The 55 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Calgary

Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Calgary

By Lucas Hebert

When you start your own business, one of the first things that you should consider is how to get your name out there. The quickest way to do that is through digital marketing — so hire the best digital marketing agencies in Calgary to get you started!

Digital marketing is a complex endeavour that requires the help of the best marketers to work. But when it does work, it’s definitely one of the most effective strategies you can take for your brand.

The best digital marketing agencies specialise in SEO and build strategies for your content. If you want an efficient way to let people know about your brand, here are the best marketing agencies in Calgary for you.

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1.  GrowME Marketing

GrowME Marketing's Logo

SERVICES Full-service marketing agency, digital marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), online advertising, etc.
ADDRESS1950 10 Avenue Southwest, Unit 201, Calgary, AB T3C 0J8
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 547-6963 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sat & Sun Closed

GrowMe Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that is dedicated to making your business grow. Whether it’s building you a new website or improving your digital marketing strategy, GrowMe has teams dedicated to your service.

They make sure to stay in contact with you after your contract to check up on your company and objectively measure your growth. They offer the best digital marketing services in Calgary, and they can launch your company with the best results.


  • Endorses transparent communication, guaranteeing your return of investment
  • Has a full digital marketing team that covers SEO, PPC, and Social Media Advertising

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of GrowMe Marketing’s clients:

“After using GrowME’s online marketing and SEO services we have gained many new clients and sales year-round! The team has excellent service and do great work for our website social media and search engine optimization. They are the backbone of my lead generation and recommend them to business owners looking to grow – AC”

Here’s another one:

“I’m the operations manager for Clever Daycare and GrowMe has filled helped us fill our new daycare location. They do our website, online marketing and advertising plus social media with excellent service and results. Everyone on the team is absolutely professional, attentive, and highly responsive. Whenever we have any concerns they address it immediately for us. They always go above and beyond! Would highly recommend them to anyone – CD”

2.  William Joseph Communications

William Joseph Communications' Logo

SERVICES Search engine optimisation (SEO), branding, strategy, content creation, online marketing campaigns, social media and digital advertising campaigns, etc.
WEBSITEWilliam Joseph
ADDRESS101 6 Street Southwest, Suite 105, Calgary, AB T2P 5K7
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 770-4900 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Smart marketing strategies and creative solutions collide in William Joseph Communications. They give you a collaborative approach to your digital marketing strategy, with a diverse team with vastly different personalities and specialties—and lots of options too.

WJ is filled with strategic problem solvers, fuelled by creativity and marketing prowess. They specialise in creating a strong and unforgettable online experience for your potential clients, making them one of the best digital marketing agencies in Calgary.


  • Provides a full-service marketing experience that can accommodate all levels of businesses
  • Specialises in providing creative solutions to your specific marketing problems, giving you a strong and unique online presence

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of William Joseph Communication’s clients:

“We have worked with the William Joseph Communications team for almost a year and have never looked back. The level of their expertise and creative talent has helped us raise our brand identity and increase our brand equity. The consultation process was seamless and the lines of communications clear. We felt like an entire team was truly working for and with us. Trans Canada Trail stakeholders love the inspired marketing pieces which evolved from this collaboration. This company came highly recommended from colleagues in both Saskatchewan and Alberta.”

Here’s another one:

“As a first-time starter in the business world, William Joseph took the vision I had for my business and applied every component I asked for (and it was a list!) into a logo. This has already helped generate revenue and drum up interest for my company, in addition to building a personal confidence I didn’t have prior to this logo’s existence. I’m beyond thrilled with the results they delivered, and the manner in which they did so – professional, courteous, and most of all, personable! Highly recommend.”

3. Marvel Marketing

WEBSITEMarvel Marketing
ADDRESS114 61 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0B2, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 587-387-2323 | Contact
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 10:00am–6:00pm

Sat – Sun 11:00am–3:00pm

Marvel Marketing has a team that has the passion and focus to help businesses build their brand with strategic digital marketing. They are a fast-growing industry leader in the digital marketing space.

Their highly rated digital marketing agency in Calgary has already helped more than 80 businesses across Canada and the USA to develop their digital presence, strengthen their brand, and grow their bottom line.


  • Digital marketing team with over 25 years of combined experience
  • Focused on client transparency and driven for results
  • Proud provider of award-winning services in multiple categories

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Marvel Marketing’s clients:

“Ryan is a master of his craft!! Very knowledgeable and personable. I’m pretty technologically challenged and he helped me every step of the way. We ran a Google campaign that brought my business a ton of interest!! Thank you so much, Ryan – I owe you one!!”

Here’s another one:

“I have worked with Ryan on a few projects now. The first thing I noticed about Ryan was how much he cares about the clients and their needs. His attention to detail and drive to exceed his client’s expectations is unmatched. You won’t regret hiring him! He is a gem of a human, and one of the hardest working people I know.”

4.  TalonX Creative Agency

TalonX Creative Agency's Logo

SERVICES Marketing and strategy, branding, web design, search engine optimisation (SEO), web marketing, etc.
ADDRESS1210 1 Street Southwest, Calgary, AB T2R 0V4
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 487-6094 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat & Sun Closed

TalonX is best known for their cool designs and their interactive websites. They specialise in creating fun customer experiences and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that guarantees a dynamic time for both you and your clients.

TalonX is the company that you go to for long-term success. They study and understand your audience and the vision you have for your business.

Their strategies evolve according to what suits your business best, as expected from one of the best digital marketing agencies in Calgary.


  • Ensures to help you understand your customer interactions and give them what they want without being boring
  • Offers a full service marketing experience, complete with video production, and photography, giving you full customization over your identity

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of TalonX’s clients:

“We were searching for a design firm that was edgy, professional and just a little bit different to create our website when we came across talonX. They definitely did not disappoint! We had a lot of fun during our initial meeting with Nick and everyone has been excellent to work with. They offer extreme professionalism, creativity and timeliness which is a must in my books. They have helped us every step of the way and even assisted throughout our launch during their “off hours”. Thanks, guys! We love your work and we love our website. Look forward to continued work with you.”

Here’s another one:

“TalonX has worked with our company One Dollar One Movement Inc. since day one! We were blown away by their services and prices. Throughout the process, they provided us with Graphic Design / Web Design / Web Development / Print Design / Creative Direction. I would recommend them to anyone looking for the above services. awesome people and nothing but the best quality!”

5. JYZ Design Inc.

SERVICES Content Marketing, Website Design, Digital Marketing
ADDRESS535 10 Ave SW Suite 207,

Calgary, AB

T2R 0A8

CONTACT DETAILSMain Office. (403) 453-2990

Email. [email protected]


JYZ Design is a company whose marketing team is composed of real designers, developers and copywriters. They aim to elevate brands and help businesses grow through design and branding.

To be able to stand by their commitment to provide every client with quality services, they always look into and research about their business and industry. Through this, they are able to know how to properly convey their message to their target audience.


  • Holistic multi-channel marketing
  • Professional Marketing Team
  • Strong creative background

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of JYZ Design Inc. clients:

“Great customer service and very professional.  I had some work done on our website and they were able to provide exactly what I ask for.  The team was great at resolving issues and coming up with solutions to ensure the end product was perfect.”

Here’s another one:

“Great customer service. Emails and phone calls were answered immediately and any small changes were handled right away. I had a pretty quick deadline and they go the website designed and up and running within it. Very happy with how the website turned out. They had great advice and guidance through the process.”

6.  Peak Digital Marketing

Peak Digital Marketing's Logo

SERVICES Lead Generation
Local SEO
Paid Media Management
Social Media Managemant
Website Development
WEBSITEPeak Digital
ADDRESS3435 Bonita Crescent NW, Calgary, AB T3B 2R9, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 403-993-7427
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 9am–5pm

Peak Digital Marketing gives you top-class marketing strategies. They make sure that your business and income will reach its peak, and go beyond that, even. Their team helps local Calgary businesses create steady leads so that they become more profitable.

They’ll take your business to the next level by giving you affordable strategies and plans. Aside from this, they provide a custom roadmap so you know where you are in the timeline, what the next steps are, and how to move forward.

Trust them to offer a full-service marketing package, making this the only stop you need to take for everything the best digital marketing agencies in Calgary can offer.


  • Specialises in Search Engine Optimisation, offering up to 10x more traffic for your business’s websites
  • Expert in finances and advertising monetization to maximize and guarantee your return of investments

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Peak Digital Marketing’s clients:

“We are so grateful for the work that Warren has done, and continues to do for us. His attention to detail and his ability to understand our brand/product was imperative (and much appreciated) in building our new website. His vast knowledge in SEO is essential to our business and we have had great results. He is great to work with, and we highly recommend his services.”

Here’s another one:

“Warren was able to give me more valuable info on web design and SEO in a single email than I was able to find myself through months of online research. I very much appreciate the help and will be speaking with you again. Thanks.”

7.  Blink Digital Consulting


SERVICES SEM , PPC, SEO , content development and distribution, digital marketing consulting
WEBSITEBlink Digital
ADDRESSCalgary, Alberta , Canada
CONTACT DETAILS1-403-477-7727 | [email protected]

Blink Digital Consulting’s focus is on their clients’ key performance indicators and their business objectives. Their drive indicators include funnel drop-off rate, revenue growth rate, inventory turnover, relative market share, and more.

Rest easy knowing that everything they do is aimed towards achieving a positive return on investment for their clients.


  • Blink Digital Consulting offers a variety of specialized packages.
  • Blink Digital Consulting specializes in search Engine Optimization and Pay per Click Marketing.
  • They are strategy specialists!

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Blink Digital Consulting’s clients:

“Blink Digital Consulting does a fabulous job understand what is needed first by doing a thorough assessment which I very much appreciated. I’ve worked with a lot of companies that get right to work spending my money before they realize they took an incorrect path. These folks are ultimate professionals who know what to do, where to do it best and when to do it. I highly recommend them.”

Here’s another one:

“Blink Digital Conulting is a fantastic firm meeting all cutomer requirements, delivering profucts on-time without any issues or delays. User friendly and not too complex to use.”

8.  seoplus+

ADDRESS1811 4th Street S.W., Suite 207, Calgary, AB T2S 1W2
CONTACT DETAILS1-866-980-7587 | [email protected]

Seoplus+ is an award-winning digital marketing agency that is dedicated to developing and implementing an extensive online marketing strategy for your company. They serve clients across a multitude of verticals with the goal of generating leads and increasing sales for their business.

Their team of internet marketing experts makes sure that their services are affordable for small- and medium-sized companies across Canada.


  • Offers custom packages
  • Extensive experience
  • Strategic prowess

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Blink Digital’s clients:

“I’ve worked with Brock on a number of projects and I can tell you first hand, he’s tremendous at what he does. If you’re looking for an SEO agency, look no further.”

Here’s another one:

“We have worked with seoplus+ on developing our web presence since 2012.

We have been very happy with the SEO and Adwords management provided and the exceptional level of customer service we’ve received.

We have more than quadrupled our web traffic since we started and are extremely satisfied with Brock and the rest of the seoplus+ team.”

9. Basar Optimization Inc.

Basar Optimization Logo Round.png

WEBSITEBasar Optimization Inc.
ADDRESS124 Covepark Pl NE, Calgary, AB T3K 6A1
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 9:00am–6:00pm

Basar Optimization Inc. started as a side project, social media marketing company in 2017 for Taher, the founder of the company. Back then, he went around door-to-door asking for marketing jobs, especially for small businesses.

After studying the market for six months and learning new skills and developing his talents, Taher decided to move to Calgary, AB to make this a full-time endeavor.

Today, Basar Optimization Inc. has grown into a digital marketing agency that helps businesses expand their market cap by crafting and executing marketing strategies. They specialized in content marketing, lead generation, and PPC projects.


  • Has a deep-rooted drive to help small and medium scale businesses
  • Passionate about what they do

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Basar Optimization Inc.’s clients:

“I wanted an evergreen marketing campaign done on Google and Facebook and I was helped. My company became known, increasing my sales.”

Here’s another one:

“BasarOpt helped us optimize our whole digital media marketing strategy for our new preschool! From Facebook pages, to Google listings, Instagram and managing digital ads, they know it all. The service is prompt, polite and very helpful. Would definitely recommend them.”

10.  151 Digital

WEBSITE151 Digital
ADDRESS10-3510 27 St NE Calgary, Alberta T1Y 5E2
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 452-3220 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 8:00am–4:30pm

151 Digital’s mission is to turn today’s innovators into the next generation’s leaders. Their vast growth marketing expertise and technological solutions, both cultivated through traditional brick & mortar businesses, and digital environments, have turned big ideas into market leaders over the last decade.

They are more than just a digital marketing agency. In fact, they a relentless growth agency for innovative brands who strive to succeed.


  • Free custom mockup
  • ROI-based results
  • Stays on top of technological advancements

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of 151 Digital’s clients:

“After interviewing a few different website designers, I decided to go with Saeed and the 151 Digital team to re-design my website and I couldn’t be happier with my decision! The entire team was extremely attentive, efficient and communicative throughout the entire process! Saeed and his team did not take any shortcuts – in fact they went the extra mile to make sure everything looked perfect! Without being asked, they took it upon themselves to create a brand guideline for my company (which is something I didn’t have) to make it easier for me going forward. Although a website for my company was long overdue the thought of creating a website from scratch was overwhelming, but shortly after working with Saeed I knew I was in good hands and I am so impressed with the finished product! I would highly recommend 151 Digital, you won’t be disappointed! Thank you Saeed for all of your hard work and for bringing my vision to life!”

Here’s another one:

“Our company had there website completed by another developer who was also “hosting/maintain” our site. We needed to make changes which were taking over, we were then referred to Saeed who from the first meeting was completely engaged and working proactively. 151 did a complete site renovation / Content renovation / web hosting. They have been SUPER professional to go along with very receptive feedback and proactively improving the site. Based on that experienced we also hired 151 for there marketing services, and this has been one of the best decisions we made for our business. I would highly recommend 151 Digital to looking for there service.”

11. Swiftly Labs

SERVICES Reputation Management, Content Removal, Content Marketing
ADDRESS3925 45 St SW, Calgary AB, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS1-877-943-6608
Tuesday – Friday: 7:30AM – 4:30PM
Saturday: 11AM – 4:30PM

Swiftly Labs will get rid of online content you wish to disappear. Removing content requires time and effort and they will make sure to accomplish the task quickly with the best that they can.

To give you the assurance that they will get the job done, failure to achieve the agreed service will be free of charge. Additionally, they turn down clients with demands that they cannot meet, to begin with.

They make sure to examine every case they handle to help them meet the needs of their clients with their capabilities. Their service includes free quotes and consultations.


  • Competitive prices
  • Results-oriented
  • Performance-based

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Swiftly Labs’ clients:

“They were able to delete negative online content in a matter of a couple of weeks. Their prices are very competitive and very professional. They were bale to delete online content that other Online Reputation Management companies faild at.” -Arnie Sarkar

Here’s another one:

“SwiftlyLabs were able to clear up my name on Google in about 6 weeks. I had an old news article that showed up on Google results pages when people searched for my name. Now, when I search for my name, the negative result moved from page 1 to page 7. Their online reputation management service is affordable when compared to other companies.” -Tom Greenberg

12. Be Better

Bebetter_wordmarkblack (1).png

CONTACT DETAILS+1(403) 831-3047 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 10:00am–6:00pm

Be Better is a social media and digital marketing agency that is here to help your business be even better than today. They offer a stress-free service that helps you and your company streamline the process of digital marketing.

Social media is a reflection of your personality, and they want to help share it to the world. So many companies have great, groundbreaking ideas that can impact the world, but being able to get it seen is challenging.


  • Offers cost-efficient packages
  • Amazing add ons for their services
  • Customizable plans

Customer Reviews

Be Better is the go-to of many businesses for social and digital marketing solutions. Over the years, they have proudly served various clients across Canada.

13. Thinktech Marketing and Automation

SERVICES Digital marketing, Development, CRM Implementation and Data Migration, etc.
ADDRESS60 Quarry Park Blvd SE, Suite# 300 Calgary T2C 3G3
CONTACT DETAILS+1 403 462 0868
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday-Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Thinktech Marketing and Automation is a Calgary based Marketing Technology company. Having to utilize the best marketing and web technologies, they aim to help companies refine their marketing effectiveness, reduce marketing overheads and increase their Return on Investment (ROI).

For transparency, they also provide monthly reporting and performance indicators to help you in monitoring your business.


  • Canada’s leading marketing technology company
  • Monthly reporting and performance
  • Carefully crafted strategy aligned with your business

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of ThinkTech’s clients:

“Whenever I’ve used ThinkTech Software, I’ve found them to be capable, reliable, professional and cost effective. Avneesh’s professionalism is outstanding. I highly recommend them.”

Here’s another one:

“Avneesh and his team helped me out of a precarious situation which I am eternally grateful for. I had previously hired a web developer to redo my website, but somehow in the process he accidentally wiped my server and lost over 50+ blogs from the past 5 years on the website.

The previous web developer wasn’t able to recover any of the blogs and I came to ThinkTech as a last ditch effort. Somehow they managed to recover all the blog posts and get everything back the way it was before which was 1000’s of hours of work.

Would highly recommend Avneesh and his team.”

14. Big Shot Digital Media

Digital Marketing Agency | Big Shot Digital Media

WEBSITEBig Shot Digital Media
CONTACT DETAILS888-357-7352 | Contact

Big Shot Digital Media is a digital media marketing company focused on making you the leader in your industry. Using their unique techniques and professional equipment in the video and online marketing field, they will get you to the top!

Their experts make a specific plan with you to meet any goals, large or small, and show you the step-by-step process to real success. They are driven by your success and will always ensure to take you and your company above and beyond what you will expect.


  • Creates the largest marketing impression possible in your field
  • Provides innovative marketing solutions

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Big Shot Digital Media’s clients:

“Big shot digital media is one of the best/more structured self owned businesses I know. They provide clean, and tastefully done videos, that never fail to get the viewers attention. They do work in almost all areas, making them very versatile as well. Definitely would recommend”

Here’s another one:

“Creative, affordable and excellent quality. Got my music video done from them and they did an outstanding job. I was super happy with the results. The kind of effort they put in is unmatchable.”

15. Kingz Marketing

WEBSITEKingz Marketing
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 206-1212 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 9:00am–5:00pm

Kingz Marketing started in Montreal in 2017. Although they’re a young company, they don’t lack on experience and, most importantly, they love to face challenges and overcome obstacles the modern day throws at them,

The success of their clients, is also their success, which is why they always go the extra mile to make sure they meet your desires. You can choose from one of their pre-established packages or get them to make a custom plan which meets your specific needs.


  • Services are offered in English, French, and Spanish
  • Gives their clients the option to cancel anytime
  • Focused on growing your online presence

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Kingz Marketing’s clients:

“I was in need of a professional to help me launch my personal business (logo, business cards, Facebook page). I was recommended Kingz Marketing, and they made a great logo and designed really cool business cards for me. The outcome exceeded my expectations, and honestly, it’s a great company to work with! Thank you.”

Here’s another one:

“These guys are amazing! Great service and great work, super professional! Kingz Marketing helped us build our brand and gain an online presence, when we first started. Brandon is really professional and dedicated, he has a great and clear vision and understands what it is to build or improve a brand. Thanks for everything! “

16. Websites Calgary

Websites Calgary

WEBSITEWebsites Calgary
CONTACT DETAILS+1 403 708 9611 | [email protected]

Websites Calgary is a creative digital agency based in Calgary that provides excellent services ranging from design to development and even digital marketing. They help businesses in Alberta of all shapes and sizes in achieving success in their industry through web presence.

Although they’re not the cheapest, they have worked hard to make our packages affordable. Their team hopes that you’ll find that they offer the best value for the quality that they proudly provide.


  • Free consultations
  • Makes sure that you have a great experience
  • Always goes the extra mile

Customer Reviews

Websites Calgary’s has proudly served various clients throughout the years. In each project, they always make sure to listen to their clients attentively so they get an accurate picture of your business. This helps them create a more effective marketing strategy.

17. Full Blast Creative

WEBSITEFull Blast Creative
ADDRESS#113 1240 20 Ave SE, Calgary Alberta, Canada T2G 1M8
CONTACT DETAILS403 608 2661 | Contact
OPERATING HOURS Mon – Fri 9:00am–6:00pm

Full Blast Creative offers branding, web design, social media management & digital marketing solutions. They have worked on all kinds of campaigns, and sin each one, they strived for exceptional results on every web design, social media or online marketing project.

Based on your needs and opportunities, they create individual or multifaceted marketing and communication solutions. In collaboration with you, their team explores and defines what’s required – and then they make it happen.


  • Follows a distinct process
  • Helps you develop a blueprint for marketing success
  • Award-winning, full-service Calgary marketing agency

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Full Blast Creative’s clients:

“Working with Full Blast has been a godsend for our small business. As a non-profit with a limited marketing budget, Full Blast has been able to identify the marketing priorities so that we get the best bang for our buck. And although we are not their largest client, we feel equally important and cared for. Thank you Full Blast for your attention and expertise. We look forward to growing our social presence and brand with you at the helm.”

Here’s another one:

“Full Blast Creative has been working to improve our website. They have also been helping us with Google advertising. I have noticed a definite increase in the number of phone calls received. Very much appreciated.”

18. CMO4Hire

CMO4Hire Client Reviews |

ADDRESS#600, 630 – 8 Ave SW Calgary, Alberta T2P 1G6
CONTACT DETAILS1.403.441.8853 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Mon – Fri 9:00am–6:00pm

Sat 10:00am–4:00pm

Count on CMO4Hire to implement solutions across Google’s platforms such as Ads, Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, Attribution, Optimize and more. Know that they are here to not just level the playing field, but they are here to help you dominate online.

They firmly believe that there’s never been a more challenging—or rewarding—time to help business succeed online. Trust their team to help you emerge from the murky ooze and accelerate your digital lead generation and sales efforts while helping you build a foundation for the future.


  • Focuses on Google Ad PPC, including Search, Display, YouTube, and shopping ads
  • Specializes in Google marketing tools including Google MYBusiness, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Google Ads

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of CMO4Hire’s clients:

“We purchased CMO4Hire’s Web Analytics Tune-up. They analyzed our online presence then made short and long term action plans to repair and improve things. We opted to have them fix most issues but some were simple enough to amend ourselves. CMO4HIRE provided exactly what we needed to improve our online business presence and also helped us understand why it was necessary.”

Here’s another one:

“We have been connected and working with the fine folks at CMO4Hire in myriad capacities for some time now and their level of knowledge and service are both at the highest level. Easy to recommend.”

19. Hook + Ladder

Hook + Ladder

WEBSITEHook + Ladder
ADDRESSSuite #112 1215 13th Street SE T2G 4Y3
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]

From strategy, design, development to marketing tools and analytics, Hook + Ladder is your all-in-one team to help you build your online marketing platform.

If you’re tired of juggling too many marketing to-dos, they can make it easier to launch multiple campaigns and monitor accurate metrics in real-time. They are also the extension cord to power up your business and plug into new levels of success.


  • Strategic digital marketing
  • Skilled, dedicated, and collaborative team

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from a few of Hook + Ladder’s clients:

“The team at H+L are excellent and had tons of experience building digital marketing strategies. We felt like a real team from day one.”

“Hook + Ladder were able to immediately come to the table with a look and feel that matched our brand…and that has always been a challenge. [They] understand our day to day needs and work really well with all of our vested partners.”

“From day one, [Hook + Ladder] got it. They had an action plan, they explained it, and more importantly they explained how they were going to track the return on investment.”

20. Welby Consulting

WEBSITEWelby Consulting
ADDRESS342 4 Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
OPERATING HOURSTues – Thurs 10:00am–6:00pm

Mon & Fri 10:00am–4:00pm

If you’re looking for more from your digital advertising, Welby Consulting is the team to contact so you can get better results that are consistent and with transparent. Their team acquires your wanted outcomes while providing insights based on your pay-per-click advertising to search engine marketing and web analytics.

Trust that they can gives you better returns, and less wasted budget.


  • Award-winning PPC management services
  • Free consultations
  • Works directly with consultants

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Welby Consulting’s clients:

“Grant will do everything he can to support your company on online platforms. He knows this space very well! I am quite happy with the level of service we’re receiving, and the fact that Grant will consistently monitor PPC campaigns to ensure optimal results.”

Here’s another one:

“Working with Grant and Welby Consulting has been and continues to be an absolute delight. Grant is always on top of everything. If you’re looking for results, these are the people you want to get in touch with.”

21. SEMO Creative

ADDRESS3445 12th St NE, Calgary AB T2E 6S6
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 773-1230 | Contact
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 9:00am–6:00pm

SEMO Creative is built on strong ethical values to help small companies and individuals. Their company was established to bring best services for business under one roof, this is important to us because we want to help you grow your market reach.

They work with diversified professionals, including graphic designers, copywriters, web developers, and online marketers to provide our clients with the best possible solutions. What sets them apart from their competition is their capabilities and dedication to finding the best solution particular to you.


  • Get personal attention to your business marketing goals
  • Finishes each project on time and within budget
  • Ensures that quality is never compromised

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of SEMO Creative’s clients:

“I am extremely satisfied with the work. I only explained it once and the logo for my business was done exactly they way i wanted. Very professional. I highly recommend this company for professional logos”

Here’s another one:

“We have been working with Mohsin for the past five years and only have GREAT things to say about him. He has not only helped us set up two online business website but also with SEO/Marketing campaigns and whatever comes in between. Mohsin is incredibly knowledgeable in what he does and a great person to work with. I highly recommend him.”

22. Codesign Technologies Inc.

SERVICES Web Design, Website Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing
WEBSITECodesign Technologies Inc.
ADDRESS1530 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0T7
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 777-0093 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 9:00am–5:00pm

Codesign Technologies Inc. is a Calgary-based, award-winning web design and digital marketing agency that dedicated to delivering excellent results to our valuable clients. They work by setting a higher standard of output that leads to our customers’ confidence and trust in us.

Over the years, they have established themselves as the most reliable one-stop destination for all types of digital solutions for clients from all over the world and from varied sectors. Their clientele ranges from small start-ups to global corporate ventures.


  • Built to work smarter, faster and more effectively
  • Custom web design, development, marketing, and branding

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Codesign Technologies Inc.’s clients:

“Codesign is a real pleasure to work with on a personal level and a business level. Raj & team is a very intelligent and talented. We are extremely impressed, on how quickly they redeveloped our website and lot of improvement on our online presence. Highly recommend. Amazing designers & developers with business acumen. Thanks Raj & Codesign team.”

Here’s another one:

“Working with Codesign to build my website has been a fantastic experience. I had great personalized service along the way and now the website I had envisioned has come to life. Thanks Codesign!”

23.  Critical Mass

Critical Mass | Crunchbase

WEBSITECritical Mass

Strategy & Planning: Customer Experience Strategy, Digital Transformation, Brand Strategy, Social Strategy, E-Commerce, Digital Identity, Technical Strategy

Experience Design: User Experience, Responsive Design, E-Commerce Design, Brand Creation, Digital Product Design, Web & Mobile Design, Voice Interfaces, Intranet Design, Physical & Spatial

Marketing Communications: Channel Planning, Integrated Campaigns, Social Programs, Content Creation & Planning, Search Marketing Strategy, Media Planning & Buying

Technology & Implementation: Solution Architecture, Prototyping, Application Development, Systems Integration, Web & Mobile Development, Search Optimization, DevOps

Marketing Science: Data Strategy, Segmentation & Targeting, Attribution Marketing, Testing & Optimization, Measurement Planning & Implementation

ADDRESS1011 9th Avenue SE Suite 300,

Calgary Alberta,

Canada T2G 0H7

CONTACT DETAILS+1 403 262 3006 | [email protected]

Critical Mass was founded when a design visionary and a successful entrepreneur came together with a focus on digital experiences in a rapidly evolving space. For 24 years, they’ve helped global brands reimagine digital and transform their businesses through strategic consulting, innovative creative ideas and cutting-edge technology thinking.

Today, Critical Mass is 950 employees across 11 global offices. Even though they’re much bigger than when they started out in Calgary, they remain true to their roots— transparent, honest, passionate, and have a can-do attitude that clients notice and appreciate. The executive and global leadership team use an open and accessible management style to drive success on all fronts: innovating their work and services, mentoring talent, and ensuring the agency delivers industry-leading work.

Critical Mass is majority-owned (99%) by Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE: OMC). Omnicom is one of the largest holding companies for global advertising, marketing, digital and communications services firms. Their global revenue is over $15 billion, and they have more than 5,000 clients in over 100 countries.


  • Award-winning digital marketing and experience design agency with a relentless focus on the customer
  • Incorporates strategic, data-inspired ways to employ new technologies and digital design possibilities into brand experiences
  • Delivers interactions that are simpler, more useful, dependable, valuable, informative, and engaging for the customer

Customer Reviews

Over 24 years of experience working with complex, multi-stakeholder organizations has taught us the importance of being a partner that people like to work with—honest, flexible and accountable. In that regard, our success stems both from the work we do, as well as the length of our partnerships, some of which span five, ten, even fifteen-years. We’ve also found that longevity and flexibility go hand in hand. For AT&T, USAA, Nissan, INFINITI and Citi, we’ve worked on countless projects, and in every imaginable team configuration. We think that says a lot about the type of collaborative, innovative, results-focused partner we strive to be day in and day out.

24. Maven Media Group

Maven Media Group | LinkedIn

WEBSITEMaven Media Group
ADDRESS5240 1A ST. SE, Unit 202, Calgary AB, T2H 1J1
CONTACT DETAILS403.969.9351 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 9:00am–6:00pm

Maven Media Group is a fully integrated marketing team that focuses on creating and publishing premium digital content. Their work spans from marketing to production.

Trust that they work to find fresh approaches and innovative methods that merge the digital and traditional landscapes. Their team also makes sure to coordinate as a group from day one to ensure consistency and creativity throughout the entire process.


  • Trusted by global brands
  • World-class IP video services
  • Providing outstanding solutions to your marketing needs.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Maven Media Group’s clients:

“When producing a live event like professional boxing there is often an important vision to fulfill however, it is very difficult to portray this to a production company. This was not an issue with Maven. Not only did they get our vision, they also added to it in ways we couldn’t have imagined.

Boxing is a fast paced event where director, producers and cameramen need to act quickly and Maven is truly on point every time. The finished product ends up as good, sometimes better than ESPN.”

Here’s another one:

“Maven Media Group’s in depth knowledge of market trends and insights into what really speaks to consumers both visually and contextually has helped our business make deeper connections with current clients and build lasting relationships with new clients who have only words and an image to judge us by.”

25. Sland Studios

WEBSITESland Studios
ADDRESS1550 5 St SW #300, Calgary, AB T2R 1K3
CONTACT DETAILS403 921 7414 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 9:00am–5:00pm

At Sland Studios, they specialize in a wide array of digital, online and interactive solutions for your business. From website design to social media marketing to search engine optimization, their strong focus on technology, development and implementation will ensure not only a great product but seamless execution.

Their services include Website and Graphic Design, Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation, and Ongoing Support and Optimization.


  • WordPress Web Development
  • Website and Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  • Ongoing Support and Optimization

26. SearchBeyond

SearchBeyond's Logo

ADDRESS823 Coach Side Crescent SW Calgary, Alberta T3H 1A6, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 433-5550 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 8:30am–6:00pm

SearchBeyond’s goal is to make sure that your website is top-notch when it comes to the number of visitors and rank higher in search engine results pages. They are composed of highly-skilled workers to secure the relevance of your company website.

Since online traffic has increased, their objectives are expanding your reach to drive sales and build customer loyalty. They recognize the demand use of a mobile device for searching and tap into this to drive more audience to your company.


  • All of their team members are trusted by Google Local Guides
  • A combined and targeted approach to both social media platforms and authoritative SEO to gain positive effects on ranking
  • Gain maximum and consistent online visibility.

27. Catch Communications

WEBSITECatch Communications
ADDRESSCalgary, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILSToll-Free International: (877) 811-1211
Local: 587-370-4860
OPERATING HOURSContact for more details

Catch Communications is excited to assist companies with any marketing related hurdles.

As creative problem-solvers, Catch Communications values listening to their clients and understanding the pain points of their businesses. They are dedicated to finding innovative solutions, and are committed to the success of their projects.

Whether it’s content marketing, social media management, website development, advertising, or marketing strategy and consulting, Catch Communications is ready to help!


  • Has a 3-step approach in catching the attention of your audience
  • Has a team with several years of training and experience

Customer Reviews

The resolution to assist companies achieve their marketing goals is Catch Communication’s striking quality. Their dedicated team, core values, and work ethics ensures their clients satisfactory results.

28. Devante Group

WEBSITEDevante Group
ADDRESSCalgary, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSContact for more details

At Devante Group, their mission is to double the size of 100 law firms by 2025. They want to help your firm so you can be more successful.

They believe the best lawyers should win, not the best marketers or strategies. Devante Group will lead the way to the future of accessibility to justice as they enrich lives with results-based strategies to connect lawyers with the right clients, profitably.


  • Strategies are predicated on scientific data
  • Many benefits working with them
  • Their strategies are thoroughly researched

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Devante Group clients:

“Within 2 weeks visionare doubled our exposure and engagement. I absolutely LOVE the website they created for me. Very professional to work with” -Kayleigh Shikanai

Here’s another one:

“Visionaire Team is a professional business that comes in and executes a systematic plan and converts them into front door results. Best decision yet! Great work. Kudos. 5/5” -Paulson Thomas

29. Konstruct Digital

WEBSITEKonstruct Digital
ADDRESS1235 26 Ave SE Calgary, Alberta Canada
OPERATING HOURSContact for more details

Konstruct Digital can help you broaden your target market with the help of their team of licensed and friendly professionals. If you’re having trouble with your business’ digital marketing, they’re there to help you with anything

They transform your business into a digital marketing machine. With their talented team, they give you high quality service making you come back to work with them again.


  • Ambitious and looking to grow
  • Engaged and responsive
  • Looking for a long term relationship

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Konstruct Digital clients:

“Konstruct is a wonderful web and mobile tech boutique. Amanda and her team are very easy to work with, they get the job done in a timely manner, and always have the clients’ interest at heart.” -Farid Noordin

Here’s another one:

“Really enjoy working with the team over at Konstruct. Their work is top notch, reporting and follow up is on point and the people are very knowledgeable. I’d easily get them to quote on future web and SEO projects.” -David Wald

30.  Jumping Elephant

SERVICES Marketing Strategy

Group Workshops

Online Courses

On-Site Event Social Coverage

Web Design


Lead Generation Funnels

CONTACT DETAILSTel.: 403 875 9248

Email: [email protected]

OPERATING HOURSContact for more information

Jumping Elephant is a hands-on marketing powerhouse that focuses on improving their clients’ Return On Market Spend (ROMS). The main way to achieve this is through their Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) services.

With their Fractional CMO Services, Sarah Kirkpatrick (the lead matriarch) will work with your company as an extension of your team and help you strategize, implement, analyze, and see your business growth.


  • Fully integrated boutique digital marketing
  • Experts in the areas of creative marketing strategies

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Jumping Elephant’s clients:

“If I could give it 100 stars I would… I met Sarah at a local business event and was in awe of her way she navigated seamlessly through the social media platforms so effortlessly and with a step by step for those ( myself included) leary of the ‘trappings’ of social media. It was in a confident and straightforward manner, she took us through that won me over….Jumping Elephant is now helping me take my businesses from ‘Ground Zero” to “Infinity and Beyond” using Social media. The company is creative, knowledgeable and very easy to deal with for us social media virgins! Thanks so very much and look forward to more coaching.”

Here’s another one:

“The digital space is something I know little about and in my quest I have found it challenging to find that ‘right’ fit. I have to admit, I went into the initial meeting with my guard up, but I left the meeting feeling pumped. Sarah’s passion for her business was abundantly clear, I love it!

After an in-depth Phase 1 Market Analysis followed by a well laid out Phase 2 Digital Marketing Strategy, it all became clear…I have my work cut out for me. The digital marketing strategy, while overwhelming at first with just how thorough it is, once broken down into smaller tasks…I can do this. And the best part, I don’t have to do it alone. Thank you, Sarah and Jumping Elephant! Let’s crush it! Jumping Elephant is a definite recommend.”

31.  Dante Art

SERVICES Digital marketing service agency.
Custom design 3D Animation’s,Motion Graphic, Web and Graphic design.
CONTACT DETAILS587 284 2667 | [email protected]

Dante Art creates everything for the digital universe. They are a Branding Design Company with Excellence in Graphic, Web Design and Multimedia.

Working across all advertising platforms, they are always aware of advertising opportunities and the graphic designs needed for the most effective presentation of your brand.


  • Web Design
  • Logo Design
  • 3D Animation
  • Brand Design
  • Graphic Design

Customer Reviews

Here are reviews from some of Dante Art’s clients:

“Couldn’t have been more impressed with the finished product we got from the team at Dante Art!
Truly outstanding and exceptional work that changed the face of the company I work for.
We established a really great relationship that continues to this day,
I would HIGHLY recommend Dante Art to anyone looking for Graphic Design, 3D video, Branding, or Digital Advertising.
Thanks again guys!”

“This design company stands above and beyond any other.
Being in a competitive industry requires design and innovation above the rest.
I felt at ease knowing and receiving a superior level of design and service!
The creativity, patience, innovation, drive, passion, and understanding is beyond expectations.
Thank you Dante art.”

“Really great work. Service stands out as it is genuine and designers always go extra mile!”

“It was an amazing experience to work with such an outstanding team.
They provide quality work to their customers and extraordinary services.”

32. Rapid Boost Marketing

SERVICESDigital marketing, advertising, website design, mobile app design
ADDRESS1339 15 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 3V3
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 317-0788

At Rapid Boost Marketing, they aim to increase your revenue through various services. They offer software development, website design, digital marketing, advertising, and lead generation.

When it comes to credibility, you can be sure they have it because they’ve already provided marketing solutions to over 700 organizations that are part of the Fortune 500.

Besides, Rapid Boost Marketing also caters to various industries, including healthcare, oil& gas, home services, and finance.


  • Mobile app and website design
  • Over 3000 projects finished
  • Hired by up to 700 companies

Customer Reviews

Here’s a customer review from Google Business to tell you more:

“Rapid Boost for some very specific training and Ali responded promptly and was incredibly helpful.  He even customized a unique session to meet my exact needs and went above and beyond – following up several times after the fact to ensure my project was successful.”Leslie McPherson

And here’s another one:

“I was looking for a high-level description of permission marketing.  That was delivered , along with a lot of great information.  Thank you!”Al Gibson

33. Power Surge Marketing

SERVICES Digital Marketing
ADDRESS150 9 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3H9, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 587-333-7955

Power Surge Marketing will help you get new patients with effective marketing. They fill the gap between patients and doctors.

They are honest in their work and communicate well, making their clients satisfied with their services.


  • Professional
  • Detail-oriented
  • Innovative

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Power Surge Marketing’s clients:

“Great people to work with. They are attentive to details and get back to you quickly. The algorithms that they have work and they are able to generate leads.” – Raj Sohal

Here’s another one:

“Lily has been a great help with client booking and follow ups. The Powersurge team is responsive and professional. Looking forward working with them in driving new patients to our clinic” – Sumeet Sohal

34. Sherpa Marketing

SERVICES Search engine optimisation (SEO), branding, strategy, online marketing campaigns, social media and digital advertising campaigns, etc.
ADDRESSCalgary: 909 17th Avenue SW, Suite 400 Calgary, Alberta, T2T 0A4
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: 1-888-447-7727
Email: [email protected]Calgary
Phone: (587) 316-4716
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSWeekdays: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Weekends: CLOSED

For over 20 years, Sherpa Marketing has proven themselves to create fool-proof marketing strategies, and has brought consistent tangible results to their clients. The company prides themselves for their ability and strength to execute innovative and creative marketing approaches that ensure lasting revenue for your company.

They develop strategies, identify challenges, and execute tactics all while adapting and evolving to the advances of today’s technology. Being one of Canada’s leading digital marketing agencies, they are tested and proven to bring your company towards growth and success.


  • Provides a full-service marketing from strategies to graphics
  • Provides Augmented Reality Development
  • Won 3 Cama Awards for “Media Execution – 2017, Product Sales Literature – 2015 , Mobile Apps – 2014
  • Won Signature Awards Travel Manitoba, “You’re Welcome” campaign – Things that didn’t Fly, People’s Choice – 2013
  • Won #126 on Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies – 2018

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Sherpa Marketing’s clients:

“Full-service agency that truly does it all at a world-class level.”

Here’s another one:

“Sherpa is a great place to work. The people are amazingly talented, very friendly and always willing to help with what ever you may need. Working with such talent has pushed me to be a better employee and an even better me. For any marketing needs, Sherpa is the place to call!!”

35. 3 Crown Marketing

ADDRESS503, 510 21st Ave Sw, Calgary, Alberta
1.403.242.5549 Email:
[email protected]

3 Crown Marketing creates interactive web designs that are tailored to the savvy business owner. Do you want your website to look amazing AND bring in sales? You’ve come to the right place.

They are also absolutely skilled in copywriting and content marketing. Getting your business blog up and running is what they do best.


  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of 3 Crown Marketing’s clients:

“Amazing company. They helped me with an immaculate web design as well as great social media content. To the point where I don’t need to worry about it at all, they send me the content to approve and it’s that easy. I rarely have feedback, they’re that great! 3 Crown takes time to understand your business and how they can honestly help you.”

Here’s another one:

“Excellent results. Since engaging 3 Crown Marketing, my business has seen a huge increase in engagement across all our social platforms and sales are up.
Very reasonable pricing and being easy to deal with makes this firm a no brainer in my opinion.”

36. West Village Marketing

SERVICES Design, Strategy, and Online Services
ADDRESS#108, 5 Richard Way SW Calgary, AB T3E 7M8
CONTACT DETAILSTel: 403-660-6789

Email: [email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.

West Village Marketing is a full service agency specializing in branding, graphic and exhibit design, strategy, online reputation management and digital marketing.

Their work can be found in museums, on billboards, on-line, on cargo vans and in store fronts – from Halifax to Paris and at many points in between. They make the world a better place, through creative problem solving – positioning their clients for success.


  • Digital Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing Strategy

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of West Village Marketing’s clients:

“Responsive, intelligent , thoughtful…great company”

37. LOUD Marketing

ADDRESS535 8 Ave SE #104
Calgary, AB T2G 5S9
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 800-5938
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday-Friday: 9am-5pm

LOUD Marketing is an independently-owned marketing agency that provides digital marketing solutions. They specialize on Social Media Marketing and Management,
Website Design and Development, Reputation and Review Management and more.

They aim to assist and collaborate with their clients in coming up with a strategy that adapts to alterations in accordance to the industry, the economy, and the direction of their business.


  • Independently-owned
  • Female-run enterprise that delivers digital marketing solutions.
  • Group of passionate professionals

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of LOUD Marketing’s clients:

“I am the Owner at Bugle Forklift Sales & Rentals. We are an experienced material handling solutions company based in Calgary, AB. We hired LOUD to redo our website, manage our reputation through reviews and ratings, and to create dedicated pages and accounts on social media to familiarize people with our brand and services. LOUD also helped us raise our digital profile through SEO and retargeting strategies. The outcome was very successful, visitors to our website increased significantly, sales went up, and our brand became a more established brand that people could easily find reviews & ratings for online, and that people could ultimately trust for their projects & needs. They were always available whenever I called or reached out to her to answer questions & concerns. The flow was smooth and efficient enough to allow me to focus on my business while they took care of the marketing of my business. Their commitment to research and execute strategies that helped boost my business, as well as the quality of work delivered on the website.”

38. Achieve Online

ADDRESS700, 1816 Crowchild Trail NW
Calgary, AB T2M 3Y7
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: 1.888.865.3545
Email: [email protected]

Achieve Online is a local marketing firm that has all aspects of traditional and digital marketing covered. They cater to service based business owners with cost-effective, creative, innovative marketing strategies.

To ensure a strong marketing foundation, they also offer a variety of on and offline advertising mediums.


  • A diverse team of meticulous marketing professionals
  • 24 hour weekday reply policy
  • Developing custom solutions that fits your budget

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Achieve Online’s clients:

“We at Desert Sun Patios would like to send out a big THANK YOU, to the team at Achieve. Over the years we have tried various marketing companies. Achieve stands out as the best, among the best. Achieve is always prompt and efficient with responses to our questions. More importantly, they are creative and innovative. Constantly thinking of and quickly implementing new ideas into our marketing. Thank you Achieve!”

Here’s another one:

“They were able to help us figure out something quite technical which we appreciate very much! It took us an hour to fail, but it took Achieve 15 minutes to succeed, then they refused to take our money. Wow, I recommend this company to Calgarians 100% Thank you guys!”

39. Vigu Media

ADDRESS191 Edwards Way SW, Unit 202, Airdrie, AB T4B3E2, CA
CONTACT DETAILSEmail:General Inquiries: [email protected]

Accounting: [email protected]

Design Team: [email protected]

Sales: [email protected]

Customer Care & Support: [email protected]

Careers: [email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMon: 08:00 a.m. – 08:00 p.m.
Tue: 08:00 a.m. – 08:00 p.m.
Wed: 08:00 a.m. – 08:00 p.m.
Thu: 08:00 a.m. – 08:00 p.m.
Fri: 08:00 a.m. – 08:00 p.m.
Sat: 10:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m.
Sun: 10:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m.

Widen the reach of your company with the help of Vigu Media. They have the skills and experience needed to utilize the best SEO practices, marketing strategies, and more.

Rest easy knowing that their team understands that each client has different needs and preferences, which is why they make sure to listen to you attentively to ensure that you, along with your business, are able to achieve your preferred outcome.


  • Customized marketing solutions
  • Managed social media services

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Vigu Media’s clients:

“Ash and his team are great! I am very happy with the service they provided for both my website and logo. Easy to work with and very reasonably priced. Will continue to give them work when I can.”

Here’s another one:

“Ash and his staff at VIGU Media do amazing work! From the moment we met to discuss my business’s needs and goals, to the delivery of the services, has been an excellent experience. I highly recommend them to any business in need of marketing products.”

40. Marketing Guardians

ADDRESS#310 – 4000 4th Street SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2W3
CONTACT DETAILS1-403-830-1094, 1-403-630-3131
[email protected]

If the marketing strategies you’ve been trying simply have not delivered, it’s time to do something different! If you’re ready to get the long-term success your company deserves, Marketing Guardians can help you crush your marketing challenges together.

Their Monthly Marketing Programs help your business get ahead. Through custom consultation and in-depth industry knowledge, they work with you to understand and evaluate your business’ goals. With a clear vision in place, they plan and execute monthly marketing initiatives that will have you standing out from the competition. Think of them as your remote team of marketing experts that take care of all things marketing for your business to get ahead.


  • Believes that with the right message and strategy, your products should sell themselves
  • Understands that you want to be known for what you do, as you differentiate yourself from others in your industry

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Marketing Guardians’ clients:

“I am a long time supporter of Marketing Guardians work because of their Strategic Thinking that they bring to the marketing conversation. I also very much appreciate their WOW!! Client service that my team and I receive from their TEAM!”

Here’s another one:

“The team at Office Guardians was a dream to work with. They walked me through building my first website for my business and designed one that truly reflects me. Their attention to detail was amazing and I am beyond pleased. I will certainly use them for all my upcoming business needs. Check them out!”

41. DMG Online Marketing

Monday – Thursday: 9AM – 7PM
Friday: 9AM – 12PM

DMG Online Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency in Calgary Alberta Canada. They help you optimize your digital marketing efforts by providing content marketing, website design, lead generation, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and digital marketing strategy services.

They love Digital Marketing, never has there been a time where we can be so dynamic and proactive in the marketing process. Digital marketing allows a business to provide value and service to customers and potential customers. Gone are the days of endless ads, mail-outs, cold calls etc.


  • Strictly follows their first rule and prime directive, which is collaboration
  • Breaths life into a digital marketing campaign

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of DMG Online Marketing’s clients:

“We have been with DMG for years and have always been well taken care of. Most recently they proved their worth as my website was hacked and upon my alerting them they had the entire issue resolved within the day. My business site was up and running and I was able to salvage the use of my online marketing and continue to focus on my usual tasks. If I had been in this alone who knows how many hours I would have lost and how much stress would have filled my upcoming days until I was able to fix it on my own. But fortunately with them, all that I had to do was send a quick email. I even received a follow up phone call the next day to ensure everything was running as I expected. Truly great customer service and a great product!”

Here’s another one:

“DMG was critical in helping us with some internal structure changes. They took the time to listen to our unique circumstance, and then provided us with an efficient, cost effective solution. I would highly recommend Matt and his team!”

42. SuperPower Media

ADDRESS3928 Edmonton Trail #102A, Calgary, AB T2E 3P6, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSTel: (403) 800-5599
Toll Free +1 833 81MEDIA (833) 816-3342
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 9AM to 4PM

SuperPower Media Agency, also SPM, is a subsidiary of Kmoon Inc. They handle the needs of Kmoon Inc Clients as well as Vendor Members. But what are these needs? You may find yourself in a dire need for a professional website that will serve to connect you to your customers, clients and prospects. They establish you and your brand so that people out there will be attracted to what you’re selling.

They strive to offer their clients and vendor members top notch services as they extend their business scope to thus establish a prominent and solid portfolio and a strong and stable client base. For an unmatched working relationship, they hold deep gratitude and appreciation towards Kmoon Inc Channel Partners and Business Vendor Members.


  • An online prominence that will not only be scaling higher but will also be cutting down on your media expenses
  • Does not only help you establish workable plans, but also implement them with technological solutions and in the course of your business, manage them

43. Instalogic Solutions

ADDRESS1127 17 Ave SW #200
Calgary, AB T2T 0B6
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: 403.775.0597
Fax: 403.206.7300
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday | 9:00am – 5:00pm

Instalogic Solutions has been in business for 15+ years. With their experience and dedication, they have become a leader in providing online and offline business services and solutions.

The ever-increasing volume of businesses on the web has created more competition and hence more sophisticated internet marketing strategies are required today if a business is to stand a chance of attaining and maintaining predominant visibility on the web. Instalogic Solutions understands this and strives to incorporate the best technologies to achieve results.


  • Website Traffic Analysis
  • Affiliate Marketing Programs

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Instalogic Solutions’ clients:

“We approached Instalogic with a need to boost traffic to our website. We signed up with a SEO package and it took a couple months but we saw dramatic results! Our website traffic doubled and our online sales orders increased over 30%! Thank you Naj for the great service. We will continue recommending your service to others.”

Here’s another one:

“Extremely happy with the service and support from the staff at Instalogic Solutions: fast turnaround times, excellent communication and they are always patient with my questions, queries and concerns. They initially built our website 6 years ago and I just returned for a complete website overhaul as our business has grown. They did magic with Google Rankings and with 2020 approaching we look to continue the success. Keep an eye out for my new website.”

44. Simple Simple

ADDRESS#5, 1304 4th Street SW
Calgary Alberta, Canada T2R 0X8
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Simple Simple provides a full service agency experience for those who want to work in a boutique setting. They effect change in process, thinking, and long term strategic goals for our clients with an emphasis on remarkable imagery and multi-channel digital integration.

They also execute from brand strategy through to art direction, website development, ad buys, and advanced campaign reporting.


  • Digital Ad Buys / SEM
  • Brand Creation
  • Strategic Direction
  • Campaign Execution
  • Social Content Marketing
  • Website Development / SEO

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Simple Simple’s clients:

“I have been is business for many years. Working with Simple Simple is seamless. Truly simple, professional and results beyond my expectations. Thank you Simple Simple.”

Here’s another one:

“Todd and Jeff were a pleasure to work with. They were prompt in replying to phone calls and emails, and were able to work with us on a very tight deadline. Definitely recommend!”

45. Fuse Digital

ADDRESS606 4th Street SW, Floor 11, Calgary, AB T2P 1T1
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSContact for more details

Fuse Digital is a creative agency based in Calgary. They offer web, design, SEO, and marketing services.

Their packages are flexible and their strategies are carefully design in order to need the needs of their clients.


  • Simple pricing
  • Custom plans
  • In-house Web services

46.  Viral in Nature

Viral in Nature's Logo

SERVICES Specializing in Social Media Management, eCommerce sales, websites, and Google AdWords
WEBSITEViral In Nature
ADDRESS70 6a St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 4A3, Canada


OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 9am–5pm

Viral In Nature captures the POWER of SOCIAL MEDIA for the benefit of their clients. They specialize in Social Media and online sales through social media and web sales.

They also build eCommerce websites to sell your products and services online as well as a top tier certified Google AdWords specialist. They’ve been making businesses millions since 2013.

They’ll make your brand spread like wildfire. They start by understanding your business and goals, then discovering your audience and what kind of patterns and advertising strategies are best to reach them.

After conceptualization, you just need to sit back, and watch one of the best digital marketing agencies in Calgary do their work!


  • Won as Clutch Canada and Goodfirms “Top Digital Marketing Company and Social Media Marketing Agencies”
  • Provides excellence in social media advertising and reputation management strategies gives their clients a strong online presence

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Viral in Nature’s clients:

“I would highly recommend the services of Viral In Nature. They had helped us re-develop our website and assisted us with our social media management services. The staff at Viral In Nature are professional and are always quick to respond. Viral In Nature is consistent in their delivery and have great ideas and concepts to help you attract new customers online.”

Here’s another one:

“Shawn and his team at Viral In Nature have been great with my social media. I have experienced business growth mainly due to their hard work and attention to detail on all posts that they do on my Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram. The quality of their work is second to none, I feel I am in good hands in as far as social media is concerned.

If you are starting out or looking to grow your business, get in touch with Shawn that dream will definitely come true.”

47. Hsk Digital

WEBSITEHsk Digital
ADDRESS300-160 Quarry Park Blvd
Calgary, AB T2C 3G3
CONTACT DETAILS+1 587-521-2762
OPERATING HOURSContact for more details

Hsk Digital supports businesses by providing digital services that challenge the status quo and do things differently. They stand with small businesses looking to stand out form the crowd by offerring them a wide range of digital and IT solutions to help them succeed in the digital world.

Small and medium sized businesses need a unique strategy that will fit their growing needs and a mix that involves a combination of short-term, medium-term and long-term approaches.

By creating robust and useful software, developing web-based applications and most importantly choosing the right development firm/partner can make the difference between success and failure for a small business, they can help you.


  • Tailored digital services and solutions for small and medium businesses
  • Offers resources, tools and applications such as data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software to small businesses
  • Their Network and IT services are designed to create and maintain data networks, including WAN/LAN/WLAN and offer small businesses a range of functionalities

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Hsk Digital’s clients:

“They are the people to go to it you want an amazing website. The are extremely creative and professional and get things done right the first time. I can not emphasize enough what a smooth process it was to get our dream website. I highly recommend this team of talented web designers. Thank you for all you did for us.”

Here’s another one:

“Hsk Digital helped me launch my first Website with ease. I wasn’t sure what I wanted or needed; The team helped me through the entire process. I am very happy with their work. Def recommended!”

48. 2Create360

OPERATING HOURSContact for more details

2Create360 is a digital strategy, design and development agency, providing fresh, creative, engagement and execution. They’re incredibly passionate about all things digital.

We added them to this list for quite a few reasons. They offer a powerful, informed perspective built on deep experience of a broad range of successful private and public sector projects.

Furthermore, they also combine persuasive design with service and user experience design capability, and strong systems integration and technical skills with solid business understanding. By approaching their projects with Lean and Agile principles to produce the best end product with minimum waste and maximum efficiency, they have garnered quite a large number of satisfied clients.


  • Comprehensive services
  • Effective digital marketing services
  • Works well with businesses as well as public sectors

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of 2Create360’s clients:

“Simply wow…is all i can say when it comes to the professionalism, incredible talent and the quality of work provided by the team at 2Create360. I went to them with a concept and they took over from there. They handled everything, including helping me with refining my idea, creating a digital strategy, which included developing a great website, organizing my social media and helping me understand how to manage it all. I cant say enough about them. I felt so comfortable working with the team. Highly Highly recommend them !

Here’s another one:

“HIgh recommendation to the 2Create360 team. I have been a consultant for many years….and the 2Create360 company came highly recommended to me. I first tried them out on my own project……and they did such a FANTASTIC job….that I then recommended them highly to my own consulting clients who needed a very experienced digital strategy team to role out an extensive project globally. Thank you to the 2Create360 team for your professionalism and extensive knowledge!”

49.  Flipp Advertising

Flipp Advertising's Logo

ADDRESS602 12 Ave SW #630, Calgary, AB T2R 1J3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: 403.720.2007

Email: [email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 9am–5pm

Flipp Advertising will help your brand develop with their smart and quirky advertising solutions. They specialise in digital marketing and establishing a strong digital presence.

They want to get your brand out there, and they do this through sleek and artistic solutions that draw everyone in. They are tailors of brand experiences—being close-knit and collaborative, their advertising process shows how much they work together.

They meld digital and traditional marketing to help you jumpstart your business, like one of the best advertising agencies in Calgary should.


  • Offers free digital marketing reports so you know where they can help you improve
  • Offers artistic, sleek and modern solutions to reach a wide market quickly

50. Summit Protocol Corporation

SERVICES Digital Strategy, Guided Expeditions, Website Design, Workshops, SEO, PPC
ADDRESS340 Midpark Way SE #300, Calgary, AB T2X 1P1
CONTACT DETAILS+1-403-890-5175 (North America)

Summit Protocol Corporation does the job and lets analytics speak for them. They are very knowledgeable with their work creating efficient results.

Most of their clients say they put out a very good atmosphere that will help you understand things better. The team takes extra steps for progress.

Big or small businesses, they make sure to help you grow in ways aligned to your principles. With their rapid campaign development, it assured that you will get results quickly.


  • Proficient
  • Responsive 
  • Good quality service

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Summit Protocol Corporation’s clients:

“We got amazing results from Summit Protocol’s assistance! The numbers speak for themselves:
• 44% increase in overall traffic year on year
• 64% increase in organic traffic from search
• 13% increase in average session duration
• 6% decrease in bounce rate
• 95% increase in Google My Business (GMB) search listing
• 173% increase in GMB views
• 192% increase in clicks to the website from GMB
• 221% increase in clicks to the website from organic search” -Brian Donaldson

Here’s another one:

“John Boote and Summit Protocol are definitely THE go-to SEO experts. Our marketing investment with Summit has provided the best ROI on any marketing dollars to date, averaging over 2000% ROI. John is incredibly knowledgeable, proficient and is an honor to work with. I highly recommend him to all small and large business owners. Thank you John!” -Karla Mayfield

51. Matterhorn Business Solutions Inc.

SERVICES Calgary SEO Services, Business Plan Writing, Marketing Services
ADDRESSSuite 763, 5319 3rd St SE Calgary, AB T2H 1J7
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 991-8863
[email protected]

Matterhorn Business Solutions Inc. will take time to know you and your business which will help them present you clearly. The strategies they apply are efficient enough for the growth you need.

They are very knowledgeable with their work making them credible and efficient enough. Not to mention their game-changing public relations skills.

With their great marketing services, they have helped numerous businesses to grow. How? By putting businesses on the top pages of Google.


  • Responsive
  • Reasonable prices

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Matterhorn Business Solutions Inc.’s clients:

“We have never had a better IT management team. Also, as custom application developers, Matterhorn Business Solutions has automated employee tasks in ways we didn’t think possible.” -Marketing Borger

Here’s another one:

“Working with Rick just makes business life easier. He’s the smartest computer guy I know.” -David Howse

52. Mindset Media

Mindset Media

SERVICES Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing. Additional Marketing Services
ADDRESSCalgary, Alberta

OPERATING HOURSContact for more information

Mindset Media is a marketing agency that helps businesses within North America to grow and remain strategic by making and implementing customized marketing strategies, providing professional expertise, and using updated technologies to craft creative approaches that will reach out to your potential customers.

Unlike other companies, they choose to start doing business with their clients by welcoming them into their families. This is because they believe that business is largely relationship-based and that it takes a lot of time and effort to properly cultivate it.

They have been in business since 2012 and most of their customers now have been with them ever since. This proves how good they are with their strategies!


  • Can see clients throughout North America
  • Have clients from coast to coast
  • Offers other marketing services

Customer Reviews

Here’s what some people have to say about them:

“I have used Mindset Media for probably the past 10 years. Julian always has useful incites into current marketing trends and dedicates the time and attention to get the results that my business needs.” – J.N.

“Prompt, professional and skilled ! Always going above and beyond! Highly recommend!” – J.S.

“Been working with Mindset Media for over 9 years. Exceptionally happy with his service to me and our company. I would highly recommend these folks to all.” – I.D.

53. Glow Marketing

Glow Marketing

SERVICES Digital Strategy
Marketing Planning
Marketing Training
Media Planning and Buying
Branding and Design
Online Marketing
Pay Per Click Advertising
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Website Design and Development
Campaign Analytics
Website Analytics
E-mail Marketing
Social Media Management
ADDRESSCalgary, Alberta

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSContact for more details

Glow Marketing is a Calgary-based virtual digital marketing consultancy specializing in bright ideas.

Their team is filled with experienced freelancers and has the flexibility to choose the right person for the project!

Sharole Lawrence is their Senior Marketing Consultant. With their services and her guidance, your business will surely thrive!


  • Insightful team
  • Cost-Effective

54. Sensible Marketer

Sensible Marketer

ADDRESSCalgary, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 777-1510
OPERATING HOURSContact for more details

Sensible Marketerhas been operating since 2017. What made us recommend them is the fact that they can cater to any company size.

Whether you are an enterprise company, a small business, or even if you’re just starting to iverst in marketing, they will not hesitate to lend a hand.

With their 5 team members, you will be guided accordingly. They always give 100% of their attention to each client and per project.

However, if you do not know what type of service you need, they are still willing to help and find the perfect service for your business.


  • Free 1 hour marketing consult
  • Wide range of services

55.  Conquest Outback Productions Inc.

SERVICES Film & Video Production, Website Development, Online Marketing, Social Medi Management
ADDRESS10816 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2J 6A5, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 764-8913 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSContact for more information

Conquest Outback Productions Inc. is a company that specializes in delivering stellar web designs and awesome digital marketing that will surely boost your business and brand to better heights. They have a lot of experience in the field and have worked with a numerous companies in order to achieve their goals and will surely also be more than willing to help yours expand your brand voice to potential new customers.

Established back in 2004, they have since then been delivering consistent superb services and is now known to be one of the premier video production companies in Southern Alberta. They pride themselves for their expertise in the field and keen eye for detail that propels their services and sets them apart from other companies that offer similar services as well.

Their team of experts have over 20 years of experience under their belt which they readily bring into your project should you wish to work with them in boosting your company toward more exposure and customer engagement. Furthermore, they have worked with various countries and are familiar with diverse environments which adds on to their reliability as a company who is able to adapt to your needs no matter from which part of the globe you may be.

We recommend this company for your video production needs due to their skill in the said field and guaranteed excellence in assisting you all the way in order that you may grow your business the way you envisioned it.


  • Detail-oriented team
  • Highly experienced
  • Prompt customer service

Your clients are online, and they’re waiting to see what your business can do. The first thing people do nowadays is to look your company up online, so build a strong digital identity by hiring the best digital marketing services in Calgary.

By the way, if you’re going to run a business, always make sure to keep your taxes in check. For that, hire only the best tax lawyers in Calgary so you won’t have unnecessary hiccups along the way!

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