The 10 Best Calgary Architects

Best Calgary Architects

Architecture reflects culture and art — it’s an extraordinary thing that can show a homeowner’s taste, style, and personality. So if you want your company and your living space to make your home or building all you, call the best Calgary architects!

In finding the right architect for you, you need to consider certain important factors. They should be able to deliver the design you want to see, draw up what you describe, and satisfy your search for beauty.

So to ensure that your structure looks exactly as you pictured it, hire the best Calgary architects for your next project! See them here:

1.  XCArchitecture

XCArchitecture's Logo

SERVICES Project Administration, drawing design services, schematic design services, residential and commercial projects, etc.
WEBSITE XCArchitecture Inc
ADDRESS 1001 – 1 Street SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5G3
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected] | 587-500-9968
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Saturday: 9AM to 6PM

XCArchitecture Inc. responds to their client’s project requirements and budgets flexibly. They have brilliant and certified architects who can make your vision a reality.

They also provide site administration services. They ensure that your projects go smoothly without any legal hitches.

The XCArchitecture team has a rich background in drafting, drawing and designing—integrating various elements together to fully realize your vision. Your project will surely make your neighbors swoon as it reflects the capabilities of the best Calgary architects!


  • Residential and commercial drawings and designs
  • Construction administration and inspection services

2.  Hunter & Tristan Design

Hunter & Tristan Design's Logo

BEST FOR  Infills, estate homes, renovations and light commercial design.
SERVICES Works in both the commercial & residential design and drafting fields.
WEBSITE Hunter | Tristan
ADDRESS 1816 Crowchild Trail NW, Suite 700, Calgary, AB T2M
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 891-1483

Hunter & Tristan Design gives out professional design choices for both residential and commercial spaces where they blend functionality with culture and productivity. They have worked in architecture for a long time, assuring you of loads of architectural experience.

Being among the best architects in Calgary, they provide excellent customer service and project management skills. Letting you have control over major choices while covering the small and annoying stuff behind is what they do best.

You can trust Hunter and Tristan Design thanks to that. They’re really among the best Calgary architects, we think.


  • Provides affordable architectural solutions that enable companies to get a fresh start and a new look.

3.  Gravity Architecture

Gravity Architecture's Logo

SERVICES Architectural services for multi-residential, commercial and mixed use projects.
WEBSITE Gravity Architecture
ADDRESS 999 8 ST SW, Suite 405, Calgary AB T2R 1J5
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected] | 403-464-7721
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: 9AM to 5PM

Gravity Architecture is an architecture firm based in Calgary that was established around 6 years ago. They used to be one of the competitive types — now they dominate the architecture scene with their modern look and creative project plans.

They are distinguished by their unique plans, which while fully transparent and customisable, are also affordable and one of a kind. That’s what puts them among the best Calgary architects.

They have created a brand identity for themselves through their work, and that individuality makes them known as one of the best architecture firms in Calgary.


  • Strictly follows building codes and municipal laws to make sure your project has no legal hiccups
  • Provides excellent customer service by confidently assisting builders, developers and the clients and keeping them informed all throughout the architectural process

Customer Reviews

Generally, comments about this firm say that they have a very modern approach and design scheme. This explains why so many lovers of the modernist aesthetic recommend them.

4.  JAG Form Architecture

JAG Form Architecture's Logo

SERVICES Jag Form services
ADDRESS 99 Spruce Pl SW, Calgary, AB T3C 3X7, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS +1-403-992-2019 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: 8AM to 4:30PM

JAG Form Architecture prioritises meaning in their buildings. They make you the helm of the project, and they let you reveal your vision while their job is to make sure it comes to life.

They ensure that basic functionalities are met with beautiful designs in all of their works. That’s actually harder than most people think, but you’ll see that sort of efficiency from JAG.

They also live up to their decades of experience in construction and design by showing you a brand of architecture that can only be found in Calgary. They truly are some of the best Calgary architects, maximising timelines and value at the same time.


  • Provides complete architectural services, from designing and facility programming to land development and site administration
  • Can also be approached for resort development and environmental impact assessment managements

Customer Reviews

Reviews about this firm say that their architects are knowledgeable and eager to work with their clients. They’re also said to be very easy to interact with, which can be a major benefit in any project — it prevents misunderstandings and friction.

5.  Kasian Architecture Interior Design & Planning

Kasian Architecture Interior Design & Planning's Logo

SERVICES Kasian projects
ADDRESS 1011 Ninth Avenue SE, Suite 450, Calgary, AB T2G 0H7
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 265-2440 | (403) 233-0013

Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning is composed of innovators and inspired thinkers. They are one of the most collaborative, client-oriented firms, plus they have some of the best Calgary architects with them.

Their architects help create and design spaces that can create meaningful interactions. They also provide design solutions and ideas that come from a deep passion for architecture — which is visible in the outcome of their work.


  • Kasian ensures that you’re hiring professionals who know how to improve your living and work space
  • Provides great customer service through the architects’ collaborative nature

6. Knopov Design Group

ADDRESS  #201, 3505 14 Street SW, Calgary, AB, Canada T2T3W2
CONTACT DETAILS +1 (403) 921 – 9310 | [email protected]

Knopov Design Group (KDG) is a full service design studio. KDG team is committed to delivering to our clients’ exceptional professional services. Their mission is to provide clients with a high-quality design that meets their vision, needs, budget and schedule.

KDG goal is to design projects that meet all technical requirements and safety expectations on time and within budget. Their depth of experience will bring efficiency to each project.


  • Client centered deign approach
  • Seamless integration from conceptualization to construction
  • Elegant and functional design combined with innovative building technologies
  • Design solutions that are sustainable and economical
  • Creating living spaces that elevate the residential experience and quality of living

7. LOLA Architecture

SERVICES New building design, Renovation
ADDRESS 822 11 Ave SW Suite 203, Calgary, AB T2R 0E5, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Founded in 2018, LOLA Architecture aims to provide services to its clients without compromising the environment. The founders intended to create an architecture service which is environmentally-friendly and conscious of the environment. Thus, if you are a nature-lover, this company is your go-to place.

LOLA Architecture is founded on research. So, you are ensured that their design is efficient and secure. With their multidisciplinary approach, they can resolve issues and problems arising from their style. 


  • Cross-disciplinary approach
  • Environmental-friendly 
  • Over 20 years of experience

8. Capt’n Crow Landscaping

CONTACT DETAILS 403-771-8821 | [email protected]

Capt’n Crow specializes in Canmore Fusion & Modern landscaping styles that really bring home aesthetics to the next level and with the Prairies and Rocky Mountains as their landscaping inspiration, these truly are perfect combinations that you should look for in a landscaping service.

From coming up with a full blown concept and design tailor-made to fit your preference, budget, and style, to sourcing the finest and most durable materials, you can trust the team to provide you with their greatest effort resulting in an exceptional landscape output.


  • Custom landscaping
  • Easy to book appointments
  • Competitive rates

9. bioi

CONTACT DETAILS Email: [email protected]
Facebook: bioi

Bioi is a design + build studio founded in 2011 by a team of craftsmen who aim to change the quality of our cities and buildings. Specializing in residential and commercial projects, they create bespoke architecture that reflects the distinctive character of their clients.

Their focus on creating innovative and creative designs, along with their attention to detail with its building and execution, has made this company elevate the quality of architecture in Western Canada. Bioi is definitely the company that will make you change the way you live.


  • 20 years of construction experience
  • Residential and commercial design and construction
  • Bespoke Architecture

10. Steven Ho Architecture Inc.

CONTACT DETAILS T: 403 870 6169
E: [email protected]

Steven Ho Architecture Inc. can help you plan and build churches, commercial and hospitality establishments, retail stores, and multi and single-family homes. The sky is the limit when you work with them. This means that their team will do their best to ensure that they are able to design what you have in mind.

Rest easy knowing that Steven Ho is more than qualified to help you with the next property you’re planning on putting up.


  • Member of Ontario Association of Architects, Canada 2017
  • Can help with various things, including: Architecture, Contract Administration, Interior Design, Master Site Planning, Programming and Feasibility Studies, Project Management, and Sustainable Design

Great designs and projects begin when you learn to appreciate architecture as an art while understanding the space around you. The best architects in Calgary will tell you that.

It’s important to hire the best Calgary architects to make sure you get exactly what you want for your next construction project. Fortunately for you, we’ve just taken you through a list of the top options.

By the way, if you want the inside of your home to look as great as your exterior, you can check out the best Calgary interior designers here. They can even work with your architect for optimal results!