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Best Sandblasting in Calgary

6 Best Services for Sandblasting in Calgary

(Source: Coating Systems)

By Claire Lee

This list details companies that offer the best sandblasting in Calgary, whether for residential or commercial construction projects.

Sandblasting or abrasive blasting is a quick and efficient surface-altering procedure often used in construction. Sandblasting can either help remove leftover residue from materials or change the material’s surface.

If you’re in need of either of these services, then this article will be extremely beneficial for you.

So, let’s not waste anymore time and dive right into the list of services for the best sandblasting in Calgary.

1.  Consolidated Compressor

Consolidated Compressor's HomepageConsolidated Compressor's Homepage

Best For DIY Sandblasting
Services Sales, Rentals, Service, & DIY Sandblasting
Website http://www.consolidatedcompressor.com/
Address 9516 40 St. SE, Calgary, AB T2C 2P3
Contact Details 403-279-5315 | [email protected]
Hours of Operation Monday – Friday: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM

First on our list of the best services for sandblasting in Calgary is Consolidated Compressor.

Consolidated Compressor offers a wide range of high-quality sandblasting and compressing equipment that clients can either buy or rent. The company’s diverse catalogue allows you to control almost every aspect of the procedure.

They even offer an off-site DIY service plus on-site sandblasting service if you need that.

Aside from these, Consolidate Compressor also sells cabinets, abrasive blasting equipment and accessories, as well as a complete line of abrasives. They also rent out rooms for clients planning to do some blasting.

In their almost 50 years of experience, Consolidated Compressor has continuously risen among the ranks and became one of the most trusted when it comes to sandblasting and other compressing services.

You can rest easy if you choose them since you’ll be in capable hands. So, make sure to book Consolidated Compressor for any of your blasting needs.


  • High-quality equipment
  • Reasonable prices
  • Great services and assistance
  • Lots of room to work on
  • Friendly and helpful staff

Customer Reviews

Consolidated Compressor has proven to be one of the best companies in Canada with their amazing facilities and machinery. Their overall service is definitely one that many recommend.

“My first time using a commercial-sized sandblasting setup and the peeps at Consolidated Compressor could not have been more helpful. Keep up the great service.”

“Used their sandblasting facilities for sandblasting body parts for my 1950 Chevy truck. with their set up and their advice, anyone can do this.

these guys are great to deal with.”


2.  Canadian Pros Painting

Canadian Pros Painting's Homepage

Best For Sandblasting and Painting services
Services Industrial Painting, Commercial Painting, Residential Painting, Sandblasting, Epoxy Floor Paintings
Website http://www.sandblastingcalgary.ca/
Address 96 Skyline Crescent NE, Unit 103

Calgary, AB T2K 5X7

Contact Details (403) 918-9183
Hours of Operation Monday – Friday: 8am–5pm

Next on our list is Canadian Pros Painting.

Canadian Pros Painting first began operating in 2010. Over the years, the company has cemented its spot in the industry by continuously providing services for the best sandblasting in Calgary.

One of the main reasons why they’re regarded as the best is their dedication to the craft. Every member of their team has the skills and expertise needed to complete the services the company offers.

Not only that, but all of them are aware of how crucial seamless sandblasting work is when it comes to construction.

So, with Canadian Pros Painting’s top notch equipment, their team continues to provide solutions for any residential, commercial, and industrial work.

It’s worth noting that aside from sandblasting, Canadian Pros Painting offers a wide array of services, such as painting and epoxy floor coating. The company also has an extension referred to as Industrial Painting Calgary. This section of the business specialises in industrial work.

Regardless of the option you choose and which property type you have, Canadian Pros Painting will be sure to deliver the best performance for your satisfaction.


  • Great value for money
  • Amazing quality of sandblasting work
  • Fast and efficient procedure
  • Overall service is remarkable

Customer Reviews

Prompt responses, amazing services, and professional contractors are definitely why Canadian Pros Painting continues to garner customers from all over Canada.

Their expertise is unparalleled, proving just how great they are in their work. Check out some of the reviews below:

“I hired this guys and they were the best for sure, gave me a really good deal, project was completed on time and with a high sense of responsibility. After the first project I have hired them for few more including for my company with exceptional work. Thanks for the good job!”

“Canadian Pros Painting stands behind their work.  On a floor refinish project, there were problems with the varnish requiring the floors to be re-sanded and re-varnished.  Canadian Pros stepped up and resolved the problems without argument or delay.  I have used them in the past and will continue to use them in the future.”


3.  AllBlast Sandblasting

AllBlast Sandblasting's Homepage

Best For Customisable sandblasting service
Services Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Sandblasting
Website https://allblastsandblasting.ca/
Address 281093 Twn 264, ROCKY VIEW COUNTY, AB T4A 3C8, CA
Contact Details (403) 473-5536

Email: [email protected]

Hours of Operation Monday – Friday: 09:00 am – 05:00 pm

Sandblasting is the most effective and efficient way of clearing out debris, and All Blast Sandblasting is a company that provides some of the best sandblasting in Calgary.

All Blast Sandblasting offers customisable sandblasting services to all of their clients, which makes them quite popular in the area.

From scaffolding to hoarding and heat, you can rest easy knowing that All Blast Sandblasting’s technicians will deliver the highest quality of work.

Another point worth bringing up is that All Blast’s technicians use various blast media, depending on the surface and the client’s budget.

So, if you’re worried about the financial aspect of your project, All Blast Sandblasting is a perfect choice for you. You won’t have to worry about looking for the cheapest sandblasting company, as they offer flexible services that will fit your needs and your financial capabilities.

High quality work is what All Blast delivers. Work closely with All Blast’s extremely skilled technicians to achieve your very own vision.


  • Professional staff
  • Prompt customer service
  • Innovative sandblasting process
  • Flexible service packages

Customer Reviews

All Blast Sandblasting is truly a company worth recommending with their great value for money and high-quality services. They have received nothing but high praises and good ratings from clients, proving their efficiency and skill.


4.  Infinite Sandblasting

Infinite Sandblasting's Homepage

Best For Concrete Sandblasting
Services Sandblasting
Website https://www.infinitesandblasting.com/about-us/
Address Okotoks, Alberta T1S 1A9
Contact Details Phone: 403 938-1183

Fax: 403 995-1273

E-mail: [email protected]

Hours of Operation n/a

Established in 2001, Infinite Sandblasting continues to offer the best sandblasting in Calgary without letting quality suffer.

The company has improved tremendously over the past few years. Nowadays, many locals approach them for any and all sandblasting needs.

Infinite Sandblasting is known to focus on the artistic side of sandblasting. Their technicians work seamlessly while going out of their way to beautify the site afterwards. Their target market includes driveway, sidewalk, and steps.

If you require assistance for any of those three, then feel free to message Infinite Sandblasting for the best service. With their vast experience and skill in sandblasting, you’ll surely receive your money’s worth, if not more.


  • Achieves spectacular effects
  • Reasonable rates
  • Little after-care maintenance
  • High-quality workmanship



FTDRCI's Homepage

Best For  Well-rounded interior and exterior services
Services Interior & Exterior

Coating Application

Surface preparation, painting and coating

Brush and roller application

Airless, conventional and electrostatic spray


Lacquer, Clear & Color

Cabinet Refinishing


Industrial Coating Application

Epoxy Coating Application

Colour Coding

Specialty Coatings

Vinyl Wall Coverings & Custom Vinyl Murals

Wallpaper removed and installed

Millwork Finishing

Intumescent Coatings

Electrostatic Coatings

Sand & Media Blasting

Epoxy & Urethane Floor Coating Systems

Polyaspartic Floor System

Two-part Epoxy Floor Finishes

Concrete Sealer & Concrete Densifiers

Concrete Waterproofing

Intumescent paint application

New construction and maintenance painting

Exposed Structure




Various Metal

Special Coatings

Waterproof Sealers


Underground Garage Painting

Website https://www.ftdrci.ca/
Address Unit 8, 235126 Ryan Road

Rocky View County, AB

T1X 0K1

Contact Details [email protected] | +1-403-235-2541
Hours of Operation Monday – Friday: 7am–5pm

FTDRCI is a business born from the partnership of Final Touch Decorating and RCI Coatings Ltd — two of the best servicing companies in all of Calgary.

Before becoming a joint business, the two firms had different fields of interest. However, they concluded that the quality of their support is the same, which is to say the best in Calgary.

Hence their decision to merge and become what is now considered the company for the greatest painting and best sandblasting in Calgary.

Nowadays, FTDRCI provides a wide range of interior and exterior services for residents of southern Alberta and Edmonton. Every option, not just sandblasting, is readily available for your residential, commercial, and even your industrial needs.

You can get a whole lot of other services with FTDRCI to accompany your requested sand and media blasting. Aside from these two, you can add on a coating application, varnishing, staining, masonry, waterproof sealing, or whatever you think you might need.

Check out FTDRCI’s full list of services on their website to get a more comprehensive understanding of their offered assistance.


  • Environmental-friendly
  • Amazing quality outputs
  • Professional and reliable service
  • High standards on products and materials used

Customer Reviews

Receiving nothing but 5-star reviews, FTDRCI has continuously proven their consistency in providing the people of Calgary excellent assistance for any of their residential, commercial, and industrial needs.

“‘I don’t ever feel compelled to leave online reviews, but Final Touch did such an outstanding job on our new townhouse near Invermere, BC, that I’m making an exception.  Throughout the entire process the communication was prompt and concise and the price was very competitive.  This was a challenging project with lots of small wall repairs and 20 foot vaulted ceilings, but Richard kept it on budget and on schedule and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

Ryan Souza and his crew are very easy to work with and I won’t hesitate calling Final Touch for my next paint project.  Thanks!”       

“There is not one area in which they did not excel.  Competitive pricing, phenomenal staff, excellent communication, exacting financial reporting, ethical to the max.  ON TIME, ON BUDGET, ON MY A++ LIST !!

Doug Frenette

Board of Directors

Villas of Wentworth”  


6. Air Pac Enterprises Ltd

Best For Sandblasting and protective coating services
Services https://airpacenterprises.com/service-category/All+Services/49
Website http://www.airpacenterprises.com/
Address 8715 40 St SE, Calgary, AB T2C 2P1, Canada
Contact Details Phone: +1 403-279-8171
Hours of Operation Contact shop to schedule service

For almost 50 years. Air Pac Enterprises Ltd has been providing sandblasting and protective coating services to their clients in the oil and gas, wastewater, and construction industries.

Currently, they are recognized as one of the largest abrasive blast cleaning and anti-corrosive coating facilities in southern Alberta.


  • Industry leaders in Sandblasting, Protective Coatings, and Industrial Painting
  • Nearly 50 years of experience
  • One of the largest abrasive blast cleaning and anti-corrosive coating facilities in southern Alberta.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Air Pac Enterprises ltd’s clients:

“I would highly recommend Air Pac Enterprises to absolutely everyone! Pleasure to work with!”


Whether you’re looking to clean or smoothen a surface, these companies offering the best sandblasting in Calgary will surely be of help to you as you work towards achieving your vision.

If we have missed a particular service, don’t hesitate to message us about it. We’ll be sure to add it promptly.

Anyway, check out our other lists of specialty contractors should you need more services. For instance, if you’re in need of steel fabrication services, we have a list for the Best Steel Fabrication in Calgary too.