The 13 Best Pest Control Services in Calgary

Best Pest Control in Calgary

By Claire Lee

No matter how much we shut our entrances, pests still feel like we’re welcoming them into our homes. Fortunately, the best pest control services in Calgary can make them feel otherwise.

A house is a place where you should feel secure, easy, and in charge. It should be able to comfort you and your loved ones—pests not included.

Whether they are crawling or flying, they are pesky little critters you don’t want in your home. You need pest control services that care about your household just as much as you do.

So to help you deal with these irritating tiny monsters, we have gathered the best pest control services in Calgary you can call.


ADDRESS77 Coville Cres NE
Calgary, Ab T3K 5E3
OPERATING HOURSContact for more information

With his passion about animals, Dave of YYC SKUNK GUY spent years helping build his family company that was started by his grandfather in 1991. Throughout the years he had worked side by side with his grandfather and step father while he learned the best and most humane methods to remove nuisance wildlife from in and around your home.

Both residential and commercial services are provided along with a 24 hour emergency line for those times you need the help quickly!


  • Over 25+ years experience with humane wildlife removal
  • Offers an affordable way to deal with nuisance wildlife in and around your home

2.   Martin’s Pest ControlMartin’s Pest Control's Logo

SERVICESRodent control, insect control, bat removal etc.
WEBSITEMartin’s Pest Control
ADDRESS240 70 Shawville Blvd SE

Calgary, AB T2Y 2Z3


CONTACT DETAILS+1-403-460-7213
OPERATING HOURSMondays – Fridays, 8:30am to 4:30pm

Saturdays, 8:30am to 1:00pm

Ever tried DIY pest control that doesn’t work? Does it seem like no matter what you do, the buggers don’t want to keep away from your home?

Call up Martin’s Pest Control, and they’ll do it right for you on the first try.

Since its foundation in 2012, the family business has flourished and is now serving peace of mind to its customers all over the area.


  • Residential pest control
  • Commercial pest control
  • Fumigation services

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from a Martin Pest Control client:

I had rodent problem in my house for awhile, then I called Martin Pest control. It was a struggle to get rid of all of the mice. But Abe showed so much patience and professionalism. Got rid of all the mice and plus they give you some extra tips, how to look after and in case they return, what to do. Very happy with their service. Abe is awesome! Keep it up!”

And here’s another one:

“Rice weevils are not native to Alberta. When we found a few wandering the kitchen floor one day – no big deal – they were bugs. When we found a dozen more the next day, we began to worry. Yuck, bugs! We have always supported local family businesses in Calgary. We contacted Martin’s and spoke to the owner. He was polite, and cut to the chase quickly, suggesting that weevils would be an introduced insect. We’ve brought these into our own house, we believe in a large bag of basmati rice from a local wholesaler. We were able to resolve our infestation in a simple methodical fashion, thanks to Bill. An extremely professional, knowledgeable individual. Would not hesitate to recommend.”

3.   Peckitt Pest Solutions

Peckitt Pest Solutions' Logo

SERVICESPeckitt services
WEBSITEPeckitt Pest Solutions
ADDRESSCalgary, AB T2W 3K1


CONTACT DETAILS+1-403-815-8930 / [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMondays – Fridays, 9:00am to 5:00pm

One of the most recognised pest exterminators in Calgary, Peckitt Pest Solutions is best known for their staff.

As well-trained experts in the industry, these guys have the knowledge to deal with any kind of critter and they’ll take measures to make sure those pests don’t come back!


  • Takes care of termites, bed bugs, cluster flies and other insects

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from a PPS client

“We came home from a trip to discover an unwanted guest (a mouse) had moved in while we were away. I left messages with several pest control companies, and Tom was the first to get back to me. He was able to come out right away, and was very helpful and extremely professional. He immediately identified the spots where mice were able to get in, and went about setting traps and bait. My husband was so impressed with Tom’s friendly service and level of expertise that he purchased the yearly plan. Since then, Tom has come out several times, and we’ve been just as impressed with him each time. Best of all, we have not had any more evidence of mice in our home. I’d highly recommend Tom to anyone who has a pest issue”

And one more:

“Sooooo. Tom came over on a Saturday evening. He was amazing. Professional and super informative about our little four legged gross furry creatures. He is super smart and really calmed us down cause we were FREAKING OUT! I super highly recommend PECKITT Pest Solutions to anyone who has pest issues. Thank you Tom. You’re a life saver. And a mean mouse destroyer.

4.   Pest Busters Pest Control

Pest Busters Pest Control's Logo

SERVICESSkunks and mice solutions
WEBSITEPest Busters
ADDRESSCalgary, AB T1X 0L3


CONTACT DETAILS+1-403-560-4087
OPERATING HOURSMondays – Fridays, 9:00am to 6:00pm

Pest Busters Pest Control started operating in 2017 and they haven’t stopped making houses safer since.

Wherever you live in the Calgary area, these guys don’t judge. From insects to rodents, they’ll catch the annoying spawns of evil that are infesting your wonderful home.

Best thing is, if they catch skunks, they’ll trap them (humanely) and relocate those guys away from your home. They’re among the best pest control services in Calgary because they come up with humane solutions where possible.


  • Pest proofing
  • Wildlife control services
  • Rodent extermination

Customer Reviews          

Here’s a review from a PestBusters client:

“Required their services early this year and they were here the next day I called. Very professional and took time to explain the reasoning for how the mice were gaining access into my home. After they established where they were getting in, it was sealed and they proceeded to bait my house on all levels. After their arrival I had no evidence of mice in my home after a week. My whole family slept better knowing their wasn’t any unwanted guests left.

Fast forward 8 months later, I found a dead mouse in my basement who had obviously got into the maintenance bait traps(glad they suggested that!!!) I called and Pam came the next day and did a perimeter search. She hunted around and finally found where they were entering again into my home. She baited underneath my deck and sealed up where they were once again making their way in. Pam offered to do it free of charge as they guarantee their services. Very impressed with this company, will be recommending them to anyone I know with a rodent issue.

Thanks again Pam”

And here’s one more:

“All I can say about this company is very positive! From the time I called with my inquiry for skunks removed from my property,Pam was at my home within 2 hrs, they came by every other day to rbait traps, called everyday to inquire on how trapping was going!When the skunks were trapped , they had someone out to take the caught skunks to a wildlife park, to be released humanely within 2hrs! The service was 5 star & so was the price. If you have any pest issues, I strongly advise calling Pet Busters they took good care of my family & the pests! Thank you Pam & Bud on a job well done!!!!!!!”

5.  The Pest Control Guy

SERVICESResidential & Commercial Pest Control Services
ADDRESSAirdrie, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILS587-437-6994 | [email protected]

The Pest Control Guy provides effective, long-lasting solutions for every species of rodent, insect, bird and more. Aside from offering one-off residential and commercial pest control services, they also have monthly pest control plans for those who want to avail proactive protection for homes or businesses.


  • BBB Accredited Business
  • Pest control products and techniques that are both child and pet safe

Customer Reviews

“Antoine you are awesome!!! Keep up the great work! As a Realtor, I recently had Antoine out to a property inspection I was conducting for a client. He was very thorough in his diagnosis and even taught me and the property inspector a bit about his process. Very knowledgeable and approachable. It was a pleasure to work with him and I recommend his services to anyone that is either currently having pest problems, or wanting to be proactive in avoiding pest problems in the future.” – 5-star customer testimonial by David Hansen

6.   One Man and a Ladybug

SERVICESResidential/Commercial pest control services, tree spaying services
CONTACT DETAILS4032621666 | [email protected]

One Man and a Ladybug specialize in one-time applications as well as continued preventative maintenance programs with the help of their trained and licensed technicians are at your service seven days a week. They have been successfully been operating in Calgary and area for over 18 years.


  • Environmentally-friendly solutions
  • Trained and licensed technicians

Customer Reviews

“We had a major wasp problem. They were all around our front step and people couldnt walk up to our front door without wasps buzzing around. I called One Man and a Ladybug and 2 beautifull girls came out and took care of the problem. They were prompt and reliable as they came when they said they would. They guarenteed their work but no need… the wasps were gone for good within 24 hours. My neighbor noticed wasps around her back porch so she asked the girls if they would come over and get rid of their wasps. They said sure. The wasps were gone within 24 hours. Call this company if you need to get rid of wasps. Thanks so much!!!!” – 5-star Google review from Melody Hennig

7.  Cal-Rid Exterminators

MONDAY – FRIDAY 07:30 AM – 05:00 PM
SATURDAY 09:00 AM – 03:00 PM

Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc. has a rich history of providing customers with affordable and effective pest management and pest control services since 1958. To this day, they have been employing ecologically friendly and humane control methods whenever possible in order to shield you, your family, home, and pets from harmful effects. If you are bothered by any type of animal, avian, or insect pests, call the trusted, eco-friendly 24-hour exterminator in Calgary. They’re available day or night, 7 days a week to take care of all your pest issues.


  • 24-hour exterminator services
  • They can help avoid infestations with products like bedbug-proof mattresses and pillow covers at theirPest Control Super Store
  • They provide a spring cleaning checklist
  • They have a chart to help you identify pests and tips on preventing pests in your home.

Customer Reviews

Customer testimonial from Keith W.:

“I have called Cal-Rid on several occasions. Mice, squirrels, ants. Every time they handle the situation professionally and humanely. They are very friendly and know how to handle each situation in the best possible way. They take time to explain what they will do and why. I highly recommend their services!”

8.   JAPCO Pest Control

JAPCO Pest Control's Logo

ADDRESSD5, 2550 Battleford Ave SW

Calgary, AB T3E 7L2


CONTACT DETAILS+1-877-755-2726 / [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMondays – Fridays, 8:00am to 5:00pm

JAPCO Pest Control Ltd., or JAPCO, has been serving Canadian homes and businesses for more than 35 years. They’re an all-around pest exterminator that you can call for your home, office, or compound.

JAPCO’s years of experience have made them one of the tried and tested companies that surely won’t let you down. That’s why they’re in our list of the best pest control services in Calgary.

They are also known for offering affordable and high quality pest control services, to meet the expectations of their clients and ensure satisfaction.


  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Multi-family pest control.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from a JAPCO client:

“I have used these guys a in the past and had them out again today, dealing with some carpenter ants.

I live in Canmore, so I really appreciate when a company from Calgary arrives when they say they’re going to.. I  like their work, they show up when they say they’re going to and they do an excellent job.

Kevin, who is out today was personable,  thorough, and spent a long time searching  out the problem. Thanks again guys, you do a great job.”

And here’s another one:

“We live on an acreage and have used Japco on 3 occasions, twice for pocket gophers outside and once now for mice inside. They are my go to for pest control. On all occasions, they were very knowledgeable and very polite. This last time was for a mouse issue (the first after living here for 18 years). I called around Christmas and even though they had limited staff due to the holidays, James came and set up the feeding stations. We was very professional and knowledgeable. He told us where they may be getting in and what to do to close it off. He has been back a few times to check and know we are mice-free. He was amazing. I recommended Japco to our neighbour who had a problem with pocket gophers. She had used another company which was more expensive and didn’t solve the issue. She was very happy with Japco. I will continue to use Japco and recommend them.”

9.   Peregrine General Pest Control

Peregrine General Pest Control's Logo

SERVICESInsect, rodent, wildlife removal
ADDRESS1 – 4702 1St Street SW

Calgary, AB T2G 0A2


CONTACT DETAILS+1-403-475-6523 / [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMondays – Saturdays, 8:00am to 6:00pm

Peregrine General Pest Control is not only an outstanding pest control company, it has also become a part of the lives of the locals in Calgary.

For more than 30 years, the 100% fully Canadian-owned and -operated company has served locals by eradicating pests they have encountered. They’re also flexible: they can fix their pest management plans to meet your demands and budget.


  • Ant extermination
  • Bee removal
  • Cockroach extermination

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from a Peregrine’s client showing why they’re among the best pest control services in Calgary:

Had an ant problem in my backyard and they took care of it. When I called in, the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. I got my appointment within the week. The tech was fantastic to deal with and he’s well experienced. I was satisfied with the full interaction from beginning to end. Thank you.teve was awesome! he walked me through everything, explain why and what he was doing. If there was an option for more than five stars they get it!


CONTACT DETAILS+1 403 437 6887 | [email protected]

If you are currently concerned with the increasing amount of pests in your area, you might want to contact a pest control specialist like Strategic Pest Management.

Locally owned and operated, Strategic Pest Management is surely able to help you with any kind of pest problem you may have. Their expert technicians will make sure that you are completely satisfied with their job. They are also offering free inspections and advice.


  • Locally owned and operated pest control company
  • Free inspection expert advice
  • Complete customer satisfaction guaranteed

11. Spartan Pest Control










ADDRESSPO Box 89059 McKenzie Towne – T2Z3W3

Calgary, AB Canada

CONTACT DETAILS1 (855) 600-0039 | [email protected]

Make your home guaranteed pest-free by availing the top-rate service of Spartan Pest Control. They accommodate a wide range of pest concerns for both residential and commercial facilities, interior and exterior.

The company uses the latest products and equipment to ensure the quality of their work. Plus, they also make sure to send you a team of highly-qualified and certified technicians who are committed to helping you totally get rid of pests and insects lounging in your home.


  • Affordable residential Pest Programs 
  • Up-to-date pest control technologies
  • Fully certified technicians

Customer Reviews

Their clients praised them for their reliability, responsiveness, and accuracy that gives the best value for their clients’ money.

“First they were SO quick to respond to my initial inquiry. Then they managed to come out the very next day to deal with my wasp problem. Sent me a detailed report with pictures and all for a very reasonable price. I will definitely be calling them again if I ever encounter another pest issue! Thanks so much!”

12. Absolute Pest Control Services Inc

SERVICESCommercial and Residential Pest Control Services
ADDRESS135 Cedardale Pl SW Calgary, AB T2W 5G1
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 238-7400/ [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Absolute Pest Control Services Inc is a family-owned and operated business that was founded in 2001. Being in the industry for over 15 years, the owner decided to start its own pest control service—and that’s how this company emerged. 

One of the most considered factors by the shop in managing their business is their customers. They believe that satisfaction should always be the end goal of their job. Thus, they always make see to it that all the pests and insects are eliminated during the process. This is only possible because they use the latest technology and innovation. 

Their staff attends regular training and sessions in order to keep up with modern tools. Thus, you are ensured that they will provide a high-quality service as you expected. So, you no longer have to worry about pests and other insects as they will take care of it for you. 


  • A+ rank
  • Economical and cost-effective pesticides
  • Allow payments online

Customer Reviews

Over the years, Absolute Pest Control Services Inc does not change when it comes to providing good performance and effective pest control service. Here are some sentiments from their long-time clients: 

We have used Absolute Pest Control for the past couple of years. Tony came and sprayed for spiders and ants but the ants were stubborn this year. I told him and he came back for a second spraying (at no charge) and got rid of them all. Two weeks have passed and not an ant in sight. I highly recommend this company. As a bonus, the price is a lot better than most other companies! – Renee Seifert

Double thumbs up! Had issues with voles for the last few years. Called Absolute Pest Control and they’ve done a great job in controlling the little critters and keeping my lawn damage free. Very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommended! – L Sullivan

13. Assassin Pest Solution

CONTACT DETAILSDeer: (403) 681-3511 | Airdrie: (403) 616-0350
OPERATING HOURSContact for more information

Assassin Pest Solution focuses on delivering quick, customized solutions to their customers. They provide adequate solutions that are best suited to the complaints of their customers. Currently, they have 250 completed projects and counting.

To ensure the safety of both the customers and workers, Assassin Pest Control is committed to ethical and environmentally safe procedures.


  • Certified by the Pest Management Association of Alberta
  • Knowledgeable on trending and past solutions
  • Committed to a strong safety program and culture

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Assassin Pest Solution’s clients:

“I am pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Assassin Pest Solution.  Assassin Pest Solution has demonstrated professionalism, dedication, and commitment at the Rahr Malting facility for the past (2) two years.”

Here’s another one:

“Randy is extremely knowledgeable! He addressed all of my questions, and was awesome to deal with. I really appreciated that he called me to follow up and see how everything was working out. I highly recommend Assassin Pest Solution.”

If you want your business handled right, trust the experts. You really should give these best pest control services in Calgary a call when you get unwanted visitors.

By the way, if the reason why your house is infested by pests is junk, you should check out the best junk removal services in Calgary too!

*Images sourced from featured websites