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6 Companies Offering the Best Loans in Calgary 

Finding a good lender can be a trial. From APRs to max loan amounts, there’s a lot of comparative work involved if you really want to get the best option.

To help you out, we went through the most highly recommended loan providers in the city. Let’s see which ones made the cut for our top selections and why.

The Best Lending Companies in Calgary

The following are the criteria we used:

Profile – A loan company must have a reputable business profile starting with its financial strength. It must also be credible to carry out borrower assessments through the prequalification and preapproval phase.
Types of loans – A loan company offers its clients a wide range of loans to meet their financial needs. These include all basic loan levels including personal loans, home loans, student loans, auto loans, and business loans.
Process – A loan company must provide a convenient application process both online and in-person. They must also have reliable staff to perform soft or hard credit inquiries to potential borrowers. 
Cost – A loan company must be able to provide reasonable costs for exchanges such as interest rates, loan origination fees, and other related fees depending on the loan type.

1. Title Loans Online

Title Loans Online
BEST LOANS OFFEREDVehicle and motor home equity loan
ADDRESS4649 Macleod Trail SW #6040, Calgary, AB T2G 0A6, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 403-668-1148

14% - 49%

As of January 2023

LOAN TERMS24 - 60 months
Types of loans4/5
Rates and fees (A higher score means better value)5/5

Title Loans Online might be one of your best options if you want fast cash without having to give up your personal assets. You can borrow up to $25,000 using your vehicle as collateral, but you still get to keep driving it!

Now, don’t get too excited yet – collateral is involved meaning this is a secured loan. To simplify things, if you default on your monthly loan payments, you’d have to bid your beloved vehicle goodbye.

But don’t fret about that yet because this company offers many advantages that we’re sure you’d appreciate. For one, clients are not required to pay fees in advance.

Borrowers are also not subject to prepayment penalties – well, largely because they offer open loans. This means you just borrow and pay your loans as you need them, with no repayment schedule so to say (you’re still subject to loan terms, you just don’t have a payoff date).

Simply put, Title Loans Online allows their customers to pay their loans whenever it is convenient for them, which is a massive thing by the way. Almost all lenders charge prepayment penalties so this is a strong edge. 

Additionally, they also have excellent customer service where you get a dedicated loan adviser assigned. Even their online side of things is a delight since the application process is easy, fast, and 100% confidential.

With all these things said, we’d like to note that the company is a direct lender so there are no broker/middleman costs. Plus, they offer full disclosure on all the things they charge, eliminating the risks of paying hidden fees.

The company has a customer-centric system: no upfront fees, no prepayment penalties, and no credit checks prior to loan applications. The online system has occasional glitches, but will we really let these small hiccups overshadow all the good stuff?


  • No hidden fees or fine print
  • No credit checks
  • No prepayment penalties 
  • Dedicated loan adviser assigned 
  • 1-hour approval
  • Direct lender, no broker costs
  • Easy online application process
  • Offers quick eligibility check form


  • Minor issues with online system error

Transparent transactions

I have been doing business with this company for years.  The service I received from LEO was outstanding every time (even on weekends) and that is why I am a repeat customer.  Leo does business with transparency, there are no stories,  hidden fees or fine print with the transactions.  For this company  you are a client with a name, they identify you by your needs, not by a file number.  Highly recommended. – RC

Quick, efficient process

I was looking at some expensive repairs to my vehicle. Title Loans was able to use the value of my vehicle and give me a loan to repair it. The process was quick and efficient. I highly reccommend Title Loans, if you need a little emergency money. – Tim McCann

2. Happy Loan Corp.

Happy Loan Corp
BEST LOANS OFFERED• Emergency cash loans

• Small personal loans

ADDRESS2710 17 Ave SE #540, Calgary, AB T2A 0P6, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 403-253-2022

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

46.5% Annually

As of January 2023

LOAN TERMS12 - 36 months
Types of loans4/5
Rates and fees (A higher score means better value)4.5/5

Happy Loan would have to be one of our favorites when it comes to fast cash. Actually, they approve loan applications faster than banks, thanks largely to their efficient online system.

The lender offers emergency cash loans for up to $10,000. As you can see, it’s not much so you may want to look somewhere else if you’re funding a hefty project.

Since they’re a direct private lender for personal loans, they can help clients more quickly and with fewer requirements than traditional lenders. Actually, all you need is an ID, proof of income, and a void check to apply. 

Unfortunately, they don’t accept applicants that are unemployed. They do, however, accept low-income earners – pretty advantageous since personal loan lenders scrutinize income requirements a lot.

Now, once you’re eligible and have all the requirements, you can apply online and get the cash within the same day. The funds will be deposited into your bank account, making the disbursement a convenient process. 

They also provide affordable loan payments with a variety of payment options (still, it all depends on what you’ve qualified for). However, we find their payment terms to be too short, as they only allow clients to pay for 12 to 36 months.

The complaint most of their customers have is that the payment for such a loan is set at $1,000. They argue that they can’t make additional payments if they happen to have extra money each month.

The good news is that you can still get a loan even with bad credit. And if you know what it’s like to have a low credit score before, you know how this is a big deal, especially if you’re truly in need of cash.


  • Same-day cash loans
  • Instant online loan approval
  • Accepts bad credit applications
  • Accommodates low-income earners
  • Funds deposited directly to bank account 
  • Affordable payments
  • Little document requirements 


  • Fixed amount for payments

Fast, easy process

Thanks Konstantin and Samara for the fast and easy process that was provided with our same day funding, also great customer service. We have been clients for several years now and you guys have always been there when needed. Recommended to family and friends! – Mauricio Salazar

All done online

I needed money to pay unexpected bill and within 3 days after applying the funds were in my account. Quick and easy all done online. – Joyce Baker

3. Instant Loans Canada

Instant Loans Canada
ADDRESS2711 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 0A6, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 587-317-6296
LOAN TERMSUp to 5 years
Types of loans3/5
Rates and fees (A higher score means better value)5/5

Instant Loans Canada takes same-day loans to the next level. In fact, you can get your funds in just as little as an hour – probably one of the fastest disbursements among all the lenders in this list.

You’d have to use your vehicle as collateral though, but at least they don’t do any sort of storage or hold on to the client’s car. Clients can literally get the cash and still use their car as usual.

However, such loans are not easily approved – clients must meet a number of qualifications. The requirements are mostly standard (car title, valid driver’s license, etc.), but they always insist on the vehicle being registered and insured.

On top of that, the vehicle must be insured for both collision and comprehensive damage. They will then evaluate the vehicle and lend you the money based on the value and condition of your vehicle.

The good side to this is that they don’t do credit checks nor have job requirements. But this is only as long as your vehicle is fully paid for, which is pretty much a fair trade, to be honest.

Our favorite part would have to be that there are no consequences if you pay off your loan early. This means you can pay everything off with no additional fees, useful if you have extra cash to spare and want to pay off your loan fast. 

We also appreciate that Instant Loans is generous in offering long payment terms for as much as $35,000. They provide loan terms of up to five years, but this is contingent on the amount borrowed and the client’s ability to pay.

You do have to worry about certain fees though including charges for the auto check, lien search, and vehicle inspection. Nonetheless, if you liked all the things we mentioned about them, feel free to give them a try.


  • Same-day loans
  • No credit checks
  • No job requirements
  • Loan terms up to 5 years
  • Simple online application 
  • Flexible payment options 
  • No penalties for early payout 


  • Charges various fees

Quick process, cash within the same day

I recently got married and my credit was a mess. Instant Loans Canada got me the cash within the same day that I really needed. They provided me bad car title loan against my car title. The process was very quick and simple. Thanks, Instant Loans Canada, really appreciate your service. You were there when I needed. – Rolen Demesto

Fair plans, great to deal with

Thanks for your help Leo! You and your team we’re great to deal with. The team will put you at ease with difficult decisions. Fair repayment plans. – Kevin G

4. Pioneer Financial Services

Pioneer Financial Services
BEST LOANS OFFEREDTruck-trailer loans
ADDRESS3770 Westwinds Dr. NE #102, Calgary, AB T3J 5H3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 403-874-0018
OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Saturday: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

MAX LOAN AMOUNT$5,000 to $1 million
Types of loans3/5
Rates and fees (A higher score means better value)4.5/5

Pioneer Financial Services is well-known in Calgary for its truck and trailer leases and loans. So if your business requires such equipment, you may want to consider this lender for fast approval.

One of their advantages is their 50 years of experience in the trucking and finance industry. Sounds like an unlikely combination but it has its benefits – for instance, their financial products are more truck-focused, different from what’s offered to the general borrowers.

Since we’re talking about truck-trailer loans, it’s no surprise that they can lease and loan amounts ranging from $5,000 to $1 Million. It sure is a big loan amount so we recommend going here if you’re venturing into big business. 

What makes their loan terms even better is that they require a minimum down payment. The actual amount depends on your loan and terms, but it’s relatively manageable on all levels.

Aside from truck loans, they can also assist clients in getting loans for expensive auto part repairs or replacements. If you have a fleet of expensive vehicles yourself, this may be an ideal option to consider. 

They offer this as an open loan, which means they can pay at any time without penalty. As established, this allows for a faster loan payout without any additional charges when you clear out your balance. 

There were just some complaints when it came to their customer treatment. A few past clients seem to think that they’re hard selling, which we personally don’t like given that these are hefty financial products.

Finally, Pioneer Financial Services is also an ideal place for commercial insurance services that are obviously focused on transportation. If your business is related to this industry, they’re a solid company to work with.


  • Lease and loan ranging from $5,000 to $1 million
  • Fast approval
  • Minimum down payment
  • No documentation fee
  • Assists in loans for expensive auto part repairs or replacements
  • Over 50 years of experience
  • Also offers commercial insurance services


  • Minor issues with customer treatment

Quick process, gives good advice

Thanks to Sunny and his team for helping me quick process a loan to buy a Truck and Trailer. I really appreciate their help. I can’t believe that I am able to buy a Truck. I was struggling to get a loan from many other places. When I met Sunny and told him I was struggling. He gave me some advice and introduced one of his team members Ms. Harman, she is very helpful and fulfilled my dream. Thank you for each person of the Pioneer Financial team to help me out. My best wishes and regards for this company – David Soren

Professional and reliable

One of the best companies that we have dealt with for our financial needs. Very professional and reliable service, would highly recommend them to everyone! – Arshminder Brar

5. Blue Copper Capital

Blue Copper Capital
ADDRESS5809 Macleod Trail SW #104, Calgary, AB T2H 0J9, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 403-250-0232
OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Saturday: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

MAX LOAN AMOUNT$100 to $100,000

14 - 33%

As of January 2023

LOAN TERMS6 - 36 months
Types of loans4/5
Rates and fees (A higher score means better value)4/5

Blue Copper Capital has been serving in Calgary since 2006, providing clients with various financial services. They offer numerous kinds of loans including payday loans, personal loans, and business loans.

This company makes it easy for people to apply by providing three ways to reach them: in-person, online, and over the phone. However, as simple as the application is, it takes a couple of days for them to hand in big loans.

Fortunately, they have a quick cash solution in the form of their payday loan program. It’s ideal for covering an unexpected expense, paying bills, or giving more financial freedom, though the loan limit is only $1,500, regardless of income.

Blue Copper Capital, on the other hand, has a solution if a client frequently needs payday loans by considering joining the Blue Copper Club. It’s within our knowledge that members can obtain loans with lower interest rates and longer terms.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to join the said club, as per the reviews. Most clients find it difficult to join because it requires credit checks and an active bank account, which some of them do not have.

Nonetheless, Blue Copper Capital met our criteria for being a fast and convenient loan company. Qualifications and requirements are easy too, making everything a seamless experience.


  • Offer numerous kinds of loans
  • Easy to apply
  • Little requirements 
  • Offers quick access to fast cash 
  • Great privileges for 
  • Members of their club Blue Copper Club members 
  • Get approved in 20 minutes 


  • Takes a couple of days to hand in loans
  • Can be difficult to join their club

Easy and positive experience

I have been a customer of Blue Copper Capital for many years and have always received fantastic service! Dave, Jen and the staff are always kind, professional and understanding! They have always come through for me when I have encountered unplanned expenses and I would encourage anyone in need of some financial support to seek their advice! It will be an easy and positive experience from start to finish. I thank the Blue Copper team for your friendship and support over the years! Terrific!! – Lori-Lynn Gulstene

Upfront fees

Jen C. is truly amazing to work with. She is upfront about all fees and requirements and fights hard for my best rates. I have had the privilege of working with her on a few different loans over the past three years, every time I get the same excellent customer service and she always makes me feel like my business matters. – Brian W.R.

BEST LOANS OFFEREDShort-term loans
ADDRESS372 Bertha St, Hawkesbury, ON K6A 2A8, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 844-419-2274

130% | ($15 per $100 borrowed)

As of January 2023

LOAN TERMS42-day term
Types of loans3/5
Rates and fees (A higher score means better value)3.5/5

iCASH is yet another Calgary lender that offers short-term loans. Actually, many people in the city already trust them since they are well-known in the area and have customers all over the country.

They’re a popular choice for such loans for a variety of reasons. 

For starters, they’re very easy to access because all of their transactions are done online using an efficient decision system when clients apply for a loan online.

Because of this system, clients can receive an e-transfer of money in under 2 minutes. This is perhaps the fastest e-transfer you can get from a big lender like this.

Another thing is their unique cashback program that rewards customers. They can earn up to 20% back on the cost of borrowing for each online loan paid back, which explains why they have so many returning customers.

On the negative side, while we are impressed with their loan program, there are some minor inconsistencies in it. iCASH sometimes denies clients, though this is likely an error on their online system.

Nonetheless, we consider them to be one of the best places in town to borrow money, particularly for those looking for fast loans. However, if you seek larger loans, we recommend that you look elsewhere.


  • E-transfer in as fast as 2 minutes
  • Fast approval process 
  • Convenient online application
  • 20% unlimited cashback
  • Easy-to-use mobile application 


  • High interest
  • Short terms

Prompt, easy to use 

I love ICASH!!  I have never had any issues with this company…very prompt courteous customer service!  The app is very easy to use and understand…I love the fact you get rewarded for every loan paid back on time and the payback options are amazing!  Been with them for 3 years and do highly recommend them to family and friends when in need of some extra cash!  – Heather Lesage

Seamless procedure, courteous reply

I’m a new iCash client and am impressed by the seamless procedures. They are very easy to understand, and on the one occasion I had a question to submit, I received a prompt, courteous and professional reply! My overall experience with iCash and the staff is five-star. This is how a company should be run…thank you folks! – Jc Scott

Quick Comparison of the Best Lending Companies in Calgary

Loan Terms Interest rate Best Loans OfferedMaximum Loan Amount
Smarter LoansN/AN/APersonal loanAs low as $500 for a personal loan and up to $2M and more for commercial asset-based lending
Title Loans Online 24 - 60 months 14% - 49%  Vehicle and motor home equity loan $25, 000
Happy Loan Corp. 12 - 36 months 46.5%  Emergency cash loans/Small personal loan $10, 000
Instant Loans CanadaUp to 5 yearsN/ACar title loan$35, 000
Pioneer Financial ServicesN/AN/ATruck-trailer loans$5,000 to $1 million
Blue Copper Capital 6 months to 36 months 14 - 33%  Payday loans As low as $100 for payday loan and up to $100,000 for personal loan
iCASH.ca42-day term$15 per $100 borrowedShort-term loans$1,500

FAQs About Loans in Calgary