The 7 Best Emergency Plumbers in Calgary

Best Emergency Plumbers in Calgary

By Julia Leblanc

There’s nothing more inconvenient than losing your access to clean drinking and bathing water. A clogged sink or toilet will hinder your everyday tasks, so to minimise your suffering, here’s a list of the best emergency plumbers in Calgary!

Having faulty plumbing systems can cause electrocution, sanitary problems, and physical injury if left alone. Addressing these problems as quickly as possible is required to guarantee a safe household.

And we’d like for you to have an emergency contact you can count on whenever your pipes let you down. The best 24-hour plumbers in Calgary are here to take your call anytime!

1.  Day & Knight Plumbing and Heating

Day & Knight Plumbing and Heating's Logo

SERVICES Hot Water Tanks, bathroom, kitchen, pipe repairs, etc.
WEBSITEDay & Knight
ADDRESSDay and Knight Plumbing 227 32 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2M 2P8

From installation to maintenance, Day and Knight Plumbing and Heating has you covered. Offering extensive 24-hour plumbing and heating services, they can address all your plumbing and heating issues at any time of day and knight!

If it’s an emergency to you, it’s an emergency to them. They understand that time is of the essence when it comes to plumbing issues, so they provide the best emergency plumbers in Calgary whom anyone can call ASAP.


  • Quality 24/7 Emergency Plumbing and Heating services
  • Offers free estimates
  • Provides furnace, and hot water tank services on top of standard plumbing

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from a Day & Knight client:

“My, it’s been a while since I last reviewed, but this was a fantastic experience, and these guys deserve it.

I had a persistent leaky bathtub faucet that had been getting worse for the last month. I placed a call on last Friday, and they sent a fellow (named Dan I believe) on Monday for 9 am. Even with a simple address mix-up and ridiculous snowfall for October 2nd, he was still at my place by 9:30, and he was out within a half an hour (he literally left about 15 minutes ago). He’s also very friendly, and I didn’t feel awkward with him in and about my home.

The price was a bit higher than I anticipated, but it’s more than manageable, and not surprising as I was walked through it. And, as someone with multiple family members in multiple trades, I know that you get what you pay for, and if you want it done right, it’s going to cost a healthy amount.

I highly, highly recommend these folks. From start to finish, great experience.”

And here’s one more:

“These guys weren’t the first place I called… They weren’t even the 4th place I called… It just so happened that they were the only ones who could come in today after my other plumber called to cancel (they cancelled knowing full well I was without water for over 4 days and that the next day was a holiday, but still… they cancelled. So I found another plumber.And I am glad i did!)

A series of unfortunate events that only those who own “centennial” houses are likely to understand, the simple replacement of a hot water tank ended with the city digging up half the street out front to fix the whole water main. No one’s fault, but the old water shut off valve (probably 50+ years old) rusted and broke off when the water tank installer tried to turn the water on after installing the tank. So I called the city to turn off the outside main so that we can replace the inside shut off. The City broke the key in the main, and couldn’t turn it on. So they came to dig it up and replace the valve, but they hit something when digging and broke something else and so we find the street dug up. You’re welcome neighbours!

Anyway, after 5 days without water, Ted from Day and Knight saved the day! He asked me to text him pics of the old plumbing, knowing that it could be tough to find matching parts to old plumbing. He made sure he had the right parts before coming, and showed up just in time to get the job done before the city crew was leaving (and thus would have left the water shut off still.)

He was fast, polite, and knowledgable. He quoted me upfront, and stuck to the price. They did not charge extra for emergency service. He did good work, and even helped me light the water tank pilot, showing me how it works and how to re-light it if I should need to. Great guy, their card is stuck to my fridge, FINALLY i’ve found a plumber to trust in YYC! You can see their reviews on google, and it’s all true. You can trust these guys!”


2.  Mr. Rooter Plumbing

Mr. Rooter Plumbing's Logo

SERVICESResidential Services, Commercial Services, Emergency Services
ADDRESS6939 Farrell Rd SE Calgary, AB T2H 0T3
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 640-7789

Mr Rooter Plumbing Services provides a team of certified and tenured plumbers available right at your doorstep in a single call! Their plumbers will also keep your household clean and safe while they’re working.

They also believe that plumbing services shouldn’t complicate your schedule. Thus, they provide clear and flexible appointment schedules without overtime charges.

They can even work around your schedule, providing the most convenient and best emergency plumber services in Calgary.


  • Hassle-free and appointment-based plumbing services that don’t charge overtime fees
  • Certified plumbers that guarantee quality plumbing services

Customer Reviews

Here’s some feedback from Mr. Rooter’s client:

“I can’t express how grateful and happy I was with the service Mr. Rooter preformed.

Previous to their visit we had a different drain co. technician visit and after working on drain said it was most likely going to mean jackhammering till we found problem in our finished basement.  Decided to get a second opinion as I did not feel real confident with the tech.

Mr. Rooter dispatch was so pleasant and sent Konrad out to investigate.

He actually got through the problem with very little effort and put us at easy.

He was punctual, very neat and tidy and also did free plumbing inspection. He also left us with info on how to care for the drains so we do not have another occurrence.

I was extremely happy and grateful.”

And here’s one more:

“I don’t mind if others tell me that they’re expensive. Like Johnny F said, it’s all about peace of mind!   You can buy a membership from them and you and all your relatives can use their special rates if they need a plumber.  Customer service/dispatch also gives you a two to three hour window (as well as a call on the day of) so that you know when they’re coming.

Recently, we had a clogged standpipe behind our washing machine downstairs and didn’t know whether it was due to tree roots or just debris/lint/hair.   Initially, the plumber used the scope down the main sewer line to determine if there were any tree roots obstructing the line.  He eventually had had to use the snake in both cleanouts to flush it out all the grimy buildup from the kitchen sink and washing machine.  In the end, he only charged me for the scope (and labour).”


3.  Superior Plumbing

Superior Plumbing's Logo

SERVICESSuperior Services
WEBSITESuperior Plumbing
ADDRESS7919 Churchill Dr SW, Calgary, AB T2V 2S3
CONTACT DETAILS403-477-9754 | [email protected]

Superior Plumbing makes sure that all the work is discussed before they start working. They let clients know the best action plans and costs beforehand, as a result.

They provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services with their certified team of Master Journeymen Plumbers. The combination of great service and no surprises makes them some of the best emergency plumbers in Calgary for cost effectiveness too!


  • Full transparency, from having a written estimate of costs accompanied by a written description of your needs
  • Provides a team of bonded, insured, and licensed Master Journeymen Plumbers and Gas Fitters

Customer Reviews

Here are a few words from a Superior client:

“Blair just parachuted into our place today to fix a polyB hot water line that split in our mechanical room yesterday. 

Mechanical room was soaked as was I before I could shut the main water valve off.

I saw Blairs reviews here and asked him he could stop in on Monday (large leak happened Saturday night) as I didn’t want to pay off hour premium pricing as I’ve experienced in the past.

Blair called me up and said you can’t be without water and that his price would be the same either way, which was very reasonable.

Such a nice change from what we’ve experienced in the past!  Super professional, very efficient, cleaned up-took away all the old components and takes Paypal!

Thank you Blair, my family couldn’t be happier!  Will be recommending you to everyone we know!”

And here’s one more:

“I received friendly, professional service from this company. The response times were fantastic, and they were able to get me an appointment very quickly. My problem is fully resolved, and the price was exactly as quoted. I will definitely use them in the future!”


4.  180 Plumbing & Heating

180 Plumbing & Heating's Logo

SERVICESPlumbing and heating services
WEBSITE180 Plumbing
ADDRESS14 Prestwick Way SE – Calgary AB – T2Z 3L9
CONTACT DETAILS403-404-9975 | [email protected]

180 Plumbing & Heating Services is the go-to company when it comes to preventive maintenance and emergency plumbing. They provide quick, cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality and customer service.

They have some of the best emergency plumbers in Calgary; and if you want to learn how to properly maintain your equipment, they’re among the best you can call.


  • Preventive maintenance plans that teach and encourage their clients to properly take care of their appliances

Customer Reviews

Here’s a Google Review from a 180 client:

“Hands down one of the best plumbing/heating companies in Calgary! Always available to help me + top level service backed by strong knowledge. Have used 180 Plumbing & Heating many times and always recommend to my clients as well. Thanks for truly caring Dez!!”

And another one:

“Desmond did the plumbing for my bathroom renovation. He did an amazing job! Very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. 180 Plumbing and Heating is very reasonably priced and provides excellent customer service. When choosing my bathroom fixtures Desmond was extremely helpful in providing me several choices in all price points. I highly recommend 180 Plumbing & Heating and Desmond for any plumbing needs you have.”


5. Urban Piping

ADDRESS160 Quarry Park Boulevard SE, Suite 300

Calgary, AB T2C 3G3

CONTACT DETAILS (403) 988-3801 | [email protected] 

Having some trouble with your pipes and toilet and badly needs an on-call rescue? Do not hesitate to contact Urban Piping and they guarantee a prompt response. Whenever you need them, they are always available to accommodate your plumbing concerns.

They also take pride in their team of professional and well-trained technicians and staff who are committed to helping their clients deal with their stressful plumbing issues.

Their emergency plumbing services are open to accept order requests 24/7. Their plumbing services include toilets, faucets and taps, water filtration systems, water heaters, etc.


  • Easy scheduling and on time appointments
  • Professional plumbers in a company uniform and clearly marked company vehicle
  • Competitive rates

Customer Reviews

“We had a leak from one of the bathrooms into our living room below. Jordan was prompt, professional, and thorough in completing the repair. We were very thankful and impressed with the whole process and price was reasonable. It’s as if there was no issue at all.”

6.  Mr. Mike’s Plumbing & Drain Cleaning

Mr. Mike’s Plumbing & Drain Cleaning's Logo

PRODUCTS Mr. Mike’s services
WEBSITEMr. Mike’s Plumbing
ADDRESS918 16 Ave NW #187, Calgary, AB T2M 0K3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 520-2040 | [email protected]

Mr. Mike’s Plumbing and Drain Cleaning offers the best variety of plumbing services available in the area. Being one of the longest-standing companies in Calgary that are NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications) qualified, they are as reliable as companies can get.

They provide excellent plumbing and heating services—like emergency drainage, plumbing and heating services, installations, remodelling, and additions.

They also offer affordable installations for both domestic and commercial uses. This makes them some of the best emergency plumbers in Calgary to consult about large-scale plumbing installations and remodelling.


  • Specialises in providing heating and plumbing services
  • Offers lots of installation and remodelling plans for both commercial and domestic use

Customer Reviews

Here’s feedback from a Mr. Mike’s client:

“I had what I thought was an urgent situation on a Friday morning when the main drain in the house backed up.  I called Mike’s Plumbing and Mike actually answered at 6 am.  He sent Tanner to my house by 9:00!  The situation for me was pretty stressful but Tanner answered all my questions and was super patient and got the flow of the drain going again.

Wonderful service!  Fast response and accurate and honest!  I couldn’t be more pleased with this company!

Thank you Mike, and Tanner!”

And one more:

“Our experience with Mr Mikes was excellent. We had our faucet handle snap off and a few other plumbing issues with our kitchen sink. The reception was wonderful to deal with in booking our appointment. I appreciate them being able to send someone out after hours as we were in a bind without a functioning kitchen sink! Our plumber Richard was friendly, professional and efficient. We never felt pressured into something more expensive and he kept us in the loop the entire time on the work he was doing. We are so happy with our new faucet and can’t thank Richard enough! A great company to deal with from start to finish.”


7. Baker Plumbing Inc

SERVICESFrozen or burst water lines, Renovations Toilet / urinal repairs, Main waterline installations, Water main repairs and replacements, Leak detection, Shower and bathtub repairs, Faucet repairs and replacement
ADDRESS240-70 Shawville Blvd. SE Calgary, AB T2Y 2Z3
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 800-3007/ [email protected]

You can also rely on Baker Plumbing Inc for plumbing service. They have been serving the region since 1956. Up to date, the company still provides quality service to their clients. Aside from plumbing, they also provide heating, gas fitting and air conditioning services. 

Since they see the need of providing service round the clock, their shop is open 24 hours a day. Further, they open their business on a daily basis. This means that you will always have a plumbing company for your issues or problems.


  • Operates for 24 hours on a daily basis
  • Expert and professional in the field
  • Insured worker

Customer Reviews

Aside from their operating hours, customers are also fond of the service that the company provides. Here’s a review from one of their customers:

I spoke with Bob about a plumbing issue I was having in my home, the next day Isaiah arrived and did an amazing job to fix the problem.  Bob and the team at Baker are knowledgeable, professional, timely and focus on customer service. The day after the fix, Bob gave me a call to walk through what they had done to ensure that I was satisfied and gave me some helpful tips to prevent plumbing issues in the future.  Bob will tell you as it is without the “sales job” and you can feel comfortable that the fix is done right. I highly recommend Baker! – Greg Byrgesen


Plumbing is as important to your residential or commercial building as oxygen is to the body.

Life’s difficult when you don’t have running water, especially if you need to maintain the cleanliness of your living spaces.

Good thing the best emergency plumbers in Calgary can take care of all your plumbing, heating and drainage problems at any time of day. So before that leak floods your house, call them up!

By the way, you can also check the best drain services in Calgary if your drain is the problem!

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