The 5 Best Debt Consolidation Services in Calgary

Best Debt Consolidation in Calgary

By Aiden Collins

Debt can be a symptom of problems and unfortunate life circumstances, but it’s important to remember that you are not your debt. It can be solved, and there is help to be found… like the best debt consolidation offices in Calgary.

Debt management, credit counselling, and financial literacy are the biggest hurdles to conquer if you want a sustainable financial future.

As overwhelming as may seem, with timely counselling, initiative, and a great debt restructuring plan, you can and will move on from your debt.

1.  4 Pillars

4 Pillars' Logo

PRODUCTS Professional and confidential consultations, debt settlement assessment, etc.
WEBSITE 4 Pillars
ADDRESS 340 Midpark Way SE #300, Calgary, AB T2X 1P1
CONTACT DETAILS 403-455-1743.

4Pillars specialises in debt restructuring and consolidation. They create customised and complex plans that meet your short-term financial needs, and in turn, help manage your long-term financial goals.

They provide some of the best debt consolidation services in Calgary.

In fact, to ensure that once your debt is consolidated and cleared you would have a strong credit profile, they will help you understand how to effectively manage your credit—making sure that you would be out of credit for good.


  • Nominee – 2014 BBB BlueTorch Award for Ethics
  • Nominee -2014 Calgary Small Business Award for Excellence in Customer Service

Customer Reviews

Here’s some feedback from a 4Pillars client:

“Maha,was very knowledgeable , professional and non-judgemental .

Her ability to make us feel comfortable , and help us to go over our current situation and options we have to move forward was amazing and we felt such a relief and saw a light at the end of the tunnel !would have never reached our financial goal on our own .

Thank you for helping us !”

And here’s more:

“Hemali was extremely personable as well as professional. Her ability to make me feel comfortable, and help me to thoroughly go over my current situation and options I have to move forward was amazing. I would highly recommend not just her, but Credit Counselling Society as a whole in terms of debt relief options.”


2.  BDO First Call Debt Solutions

BDO First Call Debt Solutions' Logo

SERVICES Debt help, consumer proposals, bankruptcy, etc.
ADDRESS 307, 3016 – 5 Avenue NE Calgary, AB
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 910-4253
OPERATING HOURS 8:30AM-5PM, weekdays

BDO First Call Debt Solutions provide swift and efficient solutions for any kind of debt issue. They go as far as extending help from other professional organisations to expand the available debt-relief solutions available to you.

Do-It-Yourself debt relief options are also available options for BDO’s clients in order for them to make informed choices. This enables them to attain financial independence—creating the best opportunity for financial literacy in Calgary.


  • Offers a free debt help options handbook

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from a BDO client:

“During a terrible time in my life Harman with BDO was able to get me back on track and help me to minimize my debt load.  Harman over the past 6 months has been gracious, smart, caring and full of great advice.  Thank you so much for being who you are and doing what you do!”

And here’s one more:

“BDO was able to help me find a solution that worked best for me and my situation and they have been so accommodating to my schedule. I’m horrible with phone calls and Harman has always sent emails and has always been quick to respond! Thank you so much team! Very happy with my experience! ☺️”


3.  Money Mentors

Money Mentors' Logo

SERVICES Debt help, consumer proposals, bankruptcy, etc.
WEBSITE Money Mentors
ADDRESS 1200 59 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2M4, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS +1 888-294-0076
OPERATING HOURS Mon-Thurs: 8am-8pm

Fri-Sat: 9am-5pm

Money Mentors offers excellent credit counselling and money coaching, promoting financial literacy as something that’s approachable and easily understandable. This creates the best opportunities for a better financial future.

Money Mentors is one of the best debt consolidation services in Calgary because they provide cost-effective solutions to complex debt solutions and credit counselling.

Nonetheless, the main focus of the company is to spread financial literacy and help prevent serious debt problems in the future.


  • They offer financial education and money coaching

Customer Reviews 

Here’s some feedback from a Money Mentors client:

“I took a friend here today.   They were intensely helpful given the short window of time we had.  Paula was able to zero in on the problem areas and offered a number of solutions.  Of course she can’t spend all day with us.  It wasn’t a social visit.  Some people might be offended by that.  I was happy because my time is valuable also.  I will be recommending Money Mentors to more people who find themselves having financial difficulties.”

And here’s more:

“I met with Delores in person and then a follow up phone conversation.  She was very understanding of my situation and at no time was I meant to feel negative about my situation.  She gave me some advice and options for my situation that I went home and considered.  My follow up phone conversation was helpful in that she answered some additional questions to allow me to try and resolve my situation on my own, with the option of returning to Money Mentors in January to use one of the other options discussed.

Thank you to Delores for the understanding and advice.”


4.  Credit 720

Credit 720's Logo

SERVICES Credit 720 services
WEBSITE Credit 720
ADDRESS 1725 30 Ave NE #25, Calgary, AB T2E 7P6, Canada

(403) 337-4000

OPERATING HOURS 9:30AM-6PM, weekdays

Credit720 approaches debt consolidation like a friend who’s an expert financial advisor. They’re experts in debt negotiation—and they safeguard your assets and rights as if these things were theirs.

Credit counselling is their expertise. Negotiating your credits and strengthening their credit profile all work together in order to create a sustainable financial future for you, as their clients.

We think they’re the most approachable of the best debt consolidators in Calgary.


  • More than 5000 satisfied clients

Customer Reviews

Here’s feedback from a Credit720 client:

“Credit720 is a big help for me. They give me a good program to get out of my debts. Now I’m stress free and  I can manage now my financial. Thank you Jocelyn and the team for helping me. Highly recommend you with my friends and co-workers.”

And here’s more:

“Great Services. Dealing debts is not easy trust me I’ve been dealing my debts for a long time but it ended up just paying the interest.But this company helped and find ways to pay off my debts fast. I am so grateful that I found this company. They are so friendly and helpful especially Jocelyn. Thank you so much”


5.  Debt Consolidation Alberta

Debt Consolidation Alberta's Logo

WEBSITE Debt Consolidation Alberta
ADDRESS 1015 4 St SW #535, Calgary, AB T2R 0C5
CONTACT DETAILS 1 (844) 701-9947

DCA is the leading place for debt consolidation solutions in Alberta. They are offering convenient and effective long-term solutions for all kinds of debt issues.

Their methods of debt counselling consist of various consultations that are only billed at the end, guaranteeing cost-effective resolutions.

The DCA is a consistent financial firm that you can go to for all your financial problems, so if you’re looking for a sure fire way of solving your debts, DCA provides one of the best debt consolidation services in Calgary.


  • No costly loans nor security required


In sum, these companies provide an educational and approachable way of tackling debt issues.

Whether you’re already in debt or you plan on getting a loan, it’s always a wise idea to get ideas from the experts in this field. After all, it is your money on the line!

Securing a proper financial future enables citizens to worry about debt less, and live life more. Call up one or all the best debt consolidation services in Calgary for all your loan questions!

By the way, if you have outstanding loans, or plan to take loans, you’re sure to deal with taxes. To ensure that you’re paying right and properly, consult the best tax lawyers in Calgary!

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