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Best Trucking Companies in Calgary

The 7 Best Trucking Companies in Calgary

For anyone looking to transport goods and products, and other freight solutions, the best trucking companies in Calgary are available to help you out. We’ve come up with a list of these trucking companies based on their provision of services, affordability, and customer ratings.

Without further ado, check out our list of the best trucking companies in Calgary below!

1.  TransX

TransX Truck
Photo credit: TransX Facebook
PRODUCTS http://www.transx.com/services.cfm
WEBSITE http://www.transx.com/services/intermodal/hrtrans.cfm/
ADDRESS 4540 54 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2C 2Y8, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: +1 403-720-8344

TransX is one of the best trucking companies in Calgary that serves as your one-stop provider for transportation and logistics services for all kinds of businesses.

The company focuses on coming up with personalised solutions based on your business. Their mission is to become the leading provider of combined transportation solutions.

TransX was founded in 1963 and has grown to become known as Canada’s biggest private transportation company. Given the customised services we noted above, that’s no surprise!


  • Flat Deck
  • Intermodal
  • Logistics

Customer Reviews

TransX is best known by their clients to be the greatest trucking company ever. Strong words, you say? Well, just check out these reviews:

“Definitely best place to drive from all big fleets in Canada. Dispatches, planers and safety stuff, are still human beings, what making driving just better. Specially for drivers who remember “old good times” and have a problem with find themselves in new reality. The professionalism of drivers is also higher ( a lot) then others big hwy companies.”

“I have worked here for 5 years now.. I will remain here till I retire. I have only good things to say about them and the so very many improvements they have put into play including the pay for the drivers.”


2.  Caneda

Caneda Truck
Photo credit: Caneda website
PRODUCTS https://www.caneda.com//Caneda_Trucking.html
WEBSITE https://www.caneda.com//index.html
ADDRESS 4330 46 Ave. S.E. Calgary, AB T2B 3N7
CONTACT DETAILS Telephone: (403) 236-7900

Toll free: 1-800-661-9184

Email: [email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Mon to Fri: 7:00am-5:00pm

Caneda is a transportation provider comprising company trucks and owner operators. They are a supply chain service provider with a small fleet customer service.

They are known for offering large carriers that focus on specific and tailor-made services, and have branches across Canada and USA. This makes them a good trucking service for anyone looking to send goods all over North America.

Caneda is one of the best trucking companies in Calgary that provides all kinds of freight transportation solutions including cross-border and warehousing services.


  • Trucking
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics

Customer Reviews

Caneda is highly praised by their clients for having nice, friendly, and professional staff.

One client shared a review:

“This is the best company in America. All the people who work here are great. The atmosphere if friendly. Highly recommend it to anyone who is in the business. You definitely want a job here, which you want to keep till retirement”


3.  Mike Vail Trucking

Mike Vail Trucking
Photo credit: Mike Vail Trucking website
PRODUCTS https://mikevailtrucking.com/equipment.html
WEBSITE https://mikevailtrucking.com/
ADDRESS 4531 32nd Street S.E. Calgary, Alberta T2B 3P8 CANADA
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (403) 272-5487

Email: [email protected]

Mike Vail Trucking is a family-operated trucking business that has been delivering quality equipment and services to enterprises including construction, aggregate, oil and gas, and energy and environmental since 1978.

They are dedicated to managing contaminated soil in particular and are devoted to giving their clients the best solutions, all while still being responsible about the environment.

Ultimately, Mike Vail Trucking is one of the best trucking companies in Calgary because of their reputation and regarded experience in the industry. Their environmental conscience is unusual in companies of this type, so it’s definitely worth mentioning.


  • Demo end dumps
  • Truck & tri-axle units
  • Quad units

Customer Reviews

Quality people and employment and respectful owners and coworkers are just some of the things Mike Vail Trucking is recommended by their clients for.

Some clients shared their reviews:

“Recently hired trucks to move some fill for me. I was very impressed with the service both from the office and the truck operator. Keep up the good work!!”

“Great place to work good money,  long hours and plenty of days if your in to that kind of thing ”


4.  Day & Ross

Day & Ross' Truck
Photo credit: Day & Ross Facebook
PRODUCTS Truckload, commerce solutions, logistics
WEBSITE https://dayross.com/
ADDRESS 3800 Westwinds Dr NE, Calgary, AB T3J 5H3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Call: +1 855-872-7602
OPERATING HOURS Mon to Fri: 8:30am-5:00pm

Day & Ross is one of the best trucking companies in Calgary that provides quality transport and logistics services across North America.

They were founded in 1950 and since then have expanded their fleet of trucks. Today, they have over 7,500 employees, drivers, and owner operators!

Essentially, Day & Ross is a reputable company that delivers cross-border and LTL/TL transportation and logistics solutions with a focus on safety and sustainability. We especially like their dangerous goods transport solutions.


  • Flatbed
  • Dangerous goods transporter
  • Temperature-controlled

Customer Reviews

Supportive staff, great service, and fast shipping are some of the reasons customers of Day & Ross recommend them for.

Some clients shared their reviews:

“Shipped an engine through Day and Ross. The shipment arrived in the USA quickly and in good condition. I had to drop it off myself at the loading yard, but it was easy and convenient. They were helpful in giving me advice on how to do everything as it was the first time I had done an LTL shipment. The price was very competitive, much less than I expected.”

“Best shipping agents I’ve dealt with in Calgary”


5.  Kindersley Transport

Kindersley Transport Truck
Photo credit: Kindersley Transport
PRODUCTS Full truckload

Less than truckload


Flat deck

Heavy haul


Storage & warehousing

Logistics & transportation management solutions

Fleet service

WEBSITE https://www.kindersleytransport.com/
ADDRESS 9905 54 St SE, Calgary, AB T2C 5B5, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: +1 403-279-8721
OPERATING HOURS Mon to Fri: 8:00am-4:30pm

Kindersley Transport has been offering international transportation services since it was first founded in 1962.

At present, they deliver global less-than-truckload and full-truckload services with branches in Canada and USA. They also provide ground courier solutions.

Kindersley Transport is one of the best trucking companies in Calgary that’s family-operated. Today, they deliver personalised transportation and supply chain solutions that can satisfy clients of all backgrounds.


  • Storage & warehousing
  • Logistics & transportation management solutions
  • Fleet service

Customer Reviews

Kindersley Transport is praised and recommended by their clients for their service and staff.

One client shared a review:

“Super friendly customer service, miles above above the competitors.  Rates are great too.”


6. Ron Singer Truck Lines Ltd

PRODUCTS Dump Dry Bulk Hauling, Heavy Construction Equipment
WEBSITE http://www.ronsingertrucklines.com
ADDRESS 11333 84th ST. S.E.
Calgary, Alberta
T2C 4T4
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (403) 531-0950
Fax: (403) 236-8216
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Mon to Fri: 8:00am-4:30pm

Ron Singer Truck Lines Ltd is fit for your Transportation Requirement. For more than 30 years, they have been working in the hardest landscape and conditions all through Western Canada.

Their workers are safety conscious, proficient learning, profoundly talented and prepared experts who need practically no management, in spite of the fact that our group chiefs and security bosses are in steady contact with the entirety of our own, at whatever point required. Contact their hotline to discuss your transportation requirement and equipment rentals.


  • Logistics
  • Storage and Warehouse
  • WHMIS certified

7. BBN Transport Ltd

PRODUCTS Personalized Transport Solutions (Roadways Transportation Services, Warehouse Management, Inventory Control, Bulk Parcel Delivery, Reefer Services, Etc.)
WEBSITE https://bbntransport.com
ADDRESS 5720 84 St SE, Rocky View County, AB T1X 0K1, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]


OPERATING HOURS 24/7 Customer Support

Established in 2017, BBN Transport Ltd. made a humble start with a single long-haul truck. Today, they are known for their personalized transport solution services. 

Their services include transport within Canada and across the border which is an advantage for long distance movers. 

As a plus, we also like that they have reefer services that can accommodate fresh produce and frozen items. Their reefer services are also not limited within Canada since they can handle custom reporting.

In a span of five years, BBN Transport LTd has already delivered 5,731 packages of 476 tons in weight. From a small business, they have achieved a good record in the industry.

The company offers competitive pricing on their services. Clients can make enquiries so they can ask what to avail and their estimated prices. 


  • Personalized transport solutions tailored to the needs of their customers
  • Various kinds of transport vehicles
  • Has reelers and deals with customs
  • Transports in and out of Canada

Customer Reviews

Let’s check out a review from their website:

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team. I have been very pleased with the phenomenal services and fast delivery.” – Howard Chavez

Well, that concludes our list of the best trucking companies in Calgary. We hope you were able to find a company that will cater to all your needs.

If you have any suggestions, leave a comment or get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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