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The 6 Best Auctions in Calgary

The 6 Best Auctions in Calgary

If you’re feeling like doing some bidding, we’ve found the best auction houses in Calgary that will impress you with the items they have for sale.

See which auction houses made our cut this year!

The Best Auctions in Calgary

The following are the criteria we use in choosing the best auctions in Calgary:

Experience – Experience in the industry is an important factor to us. That’s why we only chose auction houses that have been operating for at least three years.
Reputation – A great auction house should be dependable, trustworthy, and upfront with their clients at all times. We assessed each of the house’s local reputations based on these terms as reflected in client interviews.
Guarantees – An auction house should guarantee the authenticity and condition of its items. We made sure each auction house guarantees only authentic items are up for bidding.
Customer service – We chose auction houses that walk you through every step of the consignment process and make selling your item or your purchase journey as convenient as possible.

1. Halls Auction Services

Halls Auction Services Banner
ADDRESS4115-7005 Fairmount Dr. SE, Calgary, AB T2H 0J1, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS 403-640-1244

[email protected] 

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Experience 4/5
Reputation 4/5
Customer service5/5

Halls Auction Services is an ideal place to start if you’re a fine collector of… well, everything. They’re actually one of the leading auction houses in the country, selling antiques, fine furniture, collectibles, fine art, objets d’art, and jewelry.

One of the first things we liked about this auction house is that they have a lot of ways for you to bid on their auctions. You have the option of bidding in person, by phone, or online, but our favorite method is absentee bidding.

If you’re unable to attend an auction due to time constraints, the auction house can bid on your behalf. With absentee bids, clients simply decide on their maximum bid for a specific lot, and then they will attempt to purchase the lot on your behalf.

In hindsight, bidding options like this are typical and nothing extraordinary for an average client. It’s just that the flexibility of choices is a hard feature to deny – let alone leave out to mention for regular bidders.

We also find Halls to be an excellent auction house for sellers. For that, they welcome high-quality consignments and review items, and advise on the price they believe they will achieve at auction.

After-sales is also a delight seeing their well-packaged products and relatively quick shipping. Unlike other auction houses that place the burden of delivery on the client, Halls Auction actually assists with shipping arrangements.

Overall, Halls Auction Services is a one-stop auction shop for vintage items. We believe they’re an ideal location for antique collectors, so be sure to check them out if that sparks your interest.


  • Has a very wide range of objects at auctions
  • Various bidding options
  • Well-packaged products
  • Ships items quickly
  • Accepts consignments from sellers easily


  • Often unable to accept goods to auction

A lot of extra communication

Halls was a great experience for my first real auction. The online auction website was easy to use and reliable; watching hundreds of items close in real time was actually really fun! They provided a lot of extra communication leading up to the end of the auction to make sure everyone understood the process, and they processed payment for my items right away. Very friendly and effective! – Alix Schmidt

Easy to work with

Super friendly staff. I called and spoke to them over the phone to process my payment and it could not have been easier. They also made it super easy to work with their UPS partner to ship my items internationally. It was a breeze dealing with them! – Amy Motylewski

2. Ollive’s Auction

Ollive’s Auction's Banner
ADDRESS9212 Horton Rd SW Unit J, Calgary, AB T2V 2X4, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 255-2628

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Saturday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Experience 5/5
Reputation 4/5
Customer service4/5

Ollive’s Auction has a solid reputation in the auction industry, having been in business for over 35 years. Indeed, with this experience and the owner’s partnerships, they now provide professional, competitive online auction services.

Speaking of which, their online auctions are hosted by Proxibid, a known online marketplace for high-value items. This implies that doing business with them is technically risk-free, giving its clients complete confidence to transact.

Now, their current auction catalog appears to be quite diverse, as they specialize in the on-site or off-site distribution of retail, industrial, commercial, oilfield, and agricultural equipment. 

They also sell store-returned items such as art, antiques, and collectibles.

Ollive’s Auction holds online auctions twice a week, so availability is pretty great for busy bidders. We also appreciate how detailed their website is when it comes to providing information about upcoming auctions.

Their auction process is easy to navigate, at least in our experience. Plus, many of their previous customers loved them for having friendly and helpful staff – a nice touch despite being more online-oriented.

All in all, it’s not surprising that Ollive’s Auction has tons of regular customers. And in our book, repeat customers are a sign of consistent and good service, which is always a good point to consider.


  • Over 35 years of auction experience
  • Offers competitive online auction services
  • Diverse auction catalog (specializes in equipment)
  • Also auctions store returned items
  • Twice a week auction
  • Friendly and helpful staff


  • Online system often glitches

Fantastic and reliable customer service

Best auctioneer in Calgary.

People are super friendly and cooperative. The customer service is fantastic and reliable and they have always viewing availability for the customers prior to the auction. I should give them more than 5 stars actually. Totally recommend them. – Alireza Zohoorparvaz

Great variety of items

Super easy to use online auction! Service is always great when picking up and products are typically in great shape. Last aution I got this baby play yard had a very minor rip on the said that I was able to sew and looks as good as new. Also got the foam mats in the following auction that work great! They always have a great variety of items each week that keep me checking weekly for great deals. – Kaitlin Weegar

3. Graham Auctions

Graham Auctions Banner
ADDRESS4321 84 St NE, Calgary, AB T1Y 7H3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 777-9393

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Tuesday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Saturday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Experience 5/5
Reputation 4/5
Customer service4/5

Graham Auctions is a Calgary-based auction company that specializes in car, furniture, electronics, and industrial equipment auctions. With decades of experience in the auction industry, we expected no less from this reputable auction house.

There are a few factors that drew us in their direction. 

First, their customers appear to find high-quality products at reasonable prices through their auctions. This is why we believe you’ll find a well-spent purchasing experience with them if you don’t want excessively expensive buys.

As mentioned, they have extensive experience in this field, which we believe is their key strength. They’ve been in business since 1995, so it’s safe to say they’ve established themselves as a market leader in the auction industry – in Calgary, at least.

It also says something about how they run their business, which we think is fine although nothing unique in perspective. They do hold weekly warehouse sales that highlight surplus retail and wholesale items, something slightly different from other houses.

Speaking of which, they seem to maintain a strong relationship with their loyal customers. It’s a simple observation, but it’s important to us, especially for clients who may want to go back and use their services. 

Unfortunately, there were still a number of negative customer reviews that can not be overlooked. There were minor complaints about inconsistencies in their service, most notably the payment and pickup process, which is truly off-putting.

Still, we think they’re worth a shot even if you’re new to the whole bidding ordeal.


  • Over 25 years of experience in the industry
  • Specializes in car, furniture, electronics, and industrial equipment auctions
  • Excellent reputation for customer service
  • Reasonable starting prices


  • Minor inconsistencies in payment and pick-up process

Great pre-owned products

We bought a washer a couple weeks ago that stated pre-owned, we have had good success with working pre-owned products from graham, however this one did not and end up needing a repair that cost more than what we bought the washer for. I sent an email with my concerns and 20 minutes later Mike called and offered to cover half the cost of the repair in store credit. I’m happy with that conclusion knowing that there is a risk to an auction item and happy with how fast he got back to me – Adam Johnson 

Well organized auction

I love Graham Auctions!! There is always a huge variety of goods to bid on. Auction is well organized. Products are always picked up in the same condition as the picture states when I bid on them.  The staff are fantastic and easy to work with.  My favourite auction house in southern Alberta for sure ! – kari schwab

4. Remarket Online Auto Auctions

Remarket Online Auto Auctions Banner
ADDRESS4116 50 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2B 2T7, Canada

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Experience 4/5
Reputation 4/5
Customer service3/5

If you prefer to buy cars at auction, Remarket’s a nice consideration seeing their excellent vehicle fleet. But, It is the knowledge, trust, and accessibility of vehicle remarketing that makes them worthwhile.

They have over two decades of being fleet vehicle experts in Calgary which already gives them an advantage in this trade. In fact, their team of automotive experts takes a refreshingly straightforward approach to the sale and purchase of truck fleets.

Their platform hosts not only licensed dealers but also a diverse range of entities looking to sell their vehicles. As a result, buyers have access to a much wider range of vehicles, which we think is pretty impressive for an auction house.

However, we don’t believe that that’s only their strongest suit. While their competitors are all about expansion, this auction house is known for focusing on maintaining strong relationships with both sellers and wholesale buyers.

Based on what we’ve gathered thus far, they instill buyer confidence and trust by providing accurate condition reports on every vehicle they auction. This, in fact, results in providing quality purchases to their clients.

Unfortunately, not all of their customers were pleased with their services, and we regret to inform you that the majority of them were first-time buyers. They complained about the auction house’s poor after-sale service and we took them by word.

While they lack in that area, we still find them a great starting point for car enthusiasts still. So, hit them up if you want to bid on your new ride.


  • Two decades in the business
  • Specializes in car auctions
  • User-friendly platform and promising vehicle fleet
  • Wide range of vehicles available 


  • Minor complaints regarding poor after-sale service

Top notch experience

I have dealt with Turell on both purchasing a vehicle and auctioning. Both experiences were top notch and I would highly recommend them. It was nice to deal with an honest, no pressure company for once 🙂 – Brie Richardson

Keeps constant communication

I have used Canadian Remarketing Group a couple times, and every time I’ve been amazed at what they can do!  The service they provide when selling a vehicle is amazing and the best part is I don’t even need to do anything!  They take care of it all and keep in constant communication to make sure you are happy! Thank you for all the great work you guys do! – Luca Mancuso

5. Pine Marten Auctions

Pine Marten Auctions Banner
ADDRESS4404 12 St NE #2, Calgary, AB T2E 6K9, Canada

[email protected]

Experience 3/5
Reputation 4/5
Customer service3/5

Pine Marten Auctions is an ideal place for those who appreciate flea markets, good deals, and even making friends. They’re an online auction, but we find their physical store very pleasing, so either option works for the average client.

As said, Pine Marten offers excellent goods such as antiques and vintage items, sports cards, sports memorabilia, comic books, and collectibles. To achieve this range of products, they buy a variety of items from their loyal sellers.

They also happen to conduct estate sales as well as complete clean-outs of houses. Just a nice thing to take note of in case you’ll need it in the future.

Another key thing we loved was how organized Pine Marten is, from conducting auctions to delivering the items sold. We see that they don’t jack up their clients with extra shipping fees, so you don’t need to worry about being charged extra costs.

Their online auction platform, on the other hand, has received mixed reviews. It is, in our opinion, extremely well-informed, particularly in terms of specifications. 

However, we find it difficult to understand because there are numerous inconvenient forms to fill out.

In addition, there have been complaints about how frequently they decline bids on certain items, almost as if they are trying to save the item for someone. To be honest, we consider this a significant disadvantage.

Despite the drawbacks, the diverse range of items still makes them a charming choice. Drop by or check their website if you want a quick look at what you can get.


  • Has a great selection of antiques and vintage items
  • Organized auction system
  • No extra fees for shipping out items
  • Well-detailed online auction platform


  • Online platform can be difficult to use/understand sometimes
  • Sometimes declines bids on certain items

Friendliest staff, best organization

Of all the auction sites I have gone to in this city, this one had the friendliest staff, and some of the best organization. There are auctions I won’t bid on, because the shops behind them are disorganized – Pine Marten auctions will definitely go on my “bid” list! – Trevor Prosser

No extra shipping costs

Great auction house. Reasonable buyer premium. They don’t jack you up with extra shipping costs. Great communication and ships quickly. Thanks! – Paddy

6. Auction Depot

Auction Depot's Banner
ADDRESS4215 11 St NE D, Calgary, AB T2E 6K4, Canada

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Wednesday: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Thursday and Friday: 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Experience 5/5
Reputation 3/5
Customer service3/5

When it comes to a convenient auction experience, Auction Depot might be your best bet. Their mobile auction team can hold an auction at your location or at their place, depending on what their client prefers.

In line with that, they actually offer complete auction services. This ensures that no matter where the auctions happen, they have a comprehensive marketing plan set forth to have a good turnout at the auction. 

We can tell that they value everyone they work with, whether you’re a seller or a buyer. They do this by offering auctioneers a customized auction solution while ensuring that buyers will purchase high-quality yet reasonably priced items.

We understand that viewing the actual item is an important factor for buyers, and we deem it a red flag that they make this difficult for their clients. They frequently refuse to allow customers to visit their store, which doesn’t suit our standards. 

That’s technically a valid reason to find them a poor auction house. Although on the contrary, when we personally visited them, we found them to be very welcoming, pleasing and accommodating to our questions.

Nonetheless, we believe that Auction Depot is a good auction venue, particularly for those just starting out in the industry. After all, they’re just like any other auction house that sells collectibles, antiques, jewelry, and so on – only with obvious flaws.


  • With over 40 combined years of experience in the auction industry
  • Conducts mobile auctions
  • Customized auction solution for auctioneers
  • Uses only fully insured and bonded freight companies to transport items


  • Minor issues with customer accommodation

Accurately presents merchandise

Auction Depot is the best Auction house in Calgary.  I have been a customer since 2007 (for 14 years) and found Jim and Cory and the staff to be honest, conscientious and hard working.  They do their best to get to know their customers and have a good rapport with each person.  They also provide great customer service and make sure the customer is satisfied.  As with any auction, the buyer needs to be aware of what he or she is purchasing.  Jim, Cory, and  the staff do their best to accurately present the merchandise. – Rod Johnson

Honest with their items

Been dealing with them for a few years now. Great helpful staff . Items are ” Auction ” items so you have to do your due diligence. ( as you should anywhere ) Honest with there items and pics . Have had no problems with them – Darin Vargo

Quick Comparison of the Best Auctions in Calgary

Overall RatingSpecialty/Best ForWorking Hours

Halls Auction Services

(Best for art auctions)

B+Antiques, fine furniture, collectibles, fine art, objets d'art, and jewelryMonday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Ollive's Auction

(Best for equipment auctions)

BRetail, industrial, commercial, oilfield, and agricultural equipmentMonday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM | Saturday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Graham Auctions

(Best for retail products auctions)

BCar, furniture, electronics, and industrial equipmentMonday: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM | Tuesday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM | Saturday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Remarket Online Auto Auctions

(Best for car auctions)

BVehiclesMonday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Pine Marten Auctions

(Best for sports and memorabilia auctions)

C+Vintage items, sports cards, sports memorabilia, comic booksN/A

Auction Depot

(Best for its mobile auctions)

C+Collectibles, antiques, jewelryMonday - Wednesday: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM | Thursday and Friday: 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

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