassionately each session- and as a  7 year ‘Regular’ that’s appreciated!  He uses both Western & Eastern techniques depending on your bodywork needs, elevating his massages to SUPERIOR!!! Lastly, he offers a humility and ‘in service’ attitude which supports a fully relaxed and deeply beneficial massage treatment experience each & every time!” Here’s another one: “I started looking for my own way of healing from a car accident back in February, I had a 6 month headache that wouldn’t go away as well as the rest of my body being in pain. In 1 session my headache disappeared and didn’t return. I’ve had more sessions since and I am feeling better every time. I can’t wait to be back to normal again, thank you so much David!”

20. Gelous Spa

(Photo Credit: Gelous Spa)

BEST FOR  Massage, Microneedling, and Facials
PRODUCTS Massage therapy, Microneedling, Facials, Dermaplanning, Hair rejuvenation, Body treatments, Spa packages, Reiki
ADDRESS4924 20A St SW, Calgary, AB T2T 5A6, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected] | 403 617 2512
OPERATING HOURSTuesday: 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm Thursday: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm Friday: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm Saturday: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Gelous Spa is a Calgary-based spa that offers a variety of exclusive VIP services for customers. All their appointments are by booking only. Bookings may be made online or through phone. Highlights

  • Relaxing and safe treatments
  • Option for organic ingredients

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of Gelous Spa’s clients: “My mom and I had our first facials here a few days ago and had wonderful experiences! We will definitely be back! Helena is so professional and friendly. Her treatment space is also very lovely and relaxing.” Here’s another one: “Helena is the skin goddess. Years of trying to get my skin under control was fixed after 1 appointment with Helena. Her energy and kind spirit made the facial extremely relaxing and once you meet her, you know you are in great hands! Helena is very educated and knowledgable. I strongly would recommend booking a service with her, you will be hooked”

21. Spirit of Physiotherapy and Massage

(Photo Credit: Spirit of Physiotherapy and Massage)

BEST FOR  Physiotherapy and massage
PRODUCTS Physiotherapy, Massage therapy, Bio medical dry needling, Acupuncture, Cold laser therapy, Shockwave therapy
ADDRESS#80-2525 Bridlecrest Way SW Calgary AB T2Y 5J4
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected] | (403)454-4451
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:00 am – 7:30 pm Saturday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Spirit of Physiotherapy and Massage is a Calgary-based physical wellness center that uses a hands on approach during consultations to educate, rehabilitate and optimize an individual’s body capacity to move and thereby function well. Their team is composed of certified physiotherapists and bookings may be made online. They also welcome walk-ins and new patients. Highlights

  • Multidisciplinary team clinic
  • Convenient hours
  • Welcoming environment

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of Spirit of Physotherapy and Massage’s clients: “Jay is so knowledgeable! He really cares about his patients. He’s gentle, but at the same time, he understands that some of what he has to do isn’t always pleasant, so he will explain everything to you, and work within your limits. He will also tell you Dad Jokes to distract you and get you laughing! I travel across the city to see him, because I trust him, and he’s that good.” Here’s another one: “Jay is amazing!! the staff is so friendly and caring. very comfortable and respectful and clean environment.With the help of jay I will be back to recovery in no time!! 10/10 I recommend for any work needed!”

22. Calgary Pure Blu Lotus Massage Therapy

(Photo Credit: Calgary Pure Blu Lotus Massage Therapy)

BEST FOR  Physiotherapy and massage
PRODUCTS Swedish Relaxation Massage, Thai herbal Compress, Prenatal Massage, and Reflexology
ADDRESS5917 – 1A Street SW Suite# 203 (Inside Sunshine Yoga Academy)
CONTACT DETAILSTel: 403 – 805 – 7530
OPERATING HOURSWed – Fri : 12:00pm – 8:00pm Sunday – Tuesday : Closed

Silvia, owner of Pure Blu Lotus, is a fully certified, licensed, and insured registered massage therapist in Calgary. She graduated from Makami College Calgary, specializing in therapeutic massage, in 2008 Highlights

  • Registered Massage Therapist
  • Can issue insurance receipts

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one ofCalgary Pure Blu Lotus Massage Therapy’s clients: “Silvia is very professional and compassionate massage therapist.” Here’s another one: “Silvia is amazing! Highly recommend her for her skills and how warming she is.”

23.  Calgary Pilates Centre

Calgary Pilates Centre's Logo

PRODUCTSPilates Classes, Trainings, Therapeutic Services
ADDRESS2424 4 St SW Suite #200, Calgary, AB T2S 2T4
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (403) 245-5885 E-mail: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon-Thurs: 9am – 7pm Fri: 9-2 Weekends: Closed

Calgary Pilates Centre is the home of the best therapeutic services and the best Pilates in Calgary. You can simply enroll in their Pilates classes and avail of their therapeutic massage and osteotherapy. Their core values of education, inclusivity, connection, and quality enable them to provide you with guidance and empowerment throughout your fitness journey. They are one of the few certified practitioners of the STOTT PILATES® program too. This particular brand of Pilates integrates cardio workouts with Pilates to improve your muscle strength and overall stability.


  • Osteotherapy, therapeutic massage, and exercises, MELT method
  • Licensed STOTT PILATES® trainers
  • Online classes
  • Assortment of apparatus, classes, and workshops

Customer Reviews

The studio’s instructors are experts in the field, which is why customers love coming back to Calgary Pilates Centre. These reviews attest to the studio’s lasting impact on customers’ bodies and lifestyles. “Because of the great instructors, the transformation of my body happened so quickly! I was able to see a change in my poor posture almost immediately. People in my life were asking me if I had gotten taller!”Rochelle H. “Serena is a great instructor for one on one! She has helped me attain mobility in my shoulder I never thought I would have again! Also, Rachel, the massage therapist is phenomenal. If you are looking for rehab for an injury I highly recommend it here.”Kathleen O’Reilly

24.  Oasis Wellness Centre & Spa

Oasis Wellness Centre & Spa's Homepage
BEST FOR  Medical aesthetics
PRODUCTSMassage, facials, nail aesthetics, medical aesthetics, waxing, makeup lessons
ADDRESS880 16 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1J9,
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 216-2747 [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Wednesday: 8:30 AM – 7:30 PM Thursday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 9:00 PM Saturday: 8:30 AM – 7:30 PM Sunday: 9:00AM – 5:00 PM

The Oasis Wellness Centre & Spa is an Egyptian-inspired pampering facility located at the heart of the city.

It has amenities such as a sauna, steam rooms, and lounges, to keep you relaxed throughout. As for the services, Oasis provides massage, prenatal massage, facials, manis, and pedis.

What makes it the best day spa in Calgary are their medical aesthetic services. The day spa has registered nurses to ensure you are getting the best Botox, Latisse, and Juvederm treatments.


  • Largest spa in Western Canada
  • Various amenities and services
  • Medical aesthetics
  • Group and couple packages

Customer Reviews

With friendly staff and professional services, The Oasis Wellness Centre & Spa always satisfies each customer. Read the reviews below to know more:

“I am thrilled with the services I received from Laura.  My lip injections were not painful and the results are incredible!   Realistic and gorgeous! Amazing!”

“I first went to Oasis because I got a Groupon as a gift for my birthday. I was so impressed with the beautiful, calm facilites with ultra-professional staff that the same day I bought a membership. The membership package is carries amazing value for the price. Each staff member from the front desk staff to my RMT (Curt) to the esthetician were professional and really made my experience a great one.”

  With the list above, we hope you’ll be able to find the perfect place to book your next massage. You should call the nearest wellness centre today and experience the best massage ever. On another note, if you’d like to take things to the next level, check out our list of the best chiropractors in Calgary to help you continue living a pain-free life.

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