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Best Animal Shelters in Calgary

The 7 Best Calgary Animal Shelters

By Claire Lee

Animal shelters serve as a safe space for lost or abandoned animals who need guidance, support, and tender love and care. Good thing there are the best Calgary animal shelters available to help save lives.

If you’re looking to foster, donate, or simply volunteer, we’ve gathered a list of animal shelters based on their services, what their cause is for, and what people have to say about them.

Check out our list below for the best Calgary animal shelters, and you just might find a new pet to take home and end up changing both your and their lives for good.

1.  Rosier Days Dog Rescue Society

Rosier Days Dog Rescue Society's Dogs
Photo credit: Rosier Days Dog Rescue Society Facebook
PRODUCTS Adoption and fostering shelter
WEBSITE https://www.rosierdays.com/
CONTACT DETAILS Email: [email protected]

Rosier Days Dog Rescue Society is a simple rescue organisation managed by a group of women who are passionate about saving dogs and giving them permanent homes.

They offer quality care for the dogs that consists of a 2-week assessment period, dog training, and medical care and nutrition, until the dog is good to go for adoption.

That’s why Rosier Days Dog Rescue Society is known as one of the best Calgary animal shelters. They provide serious attention to rescue animals regardless of their backgrounds.


  • Foster services
  • Adoption services
  • Training-adopters and feeding-adopters

Customer Reviews 

Rosier Days Dog Rescue Society is recommended by their customers not only for their thorough service but also for having only the best interest of the dogs in mind.

Some customers shared their reviews:

“We foster for this group. Small, organized, caring, and thoughtful. Excellent practices and always put the dogs 1st.”

“Tara and Emily care so much. Their continued support through losses and trauma has been amazing. I always recommend RDDR!❤️❤️”


2.  Wag-A-Muffins Animal Rescue

Wag-A-Muffins Animal Rescue's Dogs
Photo credit: Wag-A-Muffins Animal Rescue Facebook
PRODUCTS Foster and adoption animal shelter
WEBSITE http://www.wag-a-muffins.com/
CONTACT DETAILS Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Mon to Sun: 9:00am-5:00pm

Wag-A-Muffins Animal Rescue is a non-profit and volunteer-owned organisation established in 2018. They tend to animals who are in need of help and work with foster homes to ensure that all strays are found a new home.

Whether you’re looking to adopt a cat or a dog, they ensure that all their animals have already undergone a check-up at the vet and have received complete vaccinations.

Wag-A-Muffins Animal Rescue is one of the best Calgary animal rescues that is devoted to finding new homes for animals regardless of their breed and origin.


  • Dogs for adoption
  • Cats for adoption
  • Adoption events

Customer Reviews 

Wag-A-Muffins Animal Rescue is recommended by their customers for hosting amazing events, having awesome owners, and managing smooth adoption processes.

Some customers shared their reviews:

“Best experience! My puppy is wonderful and hasn’t had a single accident in the house. He was an amazing fit for me and my fiancé.”

“We adopted Yang AKA Sadie. She is such a good puppy and came to us pretty much house trained. We are so thankful of the care and kindness of Michelle and Kaitlyn. They are amazing foster parents and would recommend Wag-a-muffins to anyone looking for a pet.”


3.  Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society

Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society's Birds
Photo credit: Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society Facebook
PRODUCTS Rehabilitation for injured and orphaned animals
WEBSITE http://calgarywildlife.org/
ADDRESS 11555 85 St NW, Calgary, AB T3R 1J3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: +1 403-214-1312
OPERATING HOURS Mon to Sun: 9:00am-3:00pm

Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society is a registered non-profit organisation that was founded in 1993 with a mission to rescue and rehabilitate wild animals.

As a centre for wildlife, they are devoted to offering expert care. They are also the sole wildlife hospital in Calgary that is run by a team of skilled veterinarians.

Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society is also known to be one of the best Calgary animal shelters that holds events, outreaches, and educational services for volunteers and the community.


  • Outreach services
  • Education services
  • Skill building experiences

Customer Reviews

Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society is praised by their customers for their compassionate and relentless efforts to save wildlife. Some customers shared their reviews:

“Caring, and well informed staff. Animals are extremely well cared for and kept in a very clean enclosure. Everything they do is to keep the patients as comfortable and stress free as possible, given the circumstances. Love this place!”

“Responded to my question within seconds and gave me amazing advice. So grateful!”


4.  MEOW Foundation

Meow Foundation's Cat
Photo credit: Meow Foundation Facebook
PRODUCTS https://www.meowfoundation.com/programs/
WEBSITE https://www.meowfoundation.com/
ADDRESS 35 Skyline Crescent NE Calgary, AB T2K 5X2
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: 403.230.6033
OPERATING HOURS Mon to Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm (visit by appointment only)

MEOW (Make Each One Wanted) Foundation is a registered charity that strives to help stray and abandoned cats. They are the longest running no-kill organisation focused on cat care.

With their MEOW Matchmaker 30-Day Trial, potential adopters are given a month with their chosen cat, without any risks. This is in order for the cat and the humans to get used to each other’s living situation.

MEOW Foundation is known to be one of the best Calgary animal shelters that guarantee all their cats up for adoption have already been spayed/neutered, received complete vaccines, and are even microchipped.


  • Rescue and adoption
  • Spay neuter program
  • Trap neuter return

Customer Reviews 

According to customers of MEOW Foundation, they’re a wonderful place full of well-treated cats. Some customers shared their reviews:

“Very professional, and compassionate. I am fostering a kitty, and they have been very helpful and accommodating.”

“Very professional, fast response, excellent experience for our first adoption.”


5.  Calgary Humane Society

Calgary Humane Society's Dogs
Photo credit: Calgary Humane Society Facebook
PRODUCTS https://www.calgaryhumane.ca/what-we-do/
WEBSITE https://www.calgaryhumane.ca/
ADDRESS 4455 110th AVE SE, Calgary, Alberta T2C 2T7
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: (403)-205-4455

Each year, Calgary Humane Society offers care for 5,000 surrendered, neglected, abandoned, and abused animals.

With a goal to find the perfect home for their animals, their services include post-adoption behavior support, classes, individual consultations, and even a free behavior help phone line.

Calgary Humane Society is one of the best Calgary animal shelters that promises all their healthy animals are sterilised, tattooed and/or microchipped before being adopted.


  • Animal training
  • Pet aftercare services
  • Emergency boarding services

Customer Reviews 

Calgary Humane Society is best known by their customers for their beautiful facility, helpful and kind staff, and a fast and painless process of adopting animals.

Some customers shared their reviews:

“Clean. Well kept. Organized inside as well as staff and volunteers. A great experience for us as well as all animals. Glad to adopt a new cat from them. Fees are very reasonable for what you get with your new pet. Quick and easy adoption process. Very respectable place.”

“I had not adopted from the Humane Society for a long time. Found Daphne on their site and was lucky enough to be chosen to be her fur-ever mom. It is evident that the staff cares for the animals. It has been a wonderful experience .”

6. Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue

PRODUCTS Animal Rescue, Foster and Adoption
WEBSITE http://www.rockymountainanimalrescue.com/
ADDRESS Calgary, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]


Do you want a furry friend to join you in your life? Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue is a place to see if you think you can take on the responsibility of not just being a pet owner, but a good human companion to these animals. 

This non-profit organization is run by volunteers who seek to rescue animals around Canada, Mexico, California, and other places all around the world. These furry creatures aim to find a better life with you after having experienced unforgiving lives from abusive homes, homelessness, or natural disasters. 

Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue also ensures that all the animals they rescue and open for adoption are rehabilitated and will only go to owners who are fit to handle these types of animals.


  • Adopters are given one on one training and consultation with a dog behaviour expert.
  • Their rescue specializes in rehabilitating and re-homing aggressive dogs so that they would be ready for foster/adoption

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue’s clients:

My experience with rocky mountain animal rescue was great! I found a dog that I truly love and the transition from sending in the application, to meeting the foster, to the official adoption was quick and reliable. My only suggestion to those adopting is to be prepare as much as possible. I adopted a Shepard mix but I believe she is an Australian cattle dog as my brother has had his for years. She is well behaved, has a great temperament, and has settled in well to her new space and routine!

Here’s another one:

“RMAR is making a difference of the highest level for so many victims of abuse as was the story of Carlos. I was given the chance to extend the life of a beautiful soul and the opportunity has given me back the faith I had lost for the Human race . I have the best friend ever and only wish I could help more if not only to encourage others to do the right thing and Adopt a Rescue and give our  furry friends a chance at a good life. Thank you Rory and Kerry for not just changing my life but the life of so many . Not a day goes by now that Carlos reminds me of Kindness and Love.”

7. Tails of The Misunderstood Canine Rescue Society

PRODUCTS Canine Rescue
WEBSITE https://www.tailsofthemisunderstood.com/
ADDRESS Calgary, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]

Tails of The Misunderstood Canine Rescue Society is dedicated to rescuing abandoned, surrendered and abused dogs. They advocate for all breeds and support responsible dog guardianship.

Their organization is funded entirely by public donations. Your support is vital if they are to make a lasting difference to the dogs lives they are trying to save.

Your gift today – whatever sum you choose to give – will help them save dogs from suffering and give them the treatment, care, and love they need and deserve.


  • Dedicated to their cause
  • Helpful and accommodating to all interested pet foster families

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of Tails of The Misunderstood Canine Rescue Society’s clients:

“We fostered for our first time with Tails of the Misunderstood Rescue and it was a family of dogs (mom and her 2 babies). Our experience was good. Kelly got back to us with any questions or concerns we had. Made sure we had all the supply’s we needed and checked up on how they were doing.

I would and will foster again with them.”

Here’s another one:

“We have not only fostered, but also adopted from Tails Of the Misunderstood. The foster to adopt process was easy and we love our dog, he is a wonderful addition to our home.

Both Kelly and Alex have gone above and beyond with any questions or concerns we have ever had, with not only our adopted dog, foster dogs, but also our personal dogs that have no association with the rescue. Kelly not only assisted us with our dog when he got quilled at nosehill park, she shut down her store to help us rush him to the vet, above and beyond the call of duty.

Fostering is great, they always make sure to provide us with fosters that are the correct match for our home, and any necessary items. We have other dogs and two young children, and they are always conscious of matching us with the right dog. Our foster dogs always attend adoption events which the rescue, until covid, held regularly, and we often have fast turn over with the dogs we foster as they often find their perfect forever homes at these events.

We also had Kelly and Alex provide dogs that were available for adoption at our wedding, they did a wonderful job of wrangling all the dogs and made our wedding day extra special. This is a rescue that will treat you like family and not just send you home with a dog without follow up.”

Non-profit organisations and animal shelters act as saviours for animals that have been abandoned or surrendered. A great way to support their causes is to foster or adopt, or volunteer to help these animals find a new home and live a better life.

If you were able to adopt or foster an animal, why don’t you check out our list of the best vet clinics in Calgary too? They can be helpful for their medication and check-up, to ensure their good health.