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The 8 Best Maid Services in Calgary [2023]

If you live in Calgary, you already know that you have many options for a professional maid service. The question is, how do you find one that is right for your family’s lifestyle and needs?

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’re reviewing the best maid agencies and services in Calgary.

The Best Maid Agencies in Calgary

Before we get to our top selections, here are the criteria we used to evaluate the entries:

Variations – A great maid agency should have a large database of maids with various specifications such as cleaners, cooks, caregivers, babysitters, and so on, as well as qualities to help you choose the best.
Credibility – A great maid agency should be licensed and allowed to operate in the area. It is also advantageous if the maid service agency is affiliated with a reputable certifying body.
Experience – A great maid agency should have a team with years of experience and expertise. We looked for agencies with staff who had at least two years of experience in the industry.
Flexibility – A great maid agency should be willing to adapt to the needs of the customer. They should provide service at a time that is convenient for the clients.
Customer values – A great maid agency should be able to prioritize the customer. They should be able to provide a satisfaction guarantee and excellent customer service.
Prices – A great maid service should be able to provide services that are worth their customers’ money. We chose companies that offer competitive rates with flexible payment options available.

1. Maids in Pink

Maids in Pink's Banner
ADDRESS918 16 Ave NW #4058, Calgary, AB T2M 0K3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 402-4794

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Sunday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
SERVICES• Standard cleaning

• Deep cleaning

• Move-in & out cleaning

• Post-construction cleaning

• Same-day cleaning

Experience 4/5
Customer values5/5
Prices (A higher score means better value)4/5

Maids in Pink is easily one of the best and most convenient maid service agencies in Calgary. We say this with confidence as we found many likable attributes that an average household will appreciate.

First, their cleaners are carefully vetted by the agency which implies strict compliance with their own service standards. Of course, other companies do this as well, but we find them much more stringent in the hiring process.

Their wide range of cleaning options is also a delight to our taste. They have standard cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in and out cleaning, and post-construction cleaning.

You can naturally expect the same options with other companies but what makes them stand out is their consistency. As far as quality goes, we see that the workmanship of every service is commendable – the high client satisfaction is the first telling sign.

Maids in Pink can also assist you if you require a cleaner immediately. They offer same-day cleaning, which, while not a new concept to us, is still a fantastic option for urgent cleaning needs no matter the time and day.

Another noteworthy feature is their easy payment options. They offer cashless payments and discounts to customers who use weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning services.

Plus, it’s easy to book through their website. Convenience factors like this are a big deal to us and we know you’ll appreciate it too.

However, much to our dismay, we still found reviews complaining about poor communication regarding bookings. Still, we didn’t see this as a big letdown since they are constantly praised for other aspects of their business, making their overall service adequate.


  • Carefully-selected cleaners
  • Knowledgeable and well-trained cleaners
  • Offer fast same-day cleaning
  • Easy payment options available 
  • Has a detailed online booking form
  • Consistent work quality


  • Minor complaints about poor communication

Professional approach, reasonably priced

I used Maids in pink when I needed to move out from a rented main floor. They came and it took them 6hrs to leave the place spotless! I was very satisfied with the service and would recommend them any time. They professional approach was one of the things I liked the most and the $ was very reasonable for the work done. You guys are the best!!! – Ivan Trbušić

Very transparent, sends reminders

I have used Miads in Pink now for few times for my move out cleaning needs.  Easy booking online, responsible prices, very transparent about the charges. They sent me reminders about my cleaning as well.  I booked a full move out cleaning with carpet cleaning, the crew showed up on time and ti a fantastic job. My landlord was extremely happy and I received my damage deposit back.  Great cleaning company, hardworking, honest and oriented to detail. Thank you Maids in Pink for a stress less move out cleaning☺️ – Antonija Karamatic

2. Your Cleaning Fairy

Your Cleaning Fairy's Banner
ADDRESS28 Autumn Vw SE, Calgary, Alberta, T3M 0P1, Canada

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 9:00 - 5:00 PM
SERVICES• Deep cleaning

• Routine cleaning service

• Move-in/out cleaning

Experience 4/5
Customer values4/5
Prices (A higher score means better value)5/5

Your Cleaning Fairy lives up to its name pretty well. They use their “magic dusters” to make their clients’ homes sparkle again, as they have for many other Calgary families since 2015.

Their guarantee is probably their most valuable asset, as they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for any services they provide. Though, of course, nothing is ever perfect, so we do advise keeping more realistic expectations with their services.

To that end, the scope of their services is determined by the type of cleaning. They can be relied on for deep cleaning and routine cleaning services, as well as move-out/in-cleaning. 

But they specialize in deep cleaning, so we highly recommend them in that regard. In fact, it’s their most sought-after service, giving us the impression that their work is consistently good for many repeat customers.

On another note, we want to highlight that Your Cleaning Fairy has convenient online booking forms, which then help them deliver accurate quotations. Through that, clients need only specify things like the number of beds or baths they have.

In our opinion, we believe this is a clear winner in terms of peaceful servicing, as it uses flat-rate pricing. This means that clients will not be charged exorbitant hourly fees while the agency cleans their homes.

Aside from that, Your Cleaning Fairy is generous in providing discounts to their clients, especially those who are loyal. They specifically offer a 10% discount for monthly cleaning, a 15% discount for biweekly cleaning, and a 20% discount for weekly cleaning.


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee for any service
  • Specializes in deep cleaning
  • Convenient online booking forms
  • Accurate quotations
  • Flat-rate pricing
  • Generous with discounts


  • Closed on weekends
  • Limited cleaning services

Easy booking process

We used the Cleaning Fairy for the move-in clean at our new house and the move-out clean at our condo. The booking process was very easy, Anna was extremely responsive to answer all of our questions (sometimes answering emails past 9pm). Elizabeth showed up on time for both cleans. She was very through and quite friendly. We were very impressed with Your Cleaning Fairy and would highly recommend them. – Tyler Bernakevitch

Quick and thorough

I was thrilled with the service and level of professionalism I received from Your Cleaning Fairy. From the email correspondence to the actual cleaning service I received, I couldn’t have been happier with everything. Elizabeth did a fantastic job with our home and was quick and thorough. Thank you for the wonderful experience! – Kelsie Smith

3. AspenClean

AspenClean's Banner
ADDRESS5809 Macleod Trail SW #213, Calgary, AB T2H 0J9, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 353-3912

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Saturday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

SERVICES• Complete house cleaning services

• Condo and office cleaning

• Green cleaning services

• Post-construction cleaning

• Move-in/out cleaning

Experience 5/5
Customer values4/5
Prices (A higher score means better value)3/5

If you want a natural house cleaning, we believe AspenClean in Calgary is a good option. In all of their services, this maid and cleaning company only uses all-natural and eco-friendly home cleaning products.

With those products, they find it easy to create an organic cleaning environment and a healthy home for their clients’ families. That, we believe, is AspeClean’s advantage over its competitors.

While they are dedicated to taking green house cleaning to the next level, we appreciate how they continue to stay current with industry tools and materials. From what we’ve gathered, they manage to use vacuums with high-quality filters to remove all dust and allergen particles.

With this kind of process, we’re actually not surprised that they deliver high-quality complete house cleaning services. Thanks to their past clients, we were able to assess the level of workmanship they offer, which is quite satisfactory on all levels.

When it comes to credibility, AspenClean doesn’t fall short. They are proud to have numerous environmental certifications (EWG, EcoCert, Leaping Bunny), as well as various awards and accolades.

On top of it all, their cleaning services are guaranteed for 24 hours. We believe you may truly need this as we have been made aware of feedback from a few customers who were dissatisfied due to incomplete or missed work.


  • In the business since 2004
  • Natural and eco-friendly cleaning services
  • Uses current with industry tools and materials
  • High-quality complete house cleaning services
  • Numerous environmental certifications and awards
  • 24-hour service guarantee


  • Minor complaints about incomplete or missed work

Professional, above and beyond

I thoroughly enjoyed the clean that the most recent ladies did for me on Monday. I feel like they were very nice and professional. They also went above and beyond. I was very pleased to see that they had gone and even washed the dishes that were in my sink, scrubbed the shower floor, and imprinted the corners of my toilet paper! I would love to see these ladies again as I feel that they did a better job than the previous ones. Thank you so much Aspen clean! – Andria Panidisz

Genuinely cared

This was our first time having AspenClean in our home and I was very impressed with the job they did. They were very thorough and genuinely cared about doing a good job making sure we were satisfied with the work. We have a couple of dogs and it was important to us that the cleaners were good with animals too. We had Team 7 and I would be happy to have them back! – Tiffany Power

4. Mango Maids

Mango Maids Banner
ADDRESS1206 20 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB, Canada, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 389 4060

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Sunday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
SERVICES• Move-in/out cleaning

• Commercial cleaning

• Residential deep clean

• Post-construction cleaning

• Carpet cleaning service

• Odor removal

Experience 4/5
Customer values4/5
Prices (A higher score means better value)3/5

We’re personally impressed by Mango Maids’ commitment to its customers; hence, we find them very recommendable.  They even offer a 24-hour service guarantee to their customers to ensure their satisfaction.

The agency seems to have maid services for every occasion – whether you need assistance with moving out, post-construction cleaning, or regular cleaning services. As established, nothing too unique about this, but the options are pretty much enough.

Customers can also rely on them for specialized services like odor removal and carpet cleaning. Not every cleaning company offers this so you may want to drop a message if you ever need these types of services.

Another thing we like about them is their same-day guarantee, which is actually quite convenient. Plus, they not only do ad hoc deep cleaning but also weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning, depending on the client’s preferences.

Unfortunately, there are some hiccups with their same-day service, as it may not be performed if there are unexpected acts of nature or staff sickness. Although understandable, having a backup plan would’ve been better appreciated.

On the plus side, Mango Maids promised its clients free service if they were unable to provide the service on the scheduled date. You should be aware, however, that they are overly strict when it comes to client cancellations.

This maid agency is without a doubt one of the most well-respected in Calgary, as evidenced by its reviews. It’s no secret that they provide a wide range of cleaning services, which is great despite some inconsistencies.


  • More than a decade of service in the industry
  • Wide range of cleaning services 
  • Special services such as odor removal and carpet cleaning
  • Offers same-day guarantee
  • Free service if unable to provide the service on the scheduled date


  • Strict on client cancellations
  • Some complaints work quality 

Fast and detailed work

Carol and Ricky never disappoint!  I just wish I could have them here every month!  Their work is fast and detailed… and their warm positive attitude leaves sunshine in my home for the whole day!!! – Susan Shores Psychological Services

Very well trained, thorough follow-ups

Blanca and team were super! The cleaning was very thorough and I was very happy with their service and professionalism. The whole team at Mango maid are very well trained, I had a problem with my initial payment and Shaneque was very helpful, she called severally to follow up. I would use them again and again. – Bukola Oluwaleke

5. WestMaids Cleaning Services

WestMaids Cleaning Services Banner
ADDRESS60 Royal Oak Plaza NW, Calgary, AB T3G 0C6

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Monday – Sunday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
SERVICES• One-time clean

• Routine cleaning

• Moving in/out cleaning

• Office cleaning

Experience 4/5
Customer values5/5
Prices (A higher score means better value)3/5

One thing about WestMaids Cleaning Services is that they value their customers. We say this because they have a robust client care structure, which is often overlooked in some companies in favor of their online counterparts. 

About that, they have a dedicated customer support team that is available 24/7, providing quick assistance and answers to inquiries. Anyway, their secure booking process makes this feature easy to access for clients.

Still on the same page, WestMaids assures customer satisfaction with a 48-hour guarantee. By the way, this is the best guarantee we’ve heard of in the city, so we urge you to take advantage of this offering as you deem necessary.

The safety of their clients is also a priority for this agency, which we find very reassuring. To do that, they identity-checked all of their cleaners and made them undergo an in-person interview.

The only thing that worries us is that they usually only send one maid per appointment. While this keeps things simple, cleaning services may take longer – something we don’t want our busy friends to tolerate.

This made us doubt their commitment to providing excellent cleaning services. But fortunately, the reviews indicate otherwise and we take client testimonials seriously in this regard. 

Clients praised them for their prompt service, which usually takes no more than an hour, though this is only true for small rooms/apartments. Bigger spaces will naturally take longer so please adjust your expectations accordingly. 

Nonetheless, while we disagree with their one-maid-one-appointment system, they demonstrate that they can work within a reasonable time frame.


  • Dedicated customer service
  • 48-hour guarantee
  • Customer support team available 24/7
  • Wide range of cleaning services
  • Prompt service


  • Usually only send one maid per appointment

Passionate, eye for detail

Britney and Sam are a pleasure to work with and they made our home look brand new again. They are passionate about what they do and have an eye for detail and thoroughness. Definitely recommend and happy we found this team.  – Helen G

Personable and professional

Our Westmaids cleaning duo were thorough, professional and did a great job. We were emptying our father’s house, which he had let slide for many years. The mess/grunge was exceptionally bad, but the cleaning was done without questions or complaint. It was a pleasure to work with Westmaids, as the service was quick, professional, personable, and very thorough. 

With their help, the house was ready to put on the market. – Jonathan Wade

6. Calgary Trusted Cleaners

Calgary Trusted Cleaners Banner
ADDRESS2517 17A St SW, Calgary, AB T2T 4S5
SERVICES• Electrostatic disinfection

• Residential and commercial cleaning

• Post-construction cleaning

• Deep cleaning

Experience 4/5
Customer values4/5
Prices (A higher score means better value)3/5

Calgary Trusted Cleaners is one of the largest locally owned cleaning companies in Calgary, offering residential and commercial cleaning services. They offer specialized services such as post-construction cleanup and deep cleaning.

Aside from the services they provide, we’ve discovered other reasons why they’re recommendable in this service.

The first is that they use technology and equipment to stay current, naturally great for more modern cleaning needs. They also only use eco-friendly cleaning products which earns a plus for household safety.

Another thing worth highlighting is their dedicated and engaged workforce. Past clients confirmed this, with many praising them for their excellent communication and accountable performance.

As mentioned, CTC excels at the services they provide – however, we have discovered minor drawbacks. This relates to their deep cleaning, where there have been complaints about several areas of the home not being cleaned according to their deep cleaning checklist.

Fortunately, we still found something about them that sets them apart in terms of service. 

They offer electrostatic disinfection spraying services, which are ideal for cleaning frequently touched areas such as light switches and door handles. We think this is a good option for businesses with high customer traffic daily. 

All things considered, we believe that you can put your trust in Calgary Trusted Cleaners for all of your cleaning needs. Yes, there were minor inconsistencies, but they always found a way to redeem themselves.


  • More than a decade of experience
  • Wide variety of cleaning services available
  • Uses modern cleaning equipment 
  • Uses eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Commendable workforce
  • Provides electrostatic disinfection spraying


  • Minor inconsistencies with their deep cleaning
  • No online booking system

Amazing attention to detail

This was our first time using Calgary Trusted Cleaners and we got Katie and Tameka. WOW, is all I have to say, their attention to detail was amazing. Our family had just finished a 2 week camping trip, and I had no interest in finishing our trip by cleaning the house, it was fantastic coming home to a spotless home. Can’t recommend them enough. – Sarah Kuindersma

On time, extremely helpful

The service is incredible, they got to my house on time and finished quick and did amazing. The woman I spoke to, Brandi, was extremely helpful with booking and made it a lot simpler than booking with other cleaning services I’ve used. I will definitely be booking for another cleaning and I very much recommend this company. – Jake King

7. Cozy Home Maid Service Inc.

Cozy Home Maid Service Inc.'s Banner
ADDRESS1210 12 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0P3
CONTACT DETAILS+1 403-891-6243

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Sunday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
SERVICES• Basic cleaning package

• Residential cleaning services

• Commercial cleaning services

Experience 3/5
Customer values4/5
Prices (A higher score means better value)3/5

Cozy Home Maid Service Inc. is a well-known agency in Calgary when it comes to cleaning spaces. Well, they’re not only popular in the area but also in other Canadian cities, making them a household name in the industry.

Of course, they have trained and experienced cleaning professionals working in teams to achieve excellent results. To accomplish this, they assign each employee a specific cleaning task to ensure that the job is completed thoroughly.

In terms of the job, we honestly don’t find anything noteworthy in the range of cleaning services they offer. But we like that they don’t have a complicated list of services – instead, they simply categorize them as residential or commercial cleaning services.

On another note, you can simply request their basic package, which already covers a lot of services. It includes kitchen sanitation, trash removal, and even cleaning the stove grate and microwave – plus, you can also make specific cleaning requests.

In addition to being a well-known maid service franchise, Cozy Home uses environmentally friendly cleaning products. However, we’re unsure about the equipment they use, as they sometimes fail to bring tools when servicing. 

Another unfavorable thing for us is their hourly rates. Sure, it’s cheap if your place is small and there’s not much else to clean, but you may end up paying more if the cleaners assigned to you are rather slow.

All things considered, they’re a nice choice for both residential and commercial clients looking for complete cleaning services. 


  • Cleaners work as a team
  • Offers basic cleaning packages
  • Uses environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Caters to specific cleaning requests
  • Accommodates residential and commercial clients 
  • Reputable maid service franchise


  • Minor complaints regarding not bringing their own equipment
  • Hourly rates only
  • No service guarantee

Hassle free, dedicated cleaner

We have been looking for a cleaning company that would work with our schedules. We found what we were looking for in Cozy Home Maid Service. Our cleaner Lana was excellent did a wonderful job. We signed up for bi-weekly cleaning with no reservations. We get a dedicated cleaner which I really like. Contacting the company was hassle free, quick communication all questions answered. Strongly recommend this Company for all your cleaning needs. – Cindy H

On time and trustworthy

We’ve been using Cozy Home Maid Services for a while – most recently at our new house. I am never worried about the quality of service – it’s always done well. And I don’t worry about leaving my house unattended. The staff have always been on time and trustworthy. The customer service is fantastic – send an email and make the appointment; no complicated back and forth. – Blair Mak

8. MaidPro Calgary

MaidPro Calgary's Banner
ADDRESS146 58 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0A2, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 775-7529

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
SERVICES• Customized cleaning services
Experience 4/5
Customer values4/5
Prices (A higher score means better value)3/5

If you’re a true Calgarian, there’s no way that you haven’t heard of MaidPro. They are a locally operated maid franchise that is notably known for its specialized cleaning services.

What we like most is the agency’s management and staff. We find them very dedicated to their role which naturally results in satisfactory personalized cleaning.

They are also very much committed to green cleaning, which surely is a plus point in our book. Not to mention that they adapt to changing times by providing disinfection services to give their customers additional peace of mind.

Speaking of that, we’ve highly commend them for the measures they take in trying to avoid contamination and recirculation of dust. One of the ways they do this is by keeping their staff trained with EPA and OSHA standards.

Unfortunately, not all of their customers are pleased with their experience with MaidPro. In fact, some clients told us that they failed to show up for a scheduled cleaning appointment.

However, we appreciate how the agency admitted its mistake and, as a result, redeemed itself in our eyes. Having said that, we still consider MaidPro to be the ideal maid service agency, particularly because they customize cleaning services to client’s needs and budgets.


  • Locally operated maid franchise
  • Specializes in customized cleaning services
  • Provides green cleaning
  • Staff follows EPA and OSHA standards
  • Able to meet clients’ budget
  • Provides disinfection services 


  • Minor issues about not showing up

Efficient and collaborating

I had Sara and Irah in my home and they were amazing as a team!  Thorough, efficient, collaborating, negotiating and executing.  I am a remote worker and they completely accommodated my schedule as they moved through the house.  The detail and attention was awesome.  HIGHLY recommend !  and thanks gals. – Debbie Martin

Professional cleaning, invaluable service

We booked MaidPro for a move out cleaning and I was very impressed by the quality and professionalism shown from beginning to end. Nathalie did an amazing job cleaning our condo and I really wish I had booked this service sooner. You can also tell the company cares about the well-being of their staff. I would highly recommend MaidPro for anyone who needs a professional cleaning as they provided an invaluable service during a stressful time for us. – Maura Kang

Quick Comparison of Calgary’s Best Maid Services

Overall Rating Specialty/Best For
Maids in PinkB+Standard cleaning, same-day cleaning
Your Cleaning FairyBDeep cleaning, routine cleaning service, move-in/out cleaning
AspenCleanBGreen cleaning services, complete house cleaning services
Mango MaidsBMove in/out cleaning, commercial cleaning, residential deep clean, post-construction cleaning, carpet cleaning service, odor removal
WestMaids Cleaning ServicesBOne-time clean, routine cleaning
Calgary Trusted CleanersBElectrostatic disinfection, residential and commercial cleaning, post-construction cleaning, deep cleaning
Cozy Home Maid Service Inc.C+Basic cleaning package, residential cleaning services, commercial cleaning services
Cleaning Maid EasyC+Exterior cleaning services
MaidPro CalgaryC+Customized cleaning services

FAQs About Maid Service in Calgary