The 7 Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Calgary

Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Calgary

By Lucas Hebert

A criminal defense lawyer is the person you would hire to help you when you’re accused or charged for any kind of crime or felony. Since they will speak on your behalf, you know that you have to hire only the best criminal defense lawyers in Calgary!

Usually, the Public Defender’s offices assign cases to various criminal defense lawyers, giving you less control over your case and your freedom. But being able to choose a good criminal defense lawyer can do a lot to help your situation.

The best criminal defense lawyers in Calgary can’t always assure acquittal, but they can assure you that your rights are protected. Take a look at the top ones we found:

1. Cory Wilson

SERVICES Criminal, drug, provincial, and federal offences
WEBSITECory Wilson
ADDRESS633 6 Avenue S.W., Suite 1500, Ford Tower, Calgary, Alberta T2P 2Y5
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected] | 403-978-6052
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Cory Wilson is a highly regarded and sought after defence lawyer who has established himself as one of the premier criminal defence lawyers in Calgary. He has a diverse practice representing clients charged with criminal offenses ranging from theft to murder.

He has represented individuals from all walks of life, including lawyers, police officers, professional athletes, corporate executives, teaches, and mechanics. Cory strongly believes that every person charged with a criminal offence, regardless of their economic background, should have access to legal services so that justice may be served.


  • 24/7 Free initial consultation
  • Mentored and trained by some of Canada’s leading legal minds

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review for Cory Wilson:

“I retained Cory Wilson after a sibling brought false charges of abuse against my brother and me from almost 50 years ago. Although the charges were directed at my brother and me, her motives were far more sinister than the two of us who were charged. It was an attack on the whole family whom she viewed had abandoned her, when in fact she estranged herself by not taking responsibility for her own poor choices in life.

She had painted a masterful web of lies for the Crown. She attempted to corroborate her lies with a combination of circumstantial evidence, false testimony, and testimony she claimed from people who were dead, including our deceased mother.

After I told Cory my story and provided him with every bit of evidence that I could muster he was able to unravel her web of lies and expose every one of them so that both my brother and I were exonerated of any charges.

The most important comment I can make about Cory are these facts. He believed me and he defended the truth with vigilance and professionalism that was amazing to watch in the courtroom. He not only defended my brother and me, but he defended our whole family.”

Here’s another one:

“I’m very pleased with Cory Wilson’s performance, commitment & representation in such a complicated case.

I have spent a couple of days profiling & searching for law firms to hire an attorney to handle my case. The online feedbacks on Mr. Wilson were promising. I was very fortunate to deal with this law firm and Mr. Wilson specifically. He was very professional and skilled, he managed to steer the case in the right direction, perfectly in the court and obtained outstanding result in very short timeline.

In addition to the case great outcome, during the process Cory was accessible through his cell phone after hours to answer questions & provide updates & legal feedback. In addition, I was very content with his personality, consideration in dealing with stressful situation in very professional & humane way.”

2.  Paul Gracia Professional Law Corporation

Paul Gracia Professional Law Corporation's Lawyer

SERVICES Weapons and firearms offences, domestic violence, theft, fraud, assaults, etc.
ADDRESS100, 111 – 5th Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2P 3Y6
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 975-4529.
OPERATING HOURSMon – Sun 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

Paul Gracia Professional Law Corporation has successfully defended hundreds of clients accused of crime. They consistently produce acquittals, and this consistency is what they comfort their clients with.

They are passionate abaout listening to clients and providing the best level of service to all of their clients. They try to obtain the best possible result in all of their cases, it goes without saying.

In short, they make it so that you can trust their special brand of quality, which is why they’re truly one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Calgary.


  • Featured on the Three Best Rated in Calgary from 2018 to 2020

Customer Reviews

The bottom line of reviews for Paul Gracia’s Professional Law Corporation is that they’re passionate about their work, they’re dedicated to case resolution, and to seeing your case to the end.

3.  Michael Oykhman Criminal Defence Law

Michael Oykhman Criminal defense Law's Lawyer

SERVICES Assault, assault with a weapon, property crime, robbery, criminal driving & administration of justice offences, etc.
WEBSITEOkyhman Criminal defense
ADDRESS396, 11 Avenue Southwest, Suite 840, Calgary, AB T2R 0C5
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected] | (403) 630-8835 | (403) 266-4440
OPERATING HOURSMon – Sun 8:30 am – 11:30 pm

Michael Oykhman defense Law knows that defending your rights isn’t just about knowing the law. They want you to be comfortable so they can fully understand your circumstances, which means they can help represent you better.

They will take the time to meet with you and listen to your story, no matter where you are. Oykhman’s lawyers will always make time for you.

They also give out a free 30-minute consultation. This level of care makes them one of the best defense lawyers in Calgary.


  • Offers free 30-minute consultations
  • Is also available 24/7 for emergency client support

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review about Michael Oykhman defense Law:

“Michael handled my case with expediency and diplomacy, and most of all with class. He instructed me on all the fine details of what to expect. My experience with him is that he doesn’t give up, negotiated and my charges were dropped. I’d highly recommend his expertise as I did see a competitor whom I felt treated me on first sight as if I was a full-blown derelict. (blabbering on and on how great he was) This terrible client manner forced me to seek out another firm. Michael treats you like the person before the offense! As a person with zero previous offences, the process was beyond my expectations. 5stars. – TE”

Here’s another one:

“I can’t recommend Michael enough. A family member got into some serious trouble and we had no idea what to do. Micheal helped us navigate the court system, answered all of our questions and concerns quickly and was always available at a moments notice through email or text. He was upfront about cost and there were no hidden extra fees. On top of all of this, our family member was facing time in prison and Michael negotiated with the crown and had the charges lessened and we ended up with only probation. There are not enough words to thank him for all he has done. – Anon”

4.  Joel Chevrefils –  Alberta Criminal Defence Lawyers

Joel Chevrefils -  Alberta Criminal defense Lawyers' Photo

SERVICES Criminal defense and DUI, domestic assault/ violence, impaired driving, drug possession and trafficking, etc.
WEBSITEAlberta Criminal Defence Lawyers
ADDRESS2610, 801 6th Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2P 3W2
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected] | (403) 830-1980
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 8:30 am – 10:00 pm
Sat Open 24 Hours
Sun 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Alberta Criminal Defence Lawyers know that you’re scared and anxious because of your criminal charges, and they ease you into the process in an extremely friendly way.

They’ll take pride in assessing your case, so give them a call anytime. Your first consultation is on them too.

Joel Chevrefils is one of Alberta Criminal’s best criminal lawyers, in particular. He’s a born and raised Calgarian, and he’s also a passionate listener.

He takes the time to know everything about your case to serve you well, like one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Calgary!


  • 24/7 availability through phone or email
  • Offers flat rates that are competitive and can change depending on the complexity of your case

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review for Joel Chevrefils:

“Joel was extremely helpful through my case and made me feel comfortable during a really stressful period. Any questions I had he was quick to provide me answers and never beat around the bush. He worked hard on my case and I ended up concluding to a best-case scenario which I am very grateful for. I would DEFINITELY recommend Joel to ANYONE who is need of a criminal defense lawyer. Thank you again sir for all your assistance!”

Here’s another one:

“Joel was extremely professional, down to earth and got the best outcome possible for my case. I am completely satisfied with his work and will recommend him to anyone needing a defense lawyer. Thank you!”

5.  Susan Karpa

Susan Karpa's Logo

SERVICES Susan Karpa services
WEBSITESusan Karpa
ADDRESSSuite 201, 535 – 10th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0A8
OPERATING HOURSMon to Sun 7AM to 11:30pm

Susan Kappa excels in criminal law. She offers services specialised in criminal defense, with an intricate understanding of weapon-related offenses and the judicial process. She will use all of these to properly represent you, no matter what charge you’re facing.

She also provides a client-focused approach to criminal defense, taking the time to know your story and update you with any developments in your case. That’s why she’s one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Calgary.


  • Provides you with lots of financial options

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review about Susan Kappa:

“Susan, was amazing from our initial conversation to the final decision from the crown for a full withdrawal!!

She was very relaxing, confident, professional!

If you need a lawyer to be with you in a difficult situation, that is there without judgment. Susan Karpa is your best choice!

She does her research and understands the uncomfortable situations.


Here’s another one:

“I would say that Madam Susan Karpa is one of the Top and Best Criminal Lawyer in Canada. We should be proud that we have someone like Susan Karpa as a defense Lawyer.

I am extremely happy and very Thankful to Susan Karpa, and it was only due to her skills, knowledge, experience and charismatic personality and high energy, that my case has been completely withdrawn and thrown out of the courts. I am very very happy that at last, I got Justice Because there was always a very strong voice for me and a very strong personality standing between the Law and me and who always fought for me and succeeded 100%.

She always saved me from going to Court and I didn’t go to Court even once, which was Great.

If you take help from Susan Karpa I guarantee that She will always exceeds your expectations. I would highly recommend her services to everyone including my family, friends and relatives forever.

In the end I would say, Thank you very much Madam Susan Karpa the Best,for your hard work, honesty, sincere support, your energy, intelligence and time.

Best Regards”

6.  J.S. Patel – defense Law

J.S. Patel – defense Law's Logo

SERVICES Calgary criminal defense, sexual assault, impaired driving, drug charges, dangerous driving, etc.
WEBSITEdefense Law
ADDRESS444 5 Ave SW #2300, Calgary, AB T2P 2T8, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSCalgary: 403-585-1960 | [email protected]

OPERATING HOURSSunday, 9am–4pm
Monday to Saturday, Open 24 hours

Defense Law is a criminal law defense firm servicing all of Alberta. They cover most of the charges that the state can throw at you, and can assure you that they’ll do everything they can in order to get you acquitted.

Mr. Patel is one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Calgary. He formerly worked as a Crown Prosecutor, he knows the ins and outs of the system, and he will dedicate this knowledge to getting you the acquittal you deserve.


  • Updates you with all the developments in your case
  • Free initial consultations and evening appointments are available

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review for J.S Patel:

“I hired Mr. Patel to represent me on a complicated and sensitive criminal matter.  My life felt that it had been turned upside down by the allegations.  From the beginning of the case to the end of the matter, Mr. Patel handled himself with the upmost professionalism.  He is very clam in a Spock like manner.  He is great orator and court room lawyer.  I enjoyed watching him in the Court room.  While the matter was stressful, he was able to keep me calm and he responded to the judge’s questions promptly and quickly.  I am happy I had this man on my side.”

Here’s another one:

“I saw Mr. Patel during the course of a multiple murder trial.  He is excellent on his feet and incredibly bright, articulate and knowledgeable in law on what appeared to be very complicated criminal law issues.  I attended that trial before actually settling on a criminal defense lawyer in Calgary for a family member that was in a bit of trouble for the first time.  Mr. Patel handled that case with such ease, professionalism, and consideration.  The case resulted in an acquittal and my family member was to go on with their lives in a seamless manner. I would highly recommend Mr. Patel if you have been charged with a criminal offence.”

7. Wolch Wilson Jugnauth

SERVICES Economic/white collar, violent crime, drug offenses, domestic assault, DUI/impaired driving
WEBSITEWolch Wilson Jugnauth
ADDRESS633 6 Avenue S.W., Suite 1500, Ford Tower, Calgary, Alberta T2P 2Y5
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected] | 403-265-6500
OPERATING HOURSMon – Sun 24 hours per day

Wolch Wilson Jugnauth is a Calgary law firm focusing on criminal and regulatory defence. The take great pride in being known as one of the premier law firms in the country. Many of their lawyers have gone on to become judges at the Supreme Court of Canada, Court of Appeal, Court of Queen’s Bench and Provincial Court.

Their team consists of team of hand-picked, highly respected, and sought after lawyers who are dedicated to providing you with the best possible outcome. Rest easy knowing that a skilled and dedicated attorney is analyzing the details of your case to create a solid defence for you.


  • Free initial consultation
  • Zealous and dedicated representation

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review for Wolch Wilson Jugnauth:

“Very good lawyers”

I was very lucky to land on this law firm and for hiring Cory Wilson as my attorney, highly appreciate the service and would like to wish him & his team all the best.”

Defense Lawyers have a lot of merit. They know the prosecutors, understand the judicial system, and have dealt with cases like yours before. They can also save you a lot of money, so go get that acquittal by hiring Calgary’s best!

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