The 6 Best Metal Roofing Services in Calgary

Best Metal Roofing Services in Calgary

Choosing to have a metal roof over your head will give you sturdy and reliable protection from the elements outside — but only if you have a quality roof that’s been properly installed. So, if you’re thinking of getting a new roof installed, hire only the best metal roofing services in Calgary.

We’ll talk about those services today. The contractors we listed here maintain a stellar reputation in Calgary. They offer high-quality roofing products and emergency repair services, plus quick and free estimates.

1.  Epic Roofing & Exteriors

Epic Roofing & Exteriors' Logo

WEBSITE Epic Roofing
ADDRESS 2435 22 Street Northeast, Calgary, AB T2E 8K8
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 366-3770 |
OPERATING HOURS Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Sat & Sun Closed

Epic Roofing and Exteriors is a pioneer in roofing and siding. They have around 34 years of serving Calgarians, and are now a known player in the roofing industry.

The installation, repair, and maintenance of roofing and property exteriors are their specialties. They know roofs should be able to protect you during any season—and they make sure that your roof will!

Their expertise and understanding of roofs makes them a good choice as one of the best metal roofing services in Calgary.


  • Provides financing services
  • Has 34 years of experience
  • Has certifications from the Alberta Construction Safety Association, Alberta Allied Roofing Association, etc.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Epic Roofing and Exteriors’ clients:

“We highly recommend this company, which is saying something given the issues that arose with our project. More important than the issues is the way they were handled. Obviously, any company result is subject to trusting their crews and subcontractors to actually do what they are supposed to. Our original crew made an epic mess .. you see what I did there? Lol. Anyway, a detailed list of issues was sent and within 24 hours the project manager was in our home going over them, validating the problems, and stating they would do whatever was necessary to make it right. Not just lip service! They sent their best crews to fix everything to perfection!”

Here’s another one:

“Very happy with Epic’s work, great communication right from the get-go…they provided an excellent professional quote, had questions and they were very informative. The work was done in a day and the crew was very professional & courteous, no cleanup required by me as they did a great job! Would recommend them any time.”


2.  Interlock Industries

Interlock Industries' Logo

WEBSITE Interlock
ADDRESS 3750 46 Ave SE #210, Calgary, AB T2B 0L1, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: 1-866-733-5811


OPERATING HOURS Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Sat – Sun Appointment Only

Interlock Industries Ltd., makes roofing simple—they offer flexible financing with a lasting warranty (50-year transferable warranty) and hassle-free installation services. They give you a complete package and they redefine the best metal roofing services in Calgary.

They also manufacture their roofing products—their goods undergo an insane amount of testing before coming out for use. They make sure that the roof that you’ll get is perfect, and will be the last roof that you’ll ever need.


  • Has served Calgary for over 30 years
  • One of the leading metal suppliers in Canada and North America
  • Provides a no-payment-for-6-months financing plan via FinanceIt

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Interlock Metal Roofing’s clients:

“I did a lot of research prior to selecting Interlock roofing. There are an abundance of good roofing material on the market but I was looking for a very long term and maintenance free product. Interlock offered an excellent product and a great warranty.

Their installers showed up on time, were very professional and courteous, and did the job within the estimated time schedule and price. Before the job was even started a few things were pointed out which required some slight roof modifications and venting changes. This was explained to me in a very professional and understanding way. Any sections of underlying plywood which were not up to standard were also replaced at the agreed upon price. Before any changes were made I was shown the reason why and I gave approval prior to proceeding.

I am very happy with the installation and product and would definitely endorse an installation through Interlock. I waited 3 years before writing this review because I wanted to make sure everything worked properly without any call backs.”

Here’s another one:

“The salesman was great. The material he showed us from the company and online as well was impressive. He answered our questions promptly, professionally and even with a bit of humor. The installer was polite and worked diligently. The roof has been a big relief as we will never have to replace it and we also liked that the warranty was transferable in case we ever decided to move. A job well done.”


3.  Metalworks Canada Ltd.

Metalworks Canada Ltd.'s Logo

WEBSITE Metalworks Canada Ltd
ADDRESS Bay A, 1115 48 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2A7, Canada



Metalworks Canada Ltd. has provided great-quality services for 20 years. They give Calgarians the best roofing products, drainage systems, and rolled steel products that they manufacture!

The local touch to their products makes their brand well-known across Canada. They bring out the advantages of metal roofing and amplify those advantages to cater to your needs.


  • Has served Calgary for 20 years
  • Provides custom-made metal roofing and supplies to Calgarians

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Metalworks Canada’s clients:

“Scott gave me great help and full supply for doing a standing seam metal roof for the first time on a garage. I have done a couple asphalt shingle roofs in past on our own, but tired of heavy weight labour and cancer California Section 60 tar warnings. Liked the look of the new standing seam on some of the nicer homes. These folks fab all in local house with the latest tech: results in a quick turn around time and best prices and guidance.”

Here’s another one:

“I was able to rock some easy DIY repair to my eavestrough and drains. Great staff, they actually gave me some tips, made sure I had the right screws, etc. Then my neighbour saw me fixing stuff up and I helped him too! Thank you!”


4.  Renoteck Roofing

Renoteck Roofing's Logo

WEBSITE Renoteck
ADDRESS 639 5th Ave SW, Suite 2500, Calgary, AB, T2P 0M9
CONTACT DETAILS Phones: 403-260-0937


OPERATING HOURS Mon – Fri 7am–6pm
Sat  9am–3pm

Renoteck gives you a wide variety of options. They offer flexible, affordable, and diverse roofing choices that can cater to everything that you would want and need in a roofing service.

They provide full exterior services for residential and commercial settings, and they’ll find you the best options for your needs. Renoteck provides 24/7 emergency repair services for your exterior and roofing too.

They give you assurance that any time of the day, if ever anything happens to your home, they’ll be there for you as one of the best metal roofing services in Calgary.


  • Has extensive experience with residential and commercial structures
  • Provides a lifetime warranty in metal roofing services
  • Offers full installation, and emergency repair services across Canada
  • Offers 24/7 emergency repair services

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from Renoteck Roofing’s clients

“Our metal roof is absolutely wonderful and has given our house a new air of elegance.

Our experience with Pavel and the Rentoteck team was perfect in all aspects. We thank them for taking the time to discuss our needs and explain the various products to us, as well as a very prompt and first class installation.

Their crew is to be commended on their level of attention to details and high quality work.  From the very beginning the team that removed the roofing through to the metal shake roof installers we couldn’t fault their manners, quality of work and cleanliness of the work site.

We have worked with many contractors in Australia, Mexico and Canada and can safely say none have done to the standards we experienced with Rentoteck.

The value added to our property by this installation will far exceed it’s cost.

Thank you Renoteck!”

Here’s another one:

“Our home sustained wind and hail damage during the 2015 Chestermere Flood, we had quotes from over 10 different roofers (for rubber, metal, and asphalt) and are so happy with our choice to go with a metal roof.  When we surveyed other homes roofed by Renoteck, we could easily see their attention to detail and workmanship is unprecedented.  The crew worked incredibly well, were clean, professional, and easy to deal with.  Come see us if you have any questions as you won’t go wrong choosing Renoteck as your roofer.”


5.  Meerkat Roofing & Exteriors

Meerkat Roofing & Exteriors' Logo

WEBSITE Meerkat Roofing & Exteriors
ADDRESS Bay 135, 2710 3 Ave NE, Calgary, AB, Canada T2A 2L5
CONTACT DETAILS T: (403) 226-2700

F: (403) 248-9996

Emergency: (403) 874-5550

OPERATING HOURS Mon – Fri 7:30am – 5:00pm

Meerkat Roofing and Exteriors is a certified safe and reliable roofing company. They’re one of the best metal roofing services in Calgary, and they’re able to provide everything you would need in a roofing contractor.

Theirs is a one-stop shop in Calgary for all your roofing needs. They only source products from the industry’s leading suppliers to ensure quality in the materials they offer.

24/7 emergency repair services are also available. They set the standard for roofing contractors, and they give you this brand of service from your first call.


  • Provides free estimates
  • Has been serving Calgary for 20 years, making them one of Calgary’s most trusted roofing companies.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Meerkat Roofing’s clients:

“Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I have had the great pleasure of meeting Larry personally and getting to know him and his business. What a genuine down to earth gentleman. This year I

had an issue with my roof and it was only natural to call on someone who possesses integrity. I did not hesitate to utilize his company Meerkat Roofing. They were extremely fast, efficient and thorough. At the end of the day I just wanted to delegate the problem to a professional and they sure took care of it in a timely manner.

I would not hesitate to recommend Larry Metz and his company Meerkat Roofing. Allow him to solve your roofing / exterior problems and show you how a quality company delivers service at its best. You only need to make one call.”

Here’s another one:

“Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We had a stress free process when dealing with Meerkat Roofing – from requesting a quote to the final inspection. The staff were courteous and responded quickly to all inquiries.

Following completion of the install, the inspector came around and assessed the completed work and a corrected some minor issues regarding missing nails above the garage area.  Overall, we were happy with the work of the company.”


6.  Angel’s Roofing

WEBSITE Angel’s Roofing
CONTACT DETAILS T: 403.569.2643


OPERATING HOURS Mon – Fri 7:30am – 5:00pm

Over the years, Angel’s Roofing has built a reputation in the roofing industry for treating every project as if it were their own property. They understand that each of their customers’ needs and preferences are different, which is why they make sure to listen to your concerns attentively before each project.

To ensure client satisfaction, we constantly strive to provide the highest quality of service at competitive rates.


  • Makes the process of getting a project done as simple and painless as possible
  • Communicates well with the client so they stay informed

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Angel’s Roofing’s clients:

“Excellent service.
Very professional company that delivers what they promise !
Workmanship is outstanding and the employees were courteous
The work area was kept very clean and tidy.
We highly recommend Angels Roofing”

Here’s another one:

“We can confidently offer our unqualified recommendation for Angel’s Roofing. The estimate that we received was clear and detailed and the price was a pleasant surprise. We chose to have Euroshield Rubber roofing installed. The installation team was a pleasure to deal with. They showed up when we expected them, worked all day and left the site clean. We were kept informed throughout the process and there were no surprises. I was home throughout the installation and the men were meticulous about each layer of our new roof, not just what would show when they were finished. We are very pleased with the end result. The winds howl outside but it is noticeably quieter inside and it looks fantastic. An added bonus is the drop in our home insurance as a result of the quality materials we had installed. Angel’s Roofing is a quality operation with a quality product…definitely a company you can trust!”


Metal roofing is one of the most popular and efficient home upgrades that you can avail of. Its longevity, sustainability, and durability makes it a perfect match for Calgary’s weather year-round.

The companies we listed above should be able to provide and install the metal roofing you need. By the way, in the process of changing roofs, people often uncover nasty stuff underneath their old ones—including mold. For swift action in taking care of this problem, hire only the best mold removal services in Calgary!

*Images sourced from featured websites.

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